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tv   Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 2:08am-2:59am EST

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i can't. yes, you can. no, no. i can't. yes, you can. listen girl, i'm in prison. i can't do those kind of things. you better. i love you too, kiss-kiss. oh yeah, then the hell with you, girl. hey! hey.
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ain't taking reg out with an uzi. the brother was karate champ for seven straight y yrs. ain't no dudes who can take out reg. we'll see. reg is cool. don't mess with him. we mess with who we want you don't, ziphead. don't call him ziphead. shut up! i'm the hammer. i call the shots. lot of good action here. cigarettes, dope, phone callll easy living if you want it. want a taste of the good side? sounds all right? hey, pudding. thanks. i'm going to drop those two. you got a problem with that? no, they're just acquaintances.
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nt your dessert. hey, knock it off. anybody want a broken neck? that's one demerit for all of you. bloodhound, you get your ass to solitary right now. why don't you go to sleep? yeah, sure. hanson: it's still locked. you tired? i cleaned toilet bowls all day. i'm tired. don't you want to talk or something? are you okay?
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it's just this room is so small. i don't know if i can take it. try not to think about it. let's just talk for a little bit. you know, if the door was open i'd be all right. if the door was open, everything would be cool. ( ( eathes deeply ) yeah. it's kind of strange looking in all these kids' faces, isn't it? why? just that we busted them all before and now we get to see what happens to them. yeah? yeahah well, i never thought about it before.
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when they kill some old lady in a drive-by? want to take them out for ice cream? no. it's this place... what does this place do for them except make them worse? the idea is to scare them enough so they don't come back. maybe we scare them so much
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sure, man.
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cover me. ( wolf whistles and taunting ) matty and bloodhound will burn you. better watch your back. i know. hear any buzz on who killed rickey greene? overheard some younger kids talking. it didn't sound like he was liked very much. anything else? t.t yet. if we play cop in here, all we'll get is dead. y's the source? i don't know. i think he's strictly nickel and dime. i got another problem. what? penhall's losing it. how? he's claustrophobic. can't handle lockup. if matty comes down on you, i'll be there.
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got that snooze for you. speedy delivery. deuce each. i'll take four. that's all? unless you take credit cards. chance. thanks. this is stupid. we're not here fre degrees in housecleaning. relax. we've only been here a couple days. we should be kicking butt and grabbing turf. i know. but right now ioki and booker got the inside track. so what are we supposed to do? we just wait and observe. observe what?? there's nothing going on here except flushing.
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yeah, man! all right! doing it, man. what are they? mild sleeping pills-- help h h sleep. you think i'll give penhall drugs? if he cracks up in the night, he'll need some help. he don't need these, man.
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everybody gets yard time. first day they hit the yard they made a buy with the samurai. what kind of a buy? i believe it was narcotic. that stuff ends today. rai kids a transfer out of here. you two. step outside. move! one more and you try solitary. you better get with what's going on here. i'll tell you something. this place can get real bad for buttheads. when the hammer gives you a work detail,l,ou cooperate. this place functions on cooperation, understood? yes.
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who do these belong to? me. get him out of here. where's he going? solitary. get in there! open the door, man.
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penhall: no lockup, man, please! i'm, i'm claustrophobic. i can't take it. guard: yeah. right. i'm not faking. please! please donon close the door... ( door slams ) no!
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you better get out of here. where's my brother? i heard he lost it in solitary. they shipped him off to the county loony bin.
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yes! yes! ( distant sobbing ) what's this? you're the hammer now.
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i don't see nothing. open your eyes. this is a good life. you're it now, man. cigarettes, work detail, phone calls, cash getting high. you can have anything y y want. will it open that front gate for me? what the hell is out there that you can't have in here? freedom? they lock you up for everything you want to do. in here, you do what you want ne can do because we're already locked up. women. ah, yes. you lay 50 across blind morty's desk top and he buzzes you into the tunnel of love. the what?
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morty's running whores? morty just likes sitting on his butt collecting coin. yeah, right. you're in the jungle, man. better use the power tears you apart and takes it away from you. yard. yard. yard. ( clears throat ) toilet. yard. hey, flower girl. you missed a spot.
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usual take for the hammer is two cartons plus 30%. i don't smoke. what do you mean you don't smoke? everybody smokes. how else do you u ll time? mick, could you get some dope? sure. what do you want? i wanto get high. bring me everything, all rightht that's how i kill time. go on, come on. thanks. what do you got? a little yukon jack in the bottle. and in the lid... weed.
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r job to bring it in. from where? i think it comes from the brothers over in "c" building. mick scored you a littleleexican brown from a brother over at the wall. i don't want to go through mick. get the word out
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ain't going nowhere. this is true. all right, thahas it. hold on. let me say sometetng before you go. there are books in the library. nobody's using them. they got sex books? man, the library is filled with the sexiest women of all t te. you got cleopatra, scheherazade, madame bovary. if all these broads are in the library send a couple down to the zone. wake up, bloodhound. i mean all you guys. you're in the joint because you're not strong enough to make it on the outside. you want to get outside? you need power. you got to read the books.
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doesn't he? yeah, right, reg. the man's been doing the bolivian. what's up, matty? i wouldn't mind taking out a book. kill some time. if you got a good one. age you're going through. i want something those power guys are reading. this is a book about a man who chases a whale.
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tell him to give back my tunes. give him his tunes. i ain't giving him squat. he says no.
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i know what it is. come here. what would matty do? matty wasn't any good at this. people stopped coming. the magic rat-- two hammers before m mty-- he was real good at this. give him back the smokes. i smoked them. give me the radio. now you're even. thank you. that was great. you mighghbe better than the magic rat. go ahead. i want you to kill meat, man. you got to getetim off my back. you want me to kill him?
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figure it out. i can't do that, man. you're on your own. you got to help me. please, i'll do anything. hammer, please! ( door slams ) the man in "c" building wants to meet with you about the new deal. when tomorrow. i don't get this part. why, at this point, doesn't he just go after another whale?
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see, he's the man's man. he's saying, i will not let you beat me. i will not let you make my life mean nothing. but he dies. you saying you got to die? no, that's why it's tragedy. you don't have to get swallowed up by the whale. ahah was a great man, a bad dude but he didn't know when to stop. i can live without that whale on my back. yippee! yahoo! get along, little dodoies, get along. yippee! let her rip! come on, little doggies. i'i'just an old cowhand. let her rip! this is bull, homes. turn the channel. hey, man, shut your face. want to get it on?
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penhall: it's kind of strange
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now we get to see what happens to them. penhall: no lockup, man, pleasee i'm, i'm claustrophobic. i can't take it. guard: yeah. right. i'm not faking. please! please don't close the door... ( door slams ) no! no! no! pinky: you got to help me out. please, i'll do anything. hammer, please!
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morty: head down this hallway, and turn left.t. wait at the end by the yellow light. i'll make a call. you'll be king tonight. slimey: you better get out of here. matty's dogging you. penhall: it's kind of strange looking at all these kids' faces, isn't it?
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i just want to sit here. let's just sit, okay? what's wrong with you? don't you want to get it on? penhall: what does this place do for them except make them worse? ...make them worse? maybe we scare them so much... they ain't got nothing left to be afraid of. e afraid of. it's like we're sending these kids to hell.
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you got to help me. hammer, please! hammer i'm begging you. please!
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you okay? yeah. i'm the hammer. the what? nothing. look, how did you get in here to see me? i'm your social worker. i'm pulling you out. no, don't. listen. i got a meeting with the smack dealer today. i'm almost there. i'm going to take a look. i got it from one of his boys.
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coming in. you got it. this is it? you got it, man. man, i can't believe you toto out matty. got a problem with that? whoa... okay.. so what's the word? i don't want to go through mick. i want to go straight to the source. ? it's c cl with me. but what are you going to do about mick? i'll take care of mick. i like your style, hammer. that mick was a redneck pain in my ass, anyway. can i talk to you for a second in private?
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i want to find out who did it because i'd like to take care of it. you already took care of it. matty was the dude who took out rickey. yeah? yeah. hanson: i want to o lk to you. get out of here. i just want to talk. don't push it. why did you kill rickey greene? i knew him. he ran the zone before me. so why kill him? because i was a slave and i wanted the hammer. you killed him for that? yeah, i don't feel good about it. but he was a damn animal. i wasn't going to wash toilets. i wasn't going to eat his crap. why do you eat mine?
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i don't have to live with the whale on my back. what are you talking about? i'm glad you're the hammer. in three months i'll be out of this hole. i'm not coming back. you'll be looking over your shoulder for bloodhound, meat or froggy to take it away. uh-huh, not me... because i'm quitting. what do you mean? i just want to get out of here alive. you can't quit. watch. wake up, mcquade. that hammer's god in here. give it up, this place will go crazy. every homey in the zone will try to kill you for it. that game's their prprlem. you're the game. and unless you change it
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phone call, morty. what the hellldo you think you'?
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get your hand off that phone or i'll break your neck, you little maggo from now on, you call me mr. ganzman, got it? you listen up, punk. i thought you were smart enough to run this zone. that's important because this is my house. a kid goes into the hole he lives in my house. we got laws, boy. same as up above. you could have been the man. uno's dope action, but you blbl it. you were too big for the law weren't you? too nice for the law. now the law's going to make e u pay, boy. i can get it back. fine, take out bloodhound and meat and all the rest of the homeboys and we'll talk again. what do you want? a c-note, man?
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no phone calls. get your scrawny little ass out of here. ( no audio ) hey, mr. lewis. there's something wrong with froggy.
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froggy, dude, let's waste these guys. i want some of that fat boy.
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he's dead. he'll be living behind bars for a while. he already is. they all are. wewee wasting our time. you can't really say that, tom. this is what we do. we throw kids in jail. they come out more screwed up. what's the point?
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he can use the time to his advantage. he can learn to read. he can learn a trade. yeah. i found out who killed rickey greene. funny thing is he's the only one who used his time to change. what are we going to do about him? he already did. he's the kid they scooped up off the floor. hanson. i'm sorry you had to go through this. i've heard what you've been saying about the system 1,000 times.
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