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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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? hey, phil, get charlie miller over here right away. ? all right, bodie, inside.
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say we made a mistake in not stringing him up back there. saved the rest of the town a job. there'll be no lynching, not even of a guilty man. this one's innocent till the court says different. all right, bodie, if that's your name, you're still claiming innocent or would you like to tell it to us straight? you don't want it straight, all you want me to say is what you want to hear. here's miller. charlie, come here. charlie, i want you to take a good look at that man. that killed big gus? i don't know for sure. there was a whole bunch of 'em and the light outside of the bank wasn't any too good. with all the gunshots and all-- we want an answer. well, i... is this the man? it ain't the same belt. the one i saw had a gold lion's head on it. it was real pretty. i remember thinkin'-- oh, you get rid of a belt.
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, i--i--i-- listen to me, charlie miller, you said the leader of the gang was a big man, real big, you said. he's a big man and we found him hiding down near the trail the ellwood gang took. what more do you want? yeah, it's him all right. he's the one i saw. all right, bodie, lockin' you up. all right, get your hands up, all of ya! miller, take their guns, put 'em on the floor. ? all right, get in that cell. go on. someday, mister, someday i'm gonna nail your hide to the door for this. you have a job of skinnin' to do first, now get in there.
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you're all fired up about who killed your friend, i don't stand a chance. you're making a big mistake and i'll be back to prove it. ? nice and still, huh? hold it nice and still. aren't you gonna smile? nope. oh, come on, please. just a little one, huh?
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ah, some kind of a joke, eh? well, you could call it that, i guess. well, they're making you boys pay for these things nowadays? you know, that's real pretty. from now on, you get all my printing business. well, what are you aimin' to do with it if you don't mind my askin'? well, i don't mind your askin' if you don't mind my not tellin'. could use a haircut though. s liable to be on you. reckon you're right, better take it down. i'd sure like to know who the joke's on. yeah, so would i.
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that's all sergeant. ? well, welcome to lilliput, mr. bodie. thank you, captain. well, sit down, sir. we don't get many guests. the sergeant tells me he picked you up a couple miles north of camp, says you claim to have business in hatchet valley. lwood gang is holed up in hatchet valley. so i've heard. and you still intend to go in? i've got to go in. well, only a fool or a fugitive would make the attempt. i'm no criminal, captain. well, if you were, you'd hardly try to reach hatchet valley by that pass, not with the army guarding it. and since you say you're not a criminal, am i to conclude that you're a fool?
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witness says that a friend of mine did the shooting. i intend to clear him. i figure the only way i can do that is to go in there and bring out the real killer. may i inquire how you intend to pick the right man out of 50? by the way his britches stay up. of course. they're guarding that pass 24 hours a day and you'd be shot down before you were halfway through. ok that dangerous to 'em. i figure that they'll be curious enough to ask questions first. i've saved up some mighty fine answers, captain. no good, bodie. they know that nobody can get to that pass unless we want 'em to, and that would be reason enough for them to shoot you down on sight. now, hatchet valley is in strict territory, both mexico and the united states claim it, but until things are cleared up, neither country can touch it.
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now, this is hatchet pass, said to be the only opening to the valley. you mean you think there's another way in? well, in the two months we've been sitting here, not a man has gotten in or out of that pass. yet the raids still keep going on. does that answer your question? well, it's nice of you to show me what i'd be letting myself in for, captain, but i still aim to go in there unless you plan on stopping me, of course. you certainly must think a lot of this friend of yours. happens to be very close. excuse me. sergeant. have four of the worst rifleman report to me at once. captain, if you plan on having those soldiers shoot to miss me, i'd sure appreciate it if you'd make that the four best riflemen.
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stranger, i'd say. ? as long as the blue boys are after him, i reckon we're on his side. 'least we is right now. ? let's go, my friend. you're confusing me, mister. now what's that supposed to mean? pointing a gun at him. yeah, well all that means is we like the blue boys even less than we do strangers. watch him, joe. i'm gonna get his gun. you ride on ahead, mister, you're gonna have company the rest of the way.
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pete's bringin' in a stranger, major. well, tell him to wait outside till i finish talking to tom. ? well, tom? i just wanted to let you know, i'm thinking about pulling out tonight, if you've got no objections. well, now, tom, i'm sorry to hear that. don't tell me we haven't been treating you right? oh, i've got no complaints on that score. it's been a pleasure working with you. but i've saved up $12,000 and money's no good to you if you can't use it. i'm thinking about putting it in one of them montana silver mines i've been hearing about. no hard feelings, major? oh, certainly not.
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once you leave us, you can't come back, you know that. well, like i said, i've got nothing to complain about. you've always been square with me and i ain't forgettin' it. so, i reckon this is goodbye, major. goodbye, tom, and good luck. tom andrews was one of the first to come in with me, joe. i certainly hated to say goodbye to him. i'll tell him that, might make him feel better. bring pete in. ? come on in.
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he says his name is cheyenne bodie, major. d. your job is to plug anybody that comes up that pass and you know it. well, seeing as how the blue boys were so hot to get him, i figured the major might want to know why. besides, we always shoot him afterwards. i'm major ellwood, mr. bodie, perhaps you've heard of me. seems like most everybody has, major. from what i hear, you're the head man of the worst collection of bank robbers, hold-up men, and murderers this side of st. louis. all right, joe.
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i was brought here at the end of a gun. well, i'm afraid that doesn't answer my question. i was headed for mexico, a bunch of soldiers took out after me, i figured on losing 'em in the mountains, your pass was the nearest way in. being chased by soldiers doesn't make a man a crook. then why run from them at all? my business in mexico is kind of pressing, i didn't want to waste time answering questions. you can't let this man just up and ride out of here. well, mr. bodie insists he's no criminal. i can't very well allow an honest man to associate with hold-up men, bank robbers, murderers. you don't mind my quoting you, sir. major, this man could have been sent here by the rangers. oh, you're not thinking clearly, joe. an agent would want to join us. all what mr. bodie wants to do is just to leave.
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thanks. -major ellwood-- -something else on your mind? couple of things. your man has my gun and there's a guard at the pass. getting out of here could be tougher than it was getting in. oh, of course, well, pete'll see that you're safely led through and all your property is returned. i keep thinking of those soldiers, major. they may still be hanging around outside the pass. well, that's true. i come riding out of there, they're gonna take up where they left off. you're right, of course, i'm afraid that's a problem you're going to have to face alone. i was thinking if there was another way out of here... i thought so. i told you he was an agent. they sent him in here to find out how we keep going with the pass shut off. go ahead, pete, open her up. now empty your pockets, mister. i thought you gave the orders around here, major, not your hired help.
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he'll kill you for that. i'd still like to leave here, only not through the pass. and in case you're wondering, i'm no spy. a great military strategist named carl von clausewitz once wrote of what he called the genius for war. you seem to have that, sir. when the odds are against you, you strike. -give me that gun. -not now, joe. not till i'm ready. search him. are you objecting, mr. bodie? would it do me any good if i objected? none at all. if you resist, i'll shoot you down where you stand. i guess that answers my question. check his saddlebags.
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your word for it, but mr. epic would never forgive me. well, what do you know? i told you he was too good to be true. i like you, sir, i really do. standing there with a straight face, respectable citizen and all the time... you were... why didn't you want us to find this, mr. bodie? well, i didn't know how bad you might need a thousand dollars. well, we're hardly in the position to collect the money. i'm surprised you carried it with you at all. well, i haven't had it very long. i meant to get rid of it, but a nice picture like that kinda grows on ya.
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of course. what do you say, mr. bodie? well, i don't know. i never was much for joining. you're only as strong as your weakest man. there are no weak men here, mr. bodie. you may take my word on it. what's your proposition? one-fourth of all the proceeds go to me. the rest are divided equally among my men. are you giving me a choice? what if i should wanna move on later? whenever you like. it's an understanding i have with every man here. major, you just got yourself another man. pete, give mr. bodie his gun. see that he has a place to sleep. you will want to meet all the other men. i'd like for you to stop by my place tonight. pete'll direct you.
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here's your gun. i think you're makin' a big mistake, major. that man's no two for a nickel drifter. i can feel it inside. and i'm gonna meet up with him again, and soon. next time he's gonna use his gun or eat it. but now, joe, you know i don't interfere in these matters, but someday you're bound to come across a gun hand slicker than yours. could be bodie's. i've run into his kind before. all he's got is muscle. well, for your sake, i hope you're right. joe. better have this checked. see that it gets to gene dawson in owensburg. i want a report and i want it quick. that's better. i was beginning to think you really believed him. well, that's the odd part. i do, and i like him,
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? meet the rest of the family, bodie. well, i'd like to get rid of this and wash up a bit first if you don't mind. sure, right at the top of these stairs. i'll show you where your bunk is. ? you can just take this bunk right here. wash room's at the end. ah, no use in you waitin' for me. i'll be down in a couple of minutes. sure.
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what happened to that new friend of yours? thought you said he was comin' right down. yeah, reckon i better find out why. maybe he figured on taking a nap. i'll go get him. ? hey, pete. ? i owe you a drink. you better take it now while i'm in the mood. don't worry, i'll collect. be with you in a minute.
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how do you expect a man to wash up? can't find no soap. yeah, you got a point there. you can use mine. ? boys, i want you to meet cheyenne bodie. john gavin. hi. howdy. this is buck swazey. howdy. hi. another fellow over here i want you to meet. arnie, this is cheyenne bodie. don't i know you from somewhere, bodie?
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i got a feeling about you. it ain't a good feeling. it's the kind of feeling a man like me gets when he smells the law. mighty handy having the right kind of nose. in that case, you better take good care of it. maybe you didn't get the name, bodie. i'm arnie munroe. you're arnie munroe? that's right. never heard of you. i don't like your manner, mister. then stay away from it. if you wanna get yourself killed, let somebody else do it.
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my name is bodie, the major's expecting me. ? evening, cheyenne. you certainly are prompt. cheyenne, i'd like you to meet my wife. ellen, this is mr. bodie. good evening, mr. bodie. evening, ma'am. he's agreed to stay on with us for a while. how nice. you certainly have a fine place here, major, you've done all right for yourself. not quite what you expected, huh? you see, before the mine petered out, hatchet valley was quite a flourishing town. i refurnished all this when i took over the valley. will you join me in a brandy? i don't think so, thank you. well, at least have a seat, spend this time to get acquainted before we get down to business. sure you won't change your mind?
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igar. no, thanks. go on, make yourself at home. i'm sorry, cheyenne, i didn't think about inviting you to dinner. my chef spent 12 years in the finest restaurants in new york till he made a mistake of carving the waiter instead of a roast. i'm sure his venison a la bourguignonne would have impressed you. even the name impresses me. but you don't look like an outlaw. well, looks don't mean too much. i once knew a white-haired old gentleman that i would have sworn was a preacher. he killed five men. the ones he could not shoot, he outdrank. how many have you killed? well, let's put it this way, ma'am, i never wanted to kill anybody. you have the military bearing, sir, were you in the army? i was a scout for the army during the dakota campaign.
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i was with general sherman and his march to the sea. perhaps you'd be interested in seeing some of my mementos. our battle flag, the gift of my men. it means more to me than anything, with a possible exception of my wife. my husband thinks that war is a way of life, mr. bodie. his saddest day was the day that lee surrendered. this belonged to a confederate general. if it hadn't misfired, they'd have buried me instead of the other way around. seems like you've led a charmed life, major. except for this. i got it in a calvary charge. confederate lead? indeed not. low-hanging branch. you may find this hard to believe, but before the war, i was a massachusetts schoolmaster.
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from the school room as a man can get. well, no matter how you feel about gun smoke, it isn't as bad as chalk dust. after the war i came out west to recruit my own army for another kind of war against banks, stage coaches, the mines. i've used my military skill, which i don't mind saying is considerable, to win my campaigns. you make it sound right easy. now there's nothing that's very difficult if enough advanced planning goes into it. have given us considerably more than $180,000 with a loss of but only two men. not that the money is of much use to us, mr. bodie. my husband regards it only as a souvenir of a successful campaign. not at all. no soldier wants to go on fighting forever. one of these days i'm gonna turn the whole operation over to joe here.
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don't think the boys would take well to your leaving, major. do you mean the men or you? it goes for all of us, ma'am. you'll change your mind when the time comes. no man can be blind to the kind of life a fortune can give him. except my husband, of course. you're familiar with the el paso, phoenix stage line. i've been over it a number of times. well, i have word that a consignment of gold, probable value between $50,000 and $60,000 will be shipped along it three days from now. i'm sending a group of men to divert it. i'd like for you to go along. it suits me. splendid. to a long and profitable association for both of us. if our business is finished, major, i think i'll be getting along. if you want. it's been a pleasure meeting you, ma'am.
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hi, cheyenne. do you figure on joining the party? -party? -sure! ain't you heard? tom andrews pullin' out at dawn. you mean he's leaving the valley? yep! saved himself a bunch of money and he's walkin' out. only if he keeps hittin' that red eye, we're liable to end up carrying him out. yeah, if he doesn't stay sober, he'll never get by those soldiers. no, the way he's goin' out, there ain't gonna be no soldiers. oh, yeah, you mean the other way out. right. come on over and let him buy you a farewell drink. ah, come on, pete, have another of those ready on me. that goes for your tall friend, too.
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yes indeed, goin' in the mining business. money might come a little slower, but i ain't gonna have to dodge bullets to get it. ah, go on, tom, an honest dollar would scare you to death. don't know about that. ain't never had an honest dollar. where's your friend, arnie? i still can't figure out where i'd seen him before, but it'll come. the boys were telling me how he took your gun away from you. you must be getting soft. just wait until i can place him. well, you better be real careful. he might turn out to be as fast as he is big. a bullet can knock down a big man the same as a small one. takes him longer to hit the ground is all. i know one thing, i'd rather have the job of killing him than burying him. i wish you would remember where you had seen him though. could be a big help to me.
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i'll ask him some questions. good. you been buyin' everybody drinks but me, andrews. what's the matter? you figure i ain't good enough? i'd be glad to buy you a drink, arnie. fill up a glass for my friend here, and keep it filled. what's the matter, mister, you need the whole bar? not all of it, just the part i'm usin' now. you still bother me, mister. seems to me it was a couple of years ago i ran into you, around the time the rangers was asking me some questions down at austin. you wouldn't be a ranger, would ya? two years ago i was in wyoming. i asked you a question. you got your answer, the only one you're gonna get.
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i'm giving you a chance, mister, either you back down or go for your gun. it seems to me you rile mighty easy. is this your idea or your friend's? ? you heard me. either crawl or draw. i don't aim to do any crawling, and i'll let you start the drawing. ? dead center. i've never seen a gun hand move faster, bodie.
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who's there? you'll never make it, tom. ? joe? what's the idea? you've gone as far as you're goin'. why? what's wrong? you really didn't think you were gonna ride outta here, did ya? -well, what the major said-- -don't waste your breath. nobody leaves the gang. one drink too many can give a man a loose tongue. oh, not me, joe, i wouldn't say a word. you can trust me. ? joe, i've got $12,000 on me.
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twelve-thousand dollars, joe! you can have it, i'll give it to you! wrong, tom, i'm gonna give it to you. ? you're late. only a couple of minutes. i came as soon as i got your note. who are you? what are you? there's only one kind of man on this pile of rocks. don't lie to me, mr. bodie. my husband picks his men by a man's standards, but a woman can see passed muscles and a fast gun. why don't you speak your mind, mrs. ellwood. i want to leave hatchet valley. well, what's that got to do with me?
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can do to a woman like me? two years of drunken bandits and a man who thinks and talks of nothing except how to fight a war. two years of being spied on by a twisted thing like joe epic. i've got to get away. well, this'll only get us both into trouble. if it's money you want, i'll pay you, more than you've ever dreamed of having. i'm taking every dollar the major's put away. half, cheyenne, i'll give you half. you may have to help me. what do you mean by that? that wanted poster, my husband's having the information on it checked. how long will that take? two days, three at the most. that means i've got to get out of here tonight, alone.
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tom andrews rode out of here last night. tom andrews is dead. joe epic saw to that, just as he has with all of the others. you need my help just as much as i need yours. i'll show you the way out, but you'll have to take me with you. -tonight. -i'm listening. we'll meet here two hours before dawn. the entrance to the mine is an hour's ride away.
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ellen? ? ellen, is that you?
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dark as the inside of a buffalo up ahead. we're gonna have to move mighty slow and careful. nothing of the kind.
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put the lantern down, drop your gun belt easy. what are you going to do? maybe what i should do, put a bullet through you and your new friend here. go ahead, shoot me. i'd rather die than spend another day in this prison. prison? what's gotten into you? you're up here with a man you're supposed to be in love with that, is that your idea of prison? i do love you, i've always loved you. i've begged you over and over again to leave hatchet valley and to take me with you, but you kept putting it off can't you understand what it's like to be alone with no real friends, no one to talk to? have you any idea how long it is since i've laughed, just a simple thing like laughing? so the first man with a clean neck and a smooth shave comes along, you run off with him and every cent you could get your hands on, is that it? i'm not running off with anybody. -i hired bodie as a guard. -well, i say you're lying! don't tell me a woman can rob from the man she loves and run off with another one! nobody does that to me and gets away with it, not even you. go ahead, shoot me.
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the trigger! you could quit now, this minute, and come with me. we have the money, all we have to do is to continue right on from here. all right, ellen. we'll ride out tonight. , bodie? my business here is finished. i was accused of killing a man during a bank hold-up that your boys pulled. the killer was described as wearing a lion's head ornament on his belt. i came here to get him, turns out that the man i killed last night owned the belt. you don't mean munroe. that's his name. oh, that belt didn't belong to munroe.
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won it from joe epic. you ride on ahead, i've got business back in town. i wouldn't advise you trying it. i've seen a lot of fast hands with a gun, none of them could match joe epic. thanks for telling me, major. even if you managed to kill him, how would that clear you? i'm taking him back alive. you can't point a gun at him and march him out, not with 50 men on his side. i've got no choice. you think i'm gonna run the rest of my life for a crime another man committed? we'll wait for you at the other end. don't wait too long. ? my horse is down here. you're not sorry i forced the issue? ? no, no, i needed something like this to make me give it up long ago.
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major. what is this? i thought bodie was coming through here with your wife. why should you think anything like that? because i heard the two of you planning to rob the major and run out on him. kin' your place with your wife. they had it figured out real cozy. that's a lie. any arrangement i made with bodie was purely business. you don't have to lie to me. i heard your little talk with bodie this morning. you know he always hated me. maybe you're telling it straight, joe, maybe she had her reasons for doing it the way she did, i don't know and i don't care. i told you you'd be taking over here someday,
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you can't do it, major, i won't let ya. the boys can't get along without you, and neither can i. now turn around and start back, or so help me i'll shoot you right where you stand. ? give me the gun, joe. you're not goin', i'm tellin' ya, major, you're not goin'. it's her fault, she lied to ya. she'll ruin you. you can't do this to me, major, don't you see? turn around and don't make me-- agh! ? major? i didn't... i didn't want to hurt you. ? you did this. you lied to the man who believed you loved him. you're the one that should be dead.
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and that's what's gonna be! i'm gonna kill you. i'm gonna love killing you. ? huh. get up. i said, get up! ? sure i'm gonna kill you, only first you're gonna do something for the major. first honest thing you've ever done. s grave for him. and you're gonna dig it deep enough for both of you. start diggin'. i said dig! ? dig this yourself, i won't touch that shovel! ? all right, get up.
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that's far enough. i see you're wearing your own belt for a change. that'll make a difference. i'm sorry about the major. we'd better get him buried. ? dig! ? that's augusta pass, it'll take us back into texas. what are you gonna do with joe epic? take him back to longview and clear myself of the killing he did. and me? what about me? best thing for you to do is ride along with us till we get to the nearest town.
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you expect me just to hand it over to somebody, give it away? it's not a case of expecting you to, that's the way it's gotta be. cheyenne, have you forgotten what money looks like? that's all, mr. bodie. take your prisoner and leave right now. -without you? -without me. there's not another way through these mountains that's closer than a day's ride. you're in mexico, mrs. ellwood. s are swarming with bandits. i'll take the risk. there's enough involved to take any risk. goodbye, mr. bodie, and thanks.
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let's go.
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take his horse. whoa. - rancher: howdy. - josh: howdy. you mr. albright? you'll be josh randall? yes, sir. this here is yanqui jones.


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