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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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down this way. get that beam moved out of the way. [ wood breaking ] on three! one...two...three! there may be bodieie down there. they've come, bill. they're here. ] bring up more of that beam -- another line on it. thank you, my friend. [ pounding, clanking ] i'll never forget what you did for me. [ wood breaking ] oh, my god. a pair of patrolmen from the heights found the car, totally ststpped. but being good cops, they checked the engine block, found a serial number. turned out to bebe lieutenant hunter's vehicle.
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diately. what was he doing down there? some sort of indian burial ground under his friend's house. they were excavating or something. when can we see him, sarge? they got limited visiting hours starting at 10:00. the hospital says he came through with flying colors. always knew the lieutenant was made of strong stuff. 11 d ds in the dark with a moldy corpse next to you. okay, enough of the good news, huh? item 6, guys -- two more gang stabbings last night. lieutenant goldblume's got some additional information. that's right, lieutenant. i understand you're a published author now. it was just a short story in the sununy supplement -- part of a book i'm trying to write. oh, give it up, renko. there's a couple of 2-syllable words in there. enrique solas of the gypsy boys is gonna marry lola martinez, who's associated with the diablos. is that jesus martinez' sister? yeah. the big fear is that this signals a coalition between the two gangs, expressly forbidden by treaty.
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to the waterfront. if the gypsy boys and the diablos unite, shamrocks can kiss the water goodbye. meaning they get cut out of the drug traffic and everything else that goes down on the docks. yeah. now, a treaty disruption of this magnitude will affect all the gangs in the area. we've got to keep a lid on the situation. special patrol assignments on the duty board. everybody, heads up for gang activity today. thanks, lieutenant. okay, you all got that, right? assignments -- backed up by m mrs and rowe. about time we nailed that creep, huh? due in court this afternoon, we got renko, hill, and lieutenant buntz. okay, guys, last item -- one sec. after three days of men and women sharing ththsame john, today shouou mark the grand re-opening of separate facilities. thank you for your patience.
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that's it. get out of here. roll! lieutenant goldblume, i am shocked that you would put youou signature on this piece of junk here. what's the problem, andy? you call me andy out here in public, while in this so-called piece of fiction published for all the world to see, i am called "country wingo, "a fat cop whose fondness for doughnuts had all but completely eroded his foooospeed." what do you mean by that? is that supposed to be funny? it's meant to be mildly humorors. at my expense? bull! how am i ever gonna live this down? just the man i want to see. i'm busy, sid. we got to talk, norman. a detective from the heights has put in a bid for my services at $75 per unit. forget it, sid. i'm not jacking my prices. who's talking about jacking up? maybe i'm going to greener pastures. you snitch for this guy already? yeah, but it was day old. you got it first. who is this creep?
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ow! ow! norm! it's benedicicfrom the polk. ow! hey, norm, don't pull on my hair. shut up. shut up. i mean, i'm in a situation here, all right? i'm happy with you, but happiness doesn't pay the rent. well, you still got some boxes at my place, sid. i want 'em out today. wait -- no counteroffer? sid, what can i do? when you're hot, you're hot. norm, negotiate. you got tremendous goodwill with me. you got too big for me, sid. norm. i'm not asking for much. well, talk to your buddy benedict, huh? i don't want to go my whole life without wireless remote. dispatch. we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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excuse me, sargege all clear? hey. hey, i thought the ladies' room was gonna re-open today. come on, blondie, i'm a craftsman. yeah, paid by the hour. you're gonna love it when i'm done. [ sighgh] if i live that long.
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yo, frankie, you don't rsvp my sister's wedding. i see mrs. wheeler down the hall -- she don't mention it. it cause a strain between us, frankie. i didn't know we were invited. you don't get an invite? not that i know of. what's the use of having a secretary? frankie, you got to come. i laid out 2 g's for this reception. listen, word is that the gypsy boys and diablos are uniting. oh, frankie, take your toe off the gas. i'm retired from diablos club, huh? i get enough dog-eat-dog in this paralegal thing. frankie, kids need an excuse for some head bashing. all i know is my beautiful little sister's going to the "chapel of love." remember that tune? jesus, you still havavinfluence. talk to the shamrocks. make it clear that this wedding is a private matter. i'll see what i can do. what do i tell juanita about you and mrs. furillo? we'll trtr outstanding. marty's 78 lanes and builder emporium, tempe moon, 7:00, huh? i almost forgot.
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number 31, princess of egypt. kids today, frankie -- all the forks got to match, huh? captain. officer shipman. why wasn't i informed earlier? chief's decision, nonoi.a.d.'s. he wants to keep this bottled up till we're sure. now you're sure? end of the day, we should be. chief wants you brought up to speed, but this has to stay confidential till formal charges are brought. let's have it. september, lieutenant buntz recovered a suitcase containing 80 pounds of cocaine. five months later, it became relevant evidence -- u.s. vs, manchester, conspiracy to distribute. the cocaine was audited march 9th, day before the hearing, and found intact. but next day, defense counsel requested independent lab analysis. turned out a kilo was missing, street value $20,000. what makes you so sure it was buntz? what about the property-case custodian, lab technicians? all kinds of people had access. and we've been over them.
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k in the chain of evidence is buntz. have you talked to him? chief thought he might run -- wants us to build a case first. i can't buy it. buntz is too smart to pull something like that. there's more, captain. i can't talk about it yet. sorry.y. keep me informed. will do. [ door closes ] we go in. you, uh, been after this g g a while, huh? you could say that. you know, i've been thinking about going for a gold shield myself. yeah? yeah. plain clothes got it all over this uniform work. washington: j.d.! [ heartbeat ]
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aaaaaahhhhh! you're busted, sucker! he was walking down the hall. gun snapped three times in larue's face. all right, guys, take him. well... hey, hey, hey. hey, you okay, man? you all right? never better. right as rain. all yours, partner. . we got a problem, benedict. you okay, mike? he'll call you in a minutetef he needs help with his zipper. look, buntz -- no, you look. one -- you don't take another cop's snitch. two -- you never take my snitch. yours? he practically begged me to put him on. this is between you and me, and what you did stinks. look, i talked to thurston. he wanted to make the switchch he said that you had him working for nothing. you're not listening to me, benedict.
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no, no. your man took the first shot, artelli. ain't that right? all right, you do whatever you want with thurston, but you just stay out of my way. i'm all right. what's it like, you figure, buried alive? green light. down in n e hole, buddy dies, starts to rot away. ugh! it's like "tales from the crypt." white putrid bones reaching out toward you. maybe what saved the lieutenant was a degree of maturity. that's a real mental toughness. that's what he's g g. beginning shamrock turf. a muskrat trapped in a hole like that, he'll chew off his own leg. will you stop?p? woman: 2203, we have a "b" & "e" in progress, dock street and main. 2203 responding. [ siren wailing ]
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[ indistinct shouting ] [ siren wailing ] [ glass shattering ] [ shouting continues ] knock it off, you two! right now! stop it! stop it!! knock it off! hold it, martinez. you're under arrest. knock it off! i'm coming in! knock it off! open up! police! they got my sister in there! 2203 requesting backups, main and dock. would you hold it, martinez?! potatoheads snatched my sister. they took her across the line. hey, stop throwing that junk! [ siren wailing ] shut up, martinez! i'm gonna turn you into a hash brown! i said open it up, will you, or we're coming in! yeah, open that door.
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lola martinez is who we're looking for. we're gonna crucify you, dude. yeah, well, you want a war, man, you got one. come on! shut up, martinez! get him in the car now! everybody else, clear out! i'm not leaving without my sister! come on, in the car, martinez. you better call the police 'cause you're all dead! all of you --
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it's anarchy, frank. all turfs are overrun. gypsy kid had his pelvis broken with a baseball bat. what happened to lola martinez? she was late for her wedding rehearsal this morning. some diablos who went looking for her say they swear she was driven off in a car by a shamrock. shamrocks deny everything. yo, furillo, you got to gegelola back. they're gonna kill her.
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i want a s smit. all warlords in by 1:00. i heard what happened. you all right, j.d.? fine, captain. it was my fault, captain. sounded unavoidable. he's just a worrywart. bullet hasn't been made with my name on it. well, i'd take it easy just the same. it had to bebe a traumatic experience. it would have been a lot more traumatic if that gun had gone off. grace. hello, frank. oh, pretty good. as you can see, i didn't take my vows as a nun, but four months ago i started a new career. "field representative. richards rubber products." congratulations. thank you. um, automobile tires? pupu the lever. yes, frank, condoms. itit been a while.
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you are -- your men are opinion molders, frank -- authority figures who meet hundreds of people a day. we want them to spread the word. back up a minute. i'm sorry. i left the convent because my concept of love cannot accept vows of chastity. but when i got out, i found that love itself is in peril today. it's the black plague all over again. you're talking about sexually trtrsmitted diseases. exactly. people a a growing afraid of tenderness, sharing, passion, of love itself. this is the solution? no, but it's the best remedy we have so far. grace, there are other ways. police stations are only the first step. we want these dispensers in every city facility, and from there, who knows? it's a war, and we don't have a moment to spare. how much is this gonna cost theheepartment? nothing. it's free to law enforcement because our motto is the same as yours --
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the installation order if you'd like to see it. that won't be necessary. thank you, frank. it's good to see you again. i'll send you a complimentary rainbow packet. i'm a peabrain, huh? [ rattling, indistinct talking ] yeah, i couldn't find it. every room and not find a thing -- that's the way it is. alky in a cup. i got something, norm -- mucho sensitivo -- maybe worth the bump we talked about. all right, i can see you're still peeved. i'm gonna give you a minute to cool down. what are you looking at? you got a problem?
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i mean, look, i'm a businessman. i'm just trying to bring you in line with certain economic realities. okay, maybe i did push a little hard this morning. i can see that. i'm big enough to admit my mistakes. tell you what i'm gonna do -- this item i'm about to give you -- old price. one-time offer, never to be repeated again. take it or leave it. all sales final. check, please. this one's a freebie. while we speak, cops are trashing your place. okay. fine. i was there, i saw it, but it didn't happen. you don't know me.e. i don't know you. we never met. [ cash register dings ]
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i believe i signed you a frequent visitor's pass. norm, did you hear what i said? there's cops sniffing your underwear. come on. i'm just trying to help. how's your color on your tv, sid? listen, i may be late this afternoon. doubt if they'll get to you anyway, lieutenant -- first day of testimony. i got a probobm at my apartment. howard, how do you feel? lucy, i'm touched. officer flaherty, you needn't have come. tv's calling you "the cop who wouldn't quit," lieutenant. everyone wants to know when you're gonna sell your story to hollywood. i probably shoululpass my experience along. frankly, it surpassed the orornary. what, are you kidding? in the dark, nototng to eat or drink for 11 days? and the guy who died.
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a true humanist. me, personally, i would have freaked out. prunella? oh, howdy.
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what? i feel like i got x-ray eyes, neal. i can n e things like they really are. that's cool, babe. i mean it, m m. it's all happening. it's out there, in here. it's molecules and life. i feel it.
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give me my cat! come on! he wasn't bothering you! [ hispanic acccct ] come on, man, back off. i told you to back off! i'll kill the cat. i'm tired of you, tabby. you're not gonna fool me anymore with your innocence, man. there ain't no way, baby! because i felt your vice, and i know who you been trafficking with. [ cat meows ] you're not gonna con leroy again. hey, hey, hey, hey, leroy. no, detective. don't come one step closer. tabby gets it. come on, leroy. put the gun away, man. tabby must die. he's out this time -- evicted! relax, mr. glass. but he's got my cat. yo, man, throw the cat. go roll the drunk, will you? leroy, what's happening? what's happening? this beast have served time in hell. he's nuts! shoot him! shoot him! hey, come on, leroy. it's just a cat. no. messages. he send me messages through him. [ cat meows ]
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me. i understand. no one understands. i understand. [ meows ] aw, man! oh, my nathaniel. sherman: thanks, detective. i thought i was the only one. i don't believe this. m? [ engine turns over ] it was private, neal. [ siren wailing ] cross the mile-mile line, you pay a mile-mile fine. emperors cross any line they want. gentlemen, you know the drill. let's save the scintillating conversation f f downstairs. chief. uh-huh. our own shakespeare. well done, henry. thank you. i noticed there was no chief in your story. are you saving him for later chapaprs? yeah, i am.
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i knkn we both want to see a fair and accurate portrayal. frank, i need a minute. i have a gang summit. they can wait. if this is about lieutenant buntz -- we'll talk about that after i.a.d. is through. frank, have you seen howard hunter yet? he was sleeping. i'm going back this afternoon. we have a problem. bill palmer, hunter's companion who died... i just got a call from the medical examiner's office. seems like a part of palmer was...devoured. you mean decayed? no, frank, i mean devoured, as in eaten for lunch. not a big part -- just a minute portion here. rats? the teeth marks were human. my god.
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es the highest traditions of the department, and it turns out he munched a little flesh. chief -- i can see the headlines now -- "head takes job literally." chief, i find this a little hard to believe. believe it, frank. thanks to a little high-powered interference from your chief, the m.e.'s report is squelched. now it's your turn. talk to howard. make that pervert realize he's not to breathe a word of this to anyone. all right. if this checks out, poor howard. oh, frank, spare me. this whole thing is driving my prostate nuts. [ door closes ] hey, sal. what are you building -- a bathroom or a new wing? everyone cheap shots the plumber.
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plumbers were? the romans, that's who. yeah? where are they today? i'll tell you what it is, man. martinez -- he got one hand in the gypsy boys and the other in the cops. you listen. you listen good. there is no unification between los diablos and the gypsy boys. oh, yeah. we believe you. we have the word of the gypsy boys and the diablos that this weddinin is personal. that's bull. either my sister gets back soon, or someone's gonna wear a shade over their heads anybody have his sister? everybody have his sister. [ laughs ] i'm gonna shut your ugly mouth! knock it off! you've had your say. now let me telelyou what's gonna happen. lola martinez will be safely home within 2 hours, the border incidents will cease, and this wedding will proceed without incident, or by god, i'll bring this precinct back to a time most of f u never knew! you won't be able to walk a block without being spread and read.
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those of you who don't know me ask the ones who do. lieutenant goldblume, make sure mr. martinez gets safely back to his cell and these men are safely returned to their neighborhoods. [ chairs scraping ] i ain't scared of you. you want to tell me what's going on, captain? cops toss my place. you want to pretend it's a freaking b&e. so this is i.a.d.'s call? inside. ieutenant buntz. what do o u got? i want all of it. the lieutenant says some officers raided his apartment. we had a warrant. your warrant's crap. there's a kilo of cocaine missing from the suitcase you recovered. i was informed for the first time this morning. i don't know anything about it, captain. we recovered this tackle box from the lieutenant's apartment. we found it behind the motor in his refrigerator. it contains $17,000 in cash,
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howard? frank! how are you? i'm fine. i understand that i'm to face the cameras in an hour. i want to talk to you about that, howard. [ clears t toat ] the m.e.'s report is in on bill palmer, and we may have something of a public-relations problelehere. what?
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through a horrible ordeal, but i have no diplomatic way to put this. did you... eat part of bill palmer? yes, frank. have you told this to anyone else? no. it hasn't come up. good. look, i have no doubt you did what you felt was necessarar bill and i had a pact. we've suppressed the m.e.'s report, so you needn't be e ncerned about any of this getting out. frank, are you suggesting that i not tell the truth? i'd leave out the part about the nutrients. for heaven sakes, why, man? to the true survivalist, every life preserved is a lesson learned -- people are not going to understand. oh.
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well, i think if the chief knew -- the chief does know, and he wants this kept quiet. really? howard, just do me this favor. don't talk to the press until you've had some momo rest and -- and -- and we've talked this out further. [ sighs ] all right, old sport, but, you know, i think we just have an honest difference of opinion here. please, howard? od. whew! hot, huh? yeah. a little i guess. if it ain't the lucky man. see you on the street, sucker. your warrant's bogus. what's he talking about? nothing. just blowing smoke. our warrant is solid. we got that guy. we nailed him good. sure, we did. the guy dry snaps me three times
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no way. no way, man. are you okay, babe? i'm fine. it's that scumwad that's in trouble. i checked the warrant. it's airtight. besides, there's no way he's walking on assault with intent to commit murder. let's go in and testify, all right? j.d.? go ahead. i just -- i need another drink. hey, blondie, the ladies' room is finished. i'd be honored to take you on a personal tour. thanks, sal, but i've had three better offers today, and they were all from winos. whoa! whoa! okay, i'm gonna lay my cards on the table. north avenue, seafood grotto, 7:30 tonight, you u d me. candlelight, clams, and chianti. you're kidding.
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police station. thanks, sal, but no. come on. think about it. no. okay, but i can see you weakening. you know i'll be back. juanita, what took you so long? i'm sorry! i've never waited so long for bail in my whole life. don't get arresteded next time. this is the money you had when you checked in -- $24. lolala lola! you're all right! you're all right! all right! you. you're the scum who took her! you kidnapped my little sister! [ shouting ] i love him. what? i wasn't kidnapped. i went with tommy.
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hmm. 'donnell, '81. how can you say you love a shamrock?! that's before i joined. how long have you two known each other? three weeks. long enough to know. three weeks! it j jt sort of happened. it's gonna un-happen... 'cause you're gonna marry enrique solas. you see, captain? i knew i couldn't talk to him. case closed, frankie. just talk to -- case closed! what do you want to do? do you want to ruin my life? i don't want to hear this! do you want me to marry somebody i don't even love?! all you ever do is think about yourself. what about me? when's it gonna be my turn? i cooked for you for years. and i cleaned for you and all your friends. and i did everything to take mama's place.
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please don't do this to me. por favor, jesus. [ crying ] what kind of a brother am i, frankie? look at her. look at my beautiful lola. she's happy with a shamrock. but she's happy. [ speaking spanish ] it's all right. are you gonna call off the wedding? a wedding goes on... [ crying ] ...but with a shamrock. i love you. tommy: are you okay, jesus? are you okay? yeah, i'm okay.
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so, uh, what kind of jackpot they got me in? the evidence is largely circumstantial. their trump card is that $17,000 they found behind your refrigerator. they can't prove how i got that. maybe not. but we need to account for it. if they can't prove anything... come on, lieutenant. you're a cop. you got missing dope and a pile of cash in a suspect's apartment. [ sighs ] right. they'll hang me. i don't care how you got the money, but we can't frame a defense without an explanation for it. i can't talk about that now. this is pba you're talking to. i am on your side. i understand, counselor. [ clears throat ] i'm sorry to waste your time. then for the next four days, bill recited to me, with an urgency that i didn't at first understand, a fully realized moral philosophy of survivalism. then he was gone.
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but not entirely. for bill left me a gift. this is what i was trying to make captain furillo understand. it's what i wanted to talk to you about. i'm here, howdy. i'm here. bill told me it was my obligation to assume his remaining nutrients for myself. howdy, you didn't. on the morning of the 7th day, i took bill at his word. you consumed human flesh? i took nutrients. the soul had fled. what's wrong? surely, you of all people -- every fortnight, jagawala would enter the jungle. he would return the next morning in a strange mood full of vigor. the villagers would not tell me where he went. they accused me of being a nagging potami. and so one evening, i followed him, and i observed the bonfires of his ceremony --
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and the banquet that followed. and so i fled to you, howdy, only to find that you practice the same perversion. no offense, prunella, but i assume jaga is a cannibal. this situation is a different matter. is there no man for me who can refuse partaking of the flesh? prunella... i'm sorry, howdy. we are from two different worlds. [ knock on door ] guido. hello, mary. you got a minute? yeah. come in. the place is a mess. it looks fine. [ baby crying ] excuse me. tommy, mommy's here.
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bad dream. how is the little guy? he's great. he's great. that's good. something's wrong? i got to ask you to do something for me. i wasn't talking to guido right after tommy died 'cause i was mad. i remember. so a month or two later, guido comes over. he's got this box full of money. he says he found it in tommy's coupe. n holding it for me. where'd donahue get the money? i don't know, captain. considering tommy's situation, i knew i.a.d. would impound it. i was pregnant. i didn't know it when tommy died. guido said the money was for me and the baby. a few days later i called him. i was scared about keeping the money. i was afraid i'd spend it on booze, just throw it away, you know. i asked guido to hold it for me.
4:46 pm
guido -- he was just doing me a favor. he was tommy's best friend, you know. what now, captain? i don't know, norman. she was telling the truth. the board of rights is gonna have a hard time believing that. and even if they buy it, you're way, way out of policy. it don't look good, huh? no.
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hello. peg? that's right. it's your no-good brother. hi. i was just thinking... it's been awhile since you and rob were over.
4:49 pm
oh. let him go to vegas, huh? i hope you put a padlock on his wallet. [ chuckles ] well, maybe just me and you then, huh? joining him tonight, huh? that's great. it's great -- great you could get away. [ sighs ] no. no, i'm not angling for a loan. just thinking about my sister, that's all. yeah. ring me when you get back. we'll set something up. bye.
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i understand your story got a rough reception. nothing unexpected. i suppose i'm a little disappointed. i was hoping maybe some people would appreciate the fact i got it down right. being a writer takes some getting used to, i guess. but at least you're on your way. i guess. henry, uh... did you have to make the captain so bland? just a friendly observation. i'll keep it in mind, frank. hey, j.d., you all right, man? i'm fine. day catching up, huh, man? a little. maybe. yeah. i was feeling so good there. you were in shock, babe.
4:51 pm
look. i can't stop them. hey. it's a normal reaction, man. i tried talking to peg, but you know how it is with her. then... [ crying ] [ crying ] i-i almost died today. and i don't have anybody to talk to. come on, babe. come on. come on. come on. it's all right. hi, raymond. evening, sergeant. evening, cannonball. hey, lucy. sorry to force you back on roll call. oh, no problem there. we got to get a permanent replacement. i just didn't want to go back on day shift. i'm so used to nights, you know.
4:52 pm
thanks, hon. have a good night. sergeant bates, this came for you. thanks, raymond. ooh, who's it from, luce? it's for me to know and you to find out. what do i care? i got a date tonight. oh, and i'm real interested. i'll see you later, luce. raymond. lieutenant. mick. your story -- i just read it. uh-huh. iked it. part of it was sad. part of it was funny. i-i don't know. it seemed very real to me for whatever that's worth. that's worth a lot, mick. thanks. you're welcome. line 3 for you, captain. captain furillo. frank, uh, i've been thinking about what you said, how people might not understand.
4:53 pm
i'll not make mention of it. i'm glad, howard. you sound tired. you deserve a long rest. thank you, frank. good night. dinner, lieutenant. we're putting you on a high-protein regimen. oh. thank you, nurse. [ music plays ] hey, listen. i pay for chicken wings, i get chicken wings or you ain't gonna have a catering truck in the morning. you understand, mr. lafontaine? good. so, how's the two furillos doing? oh, fine, jesus. lovely party. 2 g's, but i figure it's worth it. hey, jesus. nice gig! hey! this kid's got it easy.
4:54 pm
and they buy the car. they don't earn it. my little brother, he don't know the value of work. isn't that tippi mocha? damn! coming here to make trouble like always. i thought he was in harrisonburg. got paroled last week. you got to keep up, frankie. excuse me. hello, tippi. why don't you go park your ugly body outside? i like it here. you're history. frank. come on, martinez. just like old times. tippi, drop the knife. i can take on this slob. stop it. stop it. my chest! man: he's having a heart attack! [ strained ] my chest... he's stroking out. call the paramedics. you're gonna be okay, tippi. that's what you get for eating so many tacos,
4:55 pm
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.?
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million dollars to help real people like these. i guess what hurts is it didn't bother her that much. well, no big deal. it is a big deal, patrick, because you reached out. and even though officer russo didn't respond the way you hoped, you followed your feelings. i guess. m glad you suggested this, grace. you seem to understand so much. do i? that's funny. sometimes during the last few months, even i wondered if i was crazy. what do you mean? well, you've got to admit, patrick, my life hasn't exactly followed a conventional path. but i've come to realize that it's my path.
4:57 pm
not many. sometimes i do feel that we're all just trying to find our way in the dark. i feel that way, too. we're both searchers, patrick. we could be back at my place in 20 minutes. no. now. hey, bob? jerry silak from st. paul. jerry, how you doing? i see we're on the same panel... oh! [ giggling ] grace. i can't get it open, grace. oh, no! no! damn! do we really need this thing? yes!
4:58 pm
yeah, yeah, yeah. who is it? it's me, norm. hey, norm. am i still persona non gratis? in or out, sid. i'm in. and a bottle of ros?. [ chuckles ] and... pistachios. the big bag, norm, for a little celebration. for what? norman... i have decided... that not everything is dependent upon the bottom line. so even though it's gonna cost me -- and don't i know it -- i have given my notice to benedict. this operator works for norman buntz. period.
4:59 pm
look, maybe you can still patch things up with benedict. what are you talking about? i.a.d.'s got my badge and my gun. i've been suspended.
5:00 pm
thank you note from me and gina. lots of happiness. yeah. they're beautiful dishes. as far as the elopement, i hope everyone understood. oh, yeah, sure. gina went home early? yeah. she came home around 2:00. she was feeling a little queasy. i guess that's to be expected. afternoon, all. greg. hey.greg. how's it goin', andy? stocking up for our 4:00 to 1:00?


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