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tv   Today  NBC  March 5, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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saite gur on good morning. getting closer. presidential front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton hoping to tighten their grip on their party's nominations today, as voters in five states head to the polls. trump's opponents vowing they will stop him, while on the democratic side, hillary clinton holds her lead over bernie sanders, despite the e-mail scandal that continues to plague her campaign. >> i'm happy that everybody now has been cooperating and giving ysion. >> we're live on the campaign trail. news that a knife was found on the grounds of o.j. simpson's former estate explodes into the headlines. >> what has been submitted to our lab. they are going to study it. >> could it be the murder weapon
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simpson and ronald goldman or just another sideshow more than 20 years later? zika warnin ew study shows the zika vus may be even more dangerous than originalthought. researcherayingirusin a oir fes a ages of pregnancy. and unmasked? the artist known as banksy has spent his career anonymously spray-painting his work around the world. now a popular crime-fighting tool may have figured out who he is. so, has the artist been revealed? today, saturday, march 5th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> a wcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin alongside chanel jones, dylan dreyer is here as well. >> it's nice to have you back in the studio. you've been on the road a lot. >> good to be back.
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>> nashville, tennessee to start the week, finished in hamilton county, southern ohio, cincinnati. let me tell you, wherever you are on the political spectrum, lots of interest in this race. lots of interest in this race on both sides. >> that's good for us, because it's our top story this morning. voters in five states will have their say today. here's a look at who's voting on this saturday. kansas residents will caucus on both sides. republicans will caucus in maine and kentucky, while democrats will caucus in nebraska. and there is also one primary being held today. >> that one in louisiana, where both republicans and democrats will head to the polls. so much at stake, as both donald trump and hillary clinton try to maintain those leads. >> we have you covered on both sides. we begin this morning with nbc's jacob rascon, who's following the republicans, where the field has now dropped down to four with dr. ben carson suspending his campaign. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: erica, good morning. despite desperate and extraordinary efforts by so many to stop trump's momentum, he is the favorite to win in every
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look at his shifting positions and ask and wonder, who is the real donald trump? donald trump is playing by his own rules again. skipping the conservative cpac conference for a last-minerally in kansas, where the latest poll shows ted cruz catching up. this after stunning week in american politics of virtual civil war within the republican party. its former nominee, mitt romney, joining a chorus of establishment leaders condemning the front-runner and refusing to vote for him. >> i'm going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure that we don't nominate donald trump. >> reporter: the latest complaint, trump's repeated flip-flops on immigration, suddenly arguing that highly skilled, feign workers should be able to stay. >> i'm changing. i'm changing. we need highly skilled people in this country. >> reporter: then releasing a statement, switching back. and on torture --
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>> reporter: trump now telling the "wall street journal" he will not order a military officer to disobey the law. now ten days and 13 states before the billionaire business mogul could be unbeatable or a contested convention could be all but inevitable. once again, it's up to voters still flocking to trump rallies in record numbers, followed closely by scores of protesters. and all republicans are campaign campaigning in the decision-day states today. trump is leading in those states by double digits, except for kansas, and he is moving on past today to florida, a must-win state for marco rubio, where he and ted cruz are now spending big. erica? >> jacob rascon for us this morning. jacob, thanks. >> to the democrats now, where hillary clinton is looking to hold her considerable lead over bernie sanders in today's races. nbc's kristen welker is in detroit, michigan. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you.
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gain some momentum today. his aides tell me the states that vote today and in the coming weeks are actually more favorable to him. meanwhile, the clinton campaign downplaying expectations. team sanders says they think they have a good shot at winning kansas. they think that nebraska could be a close race. both states have more of the white, working-class voters that tend to favor sanders. clinton is looking strong in louisiana and that could be part of her southern firewall with a large african-american population. meanwhile, clinton pressed again on her e-mails after her former staffer, bryan pagliano, struck an immunity deal with the fbi and told investigators her server was never hacked. here's clinton in an exclusive interview with cnbc's john harwood. >> this is the same security review that has been going on since last spring. i'm happy that everybody now has been cooperating and giving information, because i think that will finally end this and show that only appropriate steps
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>> reporter: clinton and sanders will face off in a debate in flint, michigan, tomorrow night. sanders' aides tell me he is going to go on the attack over trade issues. that resonates here in the nation's heartland. secretary clinton previewing her possible line of attack. on friday she called on sanders and gop front-runner donald trump to release credible economic plans. craig, erica, back to you. >> kristen welker for us this morning in detroit. thank you. >> harold ford jr. is a former tennessee congressman and nbc news political analyst. josh barro is a senior editor at "business insider" as well as an nbc news contributor. always good to have you both with us this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> as we look at what's happening today, we ran through at the top of the show the five states where voters will be making their voices heard today. trump won 7 of the 11 contests on super tuesday but traditionally has not done as well when it comes to a caucus versus a primary. there's only one primary today. is there a window here today for a marco rubio, a ted cruz, a john kasich somewhere? >> i think so.
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demographically favorable for either marco rubio or for ted cruz. and as you note, auctions are more difficult to vote in, donald trump is more reliant on weekly attached voters, it's easier to get them out in primary. that said, polling shows trump ahead in kansas. what i'll be watching is, is trump able to win in kansas in a way he couldn't win in iowa, minnesota or oklahoma? and looking at louisiana, the one primary state, the polls have trump ahead anywhere from 12 to 20 points. if he puts up a really solid margin like that, it will continue the margins he had on super tuesday and if he continues them across the map, he will win the nomination with the majority of delegates. if it's narrow, it will be a sign of trouble for trump. >> i'm wondering if the other republicans take advantage of a tough week for trump, the optics around him. i thought that romney gave a speech that a democratic opponent would give. it was scathing and compelling. >> we'll see that in ads in november, make no mistake about it.
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not nearly as tough as it's been in the past when people come after him. i think josh is right, the caucuses favor him, he should do well in louisiana, but for the first time in this race, this last week i got the feeling that there was a wound with trump. whether it manifests itself today is unclear, but clearly, as we get to florida and ohio, if rubio and kasich can win those respective states, their home states, i think this idea that trump could find some trouble may be gaining some steam. but the data's got to be shown to date to josh's point. >> i spent a lot of time talking to trump voters in your home state, tennessee, this week, and ohio as well. and i pick up the "times" this morning, and there's a person in louisiana that seemed to echo the sentiment that i heard. i'll read a snippet of it. this is from a woman down in louisiana. she said there's "nothing short of trump shooting my daughter in the street and my grandchildren -- there is nothing and nobody that's going to dissuade me from voting for trump." this is a woman named louise butler here. have you ever seen a candidate with this kind of hold over his supporters?
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this is the weirdest campaign, i think not just of my lifetime but going back a ways before i was born. you know, this was the 11th debate. i've given up on saying donald trump damaged himself in this debate, donald trump went too far this time. i think we've learned that lesson. obviously, there is theoretically something donald trump can do that would shake his voters away from him, but i'm not convinced that any of the things that happened this week -- i mean, sort of people that were inclined to listen to mitt romney when he says you have to be grown up and not vote for this guy, they were already not going to vote for trump. >> and this woman who voted for romney last time around said she found his speech -- she was disgusted and found it disgraceful, the way he was coming out. >> the key will be whether or not -- if you look at the vote outside of what trump has gotten, the 60, 70%, wherever it might have been, whatever the state -- will that vote coalesce? i'm not sure it will, but it didn't feel right for him this week. and you're right, i've felt he performed poorly debate after
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the numbers have gone up, but today we'll get more data and we'll see. but i have to say, mrs. clinton has to be feeling that some of the stuff said about trump in that speech by mitt romney can be used with some independents and independent republicans, if you know the difference between the two and what i'm saying. >> nice to have you with us. harold ford jr. and josh barro, appreciate your insight this morning. meantime, police in los angeles are scouring a new piece of potential evidence today possibly connected to o.j. simpson. on friday, l.a. police revealed that a knife had been found buried on simpson's former property and was not turned over until recently. could it possibly be the murder weapon? nbc's steve patterson is outside o.j.'s former home with more on what police are saying about that knife. steve, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you. so, the officer who originally received that knife decided to keep it for several years before turning it over to the lapd, leading a lot of people to ask, why? well, i spoke to his attorney, who said his client tried to do
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>> o.j. simpson is inside the car. >> reporter: it's back, all the drama from the o.j. simpson saga. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: the case already back in pop culture. the new ten-part fx miniseries getting big ratings. >> we need to bring in johnnie cochran and we need to do it now. >> no. >> reporter: now once again, the story in real-life headlines. the latest chapter, the tale of a knife found years ago on the land where simpson once lived. >> so, it has been submitted to our lab. they are going to study it. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell nbc news it is described as a small utility-style knife, commonly used in construction or landscaping. the knife, they say, is not consistent with the weapon used in the 1994 murders of nicole brown and ron goldman, but police are looking into it. >> this is a double homicide that is still open and ongoing. >> reporter: los angeles police say one of their now-retired
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construction worker on simpson's former property while working off-duty at a movie shoot across the street. the officer's attorney, trent copeland, says his client did the right thing. >> he did what i think every person would have done under the circumstances, is that you call la a you let them make the call, and they made the call. and the call was, look, this doesn't have any value to us, it's not useful. >> reporter: retired detective tom lang, who worked on the original murder case, doesn't by it. >> why would someone sit on a knife, especially a cop who should know better? >> reporter: carter douglas was part of simpson's defense team. >> that's pure fantasy. i'd rather be talking about the easter bunny instead. >> reporter: and in a statement, doubt from the family of ron goldman goldman, saying in part, "the validity of the knife as it relates to ron and nicole's murder is purely speculative." so, several experts have chimed in on this, and even if there is a link proven between this knife and the 1994 murders, they would
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impossible, nearly impossible, for o.j. to be retried because of the country's double jeopardy protections under the fifth amendment. yet, it's work that is still being done, investigators looking into this. it's work that could take some time, though. craig? >> steve patterson for us in los angeles this morning. steve, thank you. >> ari melber is msnbc's chief legal correspondent and joins us this morning with more. as steve just pointed out, because of double jeopardy, o.j. simpson could not be charged again with murder. are there any other charges, though, that could stem from this discovery, potentially? >> this is a fascinating and downright weird development in the o.j. simpson case. it is unlikely that anything would happen to him, as you say. it is possible that if this knife was used in the underlying double homicide in any way, that it could lead to charges for someone else or some sort of break in the case, beyond what is already known. >> george maycot, this is the officer who says that he called the lapd that knight, talked to the watch commander.
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says, there's nothing we can do, we can't prosecute him again, and sends him on his merry way. is this officer in any sort of potential legal trouble? >> well, this officer definitely made a mistake at minimum, because you don't want any evidence, let alone a potential murder weapon, just sitting around. so, that's why this is another example where this case had so much in it, it's captivated people, but it also has opened up all the questions about how policing works and how the mistakes are made, and if this is what happens in a case with high scrutiny, what's happening the rest of the time? yes, if there was any malice or malfeasance, a deliberate idea of obstructing justice, that could potentially come down the line, but i doubt it. i'll also say, look, in any murder investigation, the things you want to look at are motive, physical evidence at the scene of the crime and a murder weapon. it was always an issue that no murder weapon was found in this case. based on what we know, it's unlikely that this is the actual murder weapon. >> ari melber, we enjoy having you around so much, we'll bring you back next hour and talk about that high-profile case
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heading to court over a sex tape. >> thank you, craig. best-selling author pat conroy has died. conroy turned his troubled childhood into emotional novels like "the prince of tides," "the great san teenie" and "the lords of discipline." all three of those were turned into major movies. his life story, like his books, centered around surviving a brutal father who beat him, his mother and six siblings. when the 70-year-old announced he had pancreatic cancer just three weeks ago, he wrote "i've spent my whole writing life trying to find out who i am, and i don't believe i've even come close." in tennessee, it is now up to a jury to decide if popular sportscaster erin andrews should get $75 million after a stalker videotaped her naked in her hotel room and then posted it on the internet. nbc's morgan the areaford has been covering the trial for us. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. we're standing outside of the courthouse here in nashville. and after yesterday's closing arguments, the case is now with
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verdict as early as monday. after two weeks of trial and emotional closing arguments -- >> she's living a nightmare. >> reporter: -- for sportscaster erin andrews, it all comes down to this. >> we won't begin deliberations until monday morning at 9:00. >> reporter: she's suing for $75 million, and now the jury must consider seven days of testimony, 22 witnesses and 49 pieces of evidence, all to decide if the manager and former owner of the vanderbilt marriott nashville should pay andrews for her emotional distress. >> this will always be there. there will always be a reminder every single day. >> reporter: after she was secretly filmed eight years ago by convicted stalker michael barrett. >> they embrace barrett the same way they enabled barrett. >> counsel's trying to tie my clients to the criminal, but they had nothing to do with that guy. >> reporter: at the heart of the issue, whether the hotel did enough to stop him. >> this could have been stopped.
8:17 am
say the reservations confirmed andrews was staying there, even accommodating barrett's request. >> and she typed in "yes, request to room next to erin andrews." >> reporter: the hotel says they did not give barrett her room number and was manipulated to give him the room next door. >> criminals find ways to get around systems and exploit systems, and that's what happened here. >> reporter: now it's up to the jury of seven women and five men to decide if andrews should be paid. >> it's a difficult process for a juror to determine these kind of damages because there's no formula for it. >> reporter: for emotional damages. >> for emotional damages. it's just -- it's difficult, but that's their job. >> reporter: a job to come up with a verdict -- >> that should be quite significant. >> reporter: -- and possibly a number. now, craig, when this verdict comes down, the jury will have to say, one, if erin andrews should be paid, and two, if so, how much, and three, by whom. back to you.
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morning in tennessee. morgan, thank you. there is scary news this morning about the zika virus. a new study in the "new england journal of medicine" reports the disease may actually be worse than scientists imagined. according to that study, zika may cause more birth defects than microcephaly and it is believed it causes defects more than just in the beginning as first believed. we'll go through this with the director of allergy and infectious diseases next hour. dylan dreyer's here. out west they're dealing with some wet stuff. >> yeah, they had a bit of a dry spell, but we're going to get more wet weather moving in, a series of storms. you can see them developing over the pacific. you can see the swirls, the areas of low pressure. these will be the reasons why we'll see heavy rain, especially from washington state through oregon and into northern and central california. we do have some heavier pockets of rain moving east of seattle and stretching down into san francisco where we could see a couple of inches of rain, but
8:19 am
mountain snow with 2 to 4 feet possible in the sierra. and look at all this brown here. those are your wind advisories and high wind warnings. we could see gusts up near 50 to 60 miles per hour. so, as we go through the day we'll see thisto round of rain move in later on today, lasting through sunday morning. we'll get a break before the next storm system moves in as we go into sunday night and monday morning. the majority of the problems we'll see will be with the first round of rain. we could end up with as much as 5 to 7 inches of rainfall. that could lead to mud slides
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could end up with 2 that's your latest forecast. if you are familiar with banksy, henonymously tra theldayinpating h art everywhere he goes. he's never publicly shown his face. now, banksy may have actually been unmasked. thanks with help from science. kelly cobiella joins us to explain. >> reporter: this is the science used to find criminals, instead, used to catch an artist. the person behind this, banksy. and scientists say they're 90% sure they have their man. from london to new york, l.a. to gaza, it's been stolen, auctioned, covered up for being too controversial.
8:21 am
came alive. >> welcome to the land. enjoy. >> reporter: at dismal land, his take on the so-called happiest place on earth. the world has been left guessing for the real person behind the street art collected by celebrities and sold at times for millions of dollars. >> sold! a guy named robert banks, the bbc in 2006, no, it's robin gunn ingham said the daily. >> it's a huge geographical area. >> reporter: a group of scientists tried to crack the code with a technique called geographic profiling. >> it's used by a number of police agencies in the united states, including the los angeles police department, the new york police department has used it. >> reporter: instead of crime scenes, they mapped banksy's art in london and bristol, comparing the data to homes and hangouts
8:22 am
suspects. the result, these fancy dots and spikes or spatial locations in geek speak which led them to one prominent candidate. robin gunningham. >> the spatial evidence of the artwork supports the theory he is banksy. >> reporter: mystery solved? don't bank on it. so if it is robin gunningham, who's he? and we don't have an answer for that yet. in fact, even the study's authors are protecting this person. all of those addresses they used for his geoprofile have been left out of the study. erica? >> interesting. kelly, thanks. keeps us guessing still. >> i like the sty. >> it's good we kept the mystery alive. >> you raise a good point,. >> maybe it's not about the money. >> it's about the art. still to come, we'll watch
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stories, including this incredible caught on camera moment when a child falls out of a van. the good news, the kid is okay. also ahead, what do you get when you combine morgan freeman and justin bieber? pure magic. that's what you get. that's coming up in pop start. but first, this is "today"
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>> sold out concert. erica interns at j. crew. >> more "today." >> after this. taking a live look out there.
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new overnight police say man was taken to a hospital after a shooting in raleigh happened around midnight on bragg street and garner road. the victim is expected to survive. police have not released any information. the shooting happened near the area where a man was shot and killed by a raleigh police officer on monday. and trying to figure out who is responsible for a shooting out of a durham car last night. police are asking for help regardg someone who shot out of a dark colored vehicle. anyone with a tip to call durham calls. protesters targeted the durham performing arts center. they were calling out the inmates in the jail which by the way is just across the street.
8:27 am
inside dpac. they claim medical neglect caused deaths of inmates and they are concerned about conditions inside the jail. now for a look at the forecast. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. looks like it's going to be a little cool, not too bad. more clouds than sun overall. 30s across most of the area. favoriteville and clinton at 38 and 39-degrees. a look at satellite and radar shows this morning we still have patches of cloud cover over central north carolina. we expect to be variably cloudy around lunchtime about 48- degrees. we'll top out today around 53. >> thanks so much for watching. another news and update is coming your way in 30 minutes. we certainly hope you have a great day.
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shs i ad >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thanks. just ahead, best boss ever? you won't believe what one ceo did to reward his employees. also, who you gonna call? >> ghostbusters! >> good. >> thank you. a first look at the new "ghostbusters" yourwas for bettngs rhmaid ais. bere y your rheutogist movea biol ask eljanz iright u.
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8:49 am
i hav muc tt. i hthe stu taki t t wd s rely,ast. tht or n.ur sheel -- y conol- read >> >> ion p ve a lc >>s tri a t fi ty, don ty caulors t s. a yut oou s? i p ionno who i rs. i'tea flallo o watesnat flooof loernute. ma g watil in t min okay atur s? >> just he kn no mpl >>g except >>56 ok >> is tt? o. >>'rlmos o o time
8:50 am
eehu. you can p alot home a >> nu p 16 >>!w!>>etou tntc! in'caat righ a thanlaow yid wopl ce pl if you'd , says pfe ne r yro thelihi gi the sions aell as thlthefs ofo a g outdot ck iprti ord c.>>er. >> you'r eard. >> lt w spo ye itt. " hewers "! yes! o . i tp s is ame dy mor o od lu, kih e
8:51 am
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8:52 am
8:53 am
>> i w atinge oi s t ce thealmiew detls prin enc z b kanreparing day iou i millio litr a thk weuld'veen a at ver. tarz kw whtarzan doenoknowre an go. hey, eme, do yw whe e rfal? wate nomearza
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
9:00 am
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9:01 am
dn team at jcr col for as upor the jo totu, 5th, 20 no ratingy 6th hditda" ya roneee"t" shwh e up, me'n oday" showwh! beend eleb inerk ci! >> a surning to welcomck "to g. we a g t getutn tze laer ] >>yda a t ilbe0. >> yyingret jew. was enj.
9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
epw, e cleg tw the chiganoung on . sheolutft o w fli backax bres fom at jobseras nders, ane,as riecretary .at ihaes in t hetld. ls pew what wcaxpec t n t t facen a te bto u. ke f us rn n,yo isot ofal rngtherni fo oo.j.s calirnia prope nrlwo a coueonne o agon. vesos smog e,rng. r:rning, er nkdoo elve i w dtuthe fact the hy thistoso isecause he iur
9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
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9:17 am
back now on a saturday morning, and with just about six weeks to go until the dreaded tax deadline, you might be wondering, what's the best way to get those taxes done? should you spend the no hire an accountant? should you use an online service? or should you just do them yourself? nbc business correspondent olivia sterns is going to walk us through it here. so, again, just over a month away. this is not one size fits all. >> no. >> but you've got some good advice here. how do we decide whether we should hire a tax professional? >> first of all, craig and erica, there is no shame in not doing it yourself. >> good. >> the tax code is hideously complex. it takes the average american 13 hours. >>wow. >> to do their taxes. so, no shame, no judgments, if you want to use an accountant. that said, a couple circumstances in which you should definitely consider hiring a pro. if you've had a big life change. what's that? well, have you had a baby? did you adopt? did you get married? did you get divorced? did you inherit? did you lose a spouse? did you finally let your
9:18 am
all of these things are big life changes and mean you could qualify for a different deduction. >> if you do hire an accountant, what's the average cost? how much should that run you? >> it's going to cost a couple hundred bucks. $273 is the official average. if you don't want to spring for that, there are plenty of cheaper software options -- so tax turbo, h&r block, tax deluxe. those will run you anywhere from $15 to $100. >> what if you don't want to shell out the cash for an accountant, but you also don't want to run the risk of going to prison, so you want to do it yourself? >> you're a really brave soul. another reason to consider hiring a pro -- if you're self- self-employed, own your own business. if you freelance and get 1099 income, have you bought or sold a house? do you have any investment properties? all of these things are pretty good reasons to consult a tax professional because they can help you figure out some strategies to actually save you some money. >> when should i consider using some software? >> you should consider using some software if you don't want
9:19 am
if you think you can sort of handle it for yourself. do you or your spouse only have one job together or both have w-2s? do you have no dependents? do you not plan on itemizing your deductions? all of those things make your taxes a whole lot easier and you're a candidate. >> how can you protect yourself from fraud, whether it's, you know, one of the software packages, whether it's doing yourself? what are some things you can do to make sure you're not getting fleeced? >> first and foremost, the earlier you file your taxes, the safer you're going to be. that is the number one thing you can do. next up, please use strong passwords. you would be shocked how many people still use "pizza" -- >> or 1234. >> or abc123. and this is the point i really want to stress, scams are really spiking. the irs, craig, is never going to call you on the phone and ask you for your credit card. that just doesn't happen. if you get a phone call from the irs, you should be extremely wary. if the irs wants to contact you, if there is a problem, they're
9:20 am
so, please, don't send them any money. and never, ever give out your social security number over the phone. >> tax time almost upon us. that was useful information. thank you very much, olivia sterns. still ahead here, the $100 million lawsuit over a sex tape that's putting hulk hogan against the website gawker. but first, this is "today" on nbc.when it comes to connecting to the world online, people have different needs.
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9:31 am
earlotel because y cck ha l >> bac ded te . th iseekekwahhe e gin onson drain your bank acunt. andlate be the star at your next party with this beautiful cake that is surprisingly easy tomake. >> and we're all rdy for it because it'also, in our world, it's also called breakfast. we begin this half hour, though, with a major trial now under way that tests just how far the press can go into a celebrity'bedroom. legal cde arers h th onhatsmo gmo ogan suiwk, ttrivainst f btle worthy o wr tle real t hulk n. er, thelo ,
9:32 am
anott!hon versuer." stsui weeoreo sth ho m t tie s ckhe ge. s ty he right tounhe story. sbvusotpe t ton st g d'tt asood sut ubc r:an00 llndi iotion blhing t a h t imct in. tis worst t thhao . it's rea m sidown. hogan'riva right vade 'sngor m com to tt iwi persontht their cth o a engad i adult aivity and to
9:33 am
hi a controveral- orr: gawr fnder nkues tase i about wther celti us tontidate this isheleie dere ttrhege t nairsihe bu e, cichurbusiness h t y. >>eporr:rgues his sex leartis on gawk fam thess tr. the fstmeer r thismatter j f e pre andrs hereeesut al essgelryhasnne n's aor gr gke wou le hi t firtll otherritsut h s. ror for c y 's blo ne, ll ur.
9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
tell ydoct if you havert blood vprob devel or rse toms get l height a ifave mpms of heattackroke decr alcoh use whitakihantix use n whving or opeting macry. comside-ais ea. fe anon-sm is a ole lo fun your docr ifntix rig you ngt' tin da i o sie"up t da" t,a' >> 's iery eed so i ine j, wy muc hopfo ihod u eagernd ready arnhbsut
9:39 am
put me ro work. cw f i co expa, ofin adeou t any's pre aive jnas, is ds so mboss dyo skch >>my own. >> anyesig ritalno. ahroy wldtak , ok. we now tha wot tt o of t wa >> yuc is m f otompontial. in m fd tt ial, the head n' degn, soms evntav. 's fial. w rlly a it jew >> tis anontoy. ,eric >>e to u. ch. hav ls seq
9:40 am
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9:41 am
ce >>ouei >> ieoruveia. >> oo e,o.u're - rrible>>re g is asosict im for hol 16. so, w asohese n y to a layout ay. th quickti t as ady. >>,ha y knoe aear,ally we' d a ma h o aca go l thahinking hebox. b j >>? waouraha i okayou we ern y oute, l u know. we'rent er be cef wt of usvehi a and witthenna
9:42 am
>> itas e. >> lke like itwa llverydyassoargnd me d a mon tions. it j tre ennm aerybody' reradri jeffic ieaypen dple stobynd theveifnt ide folik fes bn sha peo idslc a thehase toaver a i myselfikg t apogik so y! andlike, ha we weo snd h gether.oundelfngy ,ha bra wo - >> and that's when they sen you back to "today." >> that's when they said you have a job as a joli but werfu heresouveia p thegle ll, well- >>s erica could have a crominghme i y have athe.
9:43 am
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ouor t mos stinctam it at >>otng alrime. tisot me yoolge alajar micn ern mecome dtihe rise. sayae iseaul tel,ni die ropte 37 impca be rig in t neod. is sta mono inulrans there a ain food tt kesch. >> wha wor lyke a f nen e if y'r inreed t oo atten tese ca sy atnoog s 19 ni o rockclimng
9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:51 am
anchangeir worldiew. ugh this morning in "today food," we are wrapping up our week of baking basics with an unbelievable cake that i can't wait to try, and it's a lot easier to think than you may think. shauna sever is the author of
9:52 am
bake while everybody enjoys the cake. they're already digging in down there at the end, happily. >> during commercial. >> just make sure you save some. it's important to test what we're making here. shauna, good morning. >> good morning. >> first, let's go through the ingredients, because you're actually combining two recipes here. >> yes. this is a black-and-white pancake cake, okay? this is really a workhorse recipe. it's a one-bowl chocolate cake that's really versatile, and today we're doing something special with it. what we're doing that's interesting is using pure maple surp for syrup for the sweetener. >> great. >> the rest is stuff we have around the house, cocoa, sweetener. dump in these ingredients. baking soda, baking powder, a little salt. >> there we go. >> this is a dump-and-stir operation. now the wets. this is maple syrup. >> so, instead of refined white sugar, okay. >> we're using syrup in everything today. >> love this. >> into greek yogurt, two large eggs. better. >> oil.
9:53 am
>> okay. >> then half a cup of water in there as well. >> so all we're going to do to complete the batter until it's nice and thick and you don't even need a mixer. all by hand. >> you're using an ice cream scoop. >> yeah, it's a great trick for consistency. in this case we're taking our chocolate cake batter. >> what are you putting in terms of oil on there so it doesn't stick? >> nonstick spray. spray. you want about a 7-inch circle. two minutes on one side and four on the other side. you want to be the flipper? >> and you say always use a fish spatula. >> so just loosen the edges and go for the flip there. it's a great tool for baking really dell kate things like this. >> i didn't think it was that easy.
9:54 am
so then you're going to do your pancakes. there you go. yeah. she stuck the landing. >> i've got to earn my cake. >> so now we are going to assemble. we've got our first filling here. a little maple sir rip, a little vanilla ex- tract. >> i don't taste the maple syrup for all of that that's in there. >> you can use these just like you would white sugar and sometimes they're more flavorable than others. >> is it better for your body as opposed to using refined sugar than the refined sugar? >> i think it's just kind of nice to have an alternative, sometimes. you know what i mean? it's not a book of health food as much as it is about using all these great alternative sweetens. so you alternate your filling,
9:55 am
thing and i love the way this looks. >> i would imagine that it tastes even better. >> you can't beat this. >> it kees kind of great. it technically it's a pancake. >> it's breakfast. >> you can use the same batter for sheet cake, cup cakes, but in this case we're doing something a little bit better. >> great to have you with us. this is so good. for this recipe and more just log on to that is going to do it for all of us on a saturday morning. tomorrow on today, the remarkable story of a rodeo star back in the saddle months after she was paralyzed in a horrific
9:56 am
>> have a great day, everyone. good morning. i'm bryan mims. it is 9:56. new overnight, police say a man was taken to the hospital after a shooting in raleigh. this happened at about midnight along bragg street in the area of mangum street and garner road. the victim is expected to survive. police have not released any information about the suspect. the shooting happened around the area where a man was shot
9:57 am
and it is battle of blues day. north carolina wants revenge against duke after their loss and home court. we'll have fan celebration, coach interviews and analysis after the game. here is mike moss, meteorologist mike moss, i should say, with an analysis of the weekend weather. >> things will look well. mostly confined to the hours of darkness will be some rain. we'll show you temperatures coming up a little bit into the 40s in most spots. we still have 39 in lewisburg. 42 in europe and as we head to the south, 43 for durham. a look at satellite and radar shows no precipitation in the immediate vicinity. a couple of showers in the
9:58 am
and west. disturbance affecting us. we are more likely to see more clouds than sun, a few cloudy periods. 53 our high by 3:00 or 4:00, back to about 46 by 8:00 p.m. overnight, a few rinkles, patches of light rain, rain showers, down to about 40 for a low. we warm up a little tomorrow. we'll see en increase in sun, high around 57 and a nice jump as we head into early next week. after a low of 45, high of 65 on monday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
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