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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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affiliation. stokes faces three counts of battery with a firearm and one count of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. a high-speed chase in la comes to a deadly end. i suspect stole a police cruiser yesterday loaded with gear and weapons. he led officers on a chase, at times with speeds reaching more than 100 miles per hour. officers finally trapped the driver in an alley. police opened fire as they approached the vehicle. it is unclear if the suspect ever fired. the suspect died in the incident, no officers were hurt. police are calling the shooting of a officer days before his birthday and ambush. it happened outside of a police station in landover, 10 miles outside of washington dc. the suspect opened fire at the first officer he saw leading to a gunbattle. jakai coleson, an undercover narcotics officer died in the confrontation. the suspect was wounded. a motive is unclear.
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with lassa fever is being treated in the u.s. it is a viral disease that occurs most often in west africa. it is not as contagious or deadly as ebola, but doctors at emory university in atlanta where the patient is being treated say they will use the same protocol they used to treat ebola patients. the patient is an american healthcare worker who was transported from west africa. the philippines health department is asking pregnant women to take precautions after an american woman who visited the country in january tested positive for the zika virus. in a news conference today the health department announced the coordination with the u.s. centers for disease control to get information on the woman and her trip. if the woman was infected in the philippines, it would be the country's second reported case. heavy rain, hail, and funnel clouds swept across the southeast. a tornado was spotted outside star city, arkansas, 70 miles south of little rock.
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of damage but there were reports of downed trees and in another part of the county. severe weather pummeled parts of the northwest. a big rig was no match for strong wind. the truck toppled as it crossed a bridge, it shut down two lanes of traffic for nearly 3 hours. one driver watched as the driver struggled to scramble to safety. he was not hurt. several other drivers who struggle to remain upright. >> that tacoma narrows bridge, you hear about that all the time. it is just in a wind tunnel. >> probably between the mountains right there. man, just no match for this strong wind. >> scary stuff. >> it gets a little wild at times. >> it does. we had some wild wind last night, some wind damage, a tree down your the airport and peter and paul sized hail. we could see -- ping-pong ball sized hail. we could see more about this afternoon.
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a high-resolution satellite imagery. earlier this morning we had see clearing. from wake county westward, we are seeing sunshine break through the clouds, and as we break out further to the west, plenty of sunshine. still dealing with cloud cover, bourbon county, sampson county, wayne county and along the virginia line. this is where it's making a this afternoon. this is also where we are going to end up seeing the clouds lingering along it. it will have the biggest impact there. we are looking at a number of big puffy cumulus clouds with sunshine trying to break through in wake county. this is eastern wake county. going further to the west we see more sun. here is solar from 5, there will be some energy generated this afternoon. 73 is the current temperature, winds are variable at 5 miles per hour. dewpoint3. its feeling warm, a lot of crowds out there, will have
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i will show you that on futurecast coming up. look at the huge difference in temperature. 55 in south hill, versus 73 in raleigh, 75 goldsboro. everyone in raleigh southward including rocky mount and wilson warming up nicely. we have a boundary to the north, a lot of cloud cover and boy, it has locked in those cold temperatures. if the clouds break up later this afternoon, it appears we will start to warm up before we are pretty solidly socked in because of that. we have a disturbance rolling on that will bring us showers and thunderstorms this evening. we start the loop for futurecast at 1:00. heading into the afternoon, look at these popcorn showers that pop up. anytime aftelunchtime we could begin to see a few of those. he probably will not have a lot of thunder and lightning because we will have to wait for that upper-level disturbance to swing through. that could happen anytime after
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best chance of damaging wind or large hail. skies clear for us tuesday. here's a look at the storm risks. hail is one of the larger threats, tornado and flooding not likely to happen but some wind damage and certainly hail a possibility. we are of course under an elevated risk for severe weather for today for the entire viewing area. wind damage and he'll certainly something that we may see as we get through the day. tomorrow is primary election day. showers or thunderstorms. it'll be nice and dry for us. polls open at 6:30, 57 degrees. high near 80 with sunshine, degrees. we begin to see changes toward the end of the week, thursday, st. patrick's day, a cold front showers. not likely to see a whole lot of rain but could bring temperatures closer to normal. 70 friday, low 60s saturday and
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there is a chance of rain over the weekend. we are going to talk about the timing of the weekend rain coming up in 30 minutes. >> this weekend ended up being okay after all. still a long way out. >> we will watch it. >> tweaks can be made. >> thanks. need plans for your family this memorial day weekend? >> coming up we preview an event is sure to be high on your list. the 2016 wral freedom balloon fest. a new study says your doctor may not be the best source for information about an upcoming surgery. with warmer weather, more people are getting outside to exercise. today at 4:00, dr. allen mask
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