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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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mike krzyzewski wants a time-out. >> tim: he gets it with 8:30 to play. we'll be back after a word
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>>: ht dame. thccournament yesrd pse
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ok atinaffwoino rdy fortot. mikavoodhaeam i be. >> t: i'oo t the fil. ano ia tec rchofastatday. >>kethet win imiami,ia thtinia aomlier thear, th tworse a hsesost. t: esckand whistle ahegue ti tto i was can.>> mike: con unhe this iou woknow where t: extl>> m righter
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ftha >> mike:it atsr luor ou t area,ndredi i'tt tatgchther than fe difcult. th t jtnoet enee tm.ielveall .
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secon-51, d >> tim: duke leading notre me4-. time starting to run out. don't forget the new york life acc tournament continues tonight, the night session showcases marcus georges-hunt and malcolm brogdon. what a season they have
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playing well, georgia tech having confidence going in the game. they beat virginia down in atlanta. and then zack leday improved for virginia te's chances they are as hot as now. they beat miami in miami a >> tim: a look at my good friend and long time friend and great coach hall of maimer, morgan wooten. school. did i tell you that? >> mike: 6.85 miles. you can make the argument the john wooten of high school coaches without a doubt. >> tim: had a lot of great ones, no question about it. sent great players to notre dame. >> mike: including the guy standing up as the head coach, mike brey. >> tim: zach auguste takes it back, colson cleans it up. >> mike: it will take board
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game down, maybe get to the free-throw line, try to get turnovers in transition. >> tim: ball on the floor, finally a foul called, plumlee really stayed after it. >> mike: that is not a bad play, putting plumlee, he is not used to putting the ball on the floor that far from the basket. put him at the free-throw line and take your chances there. >> tim: got the arm in the face again. that can't feel good a a broken nose even with the mask. he missed the last three free-throws. >> mike: the referee, asking notre dame player bonzie colson to fix the net so a duke player will have a
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zach auguste comes away with the rebound and vasturia pushes it up. under seven minutes to play. this is for three,. >> mike: he's the guy that will -- he has to come alive. >> tim: vj beachem >> mike: 42% on the year. >> tim: 8 points. >> mike: first three of the game. >> tim: 8-0 run by notre dame. take away! colson! 6 points. here come the irish! >> mist like that, wants time-out.
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: just like that, now, yesterday comes in to play, tim, as far as duke iserned and their legs. >> tim: no question about it. >> mike: the great pass to beachem, that needs to get going. mike brey very firey in his own way. then colson, this was good concentration, worried about -- but ingram couldn't do ything iha sitbeof ful>> t: y s6oint
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ovf theme aeinamack up t.ovrn goeonnd.ll knockot clo istgram h i st ctikbo t momentumhevein in t gunab ke help bh ste. s tot 'shaiop ge.rolina t i dow 5nhe sdalof champiop game. iriameaco w >>ikrall quiet in tec
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>>stia t i baclled aus forne! acugusteoshaso tieim17 1ouisliere r whataseenoi ovetres t: su goaches, mk krzyzew ae gooenon tirs. ow wouldoue he t mentorss rgoo mik lik hg t arons. tim: n toingr.rnover!n puss it ps mbn't tre wald.
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i6vers f y w p ingr graon h tuao t extrast h dt nee imls witthsh caled t f iniloohe>>ik hecd.heasff w wh. ta pleedo h thtball legds presewor 201 lendsill beregnizn frid, torno thatd be fun. gr csso. om d dantleesteay's i'mitng nt to a legenome, mi. >>ik onef t gre gs
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>> tim: zachte mesitwooi gam al 14-0y notam>> mike:lu angraha b pve >>tees nge. mik aystrole n d >> timshot clo dn9, dukt uth own baske with oo e: ich soll now. heooks le hs run um.>>im: l firstrstrom tee. shoteeo whe thegsed >> me: fst thing tat ess the r>>: ee'sas lead w5-
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rhtreeat huse by d oron h ickste!e: zh aguste to be cefigow lled ohauanethe emoon
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ce iasngto baskeal b t youy: im msed the tfrhrws but duksst pt ive 7 min -62 lead foruke. what a dht forblevow>>ll a jump bnome's pos
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eay. >>im: officblkedthat cast t the jum ball, possession farfhe i.jan i foud. >>e:wa thatigted dri mad apl agessiri to t smeoygh t teameedonite tm. plums dwith theifoul.ik jeter i h. ls as doesngm.>>jason
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n in.s first.66 ee virygo ldnnd t guyeeg a bstonwith t on t falwsim t a scorer. >> t: ill b jaconon him. so and t rigou m-up. dukeurt or.ine ha t tak thashot. he hasoutt u thednd l if'sinh tred takhe sikha ou t.
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to t o takehe l mike: otherhan beaemwhy tak ahree,rive baballndoul theop ilrole ych ba c fee e ishd!,y. behe ikimyson no rpo. >>soln with thenceo gea back. in,or tthensr. >> mike:alkioff a bad after 3 of 1mingn th ot. >> tim: such a greye
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jason,ookior hvauria wit the r mike: cl a fnes. as atroou ss to getk. timingr wan howt i>> m csonnowe cane etba,imac >> tim: iss andrte. keian't bmeon fgiving roo cause hcult ti afteron t: eptn tec sh atayome backoau mikeres "areou serious." >> miknend one the d -
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co. 69-67. playhe bll game frohe vizon center.ike: tyhinow, ne d f will te he fnramend me a ff tmi t f the w ha co sre : inams 9%ee-thr soterki t one.orhe l m yohi biime, the is o t thndfame.
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.mi second. >>ikuk going ze. >> tim: so lking f ia nseyehe t b b beache ttreda im sdsefto.rizocentski ishe zye geach sed bju looking for -- almost tackled for the time-out. >> tim: easy,. >> mike: i got you, i got you. >> tim: mike check the bojangles game summary. these guys played
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>> mike: by going man, mostly man in the second half, i think because of fatigue, notre dame calmed down duke's three-point shooting. that allowed them to get back in the game. seven ties, eight lead changes. >> tim: when notre dame was down by 16, mike, you were thinking this is tough to catch up. but what a run they made. >> mike: beachem came alive, they got turnovers out in the open floor. zach auguste has been a huge emotional leader. and all that combined has the game tied with 1:04. >> tim: allen with three points in the second half. 1 of 5 from the field. he's money in the bank when the game is on the line. here we go. under a minute to play right now.
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they jump out on him. duke gets the rebound, new 30. pick and roll they don't have to honor him they can jump and stay out with shooters longer. >> tim: allen will take it to the rack. vasturia stepped on the line, so duke will have it under their own basket with 13 to shoot. >> mike: krzyzewski wants another time-out to get everybody on the same pain. >> tim: mike brey is happy with that as well. >> mike: duke out of time-outs at this point. >> tim: talk about the strategy, what is mike krzyzewski telling them? >> mike: give yourself a good shot, driving to the basket, with the legs the way they are, i wouldn't rely on the jump shot. put the referees in position
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also giving yourself enough time to get on the offensive glass as well. >> tim: what they do best for threes, looking for threes, take t it inside? >> mike: i'm talking for notre dame? i'm going going driving at the bats ket, i put it in ingram's hands, he has the best chance either he or grayson allen. >> tim: what is mike brey telling his fellows? >> mike: the thing that will be interesting, they will have plenty of time coming back. they do have two time-outs in their pocket. so they are in a good position that way. >> tim: unlike pitt and syracuse yesterday ove pitt today, the two teams are in the ncaa. they will get at-large bids. they are not playing for a spot in the big dance. but notre dame is the defending champ in the tournament.
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guy taking the ball inbounds. >> tim: won't let it go easily. grayson allen, going to be the last possession will belong to notre dame. shot clock is off. >> mike: mike brey not calling a time-out you want the last shot of the half at this point. >> tim: he told demetrius jackson let's get in the offense. here they go. going to belong to duke with >> mike: interesting, mike brey gives mike krzyzewski a time-out. he will call a time-out. >> tim: four seconds, where do you go? >> mike: plenty of time, floor. shot. >> tim: the last sequence by
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>> mike: a tough floater. i would have preferred to get jackson something from the front going down the lane. you bet a get a better chance. >> tim: bonzie colson the last one to touch it as it went out of bounds. now duke with four seconds left in the game will have the last shot. debbie, what do you have? >> debbie: with four seconds that means you have four actions, you might have time for four dribbles, that can get duke all the way to the rim regardless of where they have to inbound it. so mike, i'm thinking grayson allen and brandon ingram as being the best drivers. >> tim: here we go. >> mike: grayson allen if i'm notre dame i'm denying him the ball. he is as fast as anybody up the floor with the couple of dribbles. >> tim: notre dame extends the defense. zach auguste to the top of the key to defend the long ball.
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here is allen. and auguste knocked it out of bounds with two. he almost had it. >> mike: now there is plenty of time. >> tim: really. now advantage blue devils. >> mike: now they will check, they will check the clock, which really in this situation this really benefits duke. >> tim: no question. >> mike: without any time-outs, this is a free time-out and i t may beng ied off rbl play ate.. >> m: a n de s to thatndotopport wit -- can withtorg t clock o yr>> timtely
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they d realize mh t is i bdukeomesacheav defensively let's ethe isho. a70 dendichons, ish ofdame com back to dd the title and n d tecon me: b colnd nll tban.2.5. >>nngingt b ->>e:an ather me. twof tters rhtre.yzewskiikbrey. >> oic a atslkinh o
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rmatioo yha i go p an?>> tim'sli theer g lhe cedhe. ha fer zyhe ke by, woorked whmike. mik ty dha i adad allenel t firstime gr.>>imin hongit ileil cff the ro. tn.rean't get it. keardor t win,e'g te. ke bll o tort tel backo t hudd ws w tat ire men w
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'll b back. lk5- duke inteissi th t of 16nd ish ceiet 70.grnle fst >>ikt p on juman augot him qui duke nn posit nsoet. >>: kenrd greatok t en iguti 2 o2 i me fldvaures notreame ld htart tme
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>> mik by, imigh tone tre rl maybe test andsee shoins andwsre stas not h soting a ernir forthree,omesp sho>>ik aatn ore whe isht. >> t: itd, cur lks threebalie cic backmhree
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the but bchca uim: 27-6 r b peram.geis oebnd.ikveryin uk t sts>>im: ac allen.n l at t threies dw fl,s a twoae:ige dght tre>>swallen. auginpman thgiylay.-7
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he lest sfa comesrath tomin is i ingfor tee. >> m t toet- ng ph, gethe legs deig n he thoboor a d. tidhhairutingeron the tgger.sturryas to zimngth dou bio >>e:yhe llugteouet>>: he shot clock. notreo e:met tr th ove
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2 o 13.e:here i ere aresiverebotheyot makeshs. im: downo two hevermeerio er worktnd.shckkn 6 stke o-h-7rish>>ike: fri d festhngmunng t te rightow fm poin >>90 sal t. ch atebo ug mch
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>> timthe ianomheirt.mi btsm te mute. t min ty.5 t soh t it wik c the k on py jaentarhe wetnk iht >> tim: foul on jeter, that is five on him,e' dilified. jeter gives you so much energy. >> mike: he had -- i'm sure notre dame faithful anxious moment right there.
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disqualified, 7 points. >> mike: so much expected of demetrius jackson, this is his team. >> tim: performance of the game brought to you by your local chevy dealers, mike. the performer of the game? >> mike: 18 points, 4 of 7 threes, 7 of 1 from the floor. started off slowly, most of that in the second half and overtime. >> tim: averages 11 points, 4 rebounds a game. v jack beachem. performance of the game. at the line, demetrius jackson. he misses the free-throw line. 79% free-throw shooter. he had a chance -- >> mike: a chance to make it a three possession game. >> tim: 4 for 5 at the line, mike. bonzie colson out of the
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58.5 seconds remain. >> mike: jackson -- >> tim: makes that. one. the clock is now their friend. and duke trying to rally. allen is tripped. >> mike: last thing you situation. they only burned eight seconds off the clock. >> tim: that will bring colson back in the game. pflueger will go out. >> mike: mike brey's hairline went back about half an inch. >> tim: ha ha. >> mike: in that situation you have to defend without fouling and defend the three-point line. you are switching everything outside and not fouling anything close to the basket. >> tim: grayson allen from jacksonville, florida, goes to the line.
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it 7 of 19 from the field,. >> tim: they are waiting to get the floor cleaned up. gotten slippery. here at verizon center there is ice under the floor. this is where the capitals play. you have the wizards, capitals, and georgetown p their home game here. the floor can get slippery. allen makes the first. 5 for 5 at the line today, 78-73. >> mike: if you foul somebody out there, it will be zach auguste. 64% from the line. >> tim: a four-point game. grayson allen made them both. >> mike: they wanted the
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pushed him in the back. >> tim: mike brey is wanting the attention. >> mike: people slip down at the other end of the floor, he wants to make sure that is dried up right now. >> tim: they are trying to clean up the take are floor. brian cursy instructing the ball boy to get it off here. >> mike: they funneled it to auguste. matt jones was trying to get the foul. after he pushed him he looked at the referee, said where's the whistle. >> tim: notre dame had a two-on-one had numbers, pulled it out, mike said bring it back out. melt the clock, shorten the game. vj bea cream goes to the beachem goes to the line,
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>> mike: not a good free-throw shooter. far from over. >> tim: still so much basketball to be played. beachem's second is good, 79-74. and allen is fouled. grayson allen stopped the clock with 37.2 seconds left. he will go to the line to shoot two. >> mike: after that made free-throw you can see how quickly he can advance the ball up the floor. not a lot of time went off the clock. >> tim: best free-throw shooter on the floor. he makes both of these it is a one-possession game. 37 left. >> mike: there is plenty of
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-- get a stop without fouling. seven second difference between shot and game clock. >> tim: mike brey taking zach auguste out of the ball game. bonzie colson comes back in. along with rex pflueger the freshman from california. >> mike: imagine beachem taking the ball in as your worst free-throw shooter on the floor. >> tim: makes them both. one-possession game. >> tim: he slipped again in the same spot. but he was fouled. >> mike: mike krzyzewski is going to play the foul game the rest of the way and hopes that the pressure gets
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go to the line, 10 points this afternoon. makes the first. vasturia 85% 85% free-throw shooter, 3 for 3 today. >> mike: little surprised beachem didn't take the ball out of bounds. >> tim: that free-throw made 82-possession game again. -- made it a two-possession game again. vasturia made them both. allen pushes it hard. will take it at the basket. misses the layup. and the foul very quickly on bonzie colson. colson, 77% free-throw shooter. now the notre dame fans are starting to feel it. the shot clock off. 29.5 seconds left. >> mike: i was surprised they didn't try to shadow him a little bit, slow allen
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>> tim: bonzie colson, 6'5" sophomore from new bedford, massachusetts misses the first. he's just 1 for 3 in this game. 77% free-throw shooter. gets the second. 82-76. this is for three from a from allen. gets it to dell jar dell jar and notre dame demetrius jackson and notre dame will win theam nne of the more remarkable come backs, five on grayson allen. >> tim: i didn't see it coming. >> mike: it was grit and determination by notre dame. >> tim: look at that scene.
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allen and vice versa? >> mike: leaving it all out on the floor two days in a row. this is a talented duke team. similarities between this game and championship game are uncanny. they were down 15 in the second half. came back the same way. >> also an irish team, they are defending tournament champions. a lot of these guys played on the team. >> tim: down 15to carolina, won the championship, down 16 in the second half to duke, coming ban and they win. final 12 seconds. 84-76. that is three for ingram. hold on now. five point game, two possessions. >> mike: they won't foul. >> tim: that's it.
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irish win it 84-79. for highlights and must see moments of this game and others check out you have been watching coverage of acc network, an exclusive production of
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noan bl facing a ee vehih scolleard toevt fu nts. engyoinm . m nd. police are asking r help solvg a double homicide. the two n re found in a park v onglenwood. we spent the day at the scene. late thiternoon learned the names of the two victims. >> reporter: this is wherthe twbody writes we un werefohavedm p ab d aranez. leatinrmn.hellomtiatthn d l k.


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