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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 29, 2016 1:05am-2:05am EST

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and right now,etp to$650 iedits r neo y s be earniugh ack banof arica elp r her kie time bearni% cashk ywheery 2% back at the grotore evenore sh k onas all with no hoops jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit ca towarmndoastng heat ocompetio th tomfo ofew cctns ona nk of ica near. get over it. it happened. there's nothing you can do to change it. i didn't break up the beatles, okay?
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>> in 1989, it surfaced that he gambled in the world of baseball. he finally confessed to the gambling scandal, but there are proponents who stand on either side of the continued battle to be reinstated in the league and rely on the ballot. >> how do you think the hall of famers today reacted to that? >> you don't want to hear about that situation because i didn't do anything wrong as a player. nothing. the mistake i made was when i was a manager. it had to do with my playing career. all those 2,000 runs and everything else i did, i did as a player. the last time i checked -- and i could be wrong -- the hall of fame is about stats. i know most of the guys in the hall of fame, and there's not a bunch of altar boys up there. if you think since i went to the hall of fame i'm the only boy
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closet, you're pissing up a rope. >> pete rose was one of the most accomplished baseball players to ever play the game, and there are a lot of people who want to see him reinstated into base, and in turn, eligible for election into the baseball hall of fame. there is now a new commissioner in baseball, so the debate has bubbled up again, and it will be interesting to see what happens. >> the difference between armstrong and i, he got satisfaction out of making people lose. i got satisfaction out of winning, and it didn't really have anything else to do with other people. >> floyd landis, a winner of the 2006 tour de france. but that title was stripped from him after allegations he used performance-enhancing drugs. he denied the claims until 2010 when he came forward with stories of widespread drug use
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himself, and most notably, lance armstrong. though most didn't believe that about lance, he was finally vindicated in 2012. it uncovered one of the most sophisticated doping schemes in history, and lance armstrong lost all seven titles. >> after you won the tour and tested positive, if you had just admitted it right then and there and accepted your two-year ban, to what extent do you believe you could have come back? >> there was no way out to me because it all led to lance. once i tell the story about lance, i'm not getting back into cycling. i hated my life, i hated the way i felt. not to mention i couldn't think of a way to do it and make it look like i wasn't being just bitter and angry and doing it out of spite. all i could think at some point when i finally decided to come clean was, well, at least i paid the price for it. i paid my suspension first. i didn't do it to get out of a deal, i didn't ask the government for anything.
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it. >> a lot of people thought landis was a straight-outlier liar. the only thing i wondered was what was going to happen when he told the truth, because it not only implicated armstrong, but a whole slew of cyclists who never did anything to landis. we should be glad he told the truth and it had a positive impact on the sport. so for me personally, it's an honor and a privilege to have this platform, and whether or not we're spending a couple days or a couple hours with the individual, we're being trusted to fairly and accurately tell their story, and that's a responsibility we take seriously. on top of that, we have fun on and off camera. we learn something from every interview, and i'm just so grateful that the figures are willing to sit down with us and
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>> you kind of look up and you're going, yeah, it's probably pretty dark right now. a lot of information. a lot of information.
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so, wh imp thishappen, we'rre. urocalvandio broadcters.amera's nuer one s fows, we anrmaton scrin ylife were bsters,alwaere fou, wherever here may be. text " 528 ashi stat matter.
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>> are you ready? >> our time with the nominees, bracing for hollywood's biggest night. inside sly's big come back and host chris rock's last-minute jitters. >> it's a hard hole to dig yourself out of. >> plus brie larson. we get secrets from her stylist. >> there is some black in her future. >> also jennifer garner breaks her silence on her crumbling marriage. telling all about ben and the nanny. would she take him back? find out why they are still living on the same property. >> she's like, look, i don't hate him. you don't have to hate him. let's not beat the guy up. >> then -- >> behind the scenes of celine dion's emotional return to the stain after stage after her husband's death. mid song, she stopped.
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>> a reality star's plastic surgery with the cameras rhe bandages, te . ly b wba sta wal80hback.ndr ivent unlensh ck years.>> i le young brotr.w,in5tsn,s entertainmeon orni, i car we thdewardarally d sn fewsc rs out big ow>> ts hatt lkslikenheoa hobigg ttiacto s f .
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lktafterdi l.a t, pre-osc wi aofarincluding ere at qual hby patrici port equal fo men. thennirrner meew the r coverstdi b'sr tnyup whadebefore nhired sto ornsor cchnddjument 's how j e.t bigst l real why prer l d wben 's wding. you love somne sopurely
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>> she said, when brad and jen broke up, i was desperate to see that they got back together. you're sucked into it. you're drawn in. but at the same time, you ow nexttencet yo n't m fe becaap opera. >> jen looks somber but still stunningly beautiful in the vatyair photo shoot. >> she had like a come to jesus one morning, and there they pop up, the head heine pops up, and she realizes i can't go down this rabbit hole. ben's like, how can you not care? she said it's the opposite. i care too much. it's too painful. >> but this is one minute jen confesses she laughed at. >> shethe only person ben hasn't been unfaithful to. >> she says i don't hate him. we don't have to beat the guy up. >> she did. she says he's the love of my life.
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that? >> besides that, it seems that jen won't be taking ben back. it's heartbreaking as she still calls him the most brilliant person in any room. the most charismatic. when his sun shines on you, you feel it. when his sun shines elsewhere, you feel cold. >> she says i failed at this twice. what did i do? where's my part in this. she knows how hard this is. ben had been through a very public broken engagement and a string of high-profile romances. she was very clear about it. make no mistake, i did not marry the movie star. i married him. and i would run down that beach and marry him again, and i have no regrets about that. next, oscar prep and security. michelle turner was on the oscar red carpet. >> the academy released vi an insgrhe what
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the bu there isiore secuty news st her ev s ewithopi who n annd hoedhe. in aurity kind ve epeop areexpeinatstut d i has t ec but "as led acadis definelsteppingri thi it nn t ve en b will ucing dy gaga ore, so
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bomb-sin arabenre.sewas th leothur mattade so ->> be two orer tithshowif getff trofothou, i aal le rselfutof. anc agai wus insidefr arsuar ndtin hor r n.shllogze 2016 w itlong sams.ouot rearie whorred in "rm" a a hlywo newc.s h tvmovi >>s darpet
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josidbr sou ire u no the sulde ba . ve erlyie on dr this wa fss dn. and iaveeeit ay >>avdr uil in a00is g. g fi k ofcle thbelile. i'ore mt an rude >>ere t r to ikeinat lly,t basally bl literally >>you guys in a hotel >> we had thre different people seng t details. >> the best part about brie's oscar style transformation is
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behind each dress. the stylest us m d. vin kl for mend sent es n ias tblawayautilbl wond a hea bei suppiklt ammnt >> wrette wi floos. hi clnep.iaske ao ablin>> what'teisit's ra for brie to come meet chstin showroo thecenstina h tmprovig ysningarouotnk t >>uoiou g e fly
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eit.t h ephe ptymo.>> bra shn riskr, fiectic, bk ,4old bryl rselad hop m dignereinou clots anyone their hi ou bwe.ore r, 's ead o ea aincong ue.chsta woppiin abat s on carig. wpiut in mb weck t th oar m on?>> black her put ha >>et sli chrtina at fitt e lashibibry
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did you see this earlier in the week? chris rock posts this shot dressed as an astronaut. i'm guessing he was wearing it to spoof the martian, because he also wore this one. >> it's amazing how you deduced that? tina fey knows all about hosting. she and amy poehler worked the golden globes three times. and tina told us that oscar takes the perfect man to rule the night. >> what are you looking forward to with chris rock? >> i'm looking forward to the jokes, because chris is like the greatest living standupmedi thin wouldve
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th yea fd ht.>> tingo to antannhi oro shla porter. htileennmen in a f w dianeer joeun london. hon tnnce aur icae yoweret w washyou ikasg
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ffnd casrs"da, ll mchen" togeth gestar youember yourcove >>do. mopo '90 hineble beennndr rsrittomei waylfrin "hewod rn >>wa houp dy shar you rr wrear.hieried gaged tis.>> i would sa went d inry plane crash i came back a c years with amnesia. d i was a blind ghost. >> the alien in my garage. >> and the soap stare?
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>>h, my god. so good.a home prem ronwith aen paic rids.we'r heonig ting 100thpide himprovemt. >> ikmyounger we'veg u th ti." thfit-ap of"hom enlm qutuga>> areaying it not runng? >> it's so much fun on th set. we wld just crack up, i mine,ean and lose it. >> for eight seasons, weere welcome gistuests at t taylor ho f great ves.
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s hisp.>>tv family isti tig .ackit becad w w i ebbie ichot fwe in. iitey on tt t.>>h . euce coo w eyacge e'prisg herole a nbor o"lt man stding." t'sotuite the lati the usedo >>ou mak fe betterbo g aan i my fe.>>omes onhis w ,lugsright in i a ttle dance. the old relationship shows up. i know her gestures, so it is very much like that.
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little bit, but nothing, it's like being around family. >> i tnkouatur t. next, we are on set with jennifer garner. how her new faith-based movie gave her strength in troubled time.
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heaven", kind of chose me. >>mday,hehe d >> ebosye >> wgo have a gti. >>o. jw. wners s. a josien rbreangown the and wor dresd ofhegh
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>> that is ner in the nefah-ba drama, " "macles from heaven.">>t c wn jenmay have needed st. i fl irlesm lyche m fikmethg th toue . ere's astn, did a fle astar erbtt jen gmales av jusros ffulti iv wheheryearriage fleckunlled.she plays a e mom, and ame friends. >> nice to see you. >> in the story, her character discovers her 10 year old daughter has a rare, incurable disease. christy says kno jenis a blessing. >> she has messa
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she's taken the time to really find out and care and asked some really great questions about whatit wduri time. >> filming the seeto weome relf for j who ng laugh th hert mate >> your mom, your dad, your kids. >> but it seemed like more than just a difficult distraction during a tough time. the film is all about holding onto hope and faith. >> we need a solution. we need it now! >> and we'll get it. >> how? >> without losing our faith. >> how long have you been married? >> 14 years. >> can youhear ? [ eami oullhats d 30 ft a hea just ri tha it 'tll
1:37 am
d, ieadhe >>yes.hat's impo. blessor me f thi lm remin ofll that really matters, which is the health of your kids and your family and your loved ones and yourself so you can be with all those people and to, to be reminded to look for miracles wherever you can find them. under every rock. >> this movie is produced by two who reunited after their last faith-based film "heaven is for real". >> we talk about the passions. the musical extravaganza airs next month on palm sunday. everything about this production is epic as they take over the city of new orleans, and that is wh micheturn v
1:38 am
look into my eyes >> i'm doing demons from imagine dragons. >> wow. that's kind of dope. >> with jesus. >> you gs inget. >> yeah,s kind o li afo>> in so witar udsealri yearwoodheeagiof passion happens. during the telling of jesus' final hours before the cross, 17 songs will be sung, including celine dion's "love can move mountains". >> well, camera -- >> that's actually the scene the cast was shooting when i visited the set. it's jesus and his disciples, including judas, you can see everyone pretty much wears jeans
1:39 am
production is set in 2016. >> you know what? what we're hearing is dope. and it's allive. they' hea it [ laughter ] >> you work with eva longoria on telenovella, when you told her you were going to play jesus, what did she say? >> she was like, oh, jesus! she's a huge believer, and she's a woman of faith, and shes ve, veexcited ou it. >> one of my favorite moments of the show is jesus'sac pontpiand eyin thi unevable o'teedanhe hero bytinaurr. >>hend ve message for skeptics. >> we stick very close to the bible and not veering off in weird areas. how can you go wrong when you
1:40 am
>> tyler perry says he will continue his role as narrator for as long as they need him. coming up, celine dion's return to motherency loss ofee he tngoiptar siin then sylvester stallone's return to the oscars this weekend nearly 40 years after
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th ulyath , and crses inour wh ood mostn si eects ushing stomach oble tell your dobout any whitd cell counts, infe, any otdicaitio, or if yoare pregna n toecome prnt, aretfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill relapsms in , atecdera tayourr ab era, takenoer l relapsing ms. if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. umm five, camille cosby deposed. she dodged reporters outside her deposition on monday. >> this is a defamation case brought by seven women who say that whenlcosby's representatives publicly deny this happened it defamed them. >> attorneys put up a black curtain to block media, but
1:44 am
more questions next month. number four, erin andrews lawsuit. the sports reporter is suing the nashville marriott because she claims back in 2008 employees there allegedly gave michael david barrett, a man who was later jailed for stocking andrews, erin's room number, 1051. >> tell them that she was there and then put him in a room next to her, and he's up against the door videotaping my daughter. she's undressed. she didn't know anybody was at th or.this gas a killer, she'd be dead. number three, charlie sheen versus denise richards. tell mom to go eat pork and die. you are both really expletive rude.
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>> he will e th>>owz, om h p bio >>sean sp. >>nyliinsulted ca. >> yo e o hs goneto iolth l>> 89eonal sloveanel t et. about fir lad prospects. >> if it was something to take serious, i would take serious. and the number one story this week, jen garner breaks her silence about ben, divorce, and the nanny. >> it had nothing to do with our decision. we had made this decision long before that nanny was hired.
1:46 am
judgment.that jen rs to nayge. shesae m li. oi to ath?lodstngean tyair >> g "t." for thete. andur t fter h nowe rn theagrforer deinsidepalace againor ysosdifftrmanceof
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to moment,inis song,ying, walkedtashwaeserd sherereder ding rshestussengit heric dirtor d gspro he >> rt i ha kwn dchd. we wil be on wreoemybeatow>>showpene e o, ptos o led to game. of her a, cene eg and th aul tected herand loved her behind the scenes. she admitted five and a half weeks after his death she still talks to him. >> i talk to him. i think of him all the time. iea
1:48 am
me s sng tk fearlesspenc at onepot,the aia f me, f allte her, tin ieiloned ngdn a . shenged fivesho t t.e normaynshow wit a wheches ace t ure.herg andher spee fa j hbering ma asheove h fe.t li con tthe reakt eprman >>di the clos a it wtet anth i got ay wasrey spiain the
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whilerpeacne actor urohe big sw ween yevester llonfurse, who isnwardncai yince"rocky." ear staac with eed,eon of his cck we' wait nomitis atintoapn? >> llerla, i i'll . itas t ester stloneothatelivg aer earsfthe ptrbor fromll 'mognizantof tac
1:50 am
w i'von oha hadom he s unuthe artere. on't kno if tse en i'tnowwhe epelo 'vnehing. >>gh slate he re conde t wa un i canreallybrmoto in'hehtchme a ttoov evha in myifes owed hishara and he'sgo c e come k.>> brockhascome,nd stallone's performance in creed might just win him an oscar. >> everything i've got has moved on. >> and after years of not necessarily being the most respected actor in hollywood -- >> i like being called the world's -- >> he's finally made it back to the academy awards. >> i've been living a full life. this just doesn't happen.
1:51 am
>> after winning both the critics' choice and the golden globes awards, sly is truly able to appreciate what's happening. >> it's emotional. >> i guess. i just didn't expect it. and when you say standing ovation, i just, i love the character. this character keeps staying in my life. >> do you think this will help your kids recognize what a big deal you are? >> oh, my god, it's the first time i've seen my kids cry over something like a movie. you understand that hard work and discipline kind of pays off. this is a great life lesson. >> now the academy has been known to use the best supporting actor award kind of like a lifetime achievement award. if stallone wins at age 69, he'd be one of the oldest winners in oscar history. >> my fixers are crossed. we go inside versace's mansion you can now stay in.
1:52 am
in this pool?
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>> i hope itch turylk ism tvand e saat cnnsble giveu,withouving to alth cle. yean and.the'. of ond o so y wattevewhener. yes an y you sayin? the first ruleofrov. ing nd," ccepreality eated byomedpanersul.
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likhollywside prism tom clink welcome back to the show, everyone. let mow take you back to 1997 when giani versace's murder shocked everyone. nearly 20 years later, the storied casa marina has become a hotel.
1:55 am
ten bedrooms, 11 baths, 23,000 square feet of mediterranean decadence. >> this is the villa suite. and this was giani versace's -- >> okay. this is the biggest bed i've ever seen in my life. >> and what celebrities have stayed here? >> oh, all sorts. this is where kim kardashian stays. >> the kardashians rented out the entire hotel once. scott having a rowdy moment outside. >> he wasn't actually staying during that particular period of time. >> they hung out. and this is where they all hung out. you see them all thrown across the bed chitchatting and hanging out. >> the suites run from $1,000 to $4200 per night. worth it. intricate mosaics on the floors. gold on the fixtures, in the bed, in the pool.
1:56 am
beauty, so did the biebs. >> i hope justin bieber was clothed. >> partially. >> justin stayed in the venus room at $3,000 per night. >> he kept our room service busy round the clock. >> this is a very sizable bed. >> yes. >> was it just little justin in here by himself? >> well, you know, i don't know exactly who was on the bed. but i know there were quite a lot of people in the room. >> built in 1930, giani built it in 1992 and spent a whopping amount for improvements. >> elton john went for the cheaper room? >> he brought all his a-list pals. and since 1997 and versace's murder, his spirit is still felt on the premises. >> the whole place really is an
1:57 am
quite a lot of people who believe in the supernatural who feel that he literally is still here. >> the spirit of versace? >> they claim they've seen spirits and go into certain rooms and doors open and close and things of that nature. >> and back to bieber, we're told he booked a room after seeing a girlfriend there. he had an entourage of people with him, stayed up late and had spa treatment by the pool. nice, actually. still to come, remember this reality star? she made headlines for marrying a 51-year-old when she was 16 years old. coming up we're with r as she goes uthe knife. d about the bumps on the side of my nose. then our '80s flashback. >> when the fans are screaming, what is it they're saying most? >> get off. first, in the entertainment
1:58 am
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igally famn mared -year-d huso sithen,head som rgoneso anaks pto cotnlongn he heroc in w illou is bu of nees,ch iind sung.reality sr bee shy ou fng h oks. video even c lity th yroldha deteornebere d bast ti rc neer i'm no abohe bumps e def my ctur, redrp feel resc ahi >>'m s ared
2:02 am
husbandg,he ereentwftha compet in the ms. teen pageant. >> in ld trump pageant. al t wen voted mndme v my >>shs aslaed lowere ral. ado tyear tappearce on, court did an w procedurrv i ite loto of. tard roduhi c3,o,0 isev'scondagno she ll onlli
2:03 am
>> n reions.mappymysn'treymor t wlane pp with lts,andot beer ltrip pltics uenra st ta .>>courtne plan heusansh takg rt time'sne realityries he motherauimenleitn"chst. olgeg thee. krisr wa feenghe . aftetroducin the band, the crowd booed her. >> good evening. from the moment i heard about boy george back in the '80s -- >> but dozens were singing along to some of the biggest mu star the '
2:04 am
like jesse's girl >> when the crowd is screaming like rick, play this, what at they say most? >> get off. >> go! >> don' believe ric nt13,000s, flashin t the'80sehard radio gave nolove to trsfear culture club. comma comma commakau ma kau chameleon >> we want to do it again. >> more marriages wsurviv>>over boyaveewd '80s ckan trs fd one of ssic te th things i can do
2:05 am
>> '80s deejay martha quinn hosted and there were '80s icons behind every corner. >> pay homage to myself. this was the jacket that i wore during my first televised performance at the nickelodeon kids choice awards in 1986. >>el it was more l1989, co, tatasact s. nwhilebiy ve hiarchted. hat youe in roomno is tre tt biy idav >> there's qui ahing


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