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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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let's lookt what is gog on. nice and quiet this morning. a pretty day toy, with teerateslimbing in to the 70s this ternooch in plac. sks arear,ng a the leigsky ca we h30s t mathis rn 3ry st. urham. rboro. insornes, south hi. mucharo, gr uror the e average 40s this mo 60atunick rmp,r thisfte front that come through tonight, we will ta about the rain and the ming of th coming up. the state naacp will hold a news conference aba man shot dead by a raleigh police officer. >> it happened near the inteection of bragd st
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va a enll peered hel,ndt. tes,usatn, coves owd. s er le theanger but urger pele calm. let's ri becau wh ac. xptoact . a beanha >>port: nks leesbenddr old d.congwe nt asthe veio continue heresuper y, ates of
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it isicay al trerta two ugh front nn >> dontobuild onhis t erstatus th st tocollt ough legas to reincompit a rrow ia vo r hilary in nbe epforu inhostate, s. wsee, isontre t bowisignifict chun everyo searin r:ere ulbe oublfor tr ed s yos pe p ow omclthe rd>>outrblde e li umtethknk times g d rsr. alump should thyo timease
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ieves. rt: beiend hopi to pick up ns vermusmidwt d s. lainis pa r tues on um publice ah mencwhetp cobe innoshini'm tracpots n ti ng todayyowi an inn ch r veservices across he noon s d ta sethat usnt. kayaus fe wntorah ont leax anyou.
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juwiin e rsye. thch rve x ti to sale new to repa, teanon, apples res. feup f nu of services. rddrlie to e ree generall ng79 ral coeslles weaslots ya tonlive in rah,hau rymuch. >>a left leaning cygrsahennt nc crjo e on h ot. itli coegd ersi uspo sathwod
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em construcon industry. reboheisofbocapital sectio of igare cttalkabt a dangs doornatod atrdinceexs the nition dog esrerictions ing dod dect imrm da cen ndionsthe nae stshorofnnar br en u. ties >>mail lfrid y pl s fece. itle o to find lawg ilty ing quee h liwhth rdics re her du bo in l nscoun
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weharkmighenow19years rkeds ere issuppostobe s trorted se re hili the e sentenlawing prisdense eye mediate no oal. aderardealwi the lk t neschost s toanunbe schedus r e nextye nd t for nsti tch ssio li on wr4:th af > alem fog rictns w comes tors >>he d
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north carolina is in line to win the acc regular season, all they have to do is beat duke in cameron saturday night. senior night for page, johnson, james and others, stars played for 4 years for north carolina. how about 17 three-pointers taken for north carolina hit 6, berry with 13. check out ken study kennedy. middle age was handing out assist like senior gifts, 8 dimes for page.
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half is down to one. game winning plays involve seniors. page to hicks. bryce johnson will have a put back p. 14 points, ten rebounds for another double-double. carolina over the queue, 7 5- 70. tonight check out the duke blue devils hosting wake forest tip time 8:00. what is the final home game for north carolina central and the air force seniors, eagles tied for 6. dante holmes hits 15 points, a jump shot for the senior working the post, ingram, 15 points, 15 rebounds, 61-44 that's a final. coming up today at 6:00, it is the carolina hurricanes playing in new jersey and the first day of spring football practice for nc state. there is a programming change because of the game
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tonight at 8:00 after the game at 10:00, the voice will air in its entirety. late news on at midnight, wrapping up a big night in politics. as a result of the programming changes, nbc's super tuesday special will air at 10:00 p.m. on wral 2. over the air, time warner cable channel 12:55. a reunion 9 months in the making, what paratroopers had to say about coming home after being deployed overseas. a set back after one of the
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rain ssib at stovert. we will ta thati ly ting,38, ncure d ke er spotsevle, an av teermit thqukl t . itil ve yeday rmof er we we wfaous -- nighs inand n thfofo mpatchange , heofe we bria ayong , evythiood. >>e ll stf th a okatthli mmute map. for thrt it ear. nt incides,incideon raevard, mirnie
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itapd moinvi caforn. thgo lusasing leth 2 m ahour gearndsandbags ith lanendazhe sa miles r hour wart. googlefr nowonthe cail rstand d rge rely elto usr of . wirve you uld taquicy withanopports. are partne e state for darv arrte eawivolur e me 70 7:00 to aner yo quest etrcsslandrd oteoblems with bt, than0 s b he. a nd is is ch to inrmion. >>a nag wi
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e . o out of texater drloin agas pu, wainartoyoe dr franticatryio r om t cabeflames thpue.two ho f firerstoget ntro orede to plowe . cool this >> nscy weat oi be l. rares cdo moowfor e to thekava co ki, on me toghhefo fr s ok at the cam. cend ts moas llcoer way,ies e y oudy41is cuentempatwi e lmr point is at 37humidiat %. mst tn thistime
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shou aydr00, ba tnderstms in e motas no ca as ittseastrd, it ofthen rstorm, thposslei e deave heis 7:0cast haong stofi-95 thho tslerthe moarower hendra smine ofe ing co ti nts. sin, ca hewith 4:, at 00swih to, alwius mw, wewi let yokn how thin are lookg.
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inseeathe r sie unldg usseve herumeth ssibou of rais f ac maybe chagai e our teer p toe erni athbe idayorng mawi rt lli shing ilprwe witcth relolyitoser our atures thun frid thfidaofth t , whenweavage . satdada tperecle caons that wwillha cein neweek n okatthroadismorning, ceand it s e. is still early. checng in, in 45 minutes, probably see more activity on the live commute.
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everytngs movi along well on the major routes. wake county, 54 440, i-40 look clear. zooming in to raleigh, a ok at conditio beneok am this moinfr y f mi55esintersonth oplinuom14 hbip ees s . >>ars ppinatamera' natis. e reon e tione gettg 'sof min fo au what nahotocog e r . is is co o maids, wasissing gs ihool -
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we tried tuts but didn connect then we abouan's new ng sys syncpers les tay sy ied ctors, using noloids love nevern himore eag. d e rearetruly ing.
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s morewth f let a 2.eck e frw lo mc's m2 me getick w, cose andeli mcdold's cics fojuck m n match hare n s 2 $5 name your flavor ck aconistes- a big made wit bee fllet- seared on the grilquarteunder ce cy 10-p chimcnu just $cks. grab a frieny anures! lemmeet a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ) armers've sealverythg, so we knowo cor stan.evenpoar. (party music) (shiesuc) (sashing/ducke) we covedr twtyeven20
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some of the most iconic attractions will have a name change. badger will be called yosemite ski and snow board area. this comes after they couldn't reach an agreement with the company that says it owns the trademarks to those attractions. today marks the end of scott kelly's year in space. he handed over command of the space station to fellow nasa astronaut tim copera yesterday. he and two other crew members will travel to earth this afternoon. they are expected to land in
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kelly will travel to houston tomorrow to undergo various medical tests. his 34 days at the space station is pat of the effort to study how space affects the human body. kelly spent cumulative time in space than any other american in history. once home, he said one of the first things he will do is jump in the pool. assemble all of oh his pictures disturb -- all of his pictures. >> a woman turned 25, schwab celebrated her leap day birthday with family and friends. she looks great. nbc has joined the family, we got a special shoutout. >> late night host, seth meyers showed off our coffee mug gift on his talk show overnight.
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the lower right hand of the screen. coming up, a plea for calm, also for justice in the wake of a deadly shooting by a raleigh police officer what the shooting victim's mother told police about her son. the taxes you will be paying starting today for a variety of services in north carolina. the super tuesday races could crystallize the presidential campaign in to
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what to watch for today. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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push for answers following a deadly officer involved shooting in raleigh. it is super tuesday, the critical test for the presidential candidates hoping to stay this the race. we are going to have super weather for our tuesday, you are going to need a jacket this morning. then you get to pull out the shorts and flip-flops. thank you for joining us, i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. cooler this morning, glorious dh afternoon. tell us more, tell us more. >> reporter: it'damber three of the beautiful weather that we started to see on sunday afternoon. yesterday we made it in to the
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highs in the 70s this afternoon. little chilly this morning, colder than yesterday. the first hint of sunrise over wilson, very few clouds this morning. the sunrise pretty, but not spectacular. durham 42, 38 cary and 36 moncure. 37 wake forest. number of places in the 30s, rocky mount and southern pines, 37, 32 roxboro. warmer south, 47 fayetteville and 45 clinton. temperatures upper 30s to 40s out the door. mids 60s at lunchtime. high of 72, with partly cloudy skies. we have a front that comes in tonight and brian, tomorrow morning, it's going to be wet, maybe a fairly messy commute tomorrow. this morning, everything is looking fine so far. it is. we will be here tomorrow morning. let's look at downtown durham on the live commute, that looks pretty good. the freeway is clear between


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