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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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that means be in's super tuesday special will air at 10:00 but on wral 2. that is over the air at 5.2 and on time warner cable channel 1255. >> greg is here doing his homework. >> he is picasso there. >> after i held up the little front in the tease there, monica said, yeah, back in the days when you used to draw maps and it inspired me. dew like to do this every now and then. these are not the right colors and everything but i don't know if you can see this. >> marker and everything. >> so that is the low up there to the north and you have the cold front attending that. i don't know if we can zoom in there or not. computer graphics. >> that is really old school. >> those are the isobars there. you see how tightly packed they are. >> that means lots of wind. >> exactly. >> you taught me something, greg. >> oh, gosh. and something valuable for a change. most of the stuff i've taught
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but anyway, let us move on here and take a look at the gardens. we are getting close to that time of year when a lot of people are going to be visiting the gardens an enjoying all the butte butty there. so sort of a preview there. the temperature is 07,000. -- all of beauty there. there has been a quite noticeable breeze during the course of the afternoon. can you see that verified with wind speeds, sustained wind speeds, all in the double digits except clinton at nine miles per hour. it is not the kind of wind that we have with the big system several days ago but certainly noticeable. and we take a look at the satellite and radar mosaic and you can see the snow up here from extreme northeast indiana up across michigan into wisconsin and northern illinois t looks like a little bit of snow around chicago right now. the attending cold front which i drew in pink, some of you know that i have this little golfing contest way buddy of mine and whoever loses gets a pink golf ball and i own stock in that ball because i
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so maybe it is appropriate that i drew that front in in pink. but the showers feting into the mountains of north carolina right now. it looks like the best chance of rain here will be from around midnight through the overnight period or through most of it and then with any luck, it will be out of here in most areas if not all areas for the morning rush hour. so it looks like this will occur at just the right time. as we take a look at future cast, we can see the clouds increasing through the evening and the showers beginning to come into our we were counties maybe by 10:30, 11:00. by 7:00 in the morning, everything is out of here. maybe a little lingering rain in the extreme southeastern part of wayne county and down into samson county. even there, it won't take long to go away. tomorrow should be a nice sunny day. it is not going to be in the 70s tomorrow. temperatures will be running a good 15 to 20 degrees cooler than what we experienced today. the next system coming in from the north and west, notice a little bit of snow up here in west virginia. the mountains of southwest virginia and maybe down into the mountains and foothills of
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but around here, it looks like what we're going so see is going to occur thursday night into friday morning mainly in the form of rain although i don't want to rule out a few wet snowflakes mixing in at the end of the convenient off to the north and west of crawley but temperatures will be brof freezing so it won't be an issue. forecast at 8:00 this evening, about 66 with the clouds increasing and thickening. as we head into the overnight period, maybe as early as 10:30, 11:00 in some of our western counties, some showers coming in. nothing severe, nothing heavy but it will be breezy overnight and the winds will shift into the northwest by morning signaling the passage of that front line. temperatures aren't going to go anywhere very fast tomorrow. the air mass will be blowing in, a much colder air mass via that northwest wind. it will come been say the for
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will compensate for the heating of the sun. then, clouding up thursday ahead of the next system and that one giving us a period of showers thursday night into very early friday morning followed by partial clearing and then it hooks like another disturbance in the upper atmosphere coming down the sliding board. lessoisture available to it but enough to produce some clouds over weekend and keep it sort of cool. but look what starts to happen on monday. yes, and i would not be surprised if we at some point, middle or end of next week if not got to 80, were pushing it. >> now, that is too hot. wait a minute. i'm in the quite ready for that yet. >> oh, gee. >> you're good with me. bring it on. >> okay. >> thank you, greg. some of the leading women's golfers are raising concerns about zika and the olympics. what the who is saying in hopes of calming fears ahead of the august games. >> new at 6:00, out of state trucking companies getting
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wral investigates why the state
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has to stop. a 14-year-old charged following a school shooting in ohio and a. peered in court pleading not guilty. police say the shooting happened in a high school cafeteria during lunchtime. two classmates were shot, two injured trying to get away. class were canceled today. they will resume tomorrow. hundreds of people gathered today to celebrate the life of virginia police officer killed on her first day at work. a memorial service and funeral were held for ashley guindon. the 28-year-old was shot and killed saturday while
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situation along with two other officers. last night, thousands of people lined the streets. erin andrews took the stand for a second time today as part of her testimony about secret videos taken of her at a marriott hotel in 2008. she said she was too embargessed to stay in the courtroom when the video was shown last week. she spoke about the lasting damage the videos have done as an image of the forecaster and a role model for young girls. >> i think the home that really hit home for me and hurts me the worst is when girls, high school, college and they say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. i can't role that. that is every day. that doesn't get better. >> andrews filed a lawsuit against the nashville marriott hotel and says she blames hotel management for what happened. president obama met with leaders of the senate today in
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supreme court vacancy. vice president biden was also there. none of them have said exactly what the group talked about specifically. republican leader in the septa have said they want the president's successor to nominate someone to fill the seat previously held by antonin scalia. two athletes headed to rio this summer say they are concerned about the zika virus. two golfers spoke at a media event today and told report ares the zika outbreak will not stop them from competing this summer. the world health organization director visited brazil last week and said the virus outbreak should not prevent a successful olympics. you will be able to rio olympics here on wral in august. another dog rescued from a home during an animal cruelty investigation has i anew home. the durham sheriff's office
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facebook today of dimples. deputy ryan la duke adopted the malamute. we told you last week about a deputy who adopted one of the other dogs seized. >> what a great name and what a beautiful dog. today is first day on the job for the unc new system president. at 4:00, we told you about the protests about margaret spellings' hiring. at 5:30, she responds to the concerns. >> fire rips through three buildings here off bragg street in sanford. in an hour and a half, everything is destroyed. now, a family needs your help. onkey (elephant so tha bierenn ma n,appi
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do >>ta up ke! now, s new sy eseth prts firth heyofor ing us. m geowens. >> lynda la. wee spsethe itict. >> rorter: hdrs of stenndfaltgaed re to eyinrgar liisthe fit for thjob. inhat ononneew
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ot all ngom dee l presting pellingsfirst unesent d as shst t je isppos ud faculed r hiring gatreonthofwilsonliar chilcaus. t is ofeancn thst. >>this t izthe waou d protes nyake pasticereducatsecrary unr or. sh whhe ement the no bend act. >>icat ilent stth ry a e ma>> rorteon rvw, s sai no ft t s on th ed and rity udents. orinlso adesr es tunphni e can leso


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