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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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would knock most of his rivals out of the race. >> if we win ohio and florida, it's pretty much over. >> if hillary clinton sweeps the day, will it be the end for bernie sanders? >> i feel good about where i am in this campaign. >> our team ways sweighs in on what could be the most decisive day of the race. admission. >> the answer is yes. >> the nfl acknowledging a link between football and brain disease. where does the league go from here, and what does it mean for popular sport? weighing in. oj simpson a the mini series. >> people are, oh, the acting is riveting and this is a great plot line. i'm thinking, this is murder. >> this morning, what they say you're not seeing on the show. rose garden rap. the cat
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president for a free style performance performance. >> you think that's going viral? >> one for the history books today, tuesday, march 15th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." election day in many states. free style rappi seeard itse. in fntf thside - >> "haon" tg o the whit house. you smind y , w b d cam with subterranean home sick blues. >> you mentioned '80s ripping off on that. we'll talk about that in a moment. election day, presidential race, voters in five states are heading to the polls today. headlined by the winner take all contests in florida and ohio.
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to donald trump live. first, peter alexander is in the buckeye state. good morning. >> good morning. this is the day that so many republican candidates had circled on their calendar for months. so much riding on the state of ohio. what was today will go a long way in determining whether this race becomes a coronation for donald trump or we're headed to a contested convention in the buckeye state this summer. >> we'll have a great day. we'll have a phenomenal day. >> reporter: donald trump, confident and undeterred. >> get him out of here. >> reporter: dismissing protesters in tampa with the help of sarah palin. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty [ bleep ] thuggery stuff that's been going on with these quote, unquote, protesters. >> reporter: the former alaska governor heading home to be with her husband todd, seriously injured in a snow machine
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for kasich and rubio, it's d day. win their home states or stay home. >> i win ohio and continue to take this program forward, it's going to send a positive message to the world. >> it comes down to florida. this state will elect 99 delegates to one person. and i want it to be me, and i need you to help it to be me. >> reporter: rubio later backtracking, insisting he could survive a loss in florida. >> i never said my campaign is built on the outcome of any special state. >> kasich alongside mitt romney, looking for his first win. hoping his popularity with ohio republicans translates into an ohio victory. >> why is it neck and neck with trump here? >> i don't think it is. we're ahead. >> reporter: what he calls a toxic environment at trump rallies. >> it's lowering a bar and creating a bad image for america. >> reporter: a north carolina
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it won't file charges against trump after an investigation into whether trump's statements at a rally last week where a protester was sucker punched, constituted a riot. but it keeps coming. >> bimbo. dog. fat pig. real quotes by donald trump about women. >> women, you have to treat them [ bleep ]. >> reporter: still, the rhetoric is con stagetagious. >> sir, one difference between this and a donald trump rally. i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> for mainstream republicans, the so-called establishment, this is the last stand in ohio and florida. i was struck by what mitt romney said campaigning alongside john kasich yesterday. he said to his supporters, america is counting on you. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you. donald trump joins us by
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good morning to you. >> morning. >> tim used to have a saying about elections. he'd hold up the board and it'd say, ohio, ohio, ohio. if you win florida and ohio, you could be on your way to the nomination. you're going against the sitting governor, john kasich. he's never lost a statewide election. could he ruin your night? >> well, he's 22-0 in terms of losing. he has lost every single state he's been in. i'll tell you what -- in terms of the presidential, he's done very, very poorly. i've spent a lot of time in ohio. i was there last night in youngstown. he is not a popular guy. he approved nafta. he's trying to approve tpp, which is a total disaster. nafta destroyed ohio, took the businesses out, and he voted for it. look what he's done. in favor of common core. he's just now come out in favor
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i think the man is not very popular. i don't. he has not won one race in terms of presidenal. i guess he's 0 for 22. i don't see it happening. i've been with the people of ohio. they hate the fact their coal and steel industries are gone. i think we're going to do well in ohio. >> mr. trump, if you are able to win in ohio, win in florida, have a big night tonight, and it looks like you're on track to get the 1,237 delegates, do you expect republican leaders, the republican party, to fall in line behind you as the presumptive nominee? >> i do. they're already calling. i have the biggest people in the party, if there is such a thing because i'm not sure whether to use the word establishment, what it means. mitt romney, by the way, ran the worst race perhaps in the history of presidential politics. >> who is calling? >> he's campaigning now for kasich.
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mitt romney too much. that's for sure. they'll send him the signal. the biggest people in the party are calling. they want to sit down. they want to make things right. a lot of people are calling because they see what's happening. savannah, we brought millions of people, millions -- it's the biggest story in politics worldwide -- we brought millions of people in, and they're voting in the primaries. we're up 70%. the democrats are down 35%. there's no enthusiasm for hillary, especially. i mean, no enthusiasm. >> let me jump? >> millions of people are going to give us a tremendous victory in november. >> let me ask you about the comment on the ad running in many states. it's an anti-trump pac. basically, it takes real women, and they repeat some of the things you have said about women over the course of the last
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it's very difficult to watch. would you like to take back any of these comments you've made? >> let me just say about that, it was an ad put up by mitt romney's people. mitt romney is a sour guy. no question. >> let me tell you, every single poll of every single state i've won, of which i've won, you know, a vast majority, but every single poll coming out, the exit polls, i lead with women. i lead with the military. i lead with the vets. i lead with virtually everyone. >> would you take back any of the quotes, anything you've said that you think in the light of day, well, maybe that wasn't the greatest thing to say? >> i have not seen the ad, so i'd have to seen it. i've heard about it but i have not seen the ad. >> donald trump, a huge day for you and the other candidates on both sides of the spectrum. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you very much. let's turn to chuck todd,
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let's do the republicans before we turn to the democrats. we've seen where the delegates stand right now. lay it out for us, the various scenarios. >> most likely, basically, this is the if the polls are right. trump would win 3 of the 5. cruz with missouri. kasich with ohio. this is where we could stand. trump has a lead in the delegates but can't get to 1,237. under this scenario, what happens is, i'll go through it, yo assume he wins 50% of the delegates for the remaining states. he comes up, at least -- this is the rosiest scenario if he loses ohio -- about 50 short. that's why ohio is important. he gets ohio, they can't stop him. if he loses one of them, i think they stop him. just being 50 short, i think, is a problem right now for him. >> if john kasich wins his home state of ohio, does it propel
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>> i think it could propel him. next week, you have utah and arizona. kasich win in ohio, he could win in utah. cruz could win arizona. it's about puncturing the balloon of trump. i feel like we say, trump could lose this. it's like lucy and the football for the anti-trump forces. oh, this is the night they're going to get them. football is yanked away, trump wins 4 of 5 and can't stop them. >> we'll ask for your take on the democrats in a second. first, nbc's kristen welker is in miami to set the stage for us there. good morning. >> good morning to you. could be a turning point in the democratic race. secretary clinton feeling confident here in the delegate-rich state of florida and also north carolina. senator sanders liking his chances in missouri and also clinton's home state of illinois. ohio could be the state to watch. polls show clinton with a comfortable lead. both campaigns think it's closer, particularly after
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michigan, which showed his message on trade and the economy is resonating with voters in the midwest. to counter, clinton has been touting herlans to bolster the manufacturing sector. the two have been takeing jabs. last night at town halls, both saved their sharpest attacks for the gop front runner donald trump. >> he's been building this incitement. he has been leading crowds in jeering protesters. he has been talking about punching people in the face. he's been encouraging the man handling of both, you know, people who are attending, as well as journalists. >> this guy has insulted mexicans, muslims, women. he's insulted veterans. john mccain, a war hero. the american people won't vote for somebody like that. >> we're getting a snapshot of the race this morning according to the latest nbc news/surveymonkey poll. clinton topped sanders
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it's a 13 point lead, down slightly from the 17-point lead she had the last time the poll was conducted. if clinton has a strong night, she could all but put this race out of reach if. if senator sanders has a big night, he could have more momentum. >> thank you. that sets the table nicely for chuck todd. there is suspense on the democratic side. sanders is competitive in some states. >> take away the super delegates and you're down to a 200 delegate lead here. in the states tonight, we assume that she is going to win the two states. she could win by enough where she could lose the midwestern states here to sanders and still win the night on delegates. ohio and illinois. first, the illinois stuff, there is a subplot here. mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, so unpopular. sanders has been attacking him. she could lose chicago and that's why she could lose illinois.
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which is a state he won. he's definitely in comfortable shape. this is the pivotal one, in ohio. moementum wise, if he wins 3 of 5, there's the sense of, look at this. after michigan, winning big states. even if he loses the night on delegates, the next seven contests, bernie sanders could win all seven and the momentum could get serious and she could be in trouble. >> where would be her best chance to gain momentum back or get back on track? >> it'll take a month. you have t wait until april, pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, maryland. it could be a while. arizona and utah next week, she could lose both. that's why tonight, she needs to win ohio and illinois to truly put this race away. >> what i take away, ohio, ohio, ohio, on both sides. >> yes. >> chuck, thank you. let's turn to major news out of washington and a first for the nfl. a high-ranking, league official acknowledging a link between football and a brain disease. willie has more on that.
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c.t.e. is a degenerative brain disorder linked to head trauma. while the league settled a class action lawsuit tied to conclusions, it never acknowledged the link definitively. that changed on monday. >> reporter: a landmark admission from america's biggest league. for the first time in its history, the nfl admitting a link between the brain disorder c.t.e. and the repeated head trauma football players suffer. the statement came monday in a congressional committee from the nfl's senior vice president for health and safety, jeff miller. >> mr. miller, is there a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like c.t.e.? >> research shows a number of retired nfl players were diagnosed with c.t.e. the answer is yes. but there are a number of questions that come with that. >> reporter: that research dating back to a study released last september found c.t.e. in
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the autopsy shows former players like those who committed suicide, had the disorder. >> the broader point and the one your question gets to is what that necessarily means and where do we go from here with that information? >> reporter: the admission is a departure from years of league policy. in 2013, the nfl settled a class action lawsuit with former players, paying $765 million. pledging future research on the subject. but the league did not admit any wrongdoing. nor that football was the cause of the retired players' disorders. in a statement to nbc news overnight, the league reiterated miller's point, that a lot more questions needs to be answered. adding, we want the facts to develop better solutions. that's why we're committed to advancing medical research on head trauma, including c.t.e., to let the science go where the science goes. >> c.t.e. can only be diagnosed after death. with many athletes suffering
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dementia and als, this is looked at as a positive sign for people hoping changes come to the game they love to watch. this is a question parents have been asking, do i let my kids play football? now that you have the nfl talking about that link, that becomes a more difficult question to answer. >> willie, thank you. also this morning, disturbing story. we're learning more about this u.s.-born, isis fighter, detained in northern iraq. richard engel is on that story for us. good morning. what can you tell us? >> good morning. as far as we can tell, this is the first time ever that an alleged american isis member surrendered on the battlefield. it's unclear what will happen to him next. >> reporter: kurdish fighters say this is a video of an isis fighter just after he surrendered to their position in northern iraq. when they asked where he was
7:17 am
said, united states. the kurds say they found the 26-year-old's virginia driver's license on him. an uncle confirmed his identity to nbc news and said the family thought the young man was traveling in europe. but there was a different reaction at the family home in alexandria alexandria. >> i'm not talking to nobody. leave the area. >> reporter: his father tried to drive reporters away. angrily insisting -- >> wrong information. >> reporter: all their wrong. a kurdish news agency reported that he crossed the turkish border a few months ago and joined isis. when the kurds asked where he'd been, he answered, mosul, an isil stronghold in iraq. the kurdish fighters say he was trying to leave isis when he territory.
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>> u.s. officials say isis is facing growing pressure to keep its fighters loyal, as the group is facing pressure and military attacks from the united states, russia, iran and a whole host of other enemies. back to you. >> richard, thank you very much. let us make a turn now and get a look at the weather. al is off today and dylan is? >> hi, guys. we haven't seen much rain in louisiana and texas, but the flooding is a major concern. the rivers are still cresting right now. this is some of the worst non-hurricane related flooding ever seen. homes are underwater, entire towns are underwater. even though we are starting to see the skies dry out, it'll take at least another week before these rivers come below the flood stage. they're so high above it, with record flooding in situations, that it is going to be a problem for at least the rest of this week. you can see all these red diamonds. that's where we still have major
7:19 am
we're looking at the pearl river. current level, 19.37 feet, more than hurricane isaac produced way back when. that's why we're seeing this as worst than the flooding we've seen. in the sabine river in texas, still above the record flood stage. we still have the chance, perhaps this week with a couple of isolated showers and storms, seeing another 1/2 up to an inch of rainfall in louisiana and new orleans. area of stronger storms, including overnight, isolated tornadoes. biggest threat is hail and damaging wind gusts, including chicago. it could cause delays at the airports later tonight.
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across the country. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. just ahead, prosecutors move to revoke the bail of the former prep school student convicted in a sex assault case. will he end up behindars?
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brint the . 7:26, i'm bill leslie with the news. we've got traffic troubles in cary. here is brian. >> the accident happened at about 6:45 this morning. we still have two left lanes blocked on 40 westbound before harrison avenue. looking back toward harrison in the distance, you can see traffic squeezing by in the two right lanes. looks like some of these emergency vehicles are clearing so we may see an airport but it's -- it's going to be a while before we see any clearing, you can see that line extending toward lake crabtree and their crabtree creek area. allow plenty of extra time between wade avenue and 540, you are looking at a 30 minute drive.
7:27 am
out to 540 as an alternate route were 54 to harrison or aviation parkway. also seen big outbound delays on wade avenue heading away from the beltline toward 40 westbound. the polls stay open until 7:30 tonight. david crabtree and laura leslie begin live coverage at 9:00 on wral 2, that is over the air on 5.2 or time warner cable channel 1255. the weather is looking pretty good today, elizabeth. >> a little damp and cooler than yesterday. was foggy earlier, it's starting to lift a little bit but we are still seeing low cloud cover their and other places as well. goldsboro. we will see skies cleared through the morning and a nice sunny afternoon with a pretty day on tap, 76 degrees today, 83 wednesday.
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inesla >> we accenth aec suc o body lik e relyeer te tod at teintdr miaburee mng is h pomha m othelt. >> reportugortrumalin c peanthe to rerno alas b bef ne lra yusba is s chin anguys f your ays recoveng rig afr k on a snesohabiec rmpti dd palinn hech wleununht ooumiha t sinith n. t pn th , klarli forgbo ddecy w.
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p, to klhereouly hepposerection,wo he h . to bk kahend isie. >>eporar p a fa oernd goues guy know. ot the atd pin vo aer sile de back 2008,ur a,e s fter re a ds. how, g, tn , c foacith aro ar isough. chzal >'s aer cck e wth fdy . >>e torm p rougiowa ods sg tou an s a o rotnin govhrou ilnois. a second lf srs storms wildep. those ce with
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w... ye geicoobile workke a. ic exctreatavgs and a e lot re year's most talked about series on television. >> fx's kpt"people versus o.j. simpson" is popular. not sitting well with key players from the actual case. natalie has more on that. >> millions of people have been tuning in every week to watch the star-studded series that reenacts the trial of the century. ron goldman's family and kato kaelin are lashing out at the production. >> i know what you're going through. >> do you? do you have a son who was murdered? ron is dead! it's like no one even cares. >> people are, oh, the acting is riveting.
7:44 am
i'm thinking, these are -- murder. it's very confusing to us. >> i got you. >> this is not entertainment. >> reporter: kim goldman, her father fred and kato kaelin, speaking out today on the "steve harvey show" about the "people versus o.j. simpson." >> i want him to pay for what he's done. >> reporter: the series dredging up old pain. >> it rips the band aid back off. poured gallons of salt in it and leave us to be. >> they seem to be on a fishing expedition at my client's expense. >> this is routine. >> reporter: they have concentrated so much on the attorney's side of it. ron and nicole appeared as dead bodies in the beginning, and that's it. >> reporter: it's been 20 years since the goldmans lost their son and brother ron, and sat through the horrific details of his murder at trial. >> i had a man offer me a high powered rifle. he said it was not traceable.
7:45 am
and i said, you're talking to the wrong guy. just walk away. >> reporter: kim reveals her wish to confront o.j. in prison. >> my brother was found with his eyes open, and that's always haunted me. that -- that my brother watched his killer leave him there. i just -- wanted to be the last face that the killer saw walking out of a room. >> then it was, oh, my god. >> reporter: kato kaelin speaking out about his portrayal of an air head and freeloader. >> i'm not an official person. i just kind of live back here. >> we need to speak to mr. simpson. >> there is a lot of inaccuracies. i was nicole's frie more than a. o.j. i became friends with nicole and the kids. it was pure friendship. >> we're going to get him.
7:46 am
the show won't be the last word after what really happened behind the scenes. >> there's going to be a whole generation of people who never knew anything about this trial that will see this series and take it as gospel. when, in fact, it won't be. >> we reached out to fx but they declined to comment. see more of the interviews with the goldmans and kato kaelin on today's "steve harvey show." it is a fascinating re-telling of the events. however, it is still a tv series. important to remind people. there are a lot of liberties you can see throughout. >> not a documentary. >> exactly. >> imagine it's your family they're talking about. >> exactly. >> natalie, thank you very much. coming up, the deal that just made michael jackson's family $750 million richer. and the cast of "hamilton" takes over the white house. leading to one epic rap in the rose garden.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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san watch heranere shs fit tonjoy (toit ush) ou nd opito manage yr chpain y beo consd it like everyone xcepyou. ioid-induced cstatio is a erent onstion, may ne a difft apch. ing foange
7:56 am
>> i7:56rewe havbrng newso crsideia caidatll a sure gnp in t tanglisning. withe at rd wl hage of th. >>w t' ban der for the la cshon i-40 bps >> icreati aup on-esouo raleig it w aidt thrron ene. iharrisenn stce, avonfte d and tr ge itnolod at cerokthselo fck quoad outoia rkokdre to , 40ut
7:57 am
uestab25 alsheavtbouad tg merge in th. st bs ck up tb frriser ay of ou csir od av h it ia be pat this mng. eth,owe th sili iokg? >> down gse gr lookt the evilskycamthgsre, cl tthe triale cw cloud cod bi especitr or r. 51 ill, 59 58n fail tempurstt warm wh the hi. reunthe afrnn anmid-s.toowig
7:58 am
o idles ericanorckom thesh. 'sove foarwe tovidedia brignenas toaniesfr mjo orss.fobusihaeate. and let's ener with panelinled by tndf r t .
7:59 am
llary clintod e essa > it's 8:00 on "today".
8:00 am
ccinsouothi d w ooer sts a adul . natzar wei in w thervero it a tomeeit a? ay groce get tond monit r >>ha ? >> are kan john! >>nglatis. yho ur b in w, cehat when the wkow es, 2016. >> we're on the "today" show. let's get on it, don't you
8:01 am
84rae t re. t'8:00ay". ths aby. y, 15 eaaz e crowdsnd loud. reakon. ai one re whas ? rizz a spring-l d and nowre bac t days wou reat' n it singt. is ,o ay >> oue rse. did y say st ing. by t way, ftmeou ha intork too . catay g getng rey. ismog, toot for wha lad will s one
8:02 am
first, a of the >>ot ierway a ntlri t d bcaaigns.illi of e takipa ks ora in cor. mo rnliis oe ste dru iooking r moimy, hts inohio. e starehe t sta foth blicans. teto en bucke i l you,oh.yomake the er >> r where d trum tda dn't hear p f rs. butwdea p a hn kasi ich ctakme tag >>epter:mp ispps is aneckh h oh wts kachas to. can'tniteri ding era. g not
8:03 am
r he o pple ruas rlck . epte deleges bs acrosivetes u.ertory. hi a,rearco rub making h lasd. newlsho hde ould a cil ,ug hookingo a up jet 99 degas. getfom they wille to. >> ted cruz focusing on miou, north carolina and illinois. where he was interrupted by a pro-trump protester. >> one difference between this and a donald trump rally. i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> reporter: the republicans duking it out. the democrats, too. >> turnouts have been extraordinary in this campaign, and i'm proud of that. >> reporter: bernie sanders predicting a win in ohio, the biggest battleground, hoping to
8:04 am
commanding 20-point lead. >> i've gotten more votes than anyone running on either side. i feel really good about what i am in this campaign. >> both democrats in the msnbc town halls saved their sharpest attacks for donald trump, who is insisting this morning to matt and savannah that he has the support of the gop, saying he's getting calls from some of the biggest names in the party, natalie. if he wins ohio and florida, trump could be unstoppable. >> hallie jackson in chicago, thanks. we have breaking news this morning from berlin. police there say an explosion that damaged a car and killed the driver during this morning's rush hour was probably caused by a bomb. it happened on a busy street leading into the heart of the german capital. police say the source of the explosion was either inside or on the vehicle. nobody else was injured by the blast. for the first time, a top nfl official has publicly acknowledged a direct link between pro football and a
8:05 am
the league's senior vice president for health and safety, jeff miller, appeared monday before a congressional committee, committee,. he said there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like c.t.e. however, in a statement to nbc news overnight, the nfl reiterated miller's caution that more questions need to be answered. clothes make a man. imagine what they do for a horse. mccoy wanted to make a statement at a horse festival in england today. he had this tweed suit made for the horse. took four weeks of measurements and taylori tailoring to get the fit right. the results are smashing. we know how the horse wears the pants and a suit now, too. matt, over to you. eye-opening new study tied
8:06 am
recent outbreaks like the measles are caused by vaccinations expiring over time. do we need boosters? kids get the vaccines and time passes, they do wear off. what's the headline here? >> in addition to adolescents, there is a reminder for adults you might be due for boosters, as well. >> you revealed, it may be time for you to get booster shots. >> yes. >> let's start with pertussis, known as whooping inging cough. it's preventable. >> it is. a newer recommendation from the cdc in the last couple years is every woman who is pregnant could get the tdap. the pertussis is only available in combination with the tetanus and diphtheria. a woman should get it in the
8:07 am
when a baby is born, it harbors the mom's immunity. infants don't get vaccinated for pertussis until two months. it takes two weeks for the mom to develop antibodies. that's why it's recommended in the third trimester. >> tetanus, what' the recommendation? >> every ten years for tetanus. given in combination with diphtheria, which is also recommended every ten years. >> will you remind me what diphtheria is? >> it's an infection caused by a bacterium. it can cause severe disease. it can cause mild disease. generally disease of the upper respiratory tract. neck, swollen throat. >> measles is one a lot of people are letting go. >> yes. here's the important number to remember. if you were born before 1957, you are in all likelihood immune because you were exposed and had
8:08 am
the dose, in 1989, they introduced the second booster for school aged kids. that was before my time. i received one vaccine. you can get a blood test. you can check your mmr, but it's probably not that big of a deal if you're unsure, to get vaccinated again. the booster, second dose, will confer 97% inlmmuneityimmunity. >> also important to consider it if you're traveling overseas. >> there are exceptions having to do with your age, profession, if you travel. little nuances to the recommendations. it's not a one size fits all. >> good information. thank you very much. coming up, gradual or cold turkey. which is the best way to drop vices? for example, smoking.
8:09 am
jackson made years ago that's landing his family $750 million now. on consumer cotnfidential, on ete enobtiyo. a fron
8:10 am
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unash thwer ofgh. it a if ye lookto savmone your care pd prestions,lgreenys, carpmed diem e the dato gete out life medicareart d. just sh to weens or sav that'l the hight your noeview cost our cofo f et-d coysle p. i'il micon, patic aitis used j pain. just likmy mode to vere rheatoid ritis. and s worrie abjoint ge. doctoid t painm ra n be an of eing int da couldy get e. he prebed en top relipain
8:13 am
enbrow yr, somes fatal evenncludiinfectns, tuulosis, lympho, other ncers,vous stem alood dders and lergicctionshave ored. tell ydoctor i yo been place e funginfens aremon, or iu're p to fens, cut sores, have h hepat b, haveeen eated foheart ure, or if yohave pstent fer, brng, blng, oreness. don'start el if have infec like flu. joinin and dage... n go sidby sid ask how brel canelp lieve t pain help stojoint ge. enbrelthe nu one rheutologistrescri biic. we're back at 8:13. time for what's trending today. that is no lie. >> raise your hand if, from time to time, you tell little lies? >> i never do.
8:14 am
i do sometimes. >> ye >> little white lies. >> some are worse than others, right? >> yes. >> a new survey, people are spilling the truth about the lies they tell, ranking them from the worst of the worst to harmless lies. the top three worst of the worst were all related to intimacy. about the number of romantic partners you've had, about love making and birth control. >> okay. >> those are bad lies. >> don't ask, don't tell. >> other lies deemed more harmless. my phone died. let's keep in touch. i'm on my way. there were a lot of white lies that made the list. they're designed to spare someone's feelings. these are called the good lies. for example, this meal you made is delicious. >> yeah. >> i'm really bad with names. >> yes. >> and your baby is so cute. we all agree we've done that? >> people don't mean it when they say that? >> no, your baby is really cute. >> i'm really bad with names though.
8:15 am
get out of bad situations? >> we all do. >> by the way, that dress is really pretty. >> it is. >> okay. >> what's your worst white lie? anyone want to fess up? >> this is not new. of course not. >> i'm on my way. really, really close, and still nowhere near. >> my ringer was off. sorry. didn't hear the phone. >> when i downloaded my upgrade software, it dropped a lot of my contacts. >> i like that. moving on. what is the best way to quit smoking? or quit anything. that was the question at the heart of a revealing survey. included people who quit smoking cold turkey, verses those who weaned themselves off over the course of two weeks. who had the most success? guesses? >> yeah. >> cold turkey. >> go cold turkey. >> 25% more likely to kick the habit. bottom line according to the research, if you're going to do it, rip off the band aid and do it.
8:16 am
it was a combination of both that helped me. 80% of the cigarettes you smoke, if you smoke a pack a day, are frivolous frivolous. you don't need them. i weaned off those and narrowed it down to the four or five i felt i had to have. from there moment, i went cold turkey. that worked for me. >> i'll go with 100% of the cigarettes you smoke, you don't need. >> well, what you think at the time. quitting is the important part. >> if you want to quit anything, quit. >> drinking problems, talked about that. we'll drink one day a week. you know what happens? next thing, it's like, every night this week. >> i know. true. >> we don't have a drinking problem. >> now the blockbuster music deal that involves michael jackson. gwen stefani makes a return to the "voice." a deal worth $750,000 and involving big names. michael jackson's estate, $750 million price.
8:17 am
including works by the beatles, taylor swift and eminenm but not from himself. the long awaited sequel. matt, your prayers have been answered. the wheels are in motion for "princess diaries 3." the director confirmed he and anne hathaway are on board. shooting will wait until anne has her baby and returns from maternity. it helped anne become a big star. let's get to the "voice." battlero each coach had aelebrimeor es s gwenstefani. alook. yar i y w b feaso
8:18 am
de a b ,eby w bcoach. sh wto w g. id soo weffr lt ye ena se na ovo y ihiou a lp,e. >>hat >>es h iante th yo ou se o t "v laditl, re "v" ohiswo /7cent >> i wasng good >> oke slton an forre gp. ous like th one me iel tthe "voi." re dungliauti wkn tha rson themi ng tmn t ilin mo>> le t "vce tscl swindaly, in
8:19 am
t,. urgirl! co ,. eende]. >> wit! ives>>ov those k t kid homei'm raisinghim. able i. et get wup falirom t cotr f t. i wto me aken cf an's fun bethe. i schin i b yeah- i ttho me d'tno a te an cret that m th. >> thait's fu ca,ha> lan, hbo a c o
8:20 am
atf e hth are ijear st vie. 20 aarm dk, an w see a rd-bakin83 inmps.shvill pede pn id80esca va?dylan, t ts consumerid," rm crs.
8:21 am
ho lt c itnt f? r o ma ,thy thacorug tren h w hp o seu. >> se we t? trueu hamber, e ceshis,t's s dataest i o choice o oppi i gethe big . >> youg.u haosmaer e. thesou ine cases,p. we wanto tne heieve. basket gs ok >> actl >> t kf a the
8:22 am
mos ts d. you' swe if ye l c. heke pla musiw tempecause yore srn heartt .u spee lctronic dan musict?extoreesign iy.up a w ld w to ee t rple h t floing supermar a inau itakou shpit yo a a from th standuyre fu ayso corclo shldp >>tre dig y
8:23 am
>>ul te iha you're i er >> t ligoet okod f >>y yell >> w now kn f o of the obananas. wenoayhaarmeth r, d, t b'lbuy. the ner, the less i'l d. er a corg syst make suro a h turse isnfced ghll. >> tt the b bween t t? he. thang c dow uou a surmt, there is a aveheproducts. uc now they'reutbo you s pr it mes .
8:24 am
t i s mamum, c whatepecu y fraid ofin a alittenigou eients a ri sign. itow hard re as lkt the rc o goupo orthin are t goodenerally? >> arere cerin are b cings? abteif yououy fresh , seony y. tycay,ouet. shreat fes to rember,lso t ar dnttrds thstndecd weere apal bauhere ton ps suar dned eat he bthnth. hatohe lt i s and i'm
8:25 am
oy dnedhe s rran't anhi it erag itpeopledo buymore. rtinopin ais >> ing. y,or we' gym mbips. you to know be ing nt. you.
8:26 am
n, it is 8:25, i'm bill leslie. a major traffic headache on i- 40 continues. let's get to brian shrader. a slow drive anywhere from the rtp airport, all because of an earlier accident on 40 westbound beyond harrison creek. it happened before 7:00 but we still have the left lane and median blocked just beyond harrison avenue. let's take a look at the drive times as we get a look at traffic on 40 westbound and chapel hill road. we have a minor accident in the median but with traffic this backed up, a minor accident is not creating too many big delays. that drive from 440 in southeast raleigh out to 540
8:27 am
minutes. allow extra time. unfortunately alternate routes like 54 two aviation parkway or when would avenue have filled up. also seeing onlooker delays on 40 eastbound heading for cary. we have breaking news right now, democratic presidential nde lly n raleigh to mthteintotetoths are ofletein th im wsng hevisiand a port t a. >>the wethat visty iis espeally nin south he trle. check out ev, in ty goodot toh. g bit of cloudac the area. n d ttevlexb sohill.
8:28 am
8:29 am
thrning, we're back now at 8:30 on a
8:30 am
the 15th day of march, 2016. that's ansel elgort, one of the stars of the new "divergent" movies. he plays caleb, a character fans didn't like in the second installment. >> there was a squeal that let out. i thought it was for you and carson. then i saw ansel. anyway, we also have shirley maclaine here, talking about the experience she had on the set of her latest movie. >> she's probably one of my top guests of all time, by the way. i love her. tomorrow, we'll be joined by jennifer garner. >> fantastic. >> also, our wedding couple. now they need clothes for the big day. we're going to give you a few choices. guess what, guys? you get to make the picks for them. all beautiful choices. >> all right. >> also, a no-brainer dinner
8:31 am
it's one of our favs, steak. >> how about a check of the weather? >> improving conditions in the northeast. still unsettled across new england, where we have clouds and scattered showers. also, a risk of stronger storms back through iowa and the chicago area. then this storm system will try to spread to the east tomorrow. as it does, it'll intensify and bring heavier pockets of snow through northeastern minnesota. couple of scattered showers in the interior northeast. also watching storms in louisiana, where the flooding continues. we've got members of the naval academy here. i know there's a big dance coming up. what's your name, sir? >> caleb. >> what do you want to ask on live tv? >> well, since we're speaking about weather, it would warm my heart if you, danielle holt, would go with me to the dance. >> yeah, yeah, yeah.
8:32 am
you have to let me know what she says. >> i definitely will. thank you. >> thank you so >> that's your latest forecast. matt? >> dylan, thank you very much. we're joined now by an oscar winner, shirley maclaine. she's out with a new book, shooting a recent movie and what she learned in the process. it's called "above the line, my wild oats adventure."
8:33 am
>> you, too, matt. >> it's been a while. how have you been? >> very good. learning to live with growing older. interesting experience. >> you look great, by the way. can i say that? >> thank you. no stuff done. >> great. all natural. >> i think i gained ten pounds on that movie. >> first of all, most of the time, an actor or actress comes to promote the movie. this movie isn't out yet. it hasn't been released, but the experience of shooting it was so interesting to you and why? >> okay. for nothing. you know how independent film making is now. >> right. >> it's a real exercise in how you react to materialism. we deferred our salaries. we got paid something and deferred the rest, so the company would give us an okay to begin. then it all started happening. these experiences. >> your agent didn't want you to
8:34 am
>> it was shot on location in the canary islands. what did you know about the canary islands before you got there? >> i didn't know anything. as i was on the airlines going to do this movie, i knew we had no budget for, the only flight that flies to the lost continent of atlanta isis. >> i've known you a long time. you are someone who truly believes you have lived past lives. >> no question. >> one of the past lives -- >> in atlantic. >> when you got off the plane, did it feel like going to any airport, or did something strike you? >> struck me later. let me just say, matt, when you get older, the short-term memory has its problems. i've got an incredible long-term memory. now, it's going not only to my childhood this time around, it's going to other lifetimes a long time ago.
8:35 am
when you start to have these feelings or these thoughts, connecting with a past life, are they subtle moments, or do they hit you like a brick? >> with me, it's subtle. it's kind of emotional picture of facts. you know you felt this somewhere else by the way, i've had past life experiences in nearly every country i've been do. i'm a girl of travel. love to travel. streets in india. temples in russia. i can't even think of all the places. that's why i travel. i was so interested in understanding who i am, what i come from. it's very important to me to know that i have been to other cultures. >> there you are in the canary islands shooting this movie. each day, you didn't know if the movie could continue shooting because the finances were so tough. what did you learn and remember or feel about your past life in
8:36 am
>> a lot of things happened not just to me but the other cast members. you'd be holding a glass, and it would break. we had trouble adjusting to the time change. i went on a little trek on one of the mountains there. turned around and there was this huge human, about over 8 feet tall. golden, looking at me. i'm looking at him, and i'm thinking, this is what hit me, i'm looking at another sense of time. he is confused about where he is. i don't know what he is. i'm not confused about where i am, but i know he came from another time. that happened to me. >> when you connect with a past life, shirley, can it comfortable, or can it be upsetting? >> if it's a past life for which you are trying to balance your karma today, it can be upsetting.
8:37 am
life and you feel guilty about loving them now, you know it shall. >> has that ever happened? >> yeah. >> that's a whole other interview. before i let you go, you're a news junky. >> yes. >> you love keeping in touch with what's going on. >> don't ask me about him. >> no, no. i was going to ask you about the election. but the last thing i want to say is, you don't like being called iconic or a legend and, yet, everyone refers to you that way. >> well, it's because i've lived a long time. i've done a lot of stuff. been recognized in a lot of ways. but i'm just -- well, i might not be like everybody else, but i'm just happy being myself. frankly, don't want a lot of frills and bells and whistles like to be alone. love to sit with my dogs as a regular person. eat when i want to. stuff everybody kind of really wants in their life, and those are my same ambitions.
8:38 am
as we end the interview, you are legendary, and you are iconic. one of my favorite people to talk to. >> thank you, matt. >> pleasure, as always. >> terrific. >> she'll be back with kathie lee and hoda. the book is "above the line." what will they wear? your chance to pick the dress and tux and other stuff for our wedding couple.
8:39 am
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
8:40 am
we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. we're back at 8:40. more of our big fat today wedding. you picked our couple last week. now, it is time to plan the big event. we'reoing to start with the all important fashion choices. >> reporter: wedding dresses. today, there is something for everyone. from barely there lingerie inspired dresses to a resurgence in sleeves for a modest approach. >> five year ago, we were talking about trends and they would have been strapless,
8:41 am
in 2016, you have every option in the world. >> reporter: the top trends, floral for a glowflowy look. little white dresses. brush, skirts and plunging necklines in the front, back or both. it's all about finding a dress that reflects you. >> i've been in the business for 40 years. i am confident that the viewers will find the right dress for you. >> reporter: let's not forget the lucky guy. black tuxes rule but with a modern twist. adding a bright pocket square or socks. suits are in a variety of shades. grooms adding their own touches to this once in a lifetime experience. >> we're ready to shop in our makeshift salon. we have nia from "my big fat greek wedding 2," and we have our stylist and the couple of
8:42 am
>> it's like christmas morning. >> picking the wedding dress is a big deal. >> it is. >> it's going to be the photo album you bore people with for the rest of your life. >> we have our wedding pictures. it's actually my anniversary. happy anniversary, honey. >> do you still love your dress, nia? >> i do. i wore my mother's. look at my husband. oh, look, and there's the ian miller dress. >> your movie husband right there. >> uh-huh. >> let us go through three >> we do. >> first one is the timeless beauty with the twist. out. >> this couple is so beautiful. >> wow. >> our bride is wearing a beholden gown. it's anthropology's selection. this one is special. it's got a really traditional silhouette, but kind of lightweight.
8:43 am
don't you agree? >> yeah, very flirty. >> it's a popular trend, these 3d flowers that almost seem like they're dancing off the fabric. a gorgeous plunging front and allusion neckline. >> what do you think, nia? >> the fact it ss anthropology is great. >> what about the groom? >> this is your classic black tuxedo. elegant, never going out of style. i have to tell you, the key if you're going to go with this tux, tailor it. it makes it special. out. this is an elegant affair. let's have our models, jessica and scott, come on out. >> i have to tell you, this is so sophisticated and chic.
8:44 am
mermaid silhouette. we're loving the back v. so hot on runways now. embellished sleeves give it sparkle but not too much. >> is that a navy tux? >> you watched the oscars, right? >> nia goes to the oscars. >> i don't get invited, just go. >> navy was the hot color for men's ware. flattering. the pant leg. this is your iconic new york >> thank you. the next is what we'd call a show stopper. >> yeah, we like sexy and i'll tell you why in a moment. this gorgeous dress is a lace bodice in a blush tone. it's popular with style me pretty brides right now. skirt.
8:45 am
dress is the skirt detached. >> oh, wow. didn't show. >> hello. >> mini dress. >> nia didn't know where we were going with that. >> i've seen this. you show up at the briedal party and dance in the little thing. >> our groom has vera wang from men's warehouse. >> is this the first time you've seen the dresses and tuxes? >> yeah. >> i would ask yr oniut actually, it's up to the viewers to decide. >> yeah. >> don't want to tip the scales. >> the wedding is march 24th. let's run through the choices again. the timeless beholden gown and the black tux. the elegant gown and navy tux. if you want fun, we have the detached gown paired with the gray tux. voters, it's now up to kesect
8:46 am
today. >> see anything you liked? >> i did. >> john? >> i feel i shouldn't have been seeing that. >> very true. i feel like none are as big as the dress i wore in "my big fat greek wedding." i'm disappointed but go with what you want. >> "my big fat greek wedding 2" hits theaters the day after your wedding, march 25th. >> thank you. one of the hottest actors in
8:47 am
8:48 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. trend wellik ieal fe but th"dergent" , h chteal dsnav a lot of third itaal "aiaives him anghet. takelo 'mrr
8:49 am
>>ea e. uhink'm askin si? no, pe. >> a rtin go t he ck thank >>edpyrt. was y birthday sty. d youcebre? >> i was at pmi stda ceate a rtay >> e tiets.isaidenys in yorknd it' myrt need mor ied get out o th was h youwnpremt sik mywnthda y. silenetaed byong for me. w the e >> g fu. un ey i operar otartedsier pythda >> st god. you ouad g vo 'lalkbout thatlate everybatca th fanss movie are vo >> ah.
8:50 am
se enisomen that w saw go t me t thidifferentlt o >>t leoemms ly you le erneesak and sy he hef ismily. ri oy lg ft. in tsvie, ran ake i tnd it tood does. erne n w ng, eou win uy ith saved y. ity ni >> to piv ba f awhile. >> oh, y gre g but teacr. the guye waltloseinhe in citf chag >> . veboes it u ll. i see lots of good stunt work there. your character struggles. e weird partbout that is you're rock climber. >> yeah. >> why didn't you say to the
8:51 am
can do this? >> it's acting. you have to be in character. can't break character st baez because i like to rock climb in real life. >>oul shoot the fou installment later this year, right? >> yes. i know it's been great to but a youoongpugs ie w rr >>cose. thas bneafun, i will mis as t mbe every i ek. rea free t reon. e, nht a the em, wllhere and so . frnd some'lt over bu'mking onot projects no jus fheli ysub." i'm wking in to er m get wamie xxnd kin spay joh hamm. >> gooappe b birtagn.
8:52 am
>> ia ope . te recipeg. t, ty" oc.ere are mocric v relast.t'ayke m enthemt o. p-- brk he bankscle ops,and them ytheir fahathen wca hh care and erion. will theli m willhe byenyou beer
8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:58 am
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