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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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connected those pebbles fro his issue to the crime scene. the judge is going to be inructe jury on the law a fs d then bebeti t t haoule arad aer e ia clel coun hse cha ered orbeforemiclcrd use d ru a ne ex thwadeye of the blas asthe pled. e thcothhomerushed to the hospital in the arheremilyem s e co home he in. veraopd a bus leig ou 8th near e ernd rth et alred no north noho road reenedft crash
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drapiaul riflllramoese so foun . a chd ine om socl seic rah celofor ed frothcity t thbo wo camthlief anf d tosent fi a ll ans ng et work sessates anew5 iolawst agnsthwhto theand phot r teroomnestnto the ndat a ive daxpandrews setke as morg brfo po s wilheardily fr ta geher caer a left hebl >> repoer: urt bodrews the stalkewhoko he horo exctdaheerlso te
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gueng testim pureer lifchanger scandausoteleo viral. >>t the fuonwa she'd. she's scared. to kn. >> reporter:, she will her sidef the story. it's important for erin andrews to testi to reallyook th jurors in the eyes and expln hoharml thtoerw seg, inerithlimichael ho on wot be in thbu if vi a vor was an insurance executive with troues eig yrs agenaccordg tothfe ce uph a heto hoom nd a phtotch ke he to sethintakers, posted
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est were prlyt taxed. table changes are coming from the division of motor vehicles. the sales tax rate will not change but the state ll charge sales tax on services such as repairs, maintenance that includes installation of big appliances or auto repairs. rvices for state government es. for example a andardight-yearversicense fee will go from $32-$4 the taxes are expected to raise $160 million the first full year they e in effect. it w a happy and long- awaited homecoming for more than 160 parroopers at fog. thperseir liarun pe anein82borndivision heters aroa -mlo su otint relv ity big
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arofat c jo the fa. shrar joinus wi ok atn exciay thisng. te i siwethe es alevy rtment heen preped f day ed t family. r lo r, l broadc ceo anesidgon, secoroand it oicial. thre. fter0 nbhome d,he tay ow ck o nbc prisisisheof a nershi u c ograms nightlyewwilesterlt" of co
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arerith nb man yst's thture of cal broadc citet nbort fo, r sindadcast ograreot e this i owt loe stbout ou vo parw. ers tol yr s on www.wrbc. e messhere ine, we a rihe oe sa ti, pple, anour ment to uny is stronthan ev. also goodman made a special pointo think you, our ewers, for your patience we join nbc. >> i think he said it very we. it will take alittle time but we know it's ing to ba good partnersp, perhaps better
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thank you . i t s ea mer.oo vewh he was ing hef ishois bo ers. d i thk he tru means at i finilyelvehe es. f yr ticethe os tkle diity hoywr ge awi> xt w momes thac ease, i've me rst mie life t ease, veme. >> aemionapleafrom a. hetwngry e meg tweetwo izabeth? >> havth e focast fornext da or let's keatur
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and army staff sergeant. accused of murdering a police officer in virginia makes his first court appearance today. ronald hamilton shot and killed prince william county police officer, ashley guinden and his wife. hamilton also shot and injured two other officers as they exited his home saturday. guinden was working her very first field shift after being sworn in friday. official charges are expected to be announced in the deadly shooting of a pastor in dayton, ohio. police say 70-year-old william schooler was shot while inside his office at st. peter's missionary baptist church yesterday. his own brother, daniel schooler, is accused of pulling the trigger.
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charges, no word on the motive. a judge in los angeles is scheduled to consider whether to dismiss one of the defamation lawsuit against bill cosby. dickinson's case to be dismissed because they say she has given differing accounts of the years. the model and tv hostess who denied her claims that he drugged and raped her in 1982. c -- she tried to include the story in a memoir about her governor. rick snyder knew something was wrong with the plant water system in 2014. that's according to recently released emails by top aides. they show the aides discussed switching the water supply back from the flint river to lake huron. the email exchanges dated six months after flint started using its own river water for drinking water. researchers later found elevated lead levels that can
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the death of a dog but will need to actress, salma hayek, is under investigation. the 9-year-old german shocker was found dead on her ranch near seattle. she posted on social media that the document mozart had been shot in the chest with a pellet gun 10 days ago. authorities say it's not clear if the shooting was an accident or intentional. she was in los angeles at the time of the shooting. it university of virginia student being detained in north korea is baking the government for help. otto warmbier is accused of stealing a souvenir from a hotel. morning. it's not clear if he was coerced but he cut fast to a hostile act. states administration never
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in the future, to commit crimes against foreign countries. >> warmbier said he had made the worst mistake of his life and asked the north korean government to please act to save him. leaders in pyongyang claim he was coerced by the cia. president obama will give the medal of honor to a navy seal, as were buyers will be rewarded for actions while in afghanistan in 2012. he was part of a team that rescued him an american civilian being held hostage. senior chief buyers will be the 11th living servicemember to be awarded the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. >> have you been outside, get? >> it is glorious. and yesterday, oh my goodness. just fabulous. >> it was so nice and warm yesterday. they are going to have warm temperatures again today and tomorrow. but don't think it's spring, yes, because it isn't. you know how the old saying
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lion and out like a lamb, but we have everything in between as we get through march. what a changeable month that generally is for us. march will actually come in like a lamb this year, maybe it will go out like a lion. you just never know. we have had measurable snow up to the end of april here in the triangle area. so you never know what you're going to get in the next couple of months. except we can be sure that it will change dramatically and often. enjoying the pretty weather. it 67 degrees, westwind at 12 miles an hour. our dewpoint is currently at so that means it's fairly dry. humidity at 34%, it really does a little breezy, of course it is not a cold breeze. so we will take it. 64 in roxboro, 65 s. hill, town by town, 68 in goldsboro, fayetteville as well as quentin and southern pines. of course the temperatures are well above normal, normal high this time of year is in the
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in the week, it goes up to 50 as the average high temperature. a little bit warmer than this time yesterday, so that does set us up to climb up into the low 70s in a lot of places. 7 degrees warmer in erwin, 6 degrees warmer in fayetteville. highs yesterday were in the upper 60s so we may top out in the 70s. that is still not a record. our records system of your are upper 70s to low 80s. he will not hit a record but it will be nice and miles. we still have cloud cover, we had some rain roll through the virginians and our cold front is shifting offshore. we are not going to see a big change with this front coming through. most of the energy and moisture was to the north, no rain with this coming through and high pressure building in from the west. the high pressure system keeps things mild and sunny for the rest of today as well as tomorrow. then we have another approaching front. it's going to be speedy because you can look all the way back here to the mississippi valley and tell that there is nothing immediately coming our way. another undeveloped in moves in here tuesday night into wednesday.
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best chance of rain. meantime, just enjoy this nice weather. we take it out to lunch time and into the evening and overnight, it stays clear. temperatures drop into the 40s overnight tonight. so it will be cool and well above freezing. by lunchtime tomorrow, we are beginning to see cloud cover ahead of that next system. and by the afternoon and evening, could be a sprinkle or two. our chance of rain before sunset on tuesday, it's pretty slim. but then here comes this band of potentially thunderstorms. we will have rain and isolated thunder with this coming in. it will happen around midnight or so. it may linger up until the morning commute on wednesday. futurecast wants to zip it on out really quickly but i think it will be wet for us to begin with wednesday. brian and i will walk you newscast wednesday. sometimes rain during the morning commute can cause a lot of accidents and big problems. cooler. high near 70 today and tomorrow,
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degrees. wednesday will be mild in the morning but temperatures almost hold steady and then fall in the afternoon. fairly chilly thursday, looking nice and bright. starting at about freezing. and then on friday we have a system that will come through to bring us rain. and there may be places from the triangle area northward that that rain mixes with wet snow. it is a little too -- early to tell what the impact will be from that, right now they look very minimal. he will let you know if that changes, and greg and mike will be here this evening. a reminder that our 4:00 of fox50. mike will be talking about that system on friday. it does turn cooler. >> that's right, we will enjoy the warmth while it lasts and pretend that it is spring. tragedy for one family turns into a blessing for another. >> still ahead, a heart transplant recipient meets the his life. also, the most popular cosmetic procedure last year may surprise you.
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>> the health team's dr. mask helps kick off the week with two second burst your brainpower, i will be listening, joined gerald l winds today at four clock on wral for that story in today's top story. >> and that 6:00, many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, lity're if denere e der osco
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thxist on t denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning wpolidentveryday. lident's uque micro ean forma in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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>> rte tay oatwouln theison's 20iry,ayer e by t's realowow thathmagos heart. hlivingecse you know? weso bed that he got . yoknow, kn be n, ring aringor:orfi sie e dethbegoto he his hear stomit has bettle biovnc
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and th, kllrt a th ft what l en that wacki blsaseandonor,an wleton ves. sath-old in canow e, ca wasgan dono >> near shows r adave wileof ei a sty 00niorund % have loin one e,an% ises their se. n e d uctht onomplaint. pervloenl factor getiaypr. taeaauen was mcosmet of 15 lictioca byspieyid y cks. notht-in
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ocimantsr the ti oaracslipo e p fimeies. e doou gth>>s talkpoli htere tha24 s >> cing uptial ntn thattaand the testasdold trump is under fire. also ahead, ager moments from last night's academy awards. >> as we head into break, here's a look at last night winning lottery numbers. 5, 7, 6. 3, 8, 0, 9. carolina
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this time tomorrow voters in 12 states will make their choices for presidential nominees. this is known as super tuesday. the contest representing a key juncture in the united states. >> talk about delegates. 595 delegates up for grabs on the republican side, 865 on the democratic side. and as we report, the candidates are really feeling the pressure. >> donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange. candidates turning up insults less than 24 hours ahead of the biggest single day in the primary race. and donald trump taking fire for deflecting questions about whether he would disavow support from former kkk leader, david duke. >> would you say unequivocally you condemn them and don't want their support? >> i don't know what group you are talking about. >> i'm talking about david duke and the ku klux klan.; essay, i don't know david duke.
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on twitter that he disavow duke >> david duke endorsed me? okay, i disavow. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz pounces trying to slow trumps lead going into super >> donald trump refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> donald trump is the nominee, means hillary probably wins, and we lose this country. >> reporter: rubio throwing in donald style personal attacks. don't understand why his hands 5'2". you know what they say about men with small hands. >> reporter: for the democrats, is somewhat re cordial tone following clinton's big win in the south carolina primary. saving her most pointed attacks at donald trump's campaign >> we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. back in our area a quick moving fire took out three


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