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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 14, 2016 2:58am-3:58am EST

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>> same lousy weather again. can't bomb what we can't see. [siren] >> where is carmelo.
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>> sir. >> you know what they are? >> if they are yankees and the british. >> how many? >> we need to adjust. >> we can't bomb if we can't see. >> this is quite a fight. >> we have to climb through 20,000 feet of >> i know this is worth the risk. >> well, you are all clear. >> the weather has turned them back. >> but they are up there. >> i guess a little theatrical, but i feel they are using my stein. and the will make them pay for
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>> lieutenant gallagher. >> lieutenant. >> the general would like to see you. >> thank you. >> general. >> aborted another mission, ay, colonel. >> well, sir we knew before hand that we may have to turn back because of the bad weather. >> what if i told you that wouldn't happen again. >> i don't understand? >> of course you don't, you will be the guinea pig. get in. >> 12 o'clock high.
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>> tonight's episode back to the drawing board.
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>> tell him here. >> general, this wasn't here when i took off this morning. >> that's very interesting. >> general, what is this?
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have your answers before anyone had a chance to ask questions. >> i don't understand, answers to what? >> dr. and sergeant. >> doctor, sergeant. >> colonel, may i have an explanation? >> the doctor is here with a team of engineers. i timed it so your base was quiet. his work is operational and want you to keep your mouth closed. >> i am sure it's something secret going on. >> no, but what we are doing is what counts. i would like to show it to you. >> hello, general. >> dr. rink. >> colonel. how is the coffee?
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stomach. >> afraid i don't have a strong anything by your standards. >> i don't know if you can work like that with no sleep. >> he works like that. >> be ready by midnight. tomorrow we can bomb. let's hit them hard. >> we think that three aircraft would give us an adequate test. >> three? >> yes, that would limit the men. >> sir, ife weather tomorrow. do i understand we are going into that soup? >> well, we need lousy weather for this. the short run is tomorrow. >> you mean realize this is top secret. tomorrow you will be safeguarding and testing a hot one. the doctor will tell you what you need to know.
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this means bomb through overcast. and that gentlemen, is what we will do. accurately. >> sir, checked out on oxygen. >> >> yes, sir. >> hey, take over here. >> you all right, sir? >> yeah, i am all right. it's flying that doesn't agree with me. >> navigator to pilot. best i can figure we would be about 90 second from ip.
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road. >> negative on that. you have 30 seconds. 30 seconds. >> going to the checkpoint. >> i hope he's right. this is like bombing into a pile of blankets. >> yes. >> bombs away. [knock at door] >> come in.
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>> anything you want? >> nothing, sir. from the force of landing. >> oh, enemy aircraft? >> not that we can identify. looking for a hole in the clouds. [phone ringing] >> nothing we can do about it. >> we must mistaken, no weather >> sir, it was a bombing raid. they bombed. >> this is colonel, what are you talking about? they did bomb. yes. yes, all right. get off the phone. >> it must have been a mistake. get me captain schmidt. see what you see on the radar.
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that is not being repaired. if it's five, it's five. at once! >> it's overcast at 12,000 feet. course 276. if anyone sees enemy bomber, report at once. otherwise tell me as fast as you can. we have to catch them before
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>> now i was told he took a physical, all right. but it's the kind of heart condition that doesn't show up they are looking for. >> i wonder why he assumed the risk? >> well, we are trying to reestablish regular heart rhythm with medication now. >> will he make it? >> chances are he will. >> doctor, did he make a statement why he took the chance to go with us? >> no, he didn't. >> he just wanted to see it
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>> not yet. >> i hope we did for his sake. >> looks a lot better. >> he will be all right. >> you think a lot of him, don't you? >> he's a teacher. works with youth groups. he kept he out of reform school. got me a scholarship. when he went to work with the signal corp, i volunteered.
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teacher now. he wants you to begin bmo training tomorrow morning. oh, and we hit the target on the nose this morning. 80% destruction. >> i will stay here if you like. if he wakes up, i will be sure to tell him. >> you know, i didn't think i was going to like you. >> oh, well. >> the equipment is still experimental but yesterday we proved we can bomb by radar which makes it impossible for the enemy to get at us.
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all yours. >> thank you, and this is a factory complex. and this is how it looks on a radar scope. any object will give it a good bounce with response. >> i keep getting a st flare, at 5 o'clock. it comes and goes. >> the service says to ignore it. this must be my aiming point. roger. factory roof. >> doors are open.
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>> what is that? >> i don't know, i don't understand it. >> radar. >> yes, we have a reading, a blimp and >> scramble all. >> yes, i know. we are going to go up and try to find them. i don't know, how -- tell them to get to 25,000 feet and open
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>> at 30,000 feet. location 268. triangle a. blue side attacking. come and help us.
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>> nobody can attack b-17s. that's all. they have too much armorment. >> no would fly in this weather. >> that will be all. >> how can they be so accurate? is someone giving them the signals from the ground? >> sir. >> i can't help wondering, this one bright blimp i saw. maybe i are directing the bombs by radar. >> we have radar. we can't find them.
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sir, if it is by radar. there may be a way to catch them. >> yesterday we had a plant, and now tomorrow rosefield again, if the cloud cover holds. >> i am proud of you. >> i learned it all from you. the best news of all is that you are okay. >> i suppose it's a triumph for me, if only i feel it. >> the other guys feel it. and the ridear. >> hey, that is an honor, isn't it. we ought to christen her, and why don't you get a gram of christening fluid and we will celebrate. >> oh, no, no christening fluid. >> the watchdog snarled. >> you made me the watchdog.
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watchdog. all right. i will stay dry and you hang on your dedication. >> well. dr. rink. feeling better? >> good as ever. >> good. i watched the bombers landing, another good day? >> yes indeed. they sent up some flack but missed us by a city block. four days and no >> does this leave you colonel, not so -- to see the affects of your work and not the blows? >> no, it doesn't. to me destruction is not a very pretty sight. >> the destruction of evil to me is magnificent. >> it is?
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blood thirsty. perhaps my cup runneth too strong or trying to drink it too fast. i am a master technician, i mine it but the body is not good. i have never marched in a parade before, but somehow i feel out of step. will you be taking off tomorrow? >> yes, the group will. major mission. >> i wish i could go with him. i really do. >> give me a present reading. yes, hold on. let's have the formation now. >> colonel, stand by. >> you think we have them this time?
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14,500. >> aptitude 14500. >> okay, lieutenant, you can take over now. to the other pilot. >> we have two minutes. [blast] >> taking another shot in the
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>> yes. i see. thank you. you were right. their bombing device. radar tracking radar. actually they are making it easy for us. yes. another one down.
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>> here they come! >> come up here, i need you now.
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coming in now. >> to control, this is rink raider, how do you read me? >> raider, read 555, over. >> a straight-in approach. my pilot and navigator are dead.
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>> waiting for the rest of them, sir? >> no, we have the gadget back. we have wounded. check it out. >> they opened up right on us. less than a minute from the ip. we took all the evasive action we had time for.
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and track us again. general, they tracked us through the turn. >> my group and all the flack. >> never saw them coming or going. >> tracking us through the overcast and like it had eyes. i thought we were supposed to have them. >> maybe they have something new. >> if we have trouble like this again, we are not going to last very for long. >> hi, fellas. >> sandy. >> you are okay, i am getting ready for you. >> where is dr. rink?
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>> how do you feel, sergeant? >> not too great. >> we are just about ready for you in surgery. >> wait a minute. i need to think. sandy. the way that flack was following us, must have had something to do with radar. it was the only way they could have known to keep on firing. tell dr. rink. they must have zeroed in on rink's radar. >> doctor, i am sorry that you consider this an imposition. all i am asking you to do is help us. that's part of your job. >> my job was to install the bpo
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idea? >> that they are zeroing in on the radar gear. >> what difference does it matter how they did it, and they destroyed it. >> if zimmerman is right, can they lock in on our and here is the 918. >> go to the radar and scramble it. >> excuse me, i may have to ask you to remain on the base. we may to take this whole thing back to the drawing. >> doctor.
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he was holding your hand. >> sergeant, lieutenant zimmerman was hit in the face and may lose his eyes. >> general, that could mean every time we go upstairs with bto, we good our teeth knocked out. i guess i was only asking for yes, sir, i will see you tonight. quote, if what happened today is the fault of airport radar, then that must be proved before the assignment is complete, unquote. of course he is right.
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sandy. i want you to check out rink radar and make sure she's flyable. >> yes, sir. >> let's check out this security and be ready to fly tomorrow morning. >> yes, sir. >> pilot to bgo. we are in a critical area. is everything back there okay? >> we are getting good bounces sir. approaching the field now. pilot to crew. i want everyone to watch for flack, and report the first
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>> i suppose that thing is that we were lucky yesterday. >> this will prove that we are not joking. 0 to course 196. >> course 196. altitude 13500. bd-3852. and you may fire when ready. >> we have a switch. tell the crew to hang on, here we go. pilot to crew, it worked.
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okay. give it another chance to be sure. pilot to bpo, switch on. >> wait, wait. give me altitude, quickly. >> sir. >> wait, wait. never mind, they are gone again. colonel, what just keep on trying? >> yes, keep on trying. they are playing games with us. they are playing yankee games. they take this round.
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>> general it seems to me we one, they lock on our air borne radar and two, they lose us when we flip it off. >> surely you can get your group in radar. >> i can, but a five-minute radar can knock us out of the sky. >> joe, general pritchard knows
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you bomb, regardless of the cost. >> get the point. >> potentially with bpo, we are capable of hitting targets, good and bad. you did it successfully on the fourth day. and on the fifth day that you suffered egregious loss is not to affect the war. >> tomorrow morning bomb >> yes, sir. >> bobby, get me dr. rink. >> you are asking me to do the work of a genius.
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besides i am busy. >> all right, doctor, what about the lives of the men going out tomorrow. can't you help me save them? >> how many lives does this adventure cost? a hundred and how about poor ray isn't he worth the dead? >> sergeant. >> you can talk to him if you would like to. >> why haven't you been to see ray, sir. you are kind of an idol to him. >> no way can i help. >> he sent you several messages. every time i left him he was allowing with bandages over his eyes. and thinking with everything you taught him. to help you solve the radar
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working on it. that's why he is going on. i didn't have the nerve to tell him you quit. >> all right, doc. who do you think is worse than dead now? >> just a metal canteen, so keep it right here on the table. when you are thirsty, just reach. >> thank you, doctor, thank you a lot. >> you have visitors now. >> who is it? sandy? >> hello, ray. >> dr. rink. i am glad you came. >> colonel gave you some time off.
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i have thought about installing a tuner to pick up the frequency. some transmission to jam the receivers. >> we are trying, any effective hand-set will take time. so you just keep on thinking about it. will you. i will come back tonight, and if you have any good ideas, we will talk them over. >> all right, sir. see you later. >> >> all right, sandy, tell him it will cover. >> i will get it. wait a minute. raymond. that is send. >> sir. >> ascend. it's the bombing. that's fundamental.
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elemental. >> all right, keep hacking. only one more to go. >> we are going to fly the ip by normal navigation. no radar. four minutes to zoom into the target after the bpo. yesterday it takes only minutes to zero on us. and dr. rink will tell you something about their accuracy. doctor. >> when colonel gallagher flies his red and yellow flares. the squadron leaders will
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confuse him. not for long. perhaps, but long enough. he won't know what to fire at. that's all. >> general, you have a word? >> something more sophisticated, gentlemen, is on the way. but until then we will go on improvising. even if we have to toss out the kitchen sink. >> schmidt, i am going to scramble the group today.
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for action. no. there is nothing on radar yet. but there is a report from the listening post. >> we know they are up there somewhere. >> i want to go up and find them. leave rest to me. i bet they will play hide and seek again. >> bpo to pilot. on the ip, turn now. >> co-pilot to bpu, switch on your gear. >> roger, radar on, sir. >> yes, we have them. get a fix on this quickly. yes, we have them.
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open. i will get readings to pass to him. >> turn right 3?, sir. >> right, 3?. >> hold that course, sir. i am getting a good, clear response now. >> stand by on the wing back there. minute 55. 6. 7. 8. 9. two minutes, fire at flares. drop the shaft.
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course 200. no wait. no, no, wait. radar. >> yes. we are getting it. i don't know. can it be us. call it clear. flight control. fly 24,000 feet. something is wrong with our radar. something is wrong. >> yes, sir, sky full of scientific gem. >> to pilot, bombs away in 10 seconds. >> you are right on, right on.
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>> 4 3 2 1 bombs away. >> i don't know. i think we have lost them entirely and now we can't -- hello. hello. >> tracking 2,000 yards to the left. fly low. cease-fire. it's doing no good.
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>> to pilot, a fighter at 4 o'clock high is diving. coming straight for us, sir. >> ramrod, i have to take this equipment home. bob, take over. good luck. >> co-pilot to crew, i think we
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>> what is it? >> i can't help wondering what they think they will hit when they see that on the ground back
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>> the last two stragglers, ray. we only lost one, and not due to flack. >> good day. >> any day you get back is a good day. i would say that the day is especially good.
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frequency. >> i will tell him. what is that? a canteen cup? >> it's possible that no one will strike the last blow in something like this. but he who swings his right will keep on swinging. >> the germans will keep on swinging. we have to come up with something better than a scrap tin. we will, and someone will. a youngster i imagine. i am due
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