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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[thunder] we believe what you say, captain kirk, but our position has not altered. the halkan council cannot permit your federation to mine dilithium crystals on our planet. we have shown the council historical proof that our missions are peaceful. enevolent at present, but the future is always in question. our dilithium crystals represent awesome power. wrongful use of that power, even to the extent of the taking of one life, would violate our history of total peace. to prevent that, we would die, captain, as a race if necessary. i admire your ethics
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kirk to "enterprise." spock here. report on magnetic storm, mr. spock. standard ion type, captain, but quite violent and... and unpredictable. rough ride? if we stay. stand by to beam up landing party. plot an extended orbit to clear disturbance. kirk out. comply, mr. sulu. aye, sir. when may we resume discussion? the council will meditate further, [thunder] captain. you do have the might to force the crystals from us, of course. but we won't. consider that. "enterprise." transporter room, energize.
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trouble, sir. k was right. it was a rough trip. at norm, mr. kyle. controls at neutral. yes, sir.
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, captain? mr. sulu, you will program phaser barrage on halkan cities. sulu on intercom: yes, mr. spock. their military capability, captain? none. regrettable that this society has chosen suicide. mr. kyle, you were instructed to compensate but i tried to-- carelessness with the equipment cannot be tolerated. but, mr. spock, they were trapped-- your agonizer. no, mr. spock. your agonizer, please. no, mr. spock! i tried. i really tried. [buzz] ohh!
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space-- the final frontier. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. its five-year mission-- to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilizations...
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captain's log-- stardate unknown. during an ion storm, my landing party has beamed back to the "enterprise"
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altered physically. behavior and discipline has become brutal, savage. mr. scott, the storm has caused some minor damage in your section. there are also injuries requiring your attention, doctor. well, gentlemen? mr. spock. yes. the power beam jumped for a moment, sir, just as the landing party was about to materialize. i never saw it happen before. due to your error, mr. kyle? no, mr. spock. before. possibly a result of the severe storm. did you feel any abnormal effects? yes. dr. mccoy, you better look us over. that was a rough beam-up. yes, sir. mr. spock. have those transporter circuits checked. captain, what is all this? how did we get into--
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what is this? everything's all messed up, changed around, out of place. captain, what's happened? no, not everything. that spot-- i spilled acid there a year ago. jim, what in blazes is-- i don't know. it's our "enterprise," but it isn't. maybe... maybe what, captain? any of you feel dizzy when we were in the transporter beam... yes. i did. when we first materialized? it happened twice. first we were in our own transporter chamber, then we faded. and then when we finally materialized, we were here, wherever this is. captain, the transporter chief mentioned a surge of power. the transporter lock might have been affected by the ion storm and we just materialized somewhere else.
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not our universe, not our ship. something... parallel. a parallel universe coexisting with ours on another dimensional plane. everything's duplicated... almost. another "enterprise." spock with a beard. another captain kirk, another dr. mccoy-- an exchange. if we're here-- then our counterparts must have been transporting up similar storms on both universes disrupted the circuits. we're here, and they're-- on our "enterprise," probably asking the same questions-- are we in another universe? and if so, how do we get back to our own? they'll use the computer, and we have to. what about the halkans? we can't let them be destroyed. scotty, can you buy me some time?
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k the storm blew the standby circuits. aye, sir. then get on this technology. it's all we have to work with if we want to get back home. the intercom may be monitored. use your communicators for private messages. subfrequency and scramble. aye, sir. lieutenant. yes, sir. get up to your post. run today's communication from starfleet command. i want to know my exact orders and options, if any. yes, sir. bones. captain, i'm... uhura, you're the only one who can do it. i'll be right there. yes, sir. bones. let's take a look at the library. we have a lot to learn. mr. chekov, phaser setting for planetary target "a." coordinates 7-1-2. stroke 4, mr. sulu.
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still no interest, uhura? hmm? i could change your mind. you are away from your post, mister. is the captain here? is spock here? when the cat's away--
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you're ordered to annihilate the halkans unless they comply. no alternative. sulu: phasers locked on target "a," captain. approaching optimum range. commence fire, captain? captain? stand by, mr. sulu. i've, uh.... been ordered to check phaser couplings for possible damage by the storm. do you have authorization from security, sir? captain's orders. i'll have to check with security chief sulu, sir. never mind. i'll attend to it.
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kirk here. phaser report, sir. no damage. very good. thank you, mr. scott. kirk out. planet's rotation is carrying primary target beyond arc of phaser lock. shall i correct orbit to new firing position? no. lock on to secondary city. aye, sir. i wish to talk to them again. yes, sir. captain? this is a new race. they offer other things of value besides dilithium crystals. but it is clear that we cannot expect their cooperation. they have refused the empire. command procedure dictates that we provide the customary example. secondary target now moving beyond our phaser lock. put phasers on standby, mr. sulu. a serious breach of orders, captain.
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and i'll make them clear to you... in my own good time. captain, i have the leader on the halkan council waiting on channel "b." it is useless to resist us. we do not resist you. you have 12 hours to consider your position. 12 years, captain kirk, or 12,000-- we are ethically compelled to deny your demand for our dilithium crystals, we will level your planet and take what we want. that is destruction. you will die as a race. to preserve what we are. we will not argue. 12 hours. no more. close communications. turn phasers off. aye, sir. 12 hours, captain? that is unprecedented. i shall be in my quarters. lieutenant uhura.
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[beep beep] captain. you have placed yourself in a most grave position. this conduct must be reported. you're at liberty to do so, mr. spock. deck five, sir? so you die, captain, and we all move up in rank. no one will question the assassination of a captain
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smart boy, switching to the top dog. get him out of here. mr. chekov was going to make me a chief, sir. you could make me an officer. all right. you're working for me. a commission? you're in line. you might even make captain. yes, sir. not on my ship. the booth for this one, sir? yes, the booth. carry on. here. here. what's this? it's called blood. watch your step. the officers move up by assassination. chekov tried it on me. mr. sulu is security chief, like the ancient gestapo. my sick bay is a chamber of horrors.
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would take him to pass out from the pain. report on technology. mostly variations in instrumentation. nothing i can't handle. star readings? everything's exactly where it should be, except us. let's find out where we stand. computer. ready. this is the captain. record security research, to be classified under my voice print or mr. scott's. recorded. produce all data relevant to the recent ion storm. correlate following hypothesis-- could a storm of such magnitude cause a power surge in the transporter circuits creating a momentary interdimensional contact with a parallel universe? affirmative. at such a moment, could persons in each universe, in the act of beaming, transpose with their counterparts
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mputer: affirmative. could conditions necessary to such an event be created artificially using the ship's power? affirmative. record procedure. [beep] scotty, can you do it? not by myself. i'll need help. and you'd be too conspicuous. i'm a doctor, not an engineer. now you're an engineer. i'll have to tap the power we need from the warp engines and balance it for the four of us. jim. the way this ship is run-- what kind of people are we in this universe? let's find out. computer. [beeping]
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rd of current command. captain james t. kirk succeeded to command "i.s.s. enterprise" through assassination of captain christopher pike. first action-- suppression of gorlan uprising through destruction of rebel home planet. second action-- execution of 5,000 colonists on vega 9. cancel. now we know. captain. we can do it. good. but when we interrupt engine circuits to tie the power increase into the transporter, it'll show up on sulu's security board. of course, we'll only need a second. i'll tell uhura to create a diversion to distract sulu's attention at your signal. we'd better get back to our posts. keep me advised. jim. if we're here, what do you suppose our counterparts are doing back in our universe?
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i order you... let me go! phasers! spock, get these men off me! what is this? what do you think you're doing, spock? you traitorous pig. i'll hang you up by your vulcan ears. i'll have you all executed! i think not. your authority on this ship is extremely limited, captain. the four of you will remain here in the brig and in custody ever it is you belong. has the whole galaxy gone crazy? what kind of a uniform is this? where's your beard? what's going on? where's my personal guard? i can answer none of your questions at this time. [chuckling] all right, spock. whatever your game is, i'll play it. you want credits, i'll give them to you. you'll be a rich man. command of your own? i can swing that, too.
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i find it... extremely interesting. spock. what is it that will buy you? power? fascinating. power, spock? i can get that for you! captain. i am pleased that you frustrated mr. chekov's plan. i should regret your death. why? i do not desire the captaincy. i much prefer my scientific duties. and i am frankly content to be a lesser target. logical, as always, mr. spock. aah! aah! the agony booth is a most effective means of discipline. aah!
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me you've ordered full duration. i haven't decided. indeed. his act warrants death. i said i haven't decided. that is, of course, your affair. captain, may i inquire if you intend to persist in your unusual course of action regarding the halkans? you heard my orders. they are, of course, in contradiction to standard empire procedure. you cannot ignore the consequences. is that a threat? i do not threaten, captain. i merely state facts. i have found you to be an excellent officer. our missions together have been both successful and profitable. however, i shall not permit your aberrations to jeopardize my position. spock...
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be maintained or the empire is doomed. it is the logic of history. conquest is easy. control is not. we may have bitten off more than we can chew. captain, i do not wish to find myself opposing you, but if you continue on your present course, this confusing and inexplicable behavior-- is my concern, not yours. you would find me a formidable enemy. i'm aware of that, captain. orders, sir? release chekov. confine him to quarters.
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that ought to hold him for about six hours. [sighs] i fell asleep. we had quite a time in the chem lab
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ur day, i gather. i heard about chekov. he gambled, i won. mm-mm. you got lucky. i'm surprised that you could be caught off-guard that way. i was preoccupied. ah. you're still in trouble with starfleet command. what you've got in mind this time is beyond me. you're scheming, of course. the halkans have something you wan it all some clever means to advance you to the admiralty? kirk. the cabinet itself? further than that if i'm successful. really? well... you must know what you're doing. you always do. if i'm to be the woman... of a caesar...
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[intercom whistles] kirk here. mr. spock, captain. yes. i received a private communication from starfleet command. i am committing a breach of regulations of its contents. yes, mr. spock. i am instructed to wait until planet dawn over principal target to permit you to carry out our mission. and...if i don't? in that event, i am ordered to kill you and to proceed against the halkans
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captain's log. stardate... unknown. we are trapped in a savage, parallel universe from which we must escape within four hours, or i will face a death sentence at mr. spock's hands. let's drink a toast to spock-- the only man aboard with the decency to warn you, and he'll die for it. you'll never find another man like him. i don't intend to kill him. are you going to act against the halkans before the deadline? no. but i'll avoid killing spock. just get him out of the way, he and his men. i'll get out of his way. shall i activate the tantalus field?


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