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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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howdy, friend. can i see you a minute? ? good morning. nice day. morning. you happen to be visiting anyone in these parts? no, just passing through. ah, you wouldn't be looking for a job, would ya? not right now, i wouldn't.
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yeah, i saw it. hey, how much money you carrying? i don't think that's any of your business. now don't make any trouble for yourself son. all the sheriff is trying to find out is if you've broken one of our town laws. i've got in the neighborhood of $20. twenty dollars and you don't want a job? i'm afraid you've broken the law, son. i think we better have a trial. what for? 'cause the judge said so. you'll get a fair trial, son. sorry, gentlemen, i don't think i'll go along with that. i reckon you're going to have to, son. by the laws vested in me as judge of stagge city, i hear declare this court in session. you're charged of violating section four of the city law pertaining to gamblers, drifters, vagrants, and general no accounts. how do you plea, guilty or not guilty? of what? in this court's opinion, any man with only $20 on him, who turns down a job is a drifter and a no account.
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don't get fresh with me young man. how do you plead? does it make any difference? in other words, you plead guilty. this court accepts your plea of guilty and sentences you to 30 days in jail or a $50 fine. hold up, i'd like to point out to the court's attention that the prisoner is also guilty of violating section 24 of the city law, pertaining to the carrying of fire arms within the city limits. no need to ask how you plead to this one. remove the prisoner's gun. the court further fines you $50 or 30 days in jail. that'll be a total of $100 or 60 days. you know i haven't got that kind of money. why do you go to all this bother? why don't you just ship him over to stagge's and be done with it? mitchell, i have told you before... just a minute, lou. i'm tired of hearing you impugn the motives of this court. and i warned you the last time.
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mitchell, pick up that money. it's going into your pocket, pick it up yourself. i change that fine to $100 or 100 days in jail. are you paying it or going to jail? i haven't got $100, and that's because i don't close my eyes to what's going on around this town. put him in a cell. him, too. come on, boys, inside. one moment. i'll take that $20, young man. are you trying to show contempt for this court? i'm trying to hide it. ninety days. hey, judge.
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good morning. good morning. ? you've sold your soul to the devil, stagge. ? come on, roy. ? get in there, both of you. ? you can take off, i'll wait till landers gets here. ? the old man in the carriage, would that be stagge? that's him. who were the others? virginia, stagge's daughter, and iris danner.
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professional killer. and iris danner? stagge brought her out here when his wife died. i guess you could call her virginia's teacher. now don't get too comfortable in there, boys. you're not going to be here long enough to enjoy it. if that's funny, i'd like to hear about it. tell him, gaffey. ever work in a silver mine? no, i haven't. well, you will and soon. hi, gaffey. now, mitchell, you're a fool. you just had to talk yourself into trouble. maybe you'll learn this time. maybe. now if you're depending on the other farmers to help you out, forget it. they're not looking for the same kind of trouble. ah, he looks big and strong. that's the kind we can use. yeah.
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bringing in men to work underground in stagge's silver mine is expensive. this way they get them cheap. the way they're getting us. mr. landers just paid your fine for the stagge mining company. you're in their custody now. that's legal in this town, city ordinance 527. if you behave yourself and do your work, you'll get out of here when your sentence expires. if you don't, we can find plenty of new charges to keep you here as long as we want. suppose i decide i don't want the stagge mining company paying my fine. or 90 days? do you think you can go without eating for 90 days? there are no provisions in this town for feeding prisoners. thought of everything, haven't you? nice and tidy and legal. stagge saw to that. and you open your mouth again, mitchell, and we'll close it for you.
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take care, martin. what's the idea of the chains? my orders are to see that none of the men in my custody get away. and i can't keep my eye on you 24 hours a day. i'm not an animal and i'm no slave. nobody is putting chains on me. oblige him.
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all right, mitchell, let me help. ? stop it, willy. willy! i'm sorry to see you here, mitchell. if you're sorry, you can set me free. i work for mr. stagge, i don't run the place.
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landers had to slug him from the back with a gun butt. get the prisoners to the bunkhouse. let's go, bodie. i don't like you belittling my men in front of the prisoners, shore. it seems to me like they already belittled themselves. if bodie gives us anymore trouble i'll let you handle it. your guns. i know my limits, landers. if i have trouble with him, i'll take him on, face to face, not from the back with a gun butt. i swear to you, shore, some day i'll... you'll do what, landers? slug me from behind, put a knife in me while i'm sleeping? you haven't got the nerve for anything else. you're a gunslinger and i'm no match for you as long as you got your right arm.
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i wouldn't push ray too far if i were you. coming from you that's a laugh.
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i've fed better food than that to my dogs. better fill up on it, i got an idea we're going to be needing every bite of it. you'll need it all right. how long you in for? ninety days. hm, i only got 30 days. it seems more like 30 years. uh, two more days, i'll be out of here. i'm going to take me to santa fe and take the hottest bath any man has ever taken. and shave and shampoo and get the stink of this placoff me. after that, i'm going to look for a little trouble. lready. not that kind of trouble. they'll never let him out in two days. he said his time was up. they'll find a way to keep him here. they always do. okay, finish it up. lights out in five minutes. my time was up four months ago.
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come on, get it gone. you're all falling asleep, especially you, big boy. i want to see you get some sweat on that carcass. everything all right? keepin' 'em busy. hello, mr. landers, juju giving them a workout, especially the big one. well, why waste him, put on the cars. he can do the work of two menen okay, if you say so. i was just taking a personal interest in him. the mine comes first. bodie, you take the back end of the car. hey, you take the front end.
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okay, start pushing. hold it. ? virginia, what are you doing here? well, i haven't been down here so long, i just thought i'd take a look around. but you know you're not allowed here near the prisoners. ? i think you'd better go to the house. i don't see anything wrong in my being here. we'll talk about it later. you go back to the houou.
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uh, have you seen mr. stagge? no, i haven't. thanks. ? iris? yes? i've been wanting to talk with you. i'm here. what is it? well, when can i see you without shore? that's not so easy, ray. why don't you give it to me straight. we haven't spent any time together in weeks! i've been busy. with shore? that's right. take me away from him, unless you're afraid.
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i don't know about you, but i ain't gonna miss you one bit, willy. sure, sure. yeah, when i'm in santa fe drinking good whiskey with oneneand and eating a t-bone with the other, and there's a pretty blond messing my curly hair, i promise i won't even think of you. that's fine. what time you figure they'y' let me out of here? i wouldn't know. you must have some idea. matter of fact, i do. sound kind of anxious about getting out of here. i am, willy. why don't you tell him? tell me what? well, i ain't heard nuttin' about you leaving. i don't care if you heard or not, my time is up and i'm getting out of here, and nobody is stopping me.. get. i'm getting out of here. comemeack here. i'm warning you for the last time.
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whitey, look out. ? just hold it. ? this was supposed to be his last day. you can tell stagge that it was. put him down and get back to work, unless you want to end up the same way. let him go.
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what kept ya? virginia was upset about what happened this afternoon. i thought i'd better stay with her for a while. and where's stagge? he's s his room. that's a good place for him. sit down. well, what's the matter? that's brian's favorite chair. it seems odd seeing you sitting in it. how do i look? i haven't decided yet. it feels good. just like it was made for me. what's so funny? ray landers said the same thing, sitting in the same chair. lalaers is a fool. he has nothing to back it up with. i have. you're a very confident man.
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when i want it bad enough. ? you take too much for r anted, shore. that's the only way to get anything.
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for the irons, what do you think? without a gun they'd get us 'fore we got a mile away. maybe we better wait till night. the way they got that bunkhouse guarded we couldn't get away even without leg irirs. our best chance is now. wanna gamble? i'd rather die than spend three months in here. all right, unlock your arms. keep 'em on 'cause we're in the open. when we get past buck, i'll jump him if we're in the clear. sure taking a chance. hey, what's going on there? nothing, we're just talking.
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sure. ? landers. looks like you had a bad night, landers. you should take better caree of yourself. ? mitchell, come here. what are you doing, sleepipi? get moving. ? stop that fight! get over, boy. congratulations, ray. well, i figured i'd handle it since les couldn't. you're thinking of shooting him, landers, or hitting him from the back again? i can't kill a man in cold blood, not even you, shore.
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this sort of looks lili the time. now go for your gun any time you're ready, shore, with your left hand. ? i forgot to tell you, i shoot just as good with my left hand. i'll take care of you later, friend. ?
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? -where we going? -oh, you'll find out when we get there. come on, let's get going. ? you stay here. what h hpens now? is this shore's idea? no, it's our little secret. do i get it with a gun butt or a club? shh, you ask too many questions. willy. put handcuffs on him, willy.
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wait outside. close the door. you don't seem surprised to find me here. should i b b i'm trying to help you, bodie. all right, i'm not t rprised. i saw you throw those leg irons at les shore this afternoon. took a lot of nerve. it wasn't a very smart thing to do. he had a gun, i didn't. if i had thought about it, i wouldn't have done it. i don't believe that for one minute. that's why i had willy bring you here. hundreds of men come through here. most of them riffraff, settle tramps, run of the mill. it's very seldom we get a man, or rathehethe kind of a man that brian stagge wants.
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a man to take landers place. a good all around man, that what you want? that's right. and mr. stagge is very generous with those he trusts. you can get very rich here. i don't know anything about mining. weweave plenty of men to run the mine. what we need is someone to run the men. what about shore? les has his job. what he thinks is no concern of yours. unless of course, you're afraid of him. i saw him kill landers this afternoon. man's got a right to be afraid of anyone that shoots s at fast. then you are afraid? i didn't say that. well, you have plenty of time to think it over.
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? and i want to be real sure myself. if you decide you want lander's job, let willy know. ? now that wasn't so bad, was it? you shshld laugh more often, willy, so i wouldn't forget what a hyena you really are. you're barking like you're top dog already. let me tell you something, i ain't never seen etings anybody big enough to hold this job permanently.
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is that what bothers you? i'm a patient man. my time will come, friend. with you for a friend, a man would never need an enemy, would he? what's up? i just talked to iris danner. stagge wanted her to see me, offered me landers job. you gonna take it? what have i got to lose? nothing, i guess.
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come in. ? you always dress like that for supper? this is a very special occacaon. we're all putting our best foot forward. -we? -mr. stagge and i have invited a few friends for dinner. you see, i want you to know all about us. oh, thanks for the cloths. they fit fine. i sent one of the boys into town for them this morning. i guessed at your size. this morning?
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you're a man with good sense. what other answer could you have given me? i think the guests are waiting. are you ready? virginia, i would like you to meet mr. cheyenne bodie. how do you do? hello. virginia is mr. stagge's daughter. gegelemen, i think you've all met mr. bodie before. certainly, the circumstances weren't as pleasant then as they are now. hello, bodie. please be seated, gentntmen. thank you. i think mr. stagge will be here any moment now.
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mr. stagge. why do you bring him down here like some sort of a curiosity, humiliating him? haven't you hurt him enough? you have the ranch, the mine, everything. what else do you want from him? go to your room. i said go to your room. ? i'm sorry this had to happen, especially tonight. i can assure you it won't happen again. unfortunately mr. stagge has been suffering from a stroke. it's left him totally paralyzed. he can see and hear, but he can't speak. we're hoping of course that it's just temporary, and that he'll be able to walk very soon. i think we're ready to eat now.
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quite a place, isn't it? yeah. we've taken out almost a half million dollars since the first of the year, and haven't reached the main vein yet. it sounds like you're going to need a lot more men. oh, we are, it's getting bigger and bigger. one of the reasons i wanted you in with us. one of the reasons? all right, get those picks swinging. you'll rest when you get out of here. right now, you're working. hello, miss tanner. hello, willy. well, suppose i'm working for you right now. you guessed right. anythingngpecial you want done? yeah, i want to see those men working faster.
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? well, now you know all about the mine business. irst thing about running one. keke your ears and your eyes open, you'll learn. see you later. ? iris. you, uh, still don't trust me, do you? but i do. don't you think i oughghto have a gun? when we can completely trust you. we? all right, i.
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iris. what's your hurry? i wanted to talk with you last night. yes, i know. why didn'' you wait? i was tired, i went to bed. that's all? yes, t tt's all. i think you're a liar. i don't like that, les, not one bit. you're hurting my arm. i'm not landnds. you can't give me the kind of treatment you gave him. i'm running this place, les, and the sooner you understand it, the better. i told you i was tired, now leave me alone. all right, but i'm not standing still for you rubbing my face in the mud with bodie, just remember that. you don't own me, les. no man does and no man ever will.
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if bodie gets in my way, i'll kill him.
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rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr who is it? ?
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does this answer the question you asked me this afternoon? ? what made you change your mind? i was afraid for you. les hates you. he's jealous of you. should he be? you know he should. you've knono it from the first moment we saw each other. ? i...i could love you. ? miss stagge, i'd like to talk to you. have you gotten iris' permissisi?
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i have no choice. the other night you said that the mine had been taken away from your father. is that true? everything i said that night was true. who took it from him? iris danner. you weren't able to stop her? she was running things even before my father had his stroke, and she has been ever since. playing one man against the other, never letting anyone get too strong. what happened to the sheriff and the judge? she corrupted them like she has everyone else. and you won't leavavon account of your father. i've been waiting, watching men come through here, hoping i might find one to help us. when i saw you, i thought... then i saw her take you in as she has the other men because now she's getting afraid of les. if iris danner had taken me in i wouldn't be here talking to you.
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drink? no thanks. it was just a hunch that made me follow her. it was lucky for you i did. how do you know they're meeting wasn't accidental? he was waiting for her. it was no accident. sn't mean he'll try anything. are you willing to let it go at that? it could be that you're lying. they were very c cy.
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what are you doing out here? i saw willy out here, but i don't know where he is. ? come on. ? stay away from that window. the stagge g gl is with him.
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what were you trying to do? i was figuring on getting to the bunkhouse and freeing the men. ? hey, what's going on? bodie is in the supply room with the stagge girl. hold them there. i'll tell you what to do.
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-what's happening? -bodie and virginia. she's in her robe and nightgown. that makes things kind of interesting. what do you want us to do, miss danner?
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bodie! what is it, shore? why don't you come on out? i'll call off willy and buck, and we can settle this between us. do you bebeeve him? no, even if i got shore, i'd still have buck and willy to reckon with. you're not afraid, are you, bodie? what can we do? let's see how good shore's word is. ? well, now we know.
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ck fired on his own. my word still goes. we can settle this between us. you're a fool if you believe that. what are you talking about? you thought you had everytytng settled when you killed landers. then she found me. you're being played for a sucker, shore. iris is afraid of you. she doesn't want any permanent partners. that's why she took me out of the mine and gave me a gun. ill me, he's lying. there'd be somebody to take my place, and somebody after that. i tell you he's lying. you know i'm telling the truth. you'll wind up in t t dirt, and she'll wind up with a man that kills you. what are you listening to him for? kill him! everybody knows it, everybody except you. he's tryingngo turn us against each other.
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what's your deal, bodie? you u n't run this mine by yourself. you've got to have help. we'll keep it for ourselves, split it 50/50.. he's bluffing, lele it's yours and mine. he never meant anything to me. i swear it. save your breath. he's not telling me anything i didn't know. i i ew where i stood the first time i saw you look at him. i'm taking the mine and throwing you out.. little mixed up. wiwiy, shoot him. ? what are you waiting for, willy? you heard what she said. shoot me and then you can move in. that's right, willy. you can move in.
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iris and willy are dead, bodie. there's only the two of us left. do we stst out? no. that's fine with me. holster your guns. ? they're holstered. ? that's far enough, partner. ? you didn't think i'i'fall for that deal business, did you? you got a better proposition? you talked of 50/50. you'll settle for a 45.
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i'll free the men. ? well, i... cheyenne, we'd like you to stay. now that's real nice of you, but i best be moving on. mr. stagge, i'm real glad you got your ranch back. mitchell, good luck to you. wish that gogo luck to odlum and gaffey.
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with mr. mitchell's help i'm sure we'll be all right. thanks again for everything, cheyenne. you bet. good bye.
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good. slow down, randall, slow. real slow. you, uh, got a proble you just solved it. gunfighter. got ambitions, huh? i got this. it says come down. you're gonna come doere anyway,. i'm gonna put a holeyou. easy now. ong as you put it polite like that.


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