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tv   Today  NBC  March 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> if you had been indicted. >> i'm not answering that question. on the republican side donald trump says he is going for the knockout in winner take all primary in florida and ohio. catastrophic, historic flog so atea at ousa oowagnd cu ly0 millieoacin aewtto gen bwlth aisles coyht. he ashe aive dightf fellowpassgers. >> this is "today" wit matt
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from io 1 a. >> tto mo h are sooby wran>> b lite y. o p. ut ght? o st aint heart tehet. i ricou o >> tingn ighbod ode sbhepe ch two gn. good rn rep g. liav lefhece eheylac
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leghounte ty oo two mri out tttk ab 1 mpetyle attack during abarbec et a wgo we' psh havee feeoe ase thunshot wo in instable >>ol sod o four cthrom one maou onkpo ous insts s mayeennthe r woeapocoul bndiifresu. desay they w aaaraw peopleki ay. >>yveryon uprei'ecau it'y d. >>ightole do nave
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theeevingcts men are cril condan on alhaoumu usur to e ti hiarnnds ced debste last a of nex tudaruin l p andoh rn cdi h atni boerbenn drac'st lk eptent and senator s wthe d or llin moite. bge pzes flor wirake incr fight secretary cli o thrpes andicted wl you
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mnst eporr: cntonoo aim deorhe ou eveoneds we not hre- >>st out.ntse gohegan yut st i nds. hel he tdaed ogratio telng uou come psint't de childre >> wno >>on t trelly ansredon i tro mth ep w bot nd trp dona thetequtiut i
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hat he not a a kpi w erican valu hathme reev going t adesult casults mu >> rr:on with ra mt o c when whanoteray do ther. ural potici. havie t i juste d tt ica ependers st h a cmbn ohe nomination h o morhan ofinorrd t h l ofmnd o m i warest.tomou going iex tn ohio dor rorter:heke cou
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ngwindinri itol ont rne andut r ea ic ats in her tereer to . ifenator srs weoin in ohio or mso wld ma h a reaconten and h p t st g seclt ad snd wlddd t momeum. thsou t hrgh tprpoibheconven>> lut the meetior cig andhe ar weight not s t pealed w itrt.
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ce for >> beaut bk dhe ae uniyami. sy dghasol nging may hac isoi hhae ragif he w in g t ent. epr:onump okg to n anoth wh li. >> h greatalf wve. >> rep r eow ask w islam i r w . nk isl ere sng tha a trendoued r stepp ith witalilon bo wilri chpi b oridando week >>efoi ou kno o c ha rter: wubio
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faci d die hom stathe regrbout tng insulth p. ou w ty say aut wind >> rin chuckdd. nomething i'mel ou ser erait >>eporpareto las >> sryouno tru sea o sis. aid set oneti r: dnesy i hun ia ha s ousands. urpann donald truot ce
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ng s e,ly fi othe ppl i are rrif bd teohkasi ve p may off. refu t get dowthe d t b ect pdef stius. rte w newl nuhowingas um >>'m goio win io tediincty. annetandingn i ll the formerrir ndcand.he m witsterdailith cruzndn da urce tel n ns hasn'tmaer not he atnsight ath ct tha choi >> c etast 's te? sl and ouw t ndesteheir
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ref ?epio teap t t f re ooly aemonra dtr i em suggein ha tt cr jchoing . thiss tpp forallditeto stopdo aer esy. 367es erai hlinis o e.hnasich sil w at mhe m t thens. ldruonf gas. win win flond se he wd 59% of maing deglih noti enrump t >>floridor or ohio, ohio,ohio.
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record, fodth of still tgh wthy. t aman isn sian jt east o rt. rr: goog. this iver lna some homesavs mu asiv fftag in retormheteherana thise the o for omd t ha i comin. isni sevth tting mon. tens ohoustiithout breakainfal and de fg va m eut ti parts o et texas uisiana. ovnit' f w nroeor csu as wer unted t opnt hrep rts
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id bm the watevelh id bary the . hes nhere to. itlcontinues to rain >> rter: ctrande a mpanned >>t f fri avo ia t dl withod >> rorter:inohe re o eo d the ond. rentdo evac themsees peotat whaef om r >> you seesgo iav a newn hohaelyrtess. yid everyiny. nd dclot >>eporreem
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ethr rtesetsou thean rn aha we lef enhe t l he h utnlms i thbeha a ulf. tbreing. anshlinkou mu ato hnh >>un dav ft t n 7 weave anpp l o g hh . you n sees t ming in phi ioreain from eastern i lond i mississii. eyeede throutexa 15 mpl uer flo sk i inloing t takenoth achf rn toause mor di
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eagr eeaviest rno sht etorrin into alabanf a. lo anftotals re exp upwdsf about tenncs of hroughouui movotsf al nt seenort leasttoe dry out. ri good iap l ooursn ame. >> m huoist from asystemhesein ra here a n delopnt on t failed dru t bar shapovahalaimsas miake. suggeionshe y have ltimth the druuestionas into ed oodrn two day wod'st
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anmnnis marag i i 't to thrgh th bqution is he oer oeresom tens ded byomgon ahe aay cawle ul a. iade augmiake. orter: takingite for meum othe its a b
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itir. w s mor . te frbl t >> thaeret he d agac sodhad ast. r:an-d ficiay ab tes in mo wecklayon rr on ak y me m u igle m frdots. sor,ni,as suenhtea70 lldeal. ots decided whetoties. ope lr ts armid s again i he cha d iishtav go thh
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it's mes pos b aran e my isar. lanld hest wonnisthtion thatoropgbo. yllow a h thwnlo u.o beeg s? shapa too i w of worlass esdons om n tve. me dgs a out legal,ot made atesivin winningedge?>> tuestn gunmornin we hpdnhe icnat. thitays wl sendg wts untirean a to thoseomer la wee ig gno ap $illila to
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flas th ad afterity de weptmen ac i a 14 s to de sys be >>nife repdl f inj.s frst non tkiingsf h ex a her. es gard s toak the wo thatffl saysonfiion wiak lsthrs.
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ecthe stnseoa. a thas es we ,la for a
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. just ahead, remember the so-called hot convict out of prison. his big plans for the future. >> i love when you say hot convict. caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. the world's only body washitfrncleas ar. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. orn.
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. arsee thghoh>>tie ng e: tods yourky day. man: (surised) my goodness mark: ve jwon - thou dolla woman:hat'azing!t's amazinshriek womak, nice b. mark,ay er thasterda maria, tt deli felt littorced. a steve,
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so lets realring i lufor lifewin a thsand doars a y day, f life. 7:30 on a thursday morning, 10th day of march, 2016. four days to go until an epic concert on rockefeller plaza. next monday cold play will do
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>> wrangler said they are coming after i leave? man hunt underway for at least two gun men who ambushed a backyard party outside pittsburgh. at least five people were killed and three others wounded. hillary clinton faced a very direct question about the ongoing investigation into her e-mails controversy. >> if you were indicted -- >> clinton admitted using a private e-mail account while secretary of state was a mistake. marco rubio is expressing regret over personal attacks he launched against donald trump. >> it's not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it. if i had to do it again i wouldn't. >> the republican candidates set to debate in miami tonight.
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scene on a flight from baltimore to los angeles. these are passengers having a fist fight in the aisle. >> this is a crazy story. can you imagine being a passenger watching this play out? a group of women arguing throughout a five-hour flight. when the plane finally landed things got physical. it was an all out brawl caught on camera. several women exchanging blows on a spirit airlines flight as a plane full of passengers looked on. >> the last thing you want to see happen on a plane. >> reporter: the flight broke out. >> the ladies were serious. to be honest i felt like alcohol was definitely involved in the fight. >> reporter: emerson sylva and friends captured the video on cell phone. >> a lot of people were, stop!
7:32 am
i saw the ladies swinging on each other, punching each other. the stewardess got punched. we stepped in and broke the fight. >> i sat the ladies down. >> reporter: the fight broke out between a group of younger and older women after an argument over loud music. police responded taking away several women but authorities say no one was arrested or charged. so what caused the brawl? this morning we received an explanation saying prior to landing two customers who appeared to be intoxicated were playing loud music on a boom box speaker. several other customers asked them to turn down the music. the first two ladies refused. air. this prompted the second group of customers to approach the out.
7:33 am
play in a boxing match. a boom box on a plane. >> were no charges filed because it happened once the plane was on the ground? >> that's the stunning part, no one was arrested or charged. if there is a physical altercation -- we got to the bottom that it was apparently a boom box. >> that is crazy. we'll move on now to a shooting in florida making headlines across the country. a mother is recovering this morning after being accidently shot by her 4-year-old son. here is kerry sanders. >> reporter: the shooting story is exploding on social media but there is not a lot of sympathy for the gunshot victim. >> she had been shot by a hand gun. >> reporter: a 31-year-old mother accidently shot in her truck.
7:34 am
>> it's going to be a 3 year old. >> reporter: it turns out a 4 year old. investigators say the child who pulled the trigger and shot the woman in the back is the victim's son. >> the questions that remain how was it stored in the vehicle and how did this young boy come to be in possession of it. >> reporter: jamie gilt for gun sense is a facebook page. just hours before it happened jamie gilt posted even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with a .22. no 4 year old should be anywhere near any kind of firearms another calling gilt an abomination. you are now the best adverb for
7:35 am
authorities say jamie gilt could face two possible charges, culpable negligence and failure to store a firearm safely. tragic consequences. >> i'm sure this child grows up will not be happy with his behavior and will regret this and will have to live with this. it is a shame this mother put this child in that position. >> a lot of unusual stories today. >> that is a sad one. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> we have rain coming here. as you can see this is the rain going on in haughton, louisiana. that rain will make its way into the northeast. we do see heavier showers ss making their win into the northeast later today. we are also going to see very warm conditions.
7:36 am
moisture from moving in is going to help set up records today. as we move into the southeast and the midwest richmond, bristol and knoxville and that's your latest weather. up next an exclusive interview with ronald and nancy
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talk to farmers. wow a t or because weseen a thing or tw we farm bum-pm, bum-bum we are back now at 7:41. another day of public mourning at the reagan presidential library where nancy reagan lies in repose. >> this morning we are hearing with patti davis. >> good morning. patti told me she was moved by all the people who came out to honor her mother, nancy reagan. she said the support brings her great comfort. davis' relationship with both of her parents and in particularly with her mom was at times complicated. she says in recent years thankfully they were able to find great peace between them. >> i think she would be very honored and very happy that
7:42 am
pay their respects to her and to honor her. it's really comforting to see all of these people who i'm sure not all republicans standing out on freeway overpasses. >> you came in walking by yourself. where is your brother? >> he didn't come down today. i don't know why. it's sort of not my question to answer. he will be here friday and doing the eulogy. >> did you feel alone there walking with her? a little bit. a little bit. you know what? i feel very complete in my relationship with her. i feel very clear and clean in where our relationship came to particularly the last few years of her life. >> how did you get there?
7:43 am
was the beginning of my father's illness i made a choice. i chose to aim for peace of mind and peace in and of itself with my mother. and all of our sort of strained history together, there is no peace of mind in that at all. and i really made a decision to look at her and look at us through a different lens, through a more living, forgiving lens that doesn't mean that it was a smooth journey. it was not. there was still a lot of peaks and valleys in there and a lot of really deep valleys. >> anything left unsaid or did you get everything out? did she get everything out? >> i think so but not in a way that i think you are asking.
7:44 am
someone who would have been comfortable with an analytical conversation about let's talk about -- let's work through this. it's different generation. and i think that needs to be respected. i think the better route is to just behave differently. >> it's hard to learn how to behave in a public family on a public stage. >> i get now why i behaved the way i did and why i acted out in the way i did and wrote things i wish i could remove from the face of the earth but i can't. i did have an incredibly public family. the feeling is one of being sort of invisible and excluded and marginalized in all of that. it was my attempt to go see and hear me. i did it completely the wrong way. >> there has been so much written about their relationship
7:45 am
and that everybody else really was outside the two of them. did you feel like that as children? >> it was as if a band of gypsies came and took me and ron away they would miss us but they would be fine. they would go on. it didn't mean they didn't love us. it meant their lives wouldn't be destroyed if we weren't there. they were complete unto each other. and that can be a complicated thing for children. where i came to in my life and with her is to be really happy for her that she had this great love in her life. >> much is being said that your mother couldn't wait to be reunited with your father. >> she told me once that she was not afraid to die. she said i don't want it to hurt. i'm not afraid to die.
7:46 am
they were my parents. so, yes, america has lost a former first lady. i lost my mother. and i am happy for her that she is with my father now. >> patti davis says all arrangements you will see at tomorrow's funeral service were planned by her mother. as for her own eulogy she said it will include funny stories and loving memory. >> i wish you could have seen us watching that interview especially when she talked bet that feeling that if the gypsies had come to take her and ron that her mom and dad would have missed them but been okay. that is a very revealing comment. >> she has done a lot of work, very insightful, very honest and brave i think about how she has
7:47 am
she is really at peace. i don't think it has been easy. but she is in a place of clarity and comfort and she feels she was a good daughter at the end and she was there bringing her mother home to the library yesterday. i asked her do you like it here at the library, what does it mean to you? she said this is their life. for me i have pictures at home that represent my life with my parents. i think that is always a fine line when you grow up in a public family to find your own space and your own privacy and your own relationship. >> excellent interview. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> just ahead, the debate that has been sparked by last night's democratic debate. what color was bernie sanders suit? that is the debate right after i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth.
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or a hry of co, chroning dis. orenmay wo your . you'rt gettthe re u need ask yooctor abt orenci oren see your in a different way. here are your top stories. we are following breaking news in raleigh. two men were found dead in a vehicle in the parking lot of panera bread on glenwood avenue. the call came in around 1:30 last night. this is near pleasant valley road. the victims' names and their
7:56 am
police do say they are calling the investigate suspicious. officer body cameras be a community oversight board and more police training are recommendations for police reform in raleigh. a community task force takes those suggestions to raleigh's human relations commission tonight. they hope the commission will ebb dorse the emrations and eventually take it to city council. let's get a check on our gorgeous weather with elizabeth. >> more pretty days ahead. take a look at our roxboro skycam. it is a little cloudier this morning than it was yesterday. we are seeing felt ared sunshine through the clouds and as we get closer to lunchtime, we'll see more blue and less gray. it won't have an effect on our high temperatures this afternoon. it is 59 in roxboro and south hill. 52348 fayetteville. 60 in clinton. it is nice and warm this morning. we'll see a high near 08 today and tomorrow. a chance of some showers saturday and sunday and slightly cooler. >> all three lanes are back
7:57 am
this is some good news in the eastbound lanes at hodge road. we should start to see some of the delays alleviate at this point in the morning. so again, this is where that accident is and you will start to see the traffic be able to move through that area much quicker at this point in the morning. no longer are those delays starting all the way at the beltline at this point. we are delay-free through johnson county and up through garner this morning. still starting to see some of that congestion through the south side of raleigh. we will take a look at the other accidents on our map coming up shortly. back to you.
7:59 am
our camera at the donald coming up, kardashian controversy. the debate over the reality star's latest naked selfie spree. is she a good role model or a bad influence? then the things we do for love.
8:00 am
we will meet the finalists live in studio 1 a. and fond farewell. wrangler bounded into our hearts growing up before our eyes. we'll send off our puppy with a purpose. thursday, march 10, 2016. it's been a hard day's night and i've been working like a dog >> hi, from portland!
8:01 am
>> welcome back to "today." it is thursday, march 10, 2016. >> this is march 10th, i believe. >> this time of year i love because big east tournament down in madison square garden. that means we have a lot of college basketball fans. we have xavier over here. >> so awesome. >> look at that mpt. >> we are getting ready to send wrangler off in style. >> victory lap. >> i want to draw your attention to the fact that we put out fire hydrants for him everywhere. >> carson said it is very confusing for him. >> so many places to go.
8:02 am
for dinner. >> remember we had spaghetti pie on the show. katie tells me penne pie will blow the spaghetti pie out of the water. >> challenge is on. let's get a check of the morning's top stories. >> we have breaking news overnight. five people are dead after a shooting during the night at a backyard party outside pittsburgh. this morning the search is on for two gun men who police say opened fire from an alley behind the home. the ambush style attack killing four paem andwomen and one man. investigators say it appears party goers were trying to run inside to escape the barrage of gun fire. no word on what led to that shooting. today in the race for president candidates are focusing on next week's super tuesday states. last night democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders
8:03 am
debate that touched on economy and donald trump. >> i think it is unamerican. i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with american values. >> i think that the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims. >> asked if she would drop out of the race if indicted over the use of private e-mail server clinton said that is not going to happen. i'm not answering that question. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich meet tir latest debate tonight in florida, one of the winner take all super tuesday states. trump said if he can win in florida and ohio then it is over. there is disappointing news from cleveland clinic where the
8:04 am
word of the transplant had given hope to recipients and other women. >> we did it. >> reporter: doctors had high hopes for the ground breaking surgery. >> when i was 16 and told i would never have children. >> reporter: monday doctors announced the transplant performed on a woman identified as lindsay. >> i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. >> reporter: the hospital announced the devastating news. we are saddened to share that our patient recently experienced a sudden complication that led to the removal of her transplanted uterus. the hospital says there is always a risk with any organ transplant. doctors say the complication is under review. the trial procedure has been planned to include ten women who all suffer. >> i am thankfkf to this amazing team of doctors.
8:05 am
adopted sons remains thankful writing i just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards all of my doctors. they acted very quickly to ensure my health and safety. unfortunately, i did lose the uterus to complications. however, i am doing okay and appriate your prayers and good thoughts. while it is the first attempt in the u.s. doctors in sweden have performed nine uterus transplants since 2014 resulting in five births. there is some hope and success to point to. very sad. >> thank you. let's turn to conversations sparked by racy selfies posted by kim kardashian. >> good morning. nice to see all of you. those posts seem to be creating two distinct camps when it comes
8:06 am
the woman who famously broke the internet with this famous magazine cover can never shy away from the spot light. with or without clothes. even publishish a bookf selfies called selfish. the reaction to this week's photos. kim kardashian seeking for attention at its finest writes one. she is just confident in her body and herself. let her be says another. celebs weighing in. i think everyone, men and women, should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies and n be criticized. from pink shout out to all of the women across the world using talent. you will never have to make silly excuses for yourself. if kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen she will have to swallow the camera. kardashian quickly firing back. >> i don't think the women who
8:07 am
kardashian are helping women. there is really no one real way that somebody should be allowed to express their sexuality. >> reporter: kardashian addressed that broader conversation. i never understand why people get so bothered by what other people choose to do. i am empowered by my body. i am empowered by my sexuality. i hope through this platform i can encourage the same empowerment for girls and women. you be you and let me be me. >> i'm a little concerned that she does a disservice to young women who might be looking at her as an example. this is her job. for us as parents i think we really need to make sure our children understand that that is what she does. she gets paid to break the internet. >> reporter: the reaction ranges from support of selfies to criticism to a woman who never
8:08 am
>> i don't think it is surprising that kim's naked selfies have sparked a lot of conversation. i think it is interesting that someone would try to assign role model status to kim kardashian. i don't think people would do that about a man who posted naked selfies. >> there was a little back and forth between kim kardashian and bette midler. but she is using it as an opportunity for fundraising. she tweeted this photo out last night saying put your selfie to work for a good cause. >> at least she is getting a laugh about it. >> a lot to say about this in terms of whether you think it is right or wrong. >> there are some people who say leana doneham is applauded. i don't have a right or wrong. >> there are standboards tween
8:09 am
kardashian and others. discuss. >> coming up next, ready for his modeling close up. the big plans in place for the man matt calls hot convict as he is released from prison. help from parents how to get your kids organized when it comes to school, chores. the good times we share with our buddy wrangler as we prepare
8:10 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
20sf me o s ri nis who ruetng homordo gti to b on >> w art g o rlyke.
8:22 am
aer >> a a lite orni >>teom h h lwsino c thehi s d dothat? thd bakg tminutes turn inttesr >> repter: tn prodaps apdolece physil d nrogil ces hem io a s o dian so c pen >>ctitych for kids. ar you ro wo eex s oost uc. a b tops ng ba. r susan says chaossil kirt
8:23 am
in- >> oour m is i th ctio rr: oan wss, pean sep ps or foo drk. ev >>u tchlou caveouee w d touee . beereporter: nextuzre h b meidsoomus eathg. justote y eath ter:usee mis of dpathandule min di. cans, are muc reikoet donellntly i epossibayor t tee
8:24 am
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8:25 am
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our next prent needs a real plan to ep socsecuritrong.lephant ise)
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give uplan. good luck wrangler is sponsored by iams, good for life. >> we are back on a very bittersweet morning. it's our last day with wrangler. >> seems like just yesterday he joined our family just a little puppy. now he is ready to embark on the next step of his journey. for the final time on our show may i introduce our friend wrangler. >> hey, buddy. >> check out -- how much wrangler has grown. he is a big boy now.
8:47 am
at the memories that we have made and wrangler's exciting road ahead. >> at only eight weeks old wrangler officially became the youngest member of our family. over 80,000 people chimed in on our puppy's new name and it is wrangler. >> he immediately stole our hearts. >> our puppy with a purpose grew up right in front of our eyes while learning skills needed to become a guide dog. >> down, good boy. >> and brightening up our mornings along the way. >> so how many memories did we make? wrangler spent 288 mornings with us. he travelled 30,000 miles, played with some 57 toys. >> he has been obsessed with that toy all morning long.
8:48 am
>> it is true wrangler loves you best because you keep kibble in your pocket. >> and kisses too many to count. >> wrangler instantly became friends with everyone he met, sometimes he was very friendly. >> wrangler and i are dating. >> we shared exciting firsts with wrangler like his first time climbing the stairs, his first snow and his first birthday. and some extraordinary mile stones, too, like his first super bowl commercial and his first cross country road trip. having a puppy on set during our live show led to many unscripted moments. >> wrangler took off. >> a lot of laughs. >> just about house trained, willie geist. >> and just a good old time.
8:49 am
>> but it's all in a day's work for wrangler. the moment he has been working towards happens tuesday when he takes his test to determine if he is ready for formal guide dog training. he will be tested on his ability to deal with loud noises and distractions along their route. when wrangler passes his test he will say good bye to his puppy. >> it is exciting and emotional. the time when it is really time to say good bye but they are ready to move on to the next step in their journey. >> a journey we were honored to be a part of. >> wrangler's puppy raiser is here. when the show is over you take wrangler home. what does this moment feel like
8:50 am
>> so many emotions. this is the hardest part of puppy raising because you have to say good bye but so rewarding because it is what you worked for for the past 16 uens g m 8 wk opy ton eaeon. i'mprd ofm. >>ht reo investyoselfaynd sendim y feel his chans? eelyd abohi do eeik alle love receed he anc -- oean has tes chosuccess. tbout bngred lises entidrepa hi eadouc son thi environm
8:51 am
yatt studa>>sotely tely>> iilsindihe ttsbl i ckets. >> too. >> tha for youe ne. gno. >> wran,eea w j want o l eo . r wnealh e si wrglerho e knanill m a fferen. thank you s mu. cheers to you. >> you can sleep in now. rs. llsyo we a backn a moment.
8:52 am
teacher ... wake county commissioner ... state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor.
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l tsf ne thurd frida lico th week tuay oy anceof ig >>rer det traf be bacthstbound lahahiis r ouer 44westth t. wead newsfor er am tt. ac e nohbouid am els ad lo w at road. you n ast ou pr tof de as op arma th ary that are qckoothli commmaba t>>al isr op he urnt.
8:58 am
8:59 am
> coue w ark witlt geveus te hlt t too b
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er,rali trollm studio ll pl me "todarsy m 10, 20 alo tnd n. ning t so dnow ide iasteo ckerda ahe nghi bluad an when we derl ild ok thhe. g is. >>asusti this whe it happens. you looki for a good time hit


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