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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  November 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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k: activate the charges. bridge, their shields are down. energize. tom? i've got a lock.
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they've adapted. this way. seven! bridge, stand by for transport. hurry! energize. i've got them: transporter room one. beam them out of here. i can't get a lock.
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what happened? they tapped into our transporter beam. chakotay to holodeck two: we got the transwarp coil but we also picked up some uninvited guests. what was our time? two minunus, 12 seconds. 12 seconds too late. once we disable their sensor grid we only have two minutes until it regenerates. did you run into any problems? none. we were efficient. what if we beam directlylyinto ? there's too much shielding. perhaps we could dify our transporters. i've explored that option. it won't work. 12 seconds... might as well be an eternity. the hansens... they were able to remain inside a borg cube for several hours without being detected. how? i'm not certain. well, keep investigating. yes, captain. we've run enough simulations for one day. let's work on refining our tactics. anything we can do to shave a few more seconds off our little heist.
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be back on voyager. borg vessels make my skin crawl. it was a holodeck re-creation. close enough. we've just spent the last three hours dodging drones. it didn't bother you? your point? you seemed a little nervous in there. the last time i was on a borg vessel i was a drone. the re-creation was unsettling. you were reluctant to looooat your parents' research and now i sense you're a little reluctant to go ononhis mission. i'll adapt. it's easier said than done. it's been over two years since you came face-to-face with the collective. are you sure you're up to it? i need everybody working at peak efficiency. you doubt my ability to function? no. i'm simply voicing my concerns. they are unjustified. i hope so because the next time, we won't be on the holodeck.
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( door openini ) naomi wildman. i had a bad dream. can i stay with you for a while? where is your mother? she's working in engineering ananneelix is on a duty shift. please? i won't bother you. very well. it looked just like this. what did? in my dream. there was borg stuff everywhere. elaborate. i went on the mission-- the one my mom told me about, the bobo sphere-- but it didn't work. everybody got assimilated. nightmares are caused by irrational fear. they're not real.
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. mom said we're going to steal something. a transwarp coil. will you be on the sphere? yes. are you scared? we will succeed. but what if you don't? what if they make you a drone again? naomi wildman, you agreed not to bother me. what's it like to be a drone? does it hurt? you will terminate this line of questioning. do the borg have kids? what do they look like? are they friendldly? return to your quarters immediately. resistance is futile. seven of nine to security. intruder alert.
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who are you? i am the borg. seven of nine, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero one, you've become weak. this is a dream. i'm regenerating. it's not a dream. we've accessed your neural transceiver. our thoughts are one. we know about voyager's plan to invade the sphere. it will fail. we've come to make you an offer. rejoin the collective and we'll spare voyager. why me?
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after three months of tracking our borg cube ui t. we followed in its wake. our sensors tell us we've traveled all the way to the delta quadrant, the borg's native territory. erinin magnus, you're breaking up. magnus: just some bioelectric interference. stand by. much. how's junior? he took a real b bting
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he's'segenerating. wait a minute. something's happening. bill and needle fingers just arrived. they're making repairs to junior. i thought drones from different subunits didn't interact. looks like we were wrong. they deactivated him. why? they're dismantling him.
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your bio-dampener is losing power. it's time to come home. i've got another minute or so. stand by. we may not get another chance to observe this behavior. seven: it prevented the borg from detecting them. they referred to it as a bio-dampener. the device creates a field around the body which simulates the physiometric conditions within a borg vessel. camouflage. precisely. we need four of these devices. how soon can you replicate them? i'll have to tailor each unit to its user's physiology. a few hours at least. begin immediately. i'll inform the captain. ingenious design. the hansens were resourceful. sounds like you're warming up to your folks. it was merely y observation. this is an important stage of your social development, seven. try not to think of f as simply a research project
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my parents underestimated the collective. they were destroyed. because of their arrogance, i was raised by borg. ( breathing hard ) emental: operation fort knox is ready to proceed. all departments are standing by and i've given the order to begin at 0600 hours. coffee? you look like you could use some. no. it's a human vice you might want to try one day. keeps you sharp. one day. i've been fine-tuning our game plan for tomorrow morning... and i've decided to reassign you to the bridge.
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ncerned about voyager's safety and if the sphere decides to attack i'll need your expertise at tactical. i should be on the away team. b'elanna will do just fine in your place. you may encounter unexpected obstacles-- force fields encryption codes. i'm the only member of this crew who can anticipate them. you underestimate the rest of us? and you underestimate the borg. this is more than just a question of tactics. l-being... and your ability to perform on this mission. your concern is unwarranted. is it? i'm not t e only one who's worried about you. chakotay, neelix, the doctor-- we've all noticed changes in your behavior. you are preoccupied, agitated and d u're making mistakes. don't get me wrong. i appreciate your efforts
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but it's obviouslylyaken its toll. ( sighing ): if i'd realized how those journals were going to effect you i never would have pushed you to read them and i'm not about to ask you to f fe the collective in your present frame of mind. the past several days have been difficult but i must join the away team and i assure you i will not make another mistake. i've made my decision, seven. il. you sound awfully certain about that. i know the borg. and i know you. there's more totohat you're saying. what's wrong? over the past two years, i have become familiar with the individuals on this vessel.
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i am willing to risk my own well-being if it increases ououchances of success. assign me to the away team... please. thank you. seven... you've made remarkable progress as an individual and as a member of this crew. for what it's worth...
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borg: a vessel has been detected. unimatrix 4-2-4, grid 0-3.
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ration starfleet class two shuttlecraft... three life-f-fms. the sphere's maintaining course. move the shuttle in closer. paris: the borg are still ignoring it. ( sighs ) bridge to transporter room two. they're not taking the bait. shuttle status? false bio-readings are holding steady. how about a phaser shot across their bow? would be perceived as a threat and they'd destroy it. commander, increase the e ergy output of the shuttle's warp profile. that should present a more inviting target. borg: warp signature detected. prepare for assimilation. relevant technology. engage tractor pulse. they've got it. they're pulling it in toward a docking port
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500 meters... 200... they're dropping shields. energize. they're in. bio-dampeners are stable. they're as good as invisible. the sphere? torres: the shields are back up. they're assimilating the shuttle. keep a sensor lock on the away team.
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who you are. janeway: seven... righ ( gasps ) t? proceed. primary shieldldenerator-- got it.
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charges set. returning to transport coordinates. the transwarp coil is off-line. tuvok, now. activate the charges. their shields are down. lock onto the coil and energize. chakotay: target obtained. borg queen: seven of nine... seven, keep moving! no. i wish to stay. i intend to rejoin the collective. i can't let you do that. you have no choice.
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go! chakotay to away team. the sphere has detected voyager. they've altered course to intercept and they're charging weapons. we've got to get you out of there now. 400,000 kilometers and closing. full power to weapons. i'm not leaving without you. then you w wl be assimilated. tuvok: they can see us. how? i don't know.
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up. chakotay: three? energize! where's seven? she had a change of heart. report. the sphere's changing course. they're retreating. they're bringing their remaining transwarp coils on-line. pursuit course. target their propulsion system.
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welcome home. [captioning sponsored by ramount television and united paramount network
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(voice pre-echoing): this wasn't part of our agreement. (voice pre-echoing): you failed in your last mission. the klingon empire is intact. you knew there would be consequences. please, i won't disappoint you again. we'll restore it but only if you succeed in your next mission. but... you're disabling me. proceed with the extraction. (high-pitched whine) (whimpering) ? it's been a long road ? getting from there to here ? it's been a long time
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? and i will see my dream come alive at last ? ? i will touch the sky ? and they're not gonna hold me down no more ? ? no, they're not gonna change my mind ? ? 'cause i've got faith of the heart ? ? i'm going where my heart will take me ? ? i've got faith to believe ? i can do anything ? i've got strength of the soul ? ? no one's gonna bebe or break me ? ? i can reach any star ? i've got faith ?i've got, i've got? ? i've got faith ? faith of the heart.
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we've got 50,000 movies in the database. there must be something worth watching. you could always read a book. lieutenant. ensigns. enjoy the show last night? (groans) (chuckles) those wererewo hours of my life i'd rather have back. good morning, sir. g, daniels. i thought this was taylor's shift. i switched with him if that's all right with you. no problem. sir, i noticed we changed course. may i ask why? there's a stellar nursery not far from here. we detected several ships inside. we thought we might go say hello. very good, sir. more orange juice?
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what have you got? we found one of the ships, sir. put it up. t'pol: it appears to be a transport vessel. hail them. they're responding. can i help y y? my name is archer. i'm captain of the starship enterprise. we are from earth. we thought we'd introduce ourselves. pleased to meet you.u. w? nothing. we're new to this region, and we're eager to make contact with other species. oh. if you don't mind my asking... what bringsyouhere? a job. i'm escorting a group of spiritually minded men
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the-the what? every 11 years, one of the prototoars gives out a neutron blast. these gentlemen... believe it's a sacred event. if you ask me, i think it's just another ball of hydrogen. when is this great plume due to erupt? tomorrow. mind if we join you? it's your time to waste. i'd like to extend an invitation to you and your passengers to visitenterprise. i'll ask them if they're interested. i prefer to stay with my ship. understood. mister...? fraddock. captain fraddock. (clears throat) looks like we could be having guests. tell chef to prepare...


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