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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 3, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am EST

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jiy llon toght,s gu -- arreliam priyan choa, sical gulorettnn, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 430, texas! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! that's a hot crowd right there! i love it. i feel the love! i feel the love!
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welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. thank you so much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] i'm your host, jimmy fallon. i was going to tell a bunch of jokes about donald trump, but i think today mitt romney told pretty much all of them. [ laughter ] that's right, mitt romney gave a big speech against donald trump today and said, quote, "a business genius he is not." [ laughter ] then romney was like, "yoda, my speechwriter is." [ laughter and applause ] romney also said trump's promises are as worthless as a a degree from trump university. [ audience oohs ] then trump said, "or as worthless as a romney 2012 poster." [ laughter and applause ] during his speech, mitt romney also said donald trump is playing the american public for a free ride to the white house and, quote, "all we get is a a lousy hat." [ laughter ] not to mention a $30 picture of how scared we all look on the
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[ laughter and applause ] get this, i saw that the google search "how to move to canada" started trending after -- [ laughter ] you can't make it up, man. >> steve: you can't make it up. >> jimmy: the google search "how to move to canada" started trending after donald trump's impressive showing on super tuesday. [ light laughter ] or as canadians put it, "great, now we need to build a wall." [ laughter and applause ] was asked yesterday to describe her husband in one word. check out what she said. >> what's the one word, you think, that describes him? >> amazing heart. amazing mind. leader. that's what i say. leader. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: when asked to word melania said, "math
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[ laughter and applause ] here's some news out of washington. i read that the defense department is inviting hackers to test its cyber security in a a new program called "hack the pentagon." which will be followed by another new program called "okay, please stop hacking us. it's not funny anymore. [ laughter ] it's a horrible idea. why did we think of this?" program. [ applause ] i read major airlines will introduce a new class of service called "basic economy" that offers lower price tickets for less amenities. [ light laughter ] it's a good deal, but i don't know what to think about some of these basic economy check this out. first feature is -- now the same thing. [ laughter ] >> steve: that seems like not good. >> jimmy: then instead of boarding by row, airlines will it." that's rude. >> steve: that's rude. >> jimmy: that's not gonna work. >> steve: that seems like more >> jimmy: they're also changing
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saasca oa in arta a ve ht apse ] di soude anllri plac wh ine passthe fron back of thrcft noogar. chpp] noogarng h thicdid you see recent studyha le viapisn'tery en stig rned ohath dot t l's feings laughter andppe "i, ho had uganna t y fter sar t sh, e eb sttc whicnshyin har neei ht
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and [ ndlause >>immy beea ek e' ahe.toowight, co ouhew in the befuh lt ll >> sversndla] jmy: te: love >>gwh d ve g veci ped. e or tt. plus ybetar tyle wihe[ cheersuse ] anwe . nbe . stevewhat [ a : what'sour go-to -- wh yeah n. owunhedoes >> stevehet im: u say ay e wh ay ledeppe eersnd alaus weffs? s>>im: anffd an
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pudier othr.: ye itl beik-- na8-t. jone 8-t brme sve jye. buth play. ani thweanatsong. se wea futogoi lovegu he gd-winn artist and produce fr'sit s "the ice"on phliisere. chrs and o esn't vey? : ervearre. im: one of the ys nn, fu plus, armoerw s the yearico. lo i st sve: wh [ chppuse jand st i'm ovn thi ma he tonight. s lege o ty se best.
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lottlys re, >>! [ ee ause >> jshs a reco nt "bd ofol"ipines." ers a h wiieelsoonere.i waju liso loa earl onee way yoowt eka mbng ls ] n' hene : an idses"gosh, i he intwins ai ht so gd. she best.bufirs i s coup mths ago out to j fre ouon'tnow,e'e guo and the clc he."fhouse. chusy tter anayskedf uld itnae "the nit show and d ye
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a] so sf.-sty trur oniredi we had aotf i he plse. n the night has ll and e day is sohing at spe someo wor's gone caughtp con t a sms awng ou kere tn he l shinugh tellryone that ynow let tht shinrough jimmy' he tonht show" you dave trave he c make u ppy erever y a
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shine through jimallonho u rspp my: cehato jesderickthhe i thot nk >>imu u so mh. aan. 'l rhtk wi eryby. come oba [ cheers and alause ] ine ro llryon at t in tigho et shinug eouw l inro mm tight s et theht
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us jmy: hos th d don't the or t n'do r t son vemyor >>ah.tevek ybe ockfd fi mht be ri ee andla y'thatne? hug themng ] lila kn- opstt,to i [ uger e. teve: e cankn d fouersss hersis thr c imdnhinkou ower th ad ganous [ light er >> jimmyye[ t laught do iezus
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woweo baby us atdo baby uschrs a a tin't nothan loh ul do thus shlala cheersnd applae >> jmy: o anor steve: they d't-- makinyour wayn toy tas hi - >>immyi vet so s: laughter ji'm just kid.i just bd you. why? why wodo that? >>ve t you 't no. lo tv theme i love "cim: "frien s: ht im tth soth u, g steas " >> jimmythas "falyes >>ve: . dog, od anstepn an whe
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ma yways, wtoe tonight sh lighla at just happen m so ist lik ah, itmy: this is u 'se onight show hashtags." here we go. [ cheers and applause ] hashtags hashtags >> jimmy: you guys are on twitter, right? are you on twitter? [ cheers and applause ] it's fun. well, we use twitter on our show every single week, so if you watch our show and you want to play along we do this thing every wednesday where i send out a hashtag, and we ask you guys to tweet out things based on that topic. so since astronaut scott kelly and his brother mark are being studied by nasa to determine the effects of space on the body, i went on twitter and started a hashtag called "my sibling is weird." [ light laughter ] and i asked you guys to tweet out something funny, weird or embarrassing about your sibling. i tweeted out that my sister used to wear a bike helmet when she went on the swing in our back yard.
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then she tweeted my brother would wear a football helmet to go -- and she's right. it wasn't a bike helmet. it was a football helmet. because we had a tree swing and my grandfather was really nervous that we'd hit our heads on the swing. >> steve: so he made you wear football helmets. >> jimmy: so we both wore football helmets. [ laughter ] it was so weird. but also we had a chain link fence, so every kid who rode their bike buy would just look at us and be like, "those weirdos, man." [ light laughter ] and loners too. what's wrong with those kids? [ laughter ] well, we got thousands of tweets. within 30 minutes it was a a trending topic in the u.s. so thank you for those tweets. [ cheers and applause ] i had a weird childhood. i also had -- i had a a basketball hoop. my dad got me a basketball hoop. and i guess my mom and my dad. actually, it was santa. [ laughter ] >> steve: neither your mom nor -- dad. no. santa claus. but he didn't want to put it on the garage because it was an going to fall down. he thought a basketball would knock it down. sveok, re. i'm gonna go with it. >> jimmy: whatever, dad. yeah. it's such a dad thing. in my back yard.
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but -- [ laughter ] near impossible. >> steve: but if you fall -- >> jimmy: again, a chain link fence. >> steve: a lot safer. >> jimmy: i'm wearing a a football helmet. dribbling -- >> steve: dribbling on grass. [ light laughter ] "something's wng with them." "don't talk to him." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: don't talk to the fallons. >> steve: don't talk to them! >> jimmy: there's something wrong with them. here are some of my favorite "my sibling is weird" tweets from you guys. here we go. this first one is from @aberlean. she says "my sister watches dateline to make sure her husband isn't living a double life." [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> steve: did she think they're going to catch him on that episode? >> jimmy: "they had the perfect marriage -- or did they?" >> steve: he was living a a double life. >> jimmy: it was a fun cruise. [ light laughter ] >> steve: until they discovered -- >> jimmy: until they discovered the first deck. [ light laughter ] this one is from @missgreenwalt. she says, "my sister made a a secret handshake with me so we could test each other in case one of us was ever b a ug [ pl s
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it's it's'sye, yorehttep or >> jmyis f-- lehat >> sveatal say. >>myk isfrec shys"meat di of e nnt ad hheds u laug ] appl "on llewel" teunder hi [ lighlauger y s. im: ah.soholaso r laug thne's@bge. say si got new stufan a hl and intre tea or an [ plause ] this. po. iss s: s 38. im isretton s,y si first try sa dia, i stle fm "[ la
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's>> sted s her. oimmywi. hes, "myhe onssedp spelmer's n his haied u wall ] away hect s: glue j ia oison mharte shysbr unre y thnd[ ug pl : d. like th tsma >> i @god "my to nk bau 'rlytoer apses.that'te rit. te: no, i n't at thy noim one m esce hes,ri ad mpassas mom yel dyo y? assed,aid, a-?' [ ht ]
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e ouight sw" hash.ect re of ou go to hom/
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j o can't t roo. rs ande yocan't yeyocat the s. tt. see.t ee tas jimn,h,h, yeah. co o wh e suin? t whis [ ht ]'mursuin works jefit rk. otn hter ] myno, ied ate when teag in into told the my te d grathalbu i d ] th lyoth oe , man. >>ry ale ers, i d. : chgeupme're on tw. firsthk yor ac t s ou ju reyod --ch ause knou ow htoo is
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>> j sdo wasta. ank yor dog th ch ae >> tnk y >>myng"f."haou'sotmin th sh.u ha- li it srtngsh mew- justowyoguerey t s.the s? yeah.cae mn,beus d joro at t 0sho. en o jmy: ththbe. [ laug yeahye : yeahhter ] the takes. >> tat. >> jmythe e seat. jmy: wh fariteheme us w -- th0s hahe bt f. o "kni >>my: ohthe strumentalon. i totaforgot --
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yoknowhat wa jam s ar."ss pla kw ea yo g to make u've got to ke tce t m ah. -- [ la ] >> snkac yoknhathnng e '7hewere myah>>here le .u ow ert thg.rewo w you loe now, bseike, while thatlayi i'd the u'd seoget he floor,oy." j. >>ouy of tv [ ught ] i'li uld -- fe. eld tow welibo the j: and you di>>hat bass lwail
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thwaai bassline i i'veai is re all righ a, ot lahter ke tha but cornys, thso bov dist yhe >>h.f st one dm yeah. >>immyowwhs ?ughter ] rob te >>im: did he rll >>roteha >>imalanhiwre ? >> y im't h acnt s>>: d himo >>imic qgloria 'sis m jimmyght? uestloveahah, ye>>ipndll almaces pe ah. chus , toecd e nehip talk like si w j: yeah. eers andlaueve: t's it.>> jnono. quest: ry . >> j: , you c t.
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wed tom re.we n have him . hemakeucnedo. lila ye me ecd yoser tohe memy voice. [ ght la jyostrutted. immyitked ke you were wng a osion in aon movie ijuike thatlauger t it i's'8 ' an utit puts a stru>>my makesoueeod wevey ytime tch "t yoknow i roo t reso nic erybody.f it nne your team. usni to everu adan, soharsh, b just where yoe ey, work on is." t hont. and ve y f at. ca tnk y au jim: knhe wodn cu y rn yaiou goell. ye. ywhecausee,
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, tholest thin m ." eniknd u asof footagyorealizhomu oolike owha? la ] ieet ke yoging vi.likeis ie been g thy long t you'beng, m g you, and i. becausm t. t ht >>myyoare ty cool. >>'m not i'atp op st he yeah anyou helping pe ap alwhs thing u're inorhe oceans? >> im: ths this thing am up is is a cool t >>bion y a cny avertim, tys, and .an bniis ey take plaic f oceaand spha a d tt yaou d -- it w apwi likcott
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ter, r >>im: ye. ay, co[ ught>>immydi i sht. m s sday >>arl co cos polyes at t stead ofinesr,y ju d it'stale ot tsotion, bu's a busi and so wteam uwi, i'a pane thk yo-s [ plse but eah an lled r thece ansihe commion a thege ili, you -- wtyou doing m immy. lit wt >> jah w do d ret ib jmy: od f y f pl jimn't o th. it'soou'oi iryin m
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tsecopharlln yss . here's a s pex ek epidowah, vce." ta ak thi nrs. 'v makinre sie i was li 18. i dn'tn e puic e.bui woh st heasr h,ot! -o >>te.stjustin? no,o. ittoy. >>ho? . uh ed wit t mi mselub. aus h, h >> s ian a's she wasngec s s 19. t i producing th. ut li ! >> sitiffere u rowi p, en you he th [ nd ala growing plt anth co o prr [ rs and appe
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hotly... owoo!! cheeppe jimckevy. ou gs an inrnatnal supers she's a eriss worl shmaveilms, and stin par uantico,h rernis nd a10:0m. o lohehen thver.l,h. ndlaus] me- thiss men th covhe er was ab anndn -- ] evea welco iy choa. [ rs a] eend
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>> they are ng jros ar yt y >>: ye are. i'venchin st a just -- ias "y p jim, ow. m ap [ er ] a juetov wit[ ht anucin ors. sch me.: . ohmyh. vecho u i ju s iwerethca anthou'r- >> m immy: >> ik deer e , afteni ty i a red rhtacto roin t cch infrgown, go on redeytain "bin jim"baytc eah. jmyme och alause ] 'rexteabth he's oo ust anund thda intoo a me heing da me , ve, vei e d o a o. >> jmy: hasrit? >>y cahaywatch" wit im: yeahyeahand >> iean,e e'-- >>my, ha it no dit
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immy: dwayneohnson, the ck whave zon >>imc ro on bn. wellyac andrar. avan a c 's g imyou were sayg ople in kn o sh >>es. ohmy god you comy d ut i. ss y [ ae >>: i ou. ssin somhing ped? yobe wh? t>>no t >> >>myyed and tgo t ocourse my: how do s hello k u foevne erne fatching? nin >>immy: namae? >>am.u kn nte>> jbu t easy c't namas di [ speaking fgngue ] mytheryo spkingor l >>es jimmyindi indiay. [ eers a ala no, what's stran i owce. 'v- th l >>oh, , 'so yes. weon't. wee you.
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ri y. mwo jmi, tht er g in t. w possible yust -- go i'll t mething and yus ing re>>acalof was le , i wa was udyin ol whewa--as my he. t,n quns [ pplause ] >>myfleens? t touelo [ cheers andpplae sut. jim wbey ooifonknow. d l n'ownow etti ally meta. ye thiss li. ino laug i justanroveha acashekn peould be , sh sayin immyno's d ah >> andhei tdi and m tgh bau cameere en was 1 wentack en i d e ouslthghyou i p grew nty ctes in to mis a, a ty seed m li, mgod. --es oindia knows ? like?" >> jimyou you jucoike h.wa, th mat
12:18 am
ou-- your w likseing atown, ah >>h, it. enhente rl a wt too. jmy meng eers applae ] bad. >>waod good.>>at notal anren ic" hi. s [ chrsnd] it'sit, and just anthgore coson. >>eswe pplae ] jome yes, n! nama nama yeah. la himy t jiy ll iwhenot mail sayin g offial -ky chm. >> jim: uc i'od lk. i'od ev gs od rs andppuspy y haven't seee ulu it up fopeif ty don't know thehow? yespl aw based iea's cle"q abos. j: ye. butwe aba h pe -- ther-- t ft, gtrp thbe t s
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withhe fbi is e rris w wllind atnd of th -- e seintrky i cheendpplae m icer ke >>ry har it' teenal lik yh that , h, yh. jmy,, i love i i'm . i'm in. i wa to talko you t thusu id liveinue and u to -- whahi school again >> rf.ennedy immyrobe. nnedy. of c soy t that. n york,were lkg out whatds yrendtuff le that, at yew york. wamy fvori n yk waitod. >>immy. t b>>he p jmye a is the . tandeframi isorning ownd thing i d ha a dogt t g animmy: oeers and applaus>> with everytng.>>imatgrte ing. lo that. i tu . wev jimmythg on >> everythin jreally?>> yeah. iman
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imbusou' t wingirl. o le wi icgs. jimkn lu. nuclea nlear >>imah ty'- diit'sllut s. jim: ll the w [ laughter ] theyl get that i hag yo dia.>>: se. >> mgod.on o-- i>> jfalln hag , ys come >>ashtallon.myles make ihappen nd applause ] let's go. i'wit . t yowa to chal ag-eating y >> jinne ollgemen my i'm the arnto hi tshou knin necheers and app] >> jim co applae ] j: lo athwe [ chee alaus >> j: alt.>> o j: l these hahre-
12:21 am
j: in ff usre s here i nerke ma weir eat uc e sc thas t engh anhailst mh. laer e t >> jimmy: i'm not gonna need the mi. [ laughter ] >> iight. >> jimmy: yeah. whoeveeats the most wis within 20 seconds wi. >> damn. >> jimmy: yeah. let's get -- ea okay. >>20one clock. >> y [ cheers and applause ] ah, okay. immyy? oumarks, s, eendpplaus im m e. n't do [ i t mne n'doth on. er ] [ nd app jmy't eve
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a -- g one a xc. excuses? real t lovepe t . ou >>im: an ch appuse etndayat 10:00.m. on a right b lynn arnd [ eendpp somee knhow toe an erance. tohrivder pres. ejece stat. ey hav blem ssg the competit aggr new 2016 l gs 200 turb
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i kefoi'gonno (vo)hagsthe inggcaus steve:oday i lucy. won:surpse oh, m ss mayou'veust - a ousandrs! n: ts am that'sg! (shs) n: oe jok, wbettn yestday. thaveryt a lile fd. and ste, ev yeah? man:still miing raw otion. man: py awfor tues but tomrow is 's ly b it! cky fe. thousadollday,
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[ eers andpplae jim: siguest tonight s the fiman be ned tus asn'teaine ar. [ e ] aze'out st in more th "frc itantaic perfming "erytng it ta" secohe auful, tted a .[ ch nk.
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thanr owa can a ma 't kno shou tyo no s's gth akes sheru'veot keyo rying t she a mon ole bu'r w as buth s stl ho 's ething
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he mongs to herou're noing she's cold as ice but you ill think she's ho she's got everything it takes and she'll take everng you've got ve t e'everythi u' g [ cheenduse ] my: gime, er lonn [ rsus caw domemo e
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to pharrell williams, priyanka chopra, jesse frederick, loretta lynn once again! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right here from philadelphia, pennsylvania, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night, and i hope to see you tomorrow. thank you so much. bye-bye.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- tina fey. star of "grandfathered," actor john stamos. from "saturday night live," comedian jay pharoah. featuring the 8g band with patrick carney. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. former nominee, mitt romney gave a speech today to try to stop
12:38 am
republican nomination. and in a related story, a japanese soldier fired his rifle at godzilla. [ laughter ] that's not enough to stop him. mitt romney gave a speech at the university of utah this morning, critical of donald trump. and in it, he said trump's promises are as worthless as the degree from trump university. then romney dropped the mic and it broke his toe. [ laughter ] ben carson sat out tonight's 11th republican debate and kind of the first ten. [ laughter ] chris christie was asked today about his vacant expression during donald trump's super tuesday victory speech, and told reporters, "i wasn't anything other than happy." well, if that expression means you are happy, then my wife was thrilled when i forgot her birthday. [ laughter ]


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