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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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i need a ride home later on, okay? debley, you left your headlights on. all right. item 14 -- we've still got a gang of juveniles on 119th street hitting on old peoplee ca. so, uh, how about let's give that situation a little extra effort? hear, hear! all right, item 15. item 15. at this point in time, we got the same purse snatcher working wolf from the projects on south. he's a male black, age approximately 30, 6'6" tall, medium build, is further described as wearing a long blond wig...
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gathered in little tucks at the waist. ain't that sweet? ha ha ha! item 16 -- gang homicides. we had two last night. there are going to be reprisals. you got anything to add to that, lamonica? yeah, sarge. looks like the 124th street gang done it. oh, pure genius. genius, lamonica. all right, last item. last item is a directiti from divisional commander swanson... ooh. ooh. concerning the alleged carrying of bizarre and unauthorized weapons by the officers of this precinct. said officers are hereby warned to immediately surrender such weapons to the custody of their sergeant or face disciplinary action.
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all right, that's it. let's roll. hey... let's be careful out there. so she's stataing in her apartment door in her bathrobe, see, showing me her driver's license. she says, "renko, the time has come. get it on, huh? get on it and get it on. ha ha ha. hey, renko, hold on, hold on. did you grow some recently? no, no, it's my boots, see? they made me tall. actually, they're your basic dress boots. uh, they're nice, renko, real nice. they make you look, uh, strong. stronger than the mayor's breath, my friend. [ whistling and hooting ] oh, no. now, don't you be doing that to me. you tell that girl next time she comes in here to have some respect for an officer of the law.
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belker. i said move. hey! this is a rout! [ growls ] he's crazy! right this way, ladies. your accommodations are ready. smoking or nonsmoking? woman: dispatch, we have a 9-11. armed robbery in progress. see surplus store,
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whoo! ?qu?? where's my car? ?qu? dice? qu? dice? what? what? what are you looking at, man? what are you looking at? hey, what are you looking at? stay out there. [ yelling ] hey, hey, hey! i told you to stay out! i'm going to send you all to a psychiatrist. you die, huh? look at this. you got the address wrong on their warrant. captain, we never should have stopped doing these in pencil. so when the man understandably objects to being a aested, earps here hits him with a board. we had to, boss. we couldn't get his attention. get him out of here. buy him breakfast. tell him we owe him one. and don't hurt him anymore.
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i don't know, phil. we were all there, francis. i think it's very important for the children to... grade schooler precinct visitation program? sure, we got one. we've had one up here for years. to interface with the police experience. tointerface with the police experience. i see. i know you can understand. i mean, the children of today... yeah, ma-- yeah, well -- ma'am? m mam, why not take my word for it? i doubt there's a kid in this district who hasn't interfaced with the police experience. okay, gorgeous, come on. let's go serve the public. mm-hmm. it's her, man. she's back. mm-hmm. jeez.
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all right, furillo, i want him, and i want him now. where is he? to please have a seat outside? where's who? i'll be with her shortly. my client is due in court in exactly 45 minutes. now, where is he? care for a little while you're waiting? sure. why not? cream in your coffee? no, thank you. i'm, uh, detective john la rue. that's nice. well, may i... by the ounce?
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are you quite finished? no, ma'am. i never seem to quite finish for hours and hours. miss davenport, the captain will see you now. well, what about it? is he here or is he out there? don't get excited, counselor. we're working on it. how's this for logic, furillo? if he's not here, and if he's not elsewhere, he's lost. you've lost my client. we didn't say that, counselor. not lost per se. misplaced is more like it. look, ms. davenport, the way it lays out is this -- besides being a pervert... allegedpervert. your client, mr. thorpe, because he convinced the duty officer he was claustrophobic, got transfsfred to county medical. i called county medical. he's not there, either. now, that isn't necessarily true.
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an official sense... for that matter, he could be in transit between facilities. or he could have gotten on the wrong bus. you know, those buses from county lockup are not legibly marked. francis, we ought to interface with county on that one. never in my entire life have i listened to so much incompetence covered up by so much unmitigated crap. and d n't think for one minute, furillo, that the court isn't going to hear about this, because if i am not mistaken, you are sitting in contempt. counselor, suppose we drive off that bridge when we come to it. that's so typically fascist. now, if you'll excuse us... find my client, furillo, or i swear, i'll have you up on charges. mm, that young woman has a very handsome carriage. with 20 more pounds, she would be perfect. call around, will you, ray? huh? put a flag out on him. [ yelling incoherently ] what's going on here?
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the guy's flaking out! somebody get this guy! over here! i got him! i got him! oh, no! [ imitating engine ] don't do it! no biting! no biting, mick. okay, just keeeehim down here now. you promised me, captain. take it easy, mick. no. that's not fair. no, it's not fair!
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lousy nose! i'm branded for life here. belker the biter. and you think i don't know what i'm called behind my back? you think i don't know? take it easy. take it easy. nobody's going to hurt you. you hear me? we're going to take you to the hospital now. you understand what i'm saying to you, huh? don't think i don't know who was copping the cheap feel during the fighththuh? let's go. let's go. come on, baby. you're okay, honey. hold onto me. that's right. hold right onto me. that's good. that's good. bad scene. i'm sorry you had to see it come down. you certainly did your part to help out. i'm undercover. hey, look, this is a war zone here, huh? come on. let's talk about you. what are you like when you, uh, let your hair down? my hair is down.
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eks. you know, huh? you've never stuck with one woman for six hours. wellllthey can't handle me any longer than that. what about these kids? don't that bother you? well, i thought it might, but it doesn't. it's like they're my own. well, i always hate to see a good animal get his spirit broke. [ chuckles ] uh-oh. let's hit it. [ siren wailing ] sit down now, renko! all right, you boys in there, now you come out with your hands held high! i don't think they heard me. get that feeling, do you? i said, come out -- mama, bless me. it may or may not be a hostage situation in that liquor store... we don't know that yet, commander, and we won't know that
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he scene now, ort. over. but we're going to need some crowd control. we got about 100 people out here already. say, what't'happening with that hostage squad? what are they waiting for? over. all right. 10-4. [ siren wails ] [ growling ]
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let's get out of here before every dealer in the neighborhood sees us, hmm? any luck getting through? they're talking to the media. they won't get off the phone. it's a zoo out there. crowd's getting bigger, people everywhere. we're going to have a wreck, nonooubt about it. [ telephone rings ] yeah. detective goldblume. what's the deal, huh? you don't come b bting into my line, you dig? like, i've been talking to the media, you know? and they know what's going down here, so you don't try and jerk me around, you understand? 'cause i'm negotiating the rights to my life story. yeah, okay. listen, just talk to me. g out, son. call me henry. what's your name? why? you want to take me out on a date? how old are you? i can't hear you. there's too much static on this line. you got to talk up louder, man. how old are you? [ speaks spanish ] he better get here soon. where and talk. so if you come out right now, man, the hell with that. you just get me jesus martinez on this phone now. you dig? who's jesus martinez? he's talking about the warlord of los diablos.
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o jesus martinez is? in the meantime, i thought maybe... damn, man, you're stupid. you know that? you don't know nothingng kept a full dialogue, you know what i mean? maybe you can tell me what's troubling you. what's troubling me, huh? what's troubling me is you, chump. how the hell can i create an ambience of trust under these conditions? i don't like the term "eater," frank. it's offensive. i wouldn't take it so personally, howard. "emergency a aion team" takes too long to say. ot a couple of puerto ricans holding hohoages in a liquor store in the 1800 block of dekker avenue. well, just say the word and we'll deploy. i'm sending in goldblume to see if we can open communication, defuse the situation. it's by the book, howard. goldblume couldn't defuse a roll of kosher toilet paper, if you get my thrust. that's not necessarily accurate, howard. i've seen the man work. could i say something here? phph, ray, do you mind? could i have the floor here for a second? howard.
4:20 pm
and chose to underreact. let me spell it out for you -- you've got a dangerous number of environmentally handicapped types out there. two hours from now, that number's going to quadruple. what's your point, howard? the point is that i would like free rein to neutralize that liquor store, make an example of it. don't hamstring us, frank. our guys need the validation. don't get t cked into a riot situation. you're too nice a guy. taking anything into your own hands unless you get a direct order from me. you got that? [ sighs ] it's your precinct. i appreciate that, howard. it's a gut check, frank, and you wouldn't want to be accused of having a bunch of daisies where your cinch belt ought to be. well, why don't you go down there and tell those kids... six more units, rooftop surveillance... i really hate e u, frank.
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makes me nauseous. you remember phil esterhaus and ray calletano. frank, the check bounced. what? not only that, but you brought frank jr. home from the hockey game last night with a 102? fever. now, where's your brain? fay, i am in the middle of a crisis here. you bet yoyoare -- my crisis. your son is home sick. now, i got to get someone to stay with him so i can go to work, but because your lousy check bounced higher than a handball, i can't pay the sitter! this marriage and everything connected with it has causus me nothing but grief. and on top of that, harvey says frank jr.'s got some sort of... gender identity thing that he's got to work through because his father is a cop. he's getting into fights in school because of it. and everything is just lousy... phil -- and it is all your lousy fault! phil, would you please take fay out to the coffee bar
4:22 pm
te a few things with ray here? fay -- and then i'll take care of the sitittion. i'm sorry you had to witness that. no sweatatman. we've all been there. ex-wives. yeah. except she's right. i shouldn't have taken him to the hockey game. sometimes i miss him so much it hurts. hey, how you been, fay? huh? good. how are you, phil? how's, um, margaret? well, didn't frank tell you?
4:23 pm
you guys were married forever. 23 years. oh, i'm really sorry, phil. oh, well, don't be. to tell you the truth, i've never been happier. now, granted, i hit the skids real hard for a 10-month period. i mean, i came close to ending it. then i met cindy. overnight, my life turned around. oh, yeah? oh, that's t trific. i'm glad to hear that. are you thinking of getting remarried? uh, yeah, as soon as she graduates. she's a college student? high school. she's a graduating senior. come on, come on. down here. move. move.
4:24 pm
hey, i need a nursrs this lunatic bit me on my damn ankle. name. i said name. wilson, richard t. [ telephone rings ] detective belker. mickey, what's that noise? i'm, uh, typing. i stopped. i'm listening. that's it? he wants to go to florida? why is that such a bad thing? the man is 83, ma. who's he going to have an affair with? all right, so you know what you'll do?
4:25 pm
that's silly, ma. yes, it is! you'll look great in a bathing suit. you got a great sh-- ipe that smirk right off your face! what am i hearing now? i know i'm hearing crying. there's no crying now. we made a deal. no crying. come on. ma? all you baba, sweetheart. what? i'll call the bank. they'll have the cash to cover the check by the time you get there, i i omise. and what about the session with harvey? i'd love to have a sit-down with you and harvey about frank jr. when? i'll call his office as soon as i can, fay. when? don't you think it's a little unprofessional
4:26 pm
been through that. are you sleeping with him? that's none of your business. i'm concerned about my son's environment. let me tell you something about your son's environment. it improved the moment you left the house. yo, louie. look, , 11:00 is here. we'll get together, okay? can i hehe you gentlemen? yeah, we were summoned by captain furillo. captain furillo. em through. this? thisiss your 11:00 appointment? that's right. yo, mama, where's the party? [ speaks spanish ] whoa. touchy, frankie, touchy. all right. mm.
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call now. they didn't have ribs, so we had to go o r chicken. hope that don't mess up d?tente. d?tente. hmm. brunch, francis. thank you, phil. thank you, phil. you're very welcome, francis.
4:30 pm
furillll what makes you think i want to get involved here? because one hand washes the other, jesus. i do for you, you do for me. yeah? what did you do for me lately, huh? sesea peace talk with the dragon. poof butts don't even show their face. and whose fault was that? loverboy's over there. you've got a short memory. you set it up, bro! you make me look bad. now why the hell should i make you look good, huh? it's got nothing to do with making me loooogood. and the agreement we negotiated was you don't hit stores on dragon turf. dekker avenue is dmc, frankie. you know that. francis, your wife's on the phone. please, phil, later. [ mocking ] please, phil, later. ha ha ha. you're wicked, bro. i mean, you really know how to run a business here. we'll nonotalk about this. easy, ray, sit down. sit.
4:31 pm
so what's it gonna be, you gonna help us, ororo some people get killed? what's my sugar? what do you want? louie. one pump-action shotgun, 2 smith & wesson .38s, half a dozen flak jajaets, and a tear gas gun. how about some t-shirts wit? three colors -- you can design them yourself. oh, wow. t-shirts. ha ha. one flak jacket and a cococar to take my mother to the clinic on 145th street every tuesday afternoon. poor woman scared to go by herself, and 'cause of that treaty we s sned, i can't go with her myself. you serious? yeah. can we live with that?
4:32 pm
done. yo. yo, brother ray, can you get me my phone, please? all right, peoplpl please back up. back up, please. yeah, yeah, yeah, the hostages are all okay, right? better than us. so now we just can't to walk out of here. you know that. susu, you can, hector. all you got to do is walk, that's all. trust me. you trust me, right? don't go off the deeeeend. they're not stupid. man, we in this mess because of you, all right? to come out -- you want us to come out with nothing, hey, that's one thing, but just remember, it was your idea. yo no te puse nada, brother. t? que est?s haciendo, man? somethin. looking to make me an accessory? who's that on the line? it's goldblume, frank. listen, i'd likekeo point out to hector that as a juvenile, the charges might be considerably reduced. yeah, man, i don't know. the same thing got told to pablo last year. you know what happened, right? his mother told the judge she didn't want him. they sent him away, yeah. you better not make a liar out of me. yeah, but --
4:33 pm
you can take me, man? well, then j jt come down here and try! yeah? t? est?s muerto, bro. you hear that? you're dead meat! rats are gonna eat t ur eyes! hector, don't hang up. hector! i want to talk to my mother, okay, frankie? i want to know if she's gonna send mee to some home or farm or what. what's going on? back off! captain, this is hunter at the scene. get off the line, howard. listen to me, frank. you're making a grave error here. we've got the firepower to blow these punks out of the water. i wouldn't try it, okay?! i'll kill the woman first, yoyodig? hang up the phone, howard! that's an order. o damned intimidated by these minority-action groups and political cowards. howard. we wind up doing nothing. give me the phone. it's no wonder this country is rotting. hey, i kissed your mother four timeses hey! all right! you're dead, jessie! i'm gonna put a hole in your head, sucker! you're dead! get out t here! hey, no more favors.
4:34 pm
you people should take showers! what? i really want you to hear this now, hector. you got to work with me on this. you got to keep things cool in there while i keep things cool out here. it's no easy situation, i've got to tell you. my heaeais busted, frank. my head is busted. i don't know what it is. it's the tension. i don't know, you know? hey, i'm sorry. got to have some aspirin in there. why don't you take a couple of aspirin? you'll feel better. they don't d dno good, man. they don't do no good. oh, no problem. i'll bring something with me. i'i'gonna put ray calletano on the phone now while i drive over there like we agreed. he's a good guy, you know? yeah, yeah, yeah, what about that dude that said he was gonna blow us all up, huh? who is that chump, huh? don't worry about him, man, really. you just stay coco. i'm on my way.
4:35 pm
s?, hombre, no te preocupe. esterhaus here. give me dispatch. anybody locate that guy we lost this morning? at this point in time, not as yet. i got a domestic beef. woman threatening her daughter with a knife. yeah, this is detective la rue, hill street. is miss davenport in? 1084 119th street. look, pull h hl and renko off that liquor store. thanks. hi. john la rue. about that missing suspect of yours -- they just brought him in. yeah, some kind of a mix-up. anyway, i thought you'd want to hotfoot it down here and springngim. hey, that's okay. my pleasure. sure. bye. i don't believe this. you know, you're crazy, out of your mind. it's 4:00 now, right? by the time she gets here, it's 5:00. by the time she figures it's a wild goose chase, it's 5:30. so she chews out furillo for 15 minutes. that makes it a quarter to 6:0:0 then it's time. joyce, i'm sorry about the mix-up. i feel terrible.
4:36 pm
we'll swing by my place, i'll get into some fresh rags. we'll go over to pierre's for drinks and dinner. tell you what, slick.. if she turns you down, you can take me.
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
ing ] [ woman arguing ] all right, who called in a complaint? police! open up! go away and mind your own business! this is my business, ma'am! open up the door! all right, ma'am, you know we're going to have to open up this door. we're gonna boot it inin you want me to open the door?
4:39 pm
hold it righghthere! get away from me! hold it! nobody's going to kill anybody! i wouldn't count on that! okay, all right, lady. look, how about putting downwnhat knife and letting her cover up her this and that and then we can talk about the problem? the problem is her this and that! he stand right here and letting her beat me! i never r id that. she asked for it. who is that standing in there? that's my husband william. uh, bill, i think you better stay in there a minute. now, what we have here is statutory rape, possession of a deadly weapon, intent to use a deadly weapon. i think we ought to run them all in. hold it. hold it, renko. look, if you put down the knife, we can work it out. otherwise, i'm not going to be able to keep this white man off of you. i'm counting to 3.
4:40 pm
okay, okay, all right! okay, okay. okay, wiwiiam. you can come out. you okay, mama? don't you mama me. i'll break your back! [ all shouting ] okay, hold it. are you the girl's father? of course not. what kind of man do you think i am? n you are! she runs around half-naked all the time. what do you expect? don't blame me! i got to sleep on the couch! i got nowhere to go. besides, he always talking about how mama don't give you what you need. you said that? you run hot and cold on me all the time, woman. williaia i am on my feet 10 hours a day! well, i work hard, too. ofofourse you do. you both do, but that won't solve the problem. you get that -- that girl out of here,
4:41 pm
you got nothing. is that what you all want? huh? is that what you want? him in jail, her in a home, you with nothing? okay, okay, this is the law for this house! william, when you're in the house alone, you stay away from her, you understand? you don't go habit with your stepdaughter! it ain't no habit. we only done it once. that's not true. you mean to tell me -- shut up! and you, little lady, when you're in the bathroom changing your clothes, mama, mama, you got to make yourself more available to william. all he wants is a little attention from his woman. william, you know i love you. you got to show it more, mama. okay, this is the law. you all take care now, all right? let's go, renko.
4:42 pm
i'll never understand pepele like this. say what? well, that's one of them local colloquialisms, isn't it? say what? what is it? say what. ha ha ha. you're just passing them laws out right and left. that i do, son. that i do. the car. oh, ma, they stole my car. that's a brand-new unit. second one today. i'll tell you something. if i have to shoot up this whole street, i'm going to get that car back. there ain't no way i'm going to file a report on this! no way at all! okay, okay, take it easy. hey, we don't want to collect a crowd. a crowd?! a crowd?! well, that's exactly what i want to do -- is collect a great crowd! renko, renko, hey, renko, we lose two or three cars every month. they park them. they leave them. no big deal. it's a big deal to me. that's the second unit today. that's a brand-new unit. esterhaus is going to kill me. renko, shut up! man, we have no car, and we have no radio now. so let's just be cool. let's just call in and get another unit. that phone! look at this mess!
4:43 pm
hey, man, the world's full of phones, man. lots of phones. let's go find one. don't you squint your eyes at me like that! i'm a peace officer, and i want you off this street when i get back! and i mean it! i'm so tired of dealing with people like this every single day of my life. pig, man! get out of here!
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
perse, please. nothing's going to happen here. [ siren wailing ] folks, we'd like to get your cooperation here. stand behind the barricades. get those helicopters out of here. i can't hear myselelthink. frank, i want to make a statement. get out of here. cacayou hear me, frank?! no! get them out of here. get out of sight. holster those weapons. that's an order. put them away now. give me that. give it to me!
4:48 pm
this is captain furillo. first thing i want you to do is acknowledge you can hear me. toss something out the door. folks, we can't have you standing in this area. ! we're going to have to move you all back. [ laughing ] okay, well done, hector. are you still listening, hector? who let the helicopters fly up there? we can't hear! what? [ helicocoers whirring loudly ] can i get a couple officers over here to move these people back? i'm going to come as far as the curb.
4:49 pm
no s? cuanto tiempo puedo tenee a esta gente calmada.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
frank, frank, take a valium. you ruined my business. you crazy! better the kids!
4:52 pm
i want to run a check on that man's immigration status. get away from here. get away from here.
4:53 pm
istake. your client's not here. who said we found her? never mind, sergeant. you're a real cute guy, la rue. i mean, what else do i have to do with my time besides waste it?
4:54 pm
i got angry. then on secoco instinct, i thought of filing charges. reallyly i just want to be with you tonight, babe, that's all. you do, huh? because underneath it all, you're just a lonely guy in a dangerous job. who am i to argue with that? i'm sorry. don't be. when i thought about it, i tried to call you back. i just couldn't get through your switchboard. yeah, that's the problem with my switchboard. no hard feelings, la rue. you can send me the cleaeang bill.
4:55 pm
what's with her? i don't approve of what you did, francis. off the record, you promised me you'd be careful out there, which you weren't. that goes double for me, frank. you think you're still a kid or something? you got 40 phone calls here. 25 of them are from your wife. we can't raise hill or renko. i sent belker and lamonica out to look for them. go home, francis. you look beat. let me shopkeep. cindy's gogomarching band practice till 10:00. think i might just do that. reactionary, sadistic, high-handed, uncaring animals. kill, beat, intimidate. violate each and every constitutional guarantee. dispense curbside e stice. hmm. unh-unh. no, sir.
4:56 pm
vicious, ugly. there is n n a cop up there who shouldn't be prosecuted. i swear, i have seen more brutality and brazen contempt for the law to open up a grand jury investigation. i mean it. ahh. mmm. feel better? i'm getting there. i took half a valium. you... care to be the, uh... the other half?
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
furillo, your pants are buzzing. yeah, yeah, okay. [ pager beeping ] it's furillo. it's hill and renko. they're both in intensive carar i won't lie to you, francis. it doesn't look good. we don't know what went down.
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
detective. hey. what do we got? george lee. owns the place. passer-by called it in. got witnesses? one lady saw 2 black kids runnin' from the scene, but she didn't see their faces. this is my father's store! who's this? that's probably the son. he lives in westchester.


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