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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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? now loading: southbound to gibson through marbletown and wadsworth. ? they'll sell tickets to anyone nowadays i see. well, i'll be doggone, hello, sheriff.
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ty. i took a herd of cattle up there and sold them direct to the yards. well, never mind you, boy. just tell me about that lady you left sitting over there. i wouldn't look too long and too hard. the lady's a bride. why you old son-of-a-gun. so one of them finally tied you down. well, now wait a minute, she's not my bride. -well, what-- -i'm taking her back to the man i work k r, will cochran. but i'm on the marbletown run. drop back in the mail car and we'll chat a spell. fine, i'll see ya. meet an old friend? dollarhyde side, may. that's right. they don't likely stop there anymore. least wise we haven't since the water hole dried up, and folks moved away. is that so? it's gonna be quite a problem where to ride this. freight car's all loaded and you can't ride it in the coach. i'll tell you what, we'll take it in the mail car with us, if it's all right with you. if you say so. thank you. pardon me, is that the train to w wsworth?
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mercy me. that injun's gonna be on the train with us. last trip, we fought him off. and here i a ariding along with him. aboard. ? hold it. ? -conductor. -why yes, sir? am i compelled to practically share a seat with an indian?
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the major up with a place in the mail car or an empty box car. i'veveeen 14 years in the service, mr. civilian. i spent 13 of those years fighting indians. war's been over for quite a spell now, major. least wise with this fella's tribe. to me, there's only one tribe. there are indians and there are people. did you ever fight these savages, mister? pardon me. i know i've been staring at the young lady. but i can't help but feel i know you from somewhere, madam. e so large. i assure you if i was just flirting, i'd pick on a lady where are you from? well, i was born and raisese in rhode island. but i haven't been there for years.
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i'm afraid you're mistaken. my name's allen chester. means nothing. sorry, mr. chester. well, i...i guess i made a m mtake. you know sometetng? those two children are newlyweds. or almost newlyweds, they're eloping. just ran away tonight. since you ladies are gonna be talking woman talk, if you'll excuse me, i think i'll go see sheriff. well, come in, cheyenne. how about some coffee? no, thanks. pete, this is cheyenne bodie, an old friend of mine.e. meet pete brady. howdy. sit down, cheyenne.
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one of those matrimoniaiapapers. now why would a guy like that need to advertise? oh, i don't know. says she's sick of city life, city ways, and city people. still doesn't sound right. well, that's 'cause you're a detective. nothin' sounds right to you. what are you fellas doin' on this train? ing our trains. must be expecting a lot of trouble, two of ya and all. even wrecked a couple of 'em. kids, you say? that's right. they say the oldest one in the pack's not over 22. of course, we figure there must be older men working the trains, and feeding information. do you think they'll try to take this train? they might. well, i hope not. i'm carrying almost $5,000 on me. lonnie, meet cheyenne bodie, an old friend of mine. -all right. -howdy. mind if i get in here? sure. well, jones, i think i might have spotted your contact man. -yeah? -yeah, that, that mourner, taking his wife back totoollarhyde side.
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a ghost town. and it never did have a cemetery. well, lots of folks ain't buried in cemeteries. now, if you're gonna be suspicious, take that drummer that almost missed the train. he rode down on the same train with me from denver. and he never got off to do any peddling. now, this is a funny way for a drummer to make a living. hey. what's the matter with you? a coffin's no place to strike a match, lonnie. i am sorry. pal, i better get back on the job, i guess. other passengers. noise make 'em uneasy. well, i won't say anything. well, sheriff, that ain't any place to sit either. i guess you're right. ? anything wrong?
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it's like you're wearing wardrobe you didn't have a while ago. i can't afford to relax too much from now on, carrying this cattle money and all. everything is all right otherwise? as far as i know. ? we'll be at dollarhyde side in a quarter hour. ? what is it? nothing to get excited about, folks. we just stopped to throw a switch. ? all right, let's everybody freeze. just hold her still.
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why you... you all right, ma'am? i'm all right, but what's happening? i don't know. major? who do you suppose is out there? indians or bandits? i'd say bandits. firing up front and back in the mail car that means we've still got men alive. son, cover that window. i haven't got a gun. he carried two. ed to know. you all right? hold your fire. anyone get killed here?
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to throw that switch. you should have seen the hot spot they had me in. i was on top of the roof. how many do o u think are out there? well, looked like about 10 or 12. you think we can hold them off? maybe, if our ammunition holds out. all i've got's what's on my belt. oh, there's plenty back there in the mail car. cover me, i'i'goin' back there. ahh! they got pete the first round. what about the coach? conductor's shot, i don't know how bad he's hurt. he says the fireman's gone. well, maybe we can hold out here. we need ammunition back in the coach. you got the key to this chest? no, only lonnie has one.
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you're not giving him a weapon. this is no t te for fighting amongst ourselves, major. this is no time for me to get a bullet in my back either. how is he? he stopped breathing. hold your fire. they're waving a white flag. wanna have a little talk, i guess. what do you want? we want a pow wow. that's what i thought. since this is a railway car and i represent the railroad. i feel i should act as our spokesman. any objections?
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relax, folks. we've got five minutes to decide whether we want to surrender or not. what's the story?y? we're all that's left. they captured the engineer. they have men up that mountain behininus, sittin' on a prepared rock pile. they claim one push and we'd be buried under an avalanche. if we're not out of here in five minutes, they're gonna push.
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no, but it makes sense. this whole section's a dangerous slide area. i vote we surrender. vote's s good unless everybody agrees to abide by the decision of the majority. is there anybody here who won't abide by the rule of the majority? then let's begin the votin'. i vote we surrender. one vote surrender. i'd like to ask if we dodourrender, no, ma'am, no one does. that's one of the main reasons i vote we hold on. besides, we're not sure they've got rocks up there. there's a man talkin'. i i te with the big fella. i do, too. one surrender and three for holding on. to fight when defeat is definite is a senseless thing. custer proved that. i'm afraid i'm obliged to vote for surrender.
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he has a life, hasn't he? disch? no kojnay. he says he doesn't care one way or the other. one vote passes. miss? no matter r at those men out there are like, there's always a chance they may let us live. i choose surrender. tied vote. three and three. son? i--i've got to agree with her. and does that mean surrender? yes. it's four for surrender, three for holding out. looks like you're in a position to tie the vote again, chev. i could, but i'm not t ing to. i think they've got those rocks up there, all right. and i think if they wanted to kill us, they've done so by now. i vote surrender.
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we're coming out. this everybody? all that's alive. don't come any closer. middle that car. hold on, that's an old lady in there, i'll get her out. old lady's bush and kill is dead as anyone else. get outta there or you'll get it, too. start riddin', boys. now, wait a minute there, red. there's an old lady inside there. you let this man go in there and get her.
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well, go on inside there and get her, mister. thanks. now, you just keep away, young fella. i'm not going out there. now, mrs. thatcher, you're not gonna do yourself any good by acting like that. i had fit from wagon trains and stages. and i'm too old to change my colors now. you won't help anybody by being dead. you can help out there. rrying close to $5,000 of my boss' money. now you know they're gonna search me. but if this was in with your knitting. there would be a chance, wouldn't it? i doubt if any of them outlaws would take the knittin'. will you help me? sure i will. hey, what's going on in there? we're coming right out.
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let's go get that box. all right, boys. yep. here comes that engineer. well, that son of a gun shot at me. you almost got me. i wish i had. my name's ab larson. and we're aimin' on robbin' you folks. we don't wanna kill anybody. but if we have to, we can. he said he wished he'd a killed me. that man was a killer. wasn't he? now, where's monty at?
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who shot my man in there? the big fella. i bet that wasn't too easy to do. you know what we're gonna do with this stuff? we're gonna blow us part of a mountain down. blam! we're gonna stop us a train. that trara's gonna make us about the most famous outlaws anywhere in the country. younger boys, james' boys, ain't gonna be nothing but dirt along side us. 'cause 'round noon today we get that old train stopped. we'' gonna kidnap us the president of the united states.
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all right, let's everybody move in that corral up there. hey, reds. keep a pair of boys on guard down here. just keep 'em out ofofheir reach though. how. you folks can move around in there as much as you like. just--if anybody comes outside here without me tellllg him to he's gonna get shot. well, i wanna see all you good people in my office over there one at a time. ladies first, i reckon. you mind coming with me first, ma'am.. why? well, i'm planning on keeping your valuables for safe keepin'. don't give me any trouble, ma'am. it's just gonna get somebody hurt. all right, i'll go with you,
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reckon he was telling the truth about the president? could be. this kids looks loco enough to try anything. gotta find a way to warn that train.
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, mister? you know, i just figured out where i know you from. the burlesque house in kansas city.
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wasn't that it, lady? a real little tattle tale, aren't you? a regular do-gooder. imagine her putting on airs and actin' like a lady. you u ow it's a shame that nobody ever took the time to teach you some manners. i think maybe it's still not too latete oh, sure, you can act brave with me. i'm half your size. but if you're so brave, let's see you take larson. you wanna fight? he's right. i'm no lady. every letter i wrote to will cochran was a lie. the only truth i told was i'm sick of the city, city ways, and city people. i shoulda toldldim the truth, huh? yes, ma'am. it would have been better if he'd heard it from you.
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now that didn't hurt you none, did it, ma'am? i allow you behaved yourself. how. can i see you next, ma'am? from you, ma'am? no. he started to take my wedding ring, but i jabbed him with a knittin' needle. how could anybody so young be so bad? i don't know, ma'am. i know i voted wrong back there, martha. it's all right, jake. you can't hold against a man for doing what he thinks is right. what tribe you live with? cheyenne.
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see that guard? i could crawl between his legs. i'm gonna get outta here. leave all the white people to fight and kill each other. i take it you don't care much for white people. i feel about the whites the same way that soldier feel about indian. ha ha, you shouldn't say things like that. you know, i been thinking. i ain't got much use for a thing like this so, i'm just gonna let you keep it. well, thank you, mr. larson. who's that? he was an english outlaw. he robbed from the rich and gave all of his profits to the poor. them crazy englishmen. i rob from the poor, too, and i keep it all for myself. how. you, come with me. she ain't going in there with you alone. now, look, i told you, you wouldn't get hurt if you'd behaved yourself. and i told you what would happen if you don't. don't, jake.
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not with him alone. all right, i told ya. hoo-hoo, you got a likin' for this girl? yeah. and i like the boy, too. well, what'd you drop him for? 'cause if i hadn't you were gonna kill him. he's pretty smart, that's what i was gonna do. i was gonna kill him. well, come on. hey, ab, we got their gear from the train. what'd you do to her? he didn't bother me, jake. i'm gonna have to take care of you, hero. you know that? don't you go knocking him out again, either. hey, ab. ? look at this. hey, look at that, will ya.
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that's some sword, boy. ? hey, red. ? charge! ? charge! charge! charge! ? you know somethin', by the time that old sun goes down tonight, i really woulda won me one of these surrendered by the president of the united states. ? come on, blue boy. can't keep a big general like you waiting. ? i saw bill bonney one time. better known as "billy the kid."
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i saw the look in this boy's eyes just now.
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blue boy here ain't no blue boy at all. are you, blue boy? huh? yes, sirree, bobby. looky here, he's saving it all up for his scrap book here. "major earl jonathan was relieved of duty on this date by order of court martial. major jonathan was convicted of...cowardice." anyway, it means that he was a coward during the battle with them dakota indians.
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just court martial you myself. how's that, huh? there you are, civilian. now you just get yourself back in the guardhouse there. go on. ? who's this drummers case belong to? it's mine. ? okay, let's take a look in it. well, it's just needles and threads and pieces of cloth. well, come on. i might buy some off you. gimme the key. i lost it. but it's just threads. ? oh, boy.
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i think you must be one of us. that's everything i have. don't you mean had? you're not gonna keep it all, are you? no, just the needles, and the threads, and the pretty, green piece of cloth. you people don't think for a minute i stole that money, do you? oh, no. k in denver ran away with a payroll shipment on the same day you and me left there. i can't go back with them. they'd put me in the pen just like they would you. you've got my money, you don't need me. is that everything you got there? that's everything i own. okay, then you can go.
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? i think he tried to cheat me. ? yes, sir, he tried to cheat me. ? there must be another 1,000 here. red. ? would you keep your eye on that stuff? you can't trust nobody around here. boy, what a bunch. what a crew, a robber, a coward. you all's a worse bunch than we are. come on, i'll see you next, hero. ? he didn't read all of it, clip. he didn't read about all the campaigns
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what happened to custer i lost my nerve. i never thought custer could be beaten. major, right now, i'm a lot more worried about a lot of other things than i am your career. like the president on that train, and that boy in there. ? you're next, big fella. ? this is my office. empty your pockets on that old counter over there. you know, larson, i feel sorry for you. a boy no more than 20-years-old. his only future is a bullet or a rope. yeah, you pity me. tomorrow, everybody in the country is gonna know who i am.
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ut anything i want. what do you expect to gain by kidnapping presidents? i'm open for all kinds of deals. you know, he ought to be worth a pretty good price. i figure if i can scare him a little, you know, he might give me a pardon with kansas thrown in to boot. you can keep all that junk. what i want from you is that big chunk of cattle sale money i know you're carrying. i'm not carrying any money. then it's not far away. far enough you'll never find it. don't play games with me now. you kill me and you'll never find the money.
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yes, sir, i'm gonna let you live to noon, big fella. but boy, you can buy your life anytime in between with that money. but after afternoon, there ain't nothin' gonna save you. christ, sure do hope you change your mind, to the president. all right, lawman. did he get mr. cochran's money? nope. you surprised? surprised? i was when he knew i had it. you don't think i told him? who else knew?
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you still think you can get by that guard? i could ride a horse by him. suppose i gave you the chance, got his attention to something else. i'd like to save as many of these people as possible. what's more important, somebody's got to stop that train. train not stop for indian. what happens to whites, i no care. get ready to tribal. at your hate ain't as big as you think it is. hello, little man. where's your pretty sword? what do you mean? well, you and your boys like to play at being grown up. i just thought it was about time you played with your little sword again. you think we're little boys? shooting me won't change my mind. any five-year-old kid can point a gun,
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can fight a man's fight? you means knuckles? or wrestling. or both. hey, red. this big fella here wants to know if we got anyone man enough to take him in a knuckle fight. i had a feeling when i first saw him, we was gonna tangle before we parted. i'll take ya, big man. come on outta there, big man. ? come on, red. hold!
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red, get up, and get him. ? red, get up, and get him! ? red, get up, and get him, red! get up, and get him!
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hmm. ? here, you won yourself a medal. but that's all that fight won ya, so get back in the corral. i'll see the redskin now. where's the redskin? where's that redskin at? nice work, shorty. you let the redskin get away. i'm docking you $100. well, i guess i know what you's up to know, don't i? that redskin ain't gonna help you none. for one thing, he can't get very far on foot. and for another thing, if he tried to stop that train, the crew'd pot him thinking it was a raid. so, you just got yourself a beating for nothin', didn't you? got the charges all set, and that choo choo's
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gonna give it a big fat charge, in honor of his royal majesty, the president of the usa. his spring highness. and commander in chief. hey, look at what i done found in one of them boxcars. genuine panther juice. well, rest a spell, friend. hey, boys, come on over, and have a little snort here. everybody but shorty. you stay up on, and keep watch on that rock, boy. i ain't forgot about that indian yet. oh, mr. larson. yes, ma'am. you mind if a lady joins you? ? what do we have here? sure you can, ma'am. come on outta there. ? let's at least take time to get acquainted.
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? we better get up to the tracks, ab. that train's due any time now. you wanna see a mountain blow up, woman? i sure do. i'll get my handbag. looks like quite a gal your boss is marrying. say, ain't we acquainted yet? i guess so. come along, red.
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well, it looks like they're gonna do it, and there ain't a thing we can do about it. cheyenne. mr. jones. stand right there. why you little devil, you was playing them all the time. you're gonna keep real quite, chev. one sound, and it's your last. what's the matter with you? orking with them. that mourner couldn't have passed on the information they have like cargo and time schedules. oh, you're crazy, i didn't have anything to do with it. i started wondering when you voted for surrender. you're not the kind of man that gives up that easy. look, they had us. that's all there was to it. that deputy, he was shot in the back. he wasn't the kind of man that stood with his back to a window. he was that time. and larson knew i was carrying that cattle money, and so did you. your girlfriend gave him that information. i don't think so.
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but you talked to him under the truce flag before any of us did. and you knew the blasting powder was in that coffin. that's why you knocked the match outta that conductor's hand. you take care of all the men, why don't you. ? joe. ? watch it man, he's got a gun. get behind the rocks! you get on back there, son, you can't help without a gun.
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now, i see you came back. there she is. and not over five miles away. les, we can't be bothered with this. we gotta get over there, and light that fuse. boys, you hold those men till they run outta lead, and then join us. come on, les. if i could just get to that horse, i might be able to stop that train. do you think the president's really on that train? i'm afraid he is. ? cover me.
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at least i got the horse. you sure did. i'll try the ride this time. was on my way home to wadsworth. that old boy fixed the... would you tell her how... i'd be glad to. she'll be amused a bout me and an indian on the same side. ? cover me! ? where's the charge set at?
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m horses fast 'cause this side of this mountain ain't gonna be here no more. under them rocks over there? yeah. here's the fuse. better light it, don't want that train to get too close or we're gonna lose it. drop that match. ? you're all by yourself now, larson. comin' out or do i have to come down after you? ? i'm unarmed, i'm comin' out. ? where's that blasting powder? you're too late, it's already lit. it ain't gonna block that train no more either, it's gonna land right on top of it. ?
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hey. ? please wait! i ain't got no horse!
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ahh! ahh! ? it's all right, gentlemen. ? thank you, sir. i'm sure you wouldn't mind filling me in with the details. why, no, sir, mr. president. but i suggest we sit down. ? yes, sir.
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hello, cheyenne. did you have a good trip? a little rough in places. miss mcswain, will cochran. ? howdy, ma'am. ? what do you think of my bride? i think she's a real lady, sir.
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? josh: anybody here? >> just a minute. josh: howdy. i'm looking for miss stella winter. >> she said you was coming in. over there. josh: much obliged. stella: mr. randall? in here. you know who i am? josh: stella winter, toast of europe and one of the great opera stars of our time. stella: seems you have been reading the newspapers. josh: i had a seat in the upper balcony friday night.


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