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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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casee fruit farmers in our area preparing for a cold snap just in time for the start of spring this. could snap a $6 million business in north carolina. we are talking about the peach industry. i'm gerald owens. >> i'm deborah morgan. poach tries are starting to bloom because it has been so warm outside. temperatures near freezing are possible in the coming days.
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where whr the crop could be in jeopardy. swrrs-- whether the crop could be in jeopardy. >> reporter: to see the buds, can you almost feel the juice on your children but to see so much brilliance some two weeks before april fool's day. >> they bloomed really fast this year. >> reporter: can make a peach apartmenter budgety. >> we get a little anxious about it. -- a little fidgety. >> as long as it is 32 and above, we are god to go. >> reporter: peaches are not a major crop in north carolina, not like they are in south carolina and georgiament but they are a beloved summertime harvest and a late season freeze could really bite. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: garrett johnson is still growing peaches 82 years after his father began coking the sand hills into orchards. >> there is one other thing. i like to make money. >> reporter: there have been years when springtime cold spells have browning him dry. last year, a late march plunge
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the farm lost half of its peaches. now comes a first of spring forecast with temperatures around 32. does that concern you? >> yes, it concerns. but do you see that wind machine out there? >> yes. >> we crank that thing up and pull it right up. >> reporter: he has seven of those wind machines that can whip up temperatures by two or three degrees. early spring, what with its mood swings can be a taxing time for a farmer. >> we don't really relax until we get to april 15th. >> reporter: after tax day, he says, winter has usually gone broke and the exquisiteness of spring yields to the fruits of summer. >> farmers said they were concerned about a particularly warm winter. saying peaches need a certain amount of cold days. we'll have details on our forecast, how close it will get to 32 and how long it will stay there coming up. >> that is such a delicate way to make a living, farming. pollen levels are expected to reach seasonal highs in the next few weeks.
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quality sent out an alerthis afternoon. they say if you are allergic to pollen, limit your titi outside until pollen levels go down. during the spring in income, in, the levels can reach above 1,000-grams per cubic meter. syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease and it hasn't been widespread in years but it is making a big comeback all over the state. wake county had more than 200 cases reported last year up from 30 just a few years ago. dr.sue lynn ledford is the public health administrator. she says many patients used online sites or social media sites to arrange look-ups. about half of the new patients are also hiv positive and syphilis can make that disease even worse. >> in the early stages, someone might not even be ware that he or she has the seas edcan e bldneulogil mageor d
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wi l. #eles arep for grs. 8 for air st target. gee s at ty llaa conc poti ast tside wn. maed isisedo ku rorte. he says he wants to come back to the united states. he told reporters he linked up with isis in syria after traveling through corky. then he was transferred to the battle front in mosul. -- traveling through turkey. >> just to the miami international airport people as like some mosul, it is al werecoroll and prth uoffihaot been ab ihibut the
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subwayh hawe d athletes raced to the top of the avila tower. hundred showed up but only two could call themselves a
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the fastest time up the steps, seven minutes and 4 seconds. both wishs also won last year. they're sweating. it is that wind in the face keeps them dry, i guess. >> i guess so. last week on our good things report, we profiled the green chair project. >> tonight being billing leslie looks at an offshoot of the nonprofit that delivers free beds to children in need. >> reporter: kerry and kathy work together on a wake county program called sweeter dreams. >> it's lot, i think, to ask ever a child to come to school when they haven't hay good night's sleep and expect them to pay attention and learn and grow. >> reporter: sweeter dreams helps children who have no beds to sleep on. many who don't even have a blanket when they try to fall asleep on the cold hard floor at night. >> reporter: last year, we did over 400 beds for children in need. 180 of those beds we actually delivered straight to hair homes.
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enters wake county allow students from low income families to take naps for an hour or longer at school because they didn't get enough sleep the night before. >> it is kind. sad because during that nap time, they are missing instruction. and it is always a constant catching up that teachers have to do. >> reporter: school officials usually see an immediate difference in the academic performance and the temperament of children who finally have their own bed. >> you see the kids in school the next day after they've had the first night appear sleep and ask them how it felt and they are all smiles and it felt wonderful and cozy and warm. >> reporter: the need for more beds is great and sweeter dreams is looking for more people willing to donate and transport these beds. money is tight but they are determined to keep this program alive. how does it make you feel to know you are doing something hike this personally? >> it gets me sweeter dreams at night. i sleep better.
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news, raleigh. >> they have a lot of supplies there but they always need more. >> the things that people take for granted. the sweeter dreams african- american provides all of that, the beds, the mattress, comforter, sheets and pillows for each recipient. one community found what they considered a shocking dovery this week. decorations meant to memorialize loved ones who had died, snatch ad and thrown in the trash. this wasn't the act of a prankster or vandals. we'll tell you what happened in a few minutes. wral news at 6:00 starts right now more than six years after the start air wral investigation, changes at the state motor fleet. leaders promise improved customer service and savings. wral investigates uncovered a state car distribution system full of inefficiencies.
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thank you for joining us. >> tonight, incremental changes to improve that state agency. cullen broward are is live to explain. >> reporter: -- browder is live to plain. >> reporter: we know changes come slowly in government. this is motor fleet hid quarters which oversees 7 # hundred state vehicles that travel more than 90 million miles per year. after years of document the unefficiencies. motor fleet is now talking about some savings in 200 #, wral investigates first started looking under the hood of motor fleet. we found state agencies spending millions on cars that often went nowhere. reaction was harsh from the then budget reform co-chair. >> it is foolish. it ought to be fixed. >> reporter: two years later from the then governor and speaker tom tillis are. >> i'm not happy with any of this. >> that doesn't sound lie a good eudlyization scenario for us. >> reporter: this revelation from the performance evalue ration division.


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