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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[instrumental music] [melodic music] - gus. - yeah, mike? i want you to close this place. get everybody outta here. why, it's only 10:30. what? i said clear the place out. you and your customers don't wanna get hurt. we're closin' up, everybody.
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when you get outside, you can send for the sheriff. tell him to come in here after me. full of kentucky courage, ain't you, mike? [gun cocks] i said to clear out. i'll get the sheriff for you personally, mike. be my pleasure. you wanna buy a mirror? (mike) you waitin' for something?
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you'll have to. on your way. my quarrel's with the sheriff, not with you. now, get going. why don't you let me stay? you don't scare very easy, do ya? i'm scared. drop your gun. [gun cocks] [thump] kick it away. i'm gonna let ya stay. i like ya. you know wes garth, the sheriff? no. too bad.
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and i'm gonna kill him. [table creaks] [thumping] alright, mike, on your feet. move! - you look kind of sore, mike. - better get his old cell ready. why didn't you leave? he likes me. give him six months this time, wes. - and keep him outta here. - i'll do that.
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anybody beat aces and threes? we'll play the hand over. i got a better idea. let's see who won it. how do we know you didn't get them aces out of the deck? why didn't you stay to find out? [gun cocks] i guess you didn't hear me. i said we'd play the hand over. i hear you better this time. [gunshot] it wouldn't do at all for a deputy to get into a shootin'. let's go, jimmy. we don't want no trouble. i'm charlie peabody. how do you do? want some friendly advice? you'll be heari'' from them fellas. the young'un, jimmy clements, he's a bad boy.
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yeah, i guess you're right. especially at poker. ranch and half the town. but the kid's always got a chip on his shoulder. he's a.. - hear you had a little trouble. - no harm done. no, not yet. if you're just driftin' through town maybe you'd better drift on while things are still quiet. - i'm not lookin' for trouble. - you've already found it.
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t? maybe because there's three of them and only one of you. maybe because they live here. - is your horse in the stable? - uh-huh. i'll walk over there with you. my friend here tells me the kid's dad owns half the town. does he own the sheriff too? do you have to be carried outta here? look, mister, i'm meetin' a man at this bar tonight. i did a trail job for him, and he owes me money. when i get it, i'll be on my way. but you could become a permanent resident of our town. the kind that never causes me any trouble. [piano music] [coin clinks]
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[door knob clicks] alright, wes, come on in. - why the hat? - ah! you know me. never take any unnecessary chances. - i won't get violent. - good. how about supper? dining room's still open. i know. i just left there. you ate alone? why didn't you wait for me? - i told you i'd be around. - and i told you i wouldn't be. oh, claire. it's no good, wes. i wish you'd go now. why? i've told you why. what do you want from me, claire? you want me to crawl. is that it?
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t what i want. - and that pink-faced kid has? - yes. it won't work. clements won't let that spoiled kid of his marry ya. he'll cut him off without a dime. and you're the only woman i've ever wanted for keeps. that's got to mean something. you can go on saying no. but this makes a liar out of ya. i know what i want. and you can't giv-- [knocking on door] yes? 'it's me, charlie peabody. wes in there?' [door knob clicks] sorry, mr. garth, i thought you ought to know there's gonna be trouble over that card shark. jimmy clements and your deputy are up at the gold spur gettin' liquored up, talki'' themselves into a foul mood. there's gonna be gun trouble, sure. alright, charlie. thanks.
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don't let anything happen to him. [piano music] - mister, you better get goin'. - where do ya think i oughta go? i don't know, but you better go someplace. 'cause here they come. [chair creaking]
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i'll take that. you see those three? i see 'em.
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that's far enough, boys. don't try to stop us. you wanna keep that star, hank? this is a private quarrel, wes. we're in the right. not this way, you aren't. now, turn around and go home. there's a man over there we want. get out of the way. don't try anything foolish, kid. no. but you are. now, turn around and get! [gunshot] i didn't draw, wes.
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he's dead, mr. garth. [dramatic music] when you're ready to leave town, you can pick up your gun. it'll be at my office. friend of yours? yes. he was.
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[door shuts] - came for my gun. - did your man get here? got my money, and i'm on my way. alright. about that remark that i made to you last night. forget it. i caused you a hat-full of trouble, uh.. i'm afraid my trouble's just starting. you got a lot of gall still wearing that badge. any reason why i shouldn't, john? yeah, for making it a free license to kill. i'm gonna take it off of ya. [shouting] i'm gonna see you tried and hanged! will you sit down and let me tell you how it happened? could anything you say make any difference? no. jimmy'll still be dead. (john) 'he was only a kid.' he was a man, john. all the way. i thought he had backed down. 'the others would've. jimmy wouldn't.'
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[sobbing] god, help me. i feel like i killed him. why? why should i feel like that? like i killed him myself. maybe that's the way every father feels when his boy dies. i should have left here. i should have gone back to st. louis. i should have married again when his mother died. you know that i sent him back east to school once. he ran away and came home. [sobbing] want me to ride back to the ranch with you? i'm sorry, wes. i said things that i didn't mean.
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there's more to your job than i thought. maybe that's why i stay with it. well, i guess i better get going now. - good luck, cowboy. - thanks. same to you. [melancholic music] [horse neighs]
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[door knob clicks] thought i was rid of you. i got on my pony and discovered a terrible thing. didn't know where i was goin'. does anybody? i do now. decided to stay right here. any special kind of work in mind? isn't there a deputy's job open? do you think you're qualified for it? 'i'd like to try.' i don't know. i doubt if you're cut out to wear a star. why? few men are. hank thought he was. 'i knew different, and i was right.' takes a special kind of man.
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. i'll watch you. there's no future in it either. ten years ago, there weren't any jobs like mine or towns like this. and ten years from now, this'll all be changed and forgotten. and you ought to forget it too. here, the law books don't count. or the badge either. the whole works is in the man who wears it. got anybody else for the job? - nope. - what have we got to lose? what's your name, cowboy? cheyenne bodie. when you find out i was right, cheyenne, remember i told ya. [dramatic music]
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looks like the sheriff's got himself a new deputy. that make any change in our plans? i don't see no reason why it should. [music continues] [door knob rattling] need some help? i seem to. [door knob rattling] [door rattling]
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had a screwdriver, we could fix it. will this do? works fine now. thanks. you're kinda tall, aren't ya? most of the time. [chuckles] you've been asking about me. 'oh?' clerk told me. that's more than he told me. of course. he's a friend of mine.
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shh. - what is it, wes? - i've got to talk to ya. some other time. it's-it's late, and i'm sleepy. you're wrong about that shooting, claire. not tonight, wes. please? alright, if that's the way you feel about it. - you know where to find me. - goodnight. [soft music] i prefer it the other way. i need the light to find my way out. - goodnight. - what's wrong? i didn't know you were wes' girl. i'm not. i'd sure like to believe that. why shouldn't you? looked pretty obvious to me. i happen to like wes. more important, i want him to like me.
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but, if you're anxious to leave...i'm not holding you. i'm not anxious to leave. tomorrow i'll ask questions. if i...get the right answers, i'd like to come back. . - morning, deputy. did you check the jail? mike said to tell you he's real sorry. he's only sorry he didn't look behind him. still like your job? better than that, i like the town. i've been looking for a place to lay for a long time. - i think maybe i've found it. - good.
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who's the girl across the hall from me, room 210. i was wondering when that would come up. pay her no mind, friend. she's getting married real soon. to anybody i know? to me, naturally. prettiest girl in town. whatever it is a particular woman has for a particular man she's got it for me. she's all woman. born for the best of everything. which i can't give her, so right now we're having a little misunderstanding. [gunshots] [dramatic music] [gunshot continuous] (male #1) 'hey, they're robbing the bank'' [gunshots]
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[gunshot continues] [dramatic music] [gunshots] [music continues]
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[gunshots] [galloping] [horse neighs] [music continues]
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cheyenne and i each took after a man, and we got both of them. it was just bad luck the third man had the money.
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every cent i had in the world was in that bank. same with charlie and mrs. briggs here. well, why don't we get up a posse. well, that's alright with me. but where do we start looking? west or east? and who do we look for? a medium-sized man riding a roan pony? - i'll do everything i can. - we know that, wes. well, i got a bar to take care of. i hope my credit's good for a while. looks like i've got to find me a job. you can have all the credit you need at my store. well, that's right good of you, mr. harold. i sure wish there was something more we could do. there is. go to the depot and have the operator send a wire to all the towns in this part of the territory. tell them to be on a lookout for a free spender with paper money. [dramatic music]
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[intense music] [door shuts] door wasn't locked. i decided to wait for you. you know you could get hurt that way. i am hurt. you said you'd be back, and you haven't been. i said i'd check with wes. - well? - i did. wrong answer. he was lying. i told him i didn't want him. i meant it, and he knows it. [sighs] i couldn't be lying about a thing like that. i told wes i wouldn't see him again.
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hey? i've never gotten what i want. what do you want? i thought i knew until.. till the other day. who are you, claire? what are you doing in a town like this? hasn't anyone told you about me? how i came here? i haven't asked till now. i'd like-- you don't have to worry about me. john clements brought me here from st. louis. he promised to marry me. a few months ago, he changed his mind. then his son. jimmy was crazy in love with me. he'd have married me. and i'd have jumped at the chance. but wes shot him. is that the reason-- no. it wasn't like that. wes just hasn't anything to offer me. you've got to believe that. why?
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[romantic music] you know i'm telling the truth. but let's get one thing straight. i haven't anything to offer you either. nothing at all. you really believe that, don't you? c]
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well, don't be so glad to see me. what is it, wes? i've decided it's time we stop feuding. we're not feuding. can't i make you see that? that's what i said. we shouldn't be. - miss me? - no. why don't you give me another try at it. you still don't want me, huh? that's right. i know, claire. you want the best. and you deserve the best. the best of everything. what if you had all the money you wanted. - what would you do with it? - wes, please. i wish you'd go and leave me alone. i just asked what you'd do if ya had all the money you wanted. will you leave if i tell you?
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- ever been in new orleans? - 'no.' i grew up there, on bousseau street where the people live in dirty, little shacks and look across the water at the big, white houses. that's what i'd do. go back home. and live. and look across the water at the dirty, little shacks? yes. what are you trying to say? that i'm handing you new orleans on a gold platter. you said if i had all the money i wanted. - how much would that be? - is $55,000 enough? [dramatic music]
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's it matter? i've got it. [music continues] - where is it? is it safe? - it's safe. [sighs] when do we leave? soon? well, not too soon. it's gotta look right. a few weeks will do it. it's the first time anything like this ever happened. i'm awful sorry, mr. bodie. i checked all the other rooms, and yours is the only one.
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[music continues] i saw you come across here like a charging buffalo. something up? everything's fine, charlie. seen wes? about a half hour ago. [dramatic music] (male #2) 'hold up!'
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you killed ed grimes, and ed was carrying the money. - tell me what you done with it. - you're crazy! he didn't have it when i caught up with him. we both went in the river. maybe it was lost there. why you carrying them saddlebags? i always do. look, mister, if i were you, i'd-- throw it over here and be quick about it. 'left hand.' [gunshot] [music continues] [grunting]
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- where you been, deputy? - supper. just heard you were back. i rode out to see how old man clements was making out. [music continues] - i'm seeing claire later on. she likes this outfit. oh, everything alright again? aw, it wasn't much of anything anyway. i see nothing's happened while i was gone. wes, if you don't need me, i'd like to go up to the hotel. well, sure. be back in an hour, huh?
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? for to stay a little while ? ? but.. ? [knocking] - 'who is it?' - i wanna talk to you. - 'i'm in the tub.' - get out and open the door. 'i'll get out when i'm finished.' i said now. 'i'll be right out.' well.. what? [groans] what's the idea? i hear you and wes patched things up. are you jealous? - i might be. - i don't mean a thing to you.
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it? so you decided to try wes again? if i really thought it mattered to you, i'd.. you'd what? but it doesn't. the one thing i know in this world is men. i know how you feel about me. i know you wouldn't...take chances just to have me. what kind of chances? doesn't matter. i'm not used to being the one who does all the giving. i don't like it. i'm gonna marry wes. - why? - i told you. you told me wes had nothing to offer you. - i've changed my mind. - what made you do that? there's only one reason you'd marry anybody. money. a lot of it. - what are you talking about? - about $55,000.
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your face just told me i'm not. i thought you liked wes. i thought he was your friend. - he was more than that. - then how can you accuse-- because it's true, and there's nothing i can do. cheyenne, listen to me. wait, please! - what are you gonna do? - why? we can have the money, you and i. when wes tells me where.. [dramatic music] [door shuts] [music continues] [door knob clicks] well, that didn't take long. you've got trouble, cheyenne? look like you've lost your best friend. something happened today, wes.
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- looking for what? - was hoping you could tell me. well, how would i know? because he searched your room too. why didn't you mention it? i don't tell you everything, deputy. it's not too late, wes. the money could still be found. one of the men could've dropped it before we caught up to him. tomorrow, you could find it and bring it back. what are you trying to say? that i have the $55,000? you don't have to give anything. - you are wrong. - no. but i'll forget about it if you'll bring it back. that badge is going to your head. i was afraid it might. i just talked to claire. she's a liar, but not a very good one. that reminds me, i'm supposed to be up there. wes, she's no good. she just offered to double-cross you and share the money with me.
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about women. claire's letting her imagination run away with her and taking you along with it. i suppose she searched our rooms too. i think you hit the answer to that. maybe one of the men we killed was carrying the money and dropped it. that would explain why our rooms were searched. we'll check tomorrow. goodnight, deputy. don't go out that door. what was that? don't people like charlie and gus bowlin mean anything to you? you said something about a door. give the money back, wes. say you found it. say anything. - but give it back. - you didn't answer my question. i said, you don't go out that door unless i go with you to bring the money back. remember what i told you? you weren't cut out to wear a star. 'i wish you'd kept that in mind.'
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you wanna prove i'm wrong about you and that star on your chest? i'm trying to prove that i was right about you. let her go. this is where you belong. it's not too late. i'm going out this door. i'd like to know if i have to kill you first. you'll have to try. yeah. i guess i will. [gunshots] [gasping] [dramatic music] - what happened? - it's wes.
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i'm sorry, wes. so am i. you got me good. lot of your friends are here. what do you want me to tell 'em? wes, you hurt bad? what happened? doc's coming right away, mr. garth. you got me good, deputy. kinda changes my plans. what happened? what's he mean, you got him? cheyenne was trying to stop me. [gasping] i was about to leave town with you-your money. - 'the money from the bank?' - what do you mean, wes? - what are you saying? - it's in my room. in the saddlebag. [people chattering] never did get you that new one.
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we found it. the money's here. i used to dread the day we'd lose him as sheriff. - i guess i was wrong. - we were all wrong. - we still got a sheriff. - yes, and a good one too. that's right. you were right, wes. i wasn't cut out to wear a star. 'but neither were you.'
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mr. walker. do you have an appointment? - no. - well, i'm afraid-- just tell him kinch is out here. - he'll see me. - but-- go on. go on. tell him. kinch. mr. walker will see you. sure he will. didn't i tell you?


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