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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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thank you note from me and gina. lots of happiness. yeah. they're beautiful dishes. as far as the elopement, i hope everyone understood. oh, yeah, sure. gina went home early? yeah. she came home around 2:00. she was feeling a little queasy. i guess that's to be expected. afternoon, all. greg. hey.greg. how's it goin', andy? stocking up for our 4:00 to 1:00?
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no more. even though, uh... i'm no longer drinking dairy. hey. how's it goin'? 4.75 for snack replacements. uh, tomorrow ok? yeah. there you go. brought your dinner, huh? yeah. i made pasta salad, which my kids hate. now i'm eating it the last 3 nights. long as i bring a meal, i don't mind a 4:00 to 1:00. i sort of enjoy it. me, too. you miss your tv shows. that's one negative. hey. hey, hey. hey. hey. you know, you need psychiatric treatment. what are you talking about, andy? about every time i collect for snack replacements, you stiff me on the change. what happened? oh. i put in a nickel for a quarter. that's... that's not exactly a federal case. last time, you pay your share with penny rolls.
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15th squad. thanks. andy. he did it again. we got a doa under the fdr. car fire. oh, my god, abby. are you all right? is your stomach all right? i'll be right over there. just sit down. try and stay calm. what's the matter, medavoy? push-in robbery at her and kathy's apartment. james: is abby all right?
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what do you got? female doa. shot during a robbery. 2 women shared the residence. one of them's on the job. yeah. we know abby. she's pregnant, but she was living with the female doa. you want some water to drink? uh, no. thanks, greg. hi, abby. abby, i'm so sorry. i can't believe all this happened. can you try and tell us about it? we'd come home from grocery shopping. the guy must have followed us into the building. kathy had just unlocked the door when he put the gun in my back
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and then i told him to just take the money and go. jill: then what happened? kathy tried to get the gun that we keep in that drawer. was he getting violent? is that why she did that? i don't know. what, he just suddenly shot? she was worried about me. and, uh, and then she just suddenly protected me. and the guy shot her. i ran for the bedroom, and the guy shot me, too. and that's when you got hit in the arm. then he left. i don't think the whole thing could have taken more than a minute. what kind of a look did you get at him, abby? white. uh...30s.
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so, pretty nondescript-looking. what did he take? uh, just the keys. but he made no effort to rob the place? no. he probably got your car. i'll want to get those particulars from you. i need to lie down. sure. we'll do what we can to catch this guy. is to take care of yourself and the baby. ok. no blood trail from the door to the phone. no. not too much sign of a struggle, either. she said the whole thing was over in about a minute. right. you wanna go knock on some doors?
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be careful. still hot as hell. what happened? car went up about 4:00. fire started in the interior. girl sitting in the passenger seat with a bullet in her head. you know it's a girl? you can still make out some muscle tissue in the breast area. have any i.d.? not on her. car's registered to a jerry torelli. wanted her good and dead. that guy over there saw what happened. all right. i'll talk to the firemen. thanks. how you doin', sir? what's your name? jim chaney. i saw it from my window right there. what'd you see, jim? white guy dumps gasoline into the car, lights it--boom-- explosion. inferno. then what happened?
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car jams off soon as he's in. did you get a look at him? no, chief. my eyes was on that fire. yeah, ok. listen, um, i didn't know there was a girl inside. otherwise, i'd have tried to help. you talked to us. you helped. did you give the cop your name and number and all that? yes. ok. they said the fire marshal called the owner. they know not to do that. well, luckily, they didn't reach him. let's get over there. man: who's there? detectives. is there a problem? you jerry torelli? yeah. i'm detective sipowicz. this is detective simone and russell. nothing bad happened, did it? you drive a '92 pontiac? my daughter julie does. it's registered in my name.
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when did you last see julie? she was just here for my birthday party till, uh, maybe 3:00. long as she's all right, the hell with what happened to the car. that car's license plate is involved in an investigation that we're conducting right now, mr. torelli. so nothing to be alarmed about. where'd your daughter go when she left? i presume errands. she got a boyfriend, mr. torelli? i had to break that off. so what's the story with the license plate? someone put it on another car? what else can you tell us about her former boyfriend, sir? they think the jerk stole the license plate off julie's car. simone: hello, ma'am. are you her mother? no. lois is inside. i'm jerry's sister-in-law. the jerk's name is sam depaul. jerk. or the creep, we call him. we need to talk to him. my niece jamie knows where he lives. she's here, too. we'll need to talk to her then, if that's ok. so, what, the jerk used her plate to pull off some kind of robbery? that's what the investigation's about?
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take it easy in front of lois. come on. just let her know there's no cause for concern. my wife's the nervous type. what is it, jerry? everything's fine. honey, these are detectives. they have some questions about the jerk. my wife lois. well, julie wasn't seeing sam anymore. we understand that, ma'am. we're hoping that jamie will know where we can find him. is your name jamie? do you know where julie went this afternoon? no. tell them about the phone call. julie got a phone call just after lunch. suddenly she's in a big hurry to skip out on jerry's birthday. where was she going? i'm not getting her in trouble. no one's getting into trouble. who called for julie? sam depaul? all right. yeah. she was gonna go meet him, but she must have changed her mind.
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but do you know where he lives? i know his block. wanna take a ride with us? maybe you can point it out. gets me out of cleaning up. jerry: at least we know julie's all right. thanks.
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i don't think that's something to be concerned about necessarily, gina. m.e.'s on notice. as soon as they're done with kathy, he's gonna contact me. abby--abby, don't worry about that now. tomorrow's time enough. yeah. i personally put the felony alarm out on your car. try and get some rest. abby? worried about kathy's arrangements. that doctor from nyu is coming up-- guy from across the hall. he is? good. yeah. i'll be interested to hear his story. what do you mean by that, jill? greg, guy who lives across the hall calls and wants to talk to us, we want to hear what he has to say. oh, yeah. no. that's true enough. that's all. yeah.
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yeah. thanks for coming in. sure. this is detective medavoy. he's also working on the case. hello. how do you do? detective martinez. hi. i realize you probably think i should have stayed in my apartment, but i'm a resident at nyu and i had just been called to operate. we understand. what can you tell us about the incident across the hall? i heard a gunshot come from the lesbians' apartment. after, oh, a minute or so, the lesbian who's a cop came to the door and looked out. she was crying and screamed that kathy was dead. that's the other lover. did you say anything to her? i wasn't sure what was going on. i mean, if she had just used a gun, i didn't want to be her next target. oh, so you just kept watching her through the peephole, a pregnant woman at risk from a murderer.
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so, if you ask me, she would be your most likely suspect. god knows, she and the other one fought enough. you an expert on that through your peephole? what is your problem? dr. bonan, as concerned as you understandably were about might be going on in the hall in the apartment across the way, did you go right to your peephole when you heard the gunshot? i don't know what you mean by "right to the peephole." she means, was there an interval before you looked out? maybe...a minute. particularly for someone like yourself-- runs away, doesn't have the decency to call in what he saw for several hours... greg. and then describes people with epithets. i'm reporting what i saw, and i'm entitled to my suxxxxions. absolutely, sir. yes, you are. do you have any other questions? uh, no.
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greg, i think you gotta hold open the possibility that there are problems with abby's story. in what regard? i'd be more comfortable personally if there was a blood trail from where abby got shot to the phone. there's a million possible explanations for that. of course there are, and the fact that this jerk across the hall didn't see anybody leave the apartment. you yourself established a possible explanation for that-- the interval before he went to the peephole. yeah, i know. so how can you jump to abby's lying? greg, we gotta look at the possibility of a quarrel. abby in a state of anger maybe shot kathy. i'm aghast at you for saying that, james. jill: it's just a possibility. no, i really am. 15th squad. detective medavoy? yeah. what's up? you caught a homicide involving a uniform in this precinct? uh, yeah. abby sullivan. we're looking at it, also. is that right? some people in the building are talking to reporters, saying that it was a lovers' quarrel.
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they just recovered officer sullivan's car. uh, we should check out that car angle. um, obviously keep you apprised. yeah, all right. would you mind if i don't go over there and check out abby's car with you? no. that's fine, james. crime scene probably won't process it till morning anyways. was that gina before? yeah. i'm concerned with her. she's having some feminine difficulty. she's a little concerned, so i want to be with her. oh, absolutely. coming down, but i want to be with her, as well. don't take what we were saying wrong, greg. i'm sure there's an explanation for everything. oh! yeah, yeah. i hope gina's ok. see ya later. wanna go over 61s for push-ins in that neighborhood until crime scene gets in touch? i'll look for similar patterns crediting abby's story. yeah. why don't we do that? that sounds like a plan, jill. i didn't mean to snap before. i understand. my god, what'll we do if it's abby?
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sipowicz: just walk on in. look, i don't wanna go no further. all right, but you're sure this is the building? i don't want no more to do with it. if he pulled a robbery using a false license plate, like you said, i don't know what else he could do. yeah. i'll drop you wherever you want to go. i'll send a sector car for you guys. yeah. people like these family members being in the communications room of the titanic is how that vessel sank. you don't live here. we're looking for sam depaul. no loitering in the building goes double if you know that jerk. oh. police. sipowicz: you know sam depaul?
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no. his mom and stepdad are home, though. heard them come in, fighting as usual. great place to live, huh? thanks a lot. it'd break my heart if he wasn't my neighbor no more. say 2-b? f. [man and woman arguing] man: i wanna watch when i wanna watch. somebody at the door. benny! - i watch what i-- - shut up! benny: you get the door. hello. detectives, ma'am. stions. i'm on the job, manhattan north. what's it about? it's kinda serious. we don't want to get into particulars. show some respect. i said i'm on the job. manhattan south piece of crap. how about you take a walk? how about you try working harlem? see what real police work is. i worked harlem when you were in high school. now back away before i forget you're on the job. right there, benny. right there. right there, buddy. your son sam depaul? yeah.
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u xxxxxxxs. go inside. go inside. come on. he's a decent guy, you know... except when he, uh...when he drinks, he gets, uh... where's sam? i don't know. uh, he goes out late. ma'am, your son may be involved in a serious situation. we need to talk to him. all right. all right, i'll tell him. if he comes back, i'll tell him. don't tell him. call and let us know. ok. better let night watch set up on this place. we gotta go back and tell that family, andy. yeah. that's gonna be fun.
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yeah. come on in. sweetie, the detectives are here again. oh. here. have-- have a seat. so, some news about the...stolen car? mr. and mrs. torelli, there's nothing more we'd like than not to have to tell you this. no. your car was recovered. she'd been shot, and the car was then set on fire. is she dead? yes, i'm afraid so, mrs. torelli. you said just the car was stolen. who did it? the kid i forbade her to see? he is our main suspect, this sam depaul. we'd hoped to have him in custody by now,
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if he does try and contact you, we would appreciate you not saying that you know what happened to your daughter. get in touch with us instead. [sobbing] forbade me to end it sooner. how many times did i say he was trouble? it's under the bridge now. soon as we talk to sam, we'll get in touch with you. we'll--we'll stay out of your hair. [sobbing] julie! ohhh... [sobbing loudly] julie! why? oh, my god. oh, my...
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ohh! hey, sarge, we like this guy for killing his girlfriend. yeah, sure. hey. hey. how you doin'? oh. coffee? somebody's been boostin' all the tea bags. did you sleep at all? ahh. we spent half the night at the e.r. the doa's mother put her hand through the wall when we told her. night tour sittin' on this guy's place? here you go. andy's gotta go for that sinus operation.
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know, the crib. this is like a mortar attack. hey, bobby. you lookin' for this sam depaul? why? you got anything? he was a passenger in a car stop i did 5:00 this morning. where was this? had to be right in front of his place. his buddy's drivin'. while i'm writin' him up for a busted headlight, this one gets out, walks into the building. you didn't happen to see 2 detectives sittin' on the place? yeah, i saw 'em. and they don't move on the guy when he's walkin' in? well, uh, they weren't payin' too much attention. they're sleepin' through the whole thing. i guess you know where to pick this guy up. driver's name is, uh, joe rizolli. here's his pedigree. they're sleepin' while the suspect is walkin' in. those guys, they could sleep for andy. after i left you and andy last night and dropped that girl off, i went by a filling station about a block from the crime scene.


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