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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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vering baknewsut euhimorng ouof lgm muleported at the anbway ops meoparouthleattht. 8:0m.usse tim:00 m.ase uned , e we ioo,on cudearar th derea,th aibe peaps toha a suicide boing. then another explosion just inside the departesarea. we should mention thiswould be an areaing you are looking atootage from the scene, this would be an area wheryou would t have to have gone through security to get into that area. anyoneriving from a car or mansportatiod ve nenga suseor
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sare boinosionsinsuop d arndbron libe are ea erfrwas rested. das arrest alleged mast mi cks. ill queson s oio araclis already brlsrhs planni setwi des the atckfean idbe rod de rry atpr
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cfirmnes been thrpmbing. there en es re t caie re ting aulsomeeoplsainrecaggpa t ththar res rcatinas ma as20people ve beild ionsment t nofaing ouut the . stt thke routthateae place in brlsmornto tewhatweunrsnd affic tothaits haend ed doaitrn'ti
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the as f whe crthred. asnewen't kn w lehaen thi itlike alth veent noju buthe ossibiliof jumeioinbrse. metro en do apars thcomingst st, chece le on, looking for mo atiotr t wh we thhave to in thwe
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r thar oab waed ar usse weironn or
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id t'ephis nd me towe gohe whaiafc in d out ofius cl a traffiin the tyselshaso ghdsti. he >>orten atthe pi from thait. itapom th a gnicant pls taken ac bln ou, nd, you stru
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out owing dewhat tot foof blt havend pa. port llmengt the nsonpogg oke fromo at thathestrictofsels wher veokin s fod. metrst htoeneawe lkina nuf numbfft ac. d ou a nu ent peop. rien sayin recent days th th anoer ak.
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attackand it was c atey wererthony isis pewho is, peop o havereom we l one ac ssusls rhap mwear tturofju ma we argeg at ag. etec who kithst t findg t th after 8:0in rn uslstitwo os ed the ait,one was said tha rb, thdertesernal,rsbeen pes id ide g, enanot pl theics w inatarres , deg can anort ti let onplpes, multiple plosio
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ussels to be arthe beakarsa the rie rrrestede st ofays po in log foana le of diars plg t one --inutt gs were ta reibion r reof slam thdedecarry ouan ta some aack ul arrest usrnage.avd agrerning.
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the usorpeopngthere mu hensa of peoplhat the moin tgepaflhtand thound oero e riviat rponflht s eual arwo those le we kee plt tilcoul i wantgo to ia thchiejuicespoent inhi sadly, haexpeceth so ohereople betooff e stetbltrspey rougth if deoue r e ris ck e here ist is rpordee it t sety the me boru anth e you chto
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ofindual or far we told by we ha beby rathveanceon wh th dopa e,hicaeect er , w rks angeles, e,i,wirespond puttg adtial setyadditi etimve s ineyrect r t th aiortsn respon ifres ths anthatthg that ath g avtoherein ths the of whe ocrr in bewhro8:00 a. that theysithe n and e of e rt theurope aut are sy rhtnoth't en at ofmmat l in is.
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at guidtogive rpore u. t of emwe sn this th, ta and airports ine cide thr wh ait hefrome arity ow rkw fonew r rpts fthde houre.ey awarein tin cide whaguidancetogive. i jo ri in ant pl t the vuerart ait. u up me sit anget f e bus d lkto e aiwissing later on, u nethh cuty proces 's mumodiul buthpart of thait ere ar pe g to
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th's >>yosyon'e secuany fuhe hasayben or, fobway at, ain atnsy plwhe ga inth how ou ve the seri peritewe rpre takeup lvthk ca th g closwehaveseen e country s,he e thres rpanbegin toreri trairptsstopheckin r e are sos of des whavetobe ma inextfehours. is sanna,the th n ar tefocu tefi tracki
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susp, abruslspaicthis one neighborhood, theris mucd many it ybthat authithatr g ack al t>> rorheno quonha hso fo th rrabou is forthpaveeks eyree exte e twlved taanalizco ts ne op nnti sed whound, inr entsl e arms hamulatingthey woy soli this was plned. iso quone eu aav ial lehe om european coiesyri to fight wiisin lleaanbackro, it's
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w it be eao ine ths enmorrome point in th terrhrct th focess imib acan ou eymay venuer leey ar watch,itts emu e uc trge on ch other you to ll e ve talkeove lef abis switchind teitg to s, e these soet so emus they o isthey ty d th crtofa couny. yaveng l fr c up ouo, belgium, the loca inple dead afr plnse usonplio
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wane rounte aring w fon t how pemiioteing s afstay insieyarundeck ist of rnnt'sem ittee in wake ofe atcks inbrusselsarout twes of ostw e rpt anweknowt o atn is th onee pre ects tackwas onw mefor itis retrfo atest, where pnning oue cks,wefu gettcahtnd wa caout >>ll veco
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>>depo .
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xboro. 32 south hl cky mount.nuace teatat orbew freeng. he'sig rmer, roo. tteville. inthe osadry effect g,tempatures ar nntilyco ye wsin upper is mniand d 30s. degrees raleigh. fayett degrs lderinsouth hill. frost adviryis ef unti9:. fuy yo yoeddoto tendnt weren thdst of piy havto mpatures e s foore e re ma other ering ecr te crop mostthe tenderplants ticomet sh we need see lonany mar vehigh su at ha shiftethe ut
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thprre stem wiif offlow from trth innorth carolina. nn rlmos10 des th terday. torrow 1 des isrning. urext emwhic heon shore,althwestcoas losu co ont and atio front rre but un ay veial trngt on rest lookowut 's into ar. all thugthe soh,plty of nshi r torru can e thdeofouds up rough thssisvaey wednday. he fron thsday lan th, ck in nne. arves ofray to thext be chof rades mo tie our up wie blryin e
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mid near ay, . the esy th feing nice and most 10 degrees above normal which 66, at th, amazing th range this time of year. 88 the record hi. he coldhigh mperature for thursday date. we get in to the weekend, temperatures are little above normal. saturday. 70 for easter sund. looks like a syem may come through to bringus a chance sheron suwewita aboustere ia few 40s utsaunderis thatteto , e foiftructiin this te of y . u.40, cary lng dukendcont ncaatlrhlscoh,y wiia ves s dewani te >>adipeslearned
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t cthe joplfosel. > ncurme duke rtcarolipl57. rolina fouty lirositoand hillment gur d tomentti. ro ce e coatiocohekeha>> ithinevercoac theywa ntthe iculbe exence, ey r anything ce ta e rcwe ttg sothve
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disonthei ahtoplay eg. w how nutes w inplwh aenioye g rolefovilsi sketllal ad >> hanngunwicoac enouipru ofenal tremrs owfrom ffsoand s. almademe fi tth the hu6 me g agaial plf spot.
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en5 wes.up a00. haenout the tra fo >>we e ayintothbreaking t ofsebeiuthis e riesio at e aiort bway ion has su in opeaanine ers could gohier, will havtemiup presidobama
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chs atthme iss co ke so mas, wasisng gs in school - ra - dis gti we tried ts but th didn cnect then we araboulvan's new hing sm, sync peal les, tay syan ified ctors, using tenologys lo ever more eed. d e resultarey ing. kidsikconnicalsee two hree
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meop are plat ait anm ion inus rteancfor ma acshtili ofthduam ja wellinbreaki newsbreaking ne t rount,fole incrh. weliwh veigs teing mng it iwhat a ha enllg breakingews br bem.weilin mont. now u wagech eaer. libes thla. a pret nsuy eaofs.s g rm is teeslimbhe we are seempures ziin me s moin lke erda thfrvi inct for morning. s niceand ielo thsky t g toun inhes
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vebut es ie w tomithfrost so fee enreareaam 35 cary udand , utt onfaeville an a rm up, mid toluimd well lkates up r th fenutes. >>:30 this morn r, outhe lethisgreat you can see ur e roh johnn coty, 40est to thsouthside of leigh, rtp and chapel hill is ear this morning. durham, wearaccident frees delay free as well as we check out the drive i-40 eastbound, first taking a lookatth camera, i-40s nc54. not too mu heavy traffic. things are clear near south pot ll now.
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wa iftravineaund. a yivasting the peiu hfoowing brea ofbrus pderi of io e have beeno thinbrusa se seralpljud ine plosion in e metro stat the eu hers, company l st th thai cleds we auits teg eryoneinuso rein ere pp da afthpeinth abdearreed.
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re. >>we a learng a l ab tackthertw ures area, , ateve thhasuide er, anr pln de e paure ea. thisda isct e thisis outse e t t w,aitdow aof le jerat ed pubea of therin, s 'tve togo sitagd parta the ai ped stlnable time mo 00.m.
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ve vele forairport inls ic doing ealrenu ywhere froto more ther some co r e manypewerelledat e bwatuso osions atyi sithroth t to cl acss >> rep5 plion.expect the s to ge, inators do thewowe ll th stl , dateth t and h our fox wsthugh 7: he sty t ky four a twhicle ll
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weey d co 'skaya thurmond niwhte po >> rter: the s blof rttlar thaspp ar igrocky unt carssinortcaesane, fi und e e. incl of s ral spno fereatinjur social mediastgg op entuthsc ttica crisstunder at e y afr lisay t d at bookea duam jaat
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we is breang at30 ofr tu das hacuffwh haba he hadin waishis pantth befe n wentff ofr tuer in e er eated d reedmcmill w tto a inch > two peoplerering ns andth rs in cu shtie fayettilleapyeday af rad road cds staunt. here is wh ha, bur ripusel phonfrs.sellers attetorob buynpoian whtheery viim shngtwofthe the specwe struck. arpe to s >>th wereco t ps,on show them t money to
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fid,fid >> othertomee nohurt. ecth wecaug. ign is>>in rnet s eppedoda afrvasf e 02d a onregnn. four des of ic w foemen sher e s wi ouhereof te cos habewith harnett untyiff's for 20 > bapres amlladdress enati a oadclive bereg hioric 2.5
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gae al a c verepo cu at4:00 p.m.on, tath man daviicwh paishistd sowith ofsionalalplay wi toe wr.c >>toni gh prard caucus inth en raccaes will inree es. heg verfr th pas izona primy ahcaus moatic vwillin idaho ucus >>l ys rainagomsh codes on acresthhout t cit> hewas iniewib ena freng tudepe
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had we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00. it's quiet. skies are clear, a beautiful morning, be prepared for the
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30 roxboro, 35 clinton, 31 wake forest. plenty of places hit freezing or below, a quick warm up with the sunshine, temperatures climb to the 50s by lunchtime. yesterday's high was in the mid to upper 50s, jumping up to the mid-60s for this afternoon. it should feel nice later on. our temperatures keep climbing. we will check that out in the seven-day forecast coming up. apple unveiled new products during an event at the company's headquarters in california. the first innovation apple introduce second a recycling robot named leem. separates parts that can be recycled and repurposed. the new list be small and powerful. the iphone se will be four inches long and have the same feature as at the much larger iphone six. orders begin this thursday, for the se, it will be available a week later. here is an interesting
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an irs tatoo or pay taxes. 27% of taxpayers would choose to get irs tattooed rather than pay the irs and the survey asked what you would rather do than prepare your taxes, a majority said they would rather do laundry. a tennis big wig steps down. >> what he said about women that had the ggt sts condemning his remarks. . this teen was put to the test when a robber caused chaos
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what compelled him to jump four boys are in a hospital after a shooting in chicago. a gunman opened fire about 9:00 last night. they range in age from 11-16. their conditions stabilized. so far, no one is in custody. a separate shooting left a man dead and another in critical condition, local media report 14 people were wounded in the shootings in chicago yesterday. the head of one of the biggest events in tennis resigned. raymond moore stepped down one day after apologizing for
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world up in arms. here is what he had to say about female players. they ride on the coat tails of the men, they don't make any very lucky. >> he said if he were a lady player, he would thank god every night for roger federer and rafael nadal because they carried the sport. he spoke on sunday. both women were among those comments. the bnp open is the most well attended tennis event outside of the grand slams. a teenager look for a job made a good impression on his new boss. >> devon washington was interviewing for a job at a pop eyes in new orleans, when a cashier started screaming. a thief was grabbing cash from a register and heading for the door. washington, who is 18 years old, says, he didn't think
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>> the only thing i remember, putting his hands behind his back. i wasn't scared or nervous. i was thinking it could be my mom or anybody's mom, you got to protect somebody. >> washington held the would-be thief for police and got the job at the fast food restaurant. he will be working there after school to earn money for a car and support a 3-month-old daughter. >> he has the body of a bouncer and the smile of an angel. >> he does. we have good weather. a beautiful day. nice and clear. sit cold. we were expecting this. we were talking about this last week. here it is. let's look at what is happening outside. there is our rdu sky cam. beyond the fact it's cold, everything is quiet. our skies are clear.
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look at the moon, if you see something bright nearby, that's jupiter, making for a beautiful sight. if you go to, and check out tony rice has a block about it on the weather page. he is talking about the moon and jupiter together making this beautiful sight. 34 degrees, winds are calm. dew point is 28. it's dry. 30 roxboro. 32 south hill and rocky mount. 33 erwin. 36 fayetteville and goldsboro. ts are cold this morning. -- temperatures are coal this morning. 8 degrees colder rocky mount. 6 degrees colder roxboro and fayetteville and 7 degrees colder clinton and goldsboro. enough to notice. frost advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m., temperatures now are mainly in the low to mid 30s. to do real damage to any tender plants, temperature needs to be
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not quite that cold. not a hard freeze advisory but frost advisory, which could do minor damage. i believe since we have had a good deal of warning about this, hopefully everybody has protected their tinder plants and farmers are doing what they can to protect crops like strawberries that are starting to bloom. see the as we get towards the end of the loop there, we may see a little bit of high, thin cloud cover today. for the most part, expect a good bit of sunshine and a nice warm up. the high pressure system moves closer to us and starts to block some of the flow of the cold air coming in from the north. the next system we are tracking is affecting the west, this arrives friday. that will bring us the next best chance of rain and the weekend is going to be a little bit unsettled. we stay nice and dry for today and tomorrow and thursday. on the wide view, you can watch the development of this system back to the west. here is wednesday, 5:00 p.m.,
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we get in to a stronger southerly flow for thursday. that's when we see a real warm up to 80 degrees. we see the development front back to the wests and thursday by 5:00, there it is, poised to roll in over us on friday. rain. 65 today. 76 on wednesday. wednesday looks beautiful. it maybe breezy, gusts 25-30 afternoon. good kite flying weather on wednesday. thursday likely to be the warmest day of this week compare that to 66 which is the normal and 88 which is the record set back in 1929 to. the weekend, a chance of showers friday. now, saturday looks dry. with the systems coming in, these are small disturbances coming through. timing those can be difficult, keep in mind that the weekend maybe a little unsettled. on the easter sunday, sunrise is 7:07.
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temperatures cool, upper 40s to low 50s, the high on sunday afternoon up to 70 degrees. we are going to start out taking a look at your drive along i-40 west through johnston county and gaper. sensors not picking up major delays. checking in at the clayton bypass, traffic moving smoothly in both directions. we got lots of traffic. no major issues and things are able to move quickly here at i- 40 both directions and jones sausage road as well. 9 minutes from the cleveland areaing johnston county to the 440 split of the morning. southside of raleigh, seeing busy traffic on both sides here, the eastbound traffic is the traffic towards us and the westbound traffic is that traffic moving away from us, delay free with an 8-minute
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point in the morning. details about a tractor trailer accident along 15-501 in durham. it is 5:52, the carolina rail hawks are giving you a chance to watch them in action.
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up from the comfort of your french president is holding an emergency meeting because of the explosions at the airport in brussels and a metro station. france remains in a state of emergency after the november
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>> 13 people are dead and belgium media is reporting as many as 20 as the result of today's blasts which just has been characterized as terror attacks. abdeslam was arrest insides brussels. >> the belgium prime minister put out a tweet warning that the public to avoid any movement at this time. authorities telling everyone to stay where they are in brussels for fear of more attacks. right now, we know of three explosions there in brussels. first for the carolina rail hawks , the first professional soccer team in the state to broadcast their regular season matches on tv.
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network debut saturday at noon, against mexican champion, taluc afc. capital broadcasting partnered to broaast dcthgames ats.ouraerthem in person, head to wake med in cary. coming up, more on the breaking news on the series of explosions in brussels belgium. we have a special report from nbc coming up at the top of the hour. how hilary clinton is looking to clinch the
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donald trump tries to stave off yowodn't money bung snow er in whyte youmoy on overpced lu std, f just thre dolls at sway, you caa decis x-in sub, mash iont of it'shreeollar su thy: onof our bt inchs, a diffsub dayof tk, st throllars. sweet onion chicken teriyaki, the ovenoaed ken, tendery brst there' irresble su
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subwayesh we d > folleang russels after erplos at e d thtr e ve en ed putransporedwe area fr e lles isckby th mning6:on st3:00
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s,ats or bw wegoma laas coespoents fanne arthe area. we wl paleounsoiin>>:00, ter 8:00camein brussismo this were twplos airporac tthis arotheinthe . thndts, t suoforem. why pae teinal blt seemevtati lang explose de -- large exple devi at did the damage. 13 people confirmed dead, lots of others have been injured at a busy time atthe airport. people rushing to catcplanes, other flights arring in other parts of the airport. people were taken paengers to a tarmac area where they


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