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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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officer. >> as a parent of a baltimore appalled. the have i i don't is certainly something you never want to see anyone treated like that. >> officers say they were called to escort an intruder out of the building but an attorney for the teenager says at the school. today, a judge is expected to rule on mowings for a mother and son charged in connection with the beating of two teenaged boys. tracy and daniel erwin others have been indicted for their role in the 2015 assault. one of the teens died. the other was severely injured during a counseling session. today, nfl lawyers plan to fight to have the four game suspension against tom brady reinstated. the u.s. circuit court of appeals, the second court in manhattan, will hear oral arguments in this case. nfl lawyers say a lower court
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league bungled the probe of deflated footballs at the afc championship game in january of 2015. union lawyers disagree. so we're back to square one. junior high school sounds like t right? i think we're probably just going to keep going on that psych follow a little while. elizabeth has her show on the road. >> she like to go out and she enjoys places like museums. the museum of natural science. i was assuming that is where it was. i saw an animal right next to you. he is looking at you intently. >> is that a fox? >> coyote. this exhibit is extreme mammals. it has been here if a few months but it will wrap up shortly . if you haven't been here to see it yet, you need to
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i mean bill comes to mind. but interesting creatures like hippopotamus and duck billed did all of this evolve. how did -- we are all mammals but just the, treatment differences that you see. that you see. joining me is albert ervin. what we have is the time line with how all of this happened. i said what is your favorite part of your exhibit and you said the mammals that lay eggs. >> right. it is the family tree of mammals an how they are all the related to each other. when i was a kid i loved the duck billed platypus. i thought it was so weird that there is a mammal that lays eggs. >> i think we were all into it because of mr. rogers. otherwise, that was such a great learning tool actually. who hears about a duck billed platypus. >> right. >> take also long the time line. >> these are the mammals that lay eggs.
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species left, maybe seven or eight or nine that are left. there are several species of platypus. in australia. >> australia and new guinea. >> do you think they were at some point all over the planet and now they are just left there? >> they were more widespread in the past, yes. >> so they are sort of dying out. that is not an evolutionary path that we are following. >> our last common ancestor years ago. >> then these have all become extiskt. >> yes. >> so we go up to the marsupials which are the mammals that are born tiny and live in a pouch. >> like the kangaroo, owe opossum. >> the placentals. >> that is us,. >> the live birth. most of the mammals that we know. i think this is cool to understand this mammal family tree, how we're related to
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kind of weird. >> yes, absolutely. they are much different than us but we are still all mammals. >> thank you. in 30 minutes, we'll be talking about the hippopotamus. >> they look hike they are almost tine sawyers. we'll talk about their evolution and actually the dangers that they pose to people in africa. more about that coming up. let's take a look outside. we are watching a system heading our way. we a nice little break in the clouds actually little bit of sunshine at rdu. we had the cold air roll in yesterday. our temperature, 46 degrees. we had a southeast wind at eight miles per hour. the win will not help to warm us up much. our dew point is currently at 20. it is very dry. we checked temperatures across the area and it is cool. we do have some sunshine
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in red sox brovment 43 in roanoke rapids. 4 # in rocky mount and wilson. -- 39 still in roxboro, 43 in roanoke rap aids. the big system is heading our way. lots of snow with it but most of that snow is going to be in the mountains or farther north. as this moves across the mountains into our area, we are really looking at rain with this. i would love it if we would be able to see a little snow. watch futurecast here. we start at just after lunchtime. the clouds thicken up as we get towards the evening. you can seat snow back into the mountains but as it moves eastward, it is all rain with the exception of up near the virginia line where it might snow. it is possible up in mecklenburg county, virginia where we might get a light dusting of snow. we see that move out pretty quickly. it will be a mess for the morning commute but we try out.
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our temperatures remain pretty chilly. we'll see a high of 51 this afternoon. that cold rain tonight with temperatures in the mid-30s. as a matter of fact, i would encourage you to tune in to mike and greg this evening if the latest update on that in case we start to see temperatures looking colder. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the 50s and a nice warm-up into the middle of next week. we'll be right back here at the museum coming up in 30 minutes. >> all right. thank you very much. to most facebook users, the quizzes you see look like a lot of fun but each click could be putting your smart phone, tablet or computer in jeopardy. >> a warning about what are known as click bait quizzes. there is a good reason they are called that. >> the faa takes an official stand on e-cigarettes. to know. >> and would you consider downtown raleigh a food desert?
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that even means and why experts say yes, it is a food desert. >> really? >> well, i'll be watching. other at 5:00 on wral, prom season is coming up.
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withthnobar asation ai anal d of rv to is. ilhalm at 7:00 morning 00 t ni12 full emt drwe'lha yotventorral a onfa u ar, didnu? tannuservt teg atrneycawh stted.e onesl nonsp. if t ugh rst keep tg.>> rus junt. that rd fric d y e waofdead offi invoshoong b authoritin quy en'tard omecte l hast up yremo contrulbe powered e that d a ugwe'lai oumelotterck
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t e th isgo nization n. elanomon mi we'lst top ofhian inu ormati. mber thmm arg fo githwa l des'ea>> somare llg on e vernoradess thisse>>erth right, i' jusdrs t e top. n atd day a bishop, sa lk e ve governhe t mmenon thises as itis ong. dicttorn hald me thathema autoy s toda d mea ofpeople w g for ans ardoings
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th urchghnow.vichch avue. iedibody reas to himoer ay. the naans e etg p.m. at tbiblwaofof brg e un whthis hneto eir ncn. d a lot of lked to say the release of the autopsy may go a long way to giving people the answers they are looking for. >> we want the autopsy report and we want a transparent investigation becausyou are so right, don't tous ud but an neighborhood and the ze nsoinso n, , l ie nkinhas set r the blwa at o .


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