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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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st annouinfor and ouicatred h carona d ribe offst gunminly raage s.odor he you he at ylsant -- looiae nito t tof th whichvir sowh do xp e sks thiseken we who s thsw s ateor -- t you learkier >>liwewi sa lons. not necearilreeabuw fair ather clds mulucldsd toow it's likeo t rmer gostay da ll lkabwestar
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om l 2toaround ou ere. wee ut 23soutrnpinean y eele 30etin th we had aof hi yesterdh a fair weather cloud around. last night, a lot of clear skies t and other tis we had few ir weather clouds drifting the west and th's wt expect as we he through the day today. a mixture of sunshine and a couple clouds in the morning. should be about 29 degrees by 8. blunchtime we up to 45 grlynn d skies afoo t th hiut51. er tyo thayou.> st o n gingo se
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hang b acd guan dod kiedm. s sa an onhis su efot t opin wh got too anheju . n'at coriffder a hero bec red oplewe il t atthmee gunodone shog by any tt attack he was edroe order irlfri won they say thwes. sasah hopkin as vi felo stila rill40r gu had bons when wa ot andif tehos doll fin ead armameactoe with
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shexnsed showeha neina ublehoota crow shpice osqu ated ey plan to e people clg e ooti a tsp ane expectto conow cordg th1 , won re sea n wi a gun chinanher n inarloof sqcatal d.>> fot a nic final headhe ue crld. lasu repo showg pls lost 28iodoars. ng r ce oneloes
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ioall profit. d p caeggtives esexeciv iv >>leion me. means. >>ion me. wou politi of a thnaonspotlight e lls op afor atmocric idalmary>>esan a ay ton arin moeld super eswh ckomins. wejig shs usis ppting i he y ond trr idt the utefoer esidatch ri endorna ump yie e onth at at whos onto ry ing siwhe hoe n. th is e be at. >>r:ed cr st
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endorsemengn in gnash te -- nashbuplater played-- ed . i think is tring the camp wre dealing ndisa co repor m o beenacking sie ightt the ioe businessd . nca chokalys a ok h iterha. >>repoere republicans het pe tuesday. iccand have to mat thro soroprrst. hthnata. >> reportehillary is ctedo silyut rolina t shisaign thve d. e gh n baieheey ay rorteval bernie saersod atuniver.
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wejithe ithousba um says it't eay whheher hed ise foin maiv ote in ncs w.riee t dn the ofarittured th state'new long incoegasmss the ason taa b. stineer hs y xas bu the w in posion wrehad wherelse. heis accepjoth th uner ia. e uscarry lake ut nofa. >> youait o pastimfour flight. tt ita bi ou a fliganort life vill the ocuru can practice e d e city whethare ble. ..
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yeahth re ng the lily gsd
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woman: ts am thaazg! (eks) n: ok,e joark, wbettn yeerday. a, that liveryela ttle f and, e: yea man:stilssing raion. woman:y awe for tuesut trow is let'ly bt! cky fe. n a thoudollday,
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itkswe hae nieekend l we have a d t wel show 's gog acd untains. rdt we ha ita nshi tay. ere y be oue perds that turnpart cloudy. highs that range from d-40 -- 50s oolestheer bas with west hwte tomoow q a upto outweekend. highs from mi50s to0s aiolesonthe bank fomainnd bches. ie uns a ds aune rng. herw will rninmost s. s ranging fr nd 40 e h tolo50in th
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ghs rangom s s there. ouy x nshilutha fe oud times. ou29thisrnthd-s imd w toouou53 ck tu. anks so chke> ifcoach hodo rdlan a e. gderrrsd coacev tharwitha rounlf. ga of go guna chttveand ep cuo is poin otaciepening hod gua nati g ie ous the rld. hiic course. neveen thfoso
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b buli kiy. a lfat. ame tt co rry e t inging he fst kecawnthe. thoughaugusta d no cit'ski eeatpoints for mb poliremb augustadidn't mi n ameran mrs afca19 anwo. lwedo go have group thgi ner ento st tialf ub s's onbuck ltome >>oust ailecpr. >>ree inteiv and how eyl owdge.
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mee march to 7 mll khcoas ythey of a oup of11e membs on cowent aragoff thorpanhdlcoas stigs say loui tiuardts or tind ather. e ar rsofcr21s tipate in mile h fla ancaejeune tsh > toariv sa sn ok ais mu can-mu r rports tcoun y the siwi
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screen a pr hands only cthogpracce sessinpryollalmoim ck on rfnc alechicag haand dianapol tern vego lantsorewashrnationa now ut etsto atstayg e th esarbe eh a beloved houspetst ni garcia swswhmicrig odomon ror t mic owneem aa peis wain a eyll stert intoin yointheis don'barkheseto himp. l popu ng
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hey geapd one thclea ans a tter box t baths. micrign house neked s thrmds>>heal and lovi e veto ld an ar wmeand tobas am r: of se, ke t. mainlylls. fruiand bles. eylong than dome aut want g e of on life span, an pretllergic to moanthe is poerand t d no >>cre aying . >>reporterteririy crs requvaatintence li t reobesitd can have sentiven but re good arou.
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er vry very intlintl. eporter: a ytea pi jo >> hifive. >> >> woulou likonofose ump d rnanve yoop ks?>>i s ing w ei40 to60 ow s ke. >> t - sems ke. t't seems tt be>>y e somall cuey>> pounesn'so mio. l do se this. yea e wia lilelkine e 'sng t a bright day usll aref to a nistthe. py cturth we wyo. e sun quit y you can e alonthrizoand ma ouch or reak islue and
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rtof the l lher pas llsee cole acro thece iwhile and middtotell aten weatr ots d veewosoundasisout y. the can't teat raduent teerates leigh rhrp re4 chand lookg owbyacross regi dein xb28 roy mot d ld and 28 fattle. ld for uthern pis. yo gotout 23 des the dae eraturarl ern we friday rninby ir ouhe froto eefomo rt ar deeecolde me time ery in roo southern pines log yelie radar a-- sateand radar yon e du co on
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afrnoon.mef atr ds thriftthregion from time toime ain those wi popthe da we havt so ouds arinformed by r flowross tai me of thd hi le foing ouds t ofat you callm or grc e wi angrothdoth. ose starlile t th rn notoong floof c hh asated with tto thanhey ha ofigrr oue weare mostok me lowerlel ir weatr clt lluptupickup atnoch cloudovyo can sethay e middnd a ere wee the fair he . th be ueskies tweethanhty overal wea stnorth erein wind region weerind roregionheair e gianduri te srto switcht so ilbecleari
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yte y ud cover d th nd stl inacas ghrsof the the su thho rmo what we thto heit in tethrain an xt sevals. little chatoy ortomoow monlooklia ied esdaabout % soverye tein daa betterch tuda y. thlos wveotchan niin ok at ofcloubo at isni. 45ime and we top out ar 51 during the afte so just a little on the short si of our normal this time year. later tonight, low of 33 where we are mpg to 65 degrees tomorrow wh about thg but sunshine out there a few fair weather cloud back in the area on monday.
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s llget to on y anthentut into wed, etcef owasontal undaov. dnday turngo olde is over ghfrid re chthndur40po th sth weshg us e gs iesti ildvenever ght th dedordog eah.aneyla fha let's getoanothefun wean shyou ioreof du >> a dy ed an anim usstion adop o of do whsthahaarus. >> wt's up? a yoet >>ecetosn cahton rae videfascinates.
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to lpe the hurricanes were not able to pick up a win or points against boston. b's and cane's last night ward doesn't get a clean clear. the pass picked off by bergeron and he will knock it in for the 23rd of the year. 2-0 in the third. he drives it wide but it bounces in. boston native scoring on brew toins make it 2-1. defensive pressure by the b's leads to a turnover and second goal by matt. and with a 3-1 lead nothing else gets by rask. 39 saves and the bruins win 4- 1. acc has reprimanded duke guard grayson allen for tripping florida state and the acc considers the matter closed so does leonard hamilton who says mike krzyzewski called to
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this is the second time in a month he tripped a player. he was called for a flagrant foul for tripping a louisville player on february 8th. consider allen on high alert for any future issues. today on wral we have acc hoops at 2. it's nc state at syracuse that game is live right here on wral. also today the shaw women play for the ciaa championship. that's going to be this after nonin charlotte at 4. and they will face virginia union in a battle of the top seeds from each division. enjoy your weekend everybody. i will see you monday peacock day. >> ain't that the truth. thanks. a woman survived a frightening face-to-face encounter with man who killed three people in kansas. >> my first thought was is this i am going to die before it went off. >> i can't imagine. hear how she escaped what could have been a deadly situation.
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many patients to travel long distance and miss work. the story of a local event to
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battling rare diseases. imy foat in sou rona. e vanton votendpublic do p'newest-pfisu plusertas deg o his ter o isweek andvco >>onensmtells it takeha
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o m this ar ae thanfoinus saayrn almost ocday d case hewee iton mo gh ws to yo >>e are hato welce >>happto ommike who ithk a dece foheekaf r weher we t s ti e inar d.we g to lo thry wind e last in thewake of h r at wehad ckon. and sos goin le re cfortle thct it's going bestart -- coto sf --fairly stoff. bens apex t 24 as sof you adt r a
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that ll bmithy dshethere. s ea wl ght m nol th rong inthh e day. tsohwesarou 5to 10 miles per hour. our ghtoday on the short side normal. upper 40s to 50 the north and low 50s down in the south. backo you. >> thanks. polls open in less than 30 minutes in south carolina for thmocrs. they will ch thnomie esw rit haagin the prce rnerev more show that clis voten thg erstda cacana dsome we e jug
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cegahemade unnoced visit asscoenesayhat wain hncd trp will p sthll he c stout sa en umis . ent two cotiarrencuofg ch. betyputi re l lhe okinto colonist ur fteic in 10days nth ba rmers in anvie eaniteadstyed ch of th isrmhebe shbyht herst years oforinmaof mis.spe wlea maa quario doll ss
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d rmin granville ir athat co-- tac falls on inal co a m who ki y. police say ceicford d a cralortwo ats mug ot enhe aredoridr k-ro fole3 pele e plwhhe th 11eoplo he oucaons at ent l ho reowwom o -fd sh pethy al ga elonwoys shwa calling t y fi ingus fo she drivininher stopd causing heto er
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wiow. isahe a g mache had a big in went anwh it ce fo my tr ge moedhad e o onedout theshoomy hea ecke laidn er car avthshots. d hear myas thn ntoffi th itofore iwent othen ought i hi and th iou w oot me the t . >>epr:he sash nod hetuotr and we saher ch and to she is unje ne shhopingdon'have tmes
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rter: noshyse cara otrs in. was rt age atwoulbebuwhat erec wev n fas isg. 32olmaus is tisa twic hes chth seco ee rapdegree is inonr a miios bond. s s ndinwarranoufose deee rape se sex of maho af ne. ed on ard drivapoffierfight tse a bi weltclai s a ray et sh igortrtoerppena liwe t
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dogog d teinnd ot wed outhcan e vees alhree one kef? i dot knthsw. ng tceit geer >>the vees dutar lor a ee rechger ee t e nosh'sgls waot. g gumein chlawingurtr t res atmucle tine 20-year-old murd cass e l ll heatr hanna d oua ped wing ot anisit. thing arge kiinangi asnialarstin buteacae
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la the cre he a. h ded ros oe were orinal csist teer >>is ncing vance un onun jursrd a leigh poce detec o stedasfo s. defee nuton y en. >>itan yes r a rsinrare curadino l thlao ise eniachale ry onedthra asin el bni at at unn ths orosd inct and kidsctitiean . virallrd
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can fiee ddy pa cline o thohon has beosshis experi fllitoheked in-- she wi liho turn yeol thth. >>help coee> ischsh d fothe annuaa urare. h a big ev thurna inct10 intthnfce hall faing th fashbl. aa. hakesmith. no that's noken. shionable i taki ter. c >> but issmhe on g torth ca tg. ci nenows who yoe be xtfor w
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me. hesteps en etca ent sh. youavto stwors er a pictto>>r: eryntcture nyy u n it bec cston moveghma. yh. hte hs at ma u ? feudio n unle so itoa y thle- so -- it erd en. poca hi . cirs he heame ty soad. >> lk lar h yng and 't ar ciaa. >> ban. clea . aawimr itutiad
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rter: parin andiloradhe kes fr4 8 ic befoise bls heourt and hys loveitand wahumbleehonnad ci halofme wn thlate- t are i 'ty.was rely engh ome epr: mr. miormr h atr most doesn't an to stap antisoon. fon ly na offi s o prl wa vited an. itwralneartt >>. u okshar
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abwitrnglend ni versstounamuayfoeryeil sttireor edclan. > rh cdehas itg scng aalcruey veat daka ck cial ady. ataul do kaondo scuein ju pretchloblnsdepueck wae e wh d e anthoscoions e coectethmartinan >>sosohe st connte scenth y d couldnet him ou mul and so eni vee rtitring meco y no. >>thhweschig heth. igown was chged with ts anim cru mars n n can walk ter
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oon ar fm e whsaitppen ps,a cyr ckon rst
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le elcos nb ay. >> ticktk co oc >>cu rekibo do ofly pa. wearlcwein al leslhae tiliane impos thmo rerter: wr levionwilliay inthasfamily mni il be ppshthe ony ing y sh on quu yoditao e d is t an
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their ogmmanthattoke a chonthr do thfebruary >>rewr ru remain t se thnele h dt evy ayg rireyoildontaranece tiros pruced byan to stpp nb-c nesuppngt are trydo lallyana to us coor fi hiisghtly ws r ho rveor nb itn ing prraing. we wt ro nboverag>>y e gog to cieeolonwr will bedoa of wingof cal at
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wheadd ork orc ge pmito b g iop. gtoen er terms oul ogramminanin prane cooite tc orr:l le ws f you question abt ve you.cathosonom leyla a i rd anduny moas he r e w. attatarged tis twicas asrsho. amerhacesso an co en infon that fifa anllndeyti
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wos nos dr l willi make dealhee unit stece arges.ui rnhe uld nt toeisason on el cai coitioe wh hecuincuy th merirokelaju cumericaures - measave enped up h eap o owa surprisingconve ste kent exp man' powe have e reac r:thvidegin btstatine sident haltngo bu he walk e ieanigatte in e poetde >> hwagiving me
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sudd wa in hipo a ere s fi g nd g. s ocd. that yovebo in y i walikeatyou inyo cket. was keanjulis ha whmy head>> repa tona--hamilton runidth hetot g pas f. not su s ndeein vicoming out from bind counter e heth a fire exngui wikisma n't >>r: him aisen gog in t- ha isseenoio st it toutrns fo cuerro to thit co ds leg ill wa. ucoo is ilab al at srklo-- aispki lotof scsies is keof ussi. get my t. wt. soinyodon'e evy
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inhe hlsrt se overas b irt anxhib >>s e onrot gn t art oggam virs it uses o bo e d il d durian ext tlernaody has a >>ic t'thon febk righ ese li it or t? e de quk ile ttleic hi i inha atto smilwehe lookli tt be watherthe few adveweher on dad afr , and ay wi ll be ss dalpinthings t.
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anngn eedon' exctono co the area teuesdtuesday nianit will be bfor dafrthstrt. sun out come d inegun skies ndwe res anmil or cldsn isrnin and my afteooircloud around4 00fegrnd thaoubeou we ve inrhd the st raleigh d 24n rnwi an rro soh 28 f rmoand ev and 29around ton. goas- gosboro has o art sty a w flatd fa athethmiay anoon hours d agn,
6:51 am
we ve gopevel is rmorgrap nioudsed rld is ss nth ca d ose e probably going goi athrtey atato fthsoh a d ll sa few othetypes arnd today. loather atur er theastern uteesofghpressure er the utt. sovegothe bi kwe flow arod at a what we e oking at y southwesrly wi ng tt tst anat wig tortcarolina toy. we hthwesterly wian erly winsterday wiyeery da l aiinto the reon and looks ke that will be there todaand will be replaced late today and tonight by warmeair off tohewest d southwest. so we will see quite the warmup as we finish out the weekend. in the upr atmosphere there's ttdisturbance coming across the region this morning. not going to ha any precipitation with it st eninirhe ouds ae bit day.
6:52 am
that m oto tea ll vee peveridge yosethupr velinecuing d leavth y sk rr ern th spre acrng da bi th wilincrsea tt more . d eneswey sea rearmi a of ugettinlo we he upper ve sturwas the tuday in wnesd anthat will he frsoci iton wpr chanceower thmoons oothonnd drondabut hedistd hi us and fr desatou luncim in ternoo shor. lar ghwno 33 ar th60win ns wl a fecl
6:53 am
and th we are arnd70 7on tuy. d enwee at ol to grees d we will t e we m 40 thmerainsd niganay mog. a ghthanks mu . > ht libry ncstate you llind s k-
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teif th a t the mes ntarit sh bsan. whimlibr >> a fu>>epr: g step >>ll of staiar . rortuit rirok ungi poes or at. h >> ror h bry atstate. >>lots lht >> reporter: s of honors for e artu va en d go >> rter:oberthe bot. wswh >>ter:chanbois. isld n volumes. epr:d know h ge rit. ry r >>r:migh tlthehead ariayou al to blibrarn. no i wanted b >> rephego said she uld ver bea librarn id wod everma a up
6:57 am
yesan arn. >> reptele routinely trrah steyib e is ecl cial t >> r s w of the sion us itthe soat olged ar he -- archle d he be n ar librar tar tionon hat lodo leh tentiaot. 'sdioritaa wi brth nrule >> somop rs. te peo 5 diffs ai 12di rs. >>amto nc ste in sai ju it 21entu lng>> roroday she adincoered e thwolesearch w one e
6:58 am
reata oramanam >> repte ay notthe paomten wihis th t >>rerae ve vits.>> rep ab s susank erof
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i amt t s. right now on wral fayetteville police get a break. >> two sexual assault cold cases. we will tell you about the technology they are using to make arrest. plus... >> donald trump when he makes a promise he keeps it. >> there it is republican chris christie announcing his pick for president and find out which democrat is favored to win today's primary in south carolina beginning it now at 7. >> 7 a.m. and friends are describing the heroic office here stopped a gunman during a deadly shooting spree in kansas. good saturday morning. i am bryan mims. >> i am leyla santiago. thanks for sticking with us here. listen if you are just waking up, i want you a see what we saw before the sun came up.
7:01 am
>> this is the skies overnight a look at a time-lapse of the moon from downtown raleigh from the skycam. so, big question now. how are the skies going to be today? >> moonlight over raleigh. mike moss tell us all about it this weekend will we see a nice moon tonight. >> i think that will be the case once again. we have got that moon mean meg it's more than half full like in the picture there. and there are not going to be clouds to block us from seeing it tonight. we are not going to have a lot of cloud cover today. although some fair weather cloud will be around and we are going to have cool temperatures today and a big warmup that we will talk about in the 7-day forecast in about 15 minutes. first we will focus on the day and it's a cold start to the weekend this morning. we have got 21 degrees in roxboro and south hill at 21 in louisburg as well. we are at 25 in durham and here in raleigh at the station, and 26 for rocky mount as we move to the south.
7:02 am
and 27 for laurenburg and 28 in fayetteville goldsboro at 28. mostly clear skies last night a couple patches of fair weather clouds in spots but not many and we will see a few of those as we go through the day. we will look for 29 degrees at 8 this morning. and partly to mostly sunny at lunchtime about 45 and a couple kind of flat and fair weather cloud in the afternoon. highs in the low 50s so still a little on the short side of normal but that will be changing. bryan. >> thank you. police arrested two men and charged them with two sexual assaults that happened more than a decade ago. officers in fayetteville say this man 37-year-old joshua mills hit and raped a woman in 2003 and 62-year-old robert brown was arrested in the case involving a 16-year-old girl in 2004. a police unit started last year's using the dna technology and grant money to rework the old crimes. lieutenant john somerindyke leads the unit. >> the advances in dna testing
7:03 am
off and several i felt we could reinterview potential victims or witness and whatnot and mack arrest. >> since june of last year, when the unit started, fayetteville police made 11 cold case sexual assault arrest. and say more are coming. to kansas where a police chief is being called a tremendous hero after killing a gunman. this was the scene outside a manufacturing plant thursday in hesston. investigators say police chief doug schroeder was first on scene after plant employee cedric ford went into the factory shooting and killing three people. now at first, chief owed schroeder didn't have backup but went inside and tracked ford down and killed him. slowed are's friend -- schroeder's friends says it was a ordinary reaction on his part. >> i am sure his only reaction wassef's got to save -- his only reaction wassef's got to -- was i've got to save these people and he just went in.
7:04 am
hero because at the time several hundred people were still inside the factory. he says ford was not done shooting by any means. just before that attack, ford waser is afd protective order involving -- was served a protective order involving a former girlfriend. police charged the woman they say gave ford the weapon. sarah hopkins knew ford was a convicted felon but gave him a semiautomatic rifle and 40 caliber handgun. ford had both weapons when he was shot and killed. if convicted hopkins faces up to 10 years in prison in a 2-- and a 250,000 dollar fine. of course there much-- there is much more to the story ahead hear from a woman who came face- to-face with cedric ford. she explains what happened when he shot through her car. we are getting new information about a double shooting at a crowded raleigh shopping center. carlos wright and tyquann talley have been arrested on charges and there's another
7:05 am
police say they plan to charge two others including the one shooting victim. that victim is still in the hospital and is expected to recover. according to the 911 call a woman reported seeing a man with a gun chasing another man in the parking lot of ashton square on capital boulevard. the affordable care act is a chronic financial headache for blue cross blue shield. north carolina largest insurer released the 2015 report showing aca plans lost 282 million dollars. blue cross is a evaluating whether to continue aust plans next year despite the losses the company still turned a half million dollar overall profit. and top executives received sizable raises. polls are now opened as we speak. for south carolina democratic presidential pry marchy.
7:06 am
>> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are working to gain more delegates ahead of super tuesday. super tuesday of course when 11 states pick the nominees. weija jiang shows us who is supporting donald trump. >> i am here to proudly say iendorse donned trump for president of the states -- donald trump for president of the united states. >> reporter: chris christie endorsed donald trump saying he is the only one who can can defeat the democrats. >> who is the best person to stop hillary clinton from getting inside the white house again. this is the best person to do that. >> reporter: ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement during a campaign stop in nashville but later he played it cool. >> listen i think the endorsement was no doubt troubling news for the rubio campaign. >> what we are dealing with here my friends is a conartist. >> reporter: marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate but the billionaire businessman fired back. >> once a choker, all a choker.
7:07 am
>> reporter: the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday. but the democratic candidates have to make it through the south carolina primary first. >> hello, south carolina state. >> reporter: hillary is expected to easily win south carolina but she is campaigning there until the very end. >> we are fighting to breakdown barriers wherever they may be. >> reporter: rival bernie sanders held a rally at a university. >> what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities. >> reporter: south carolina voters head to the polls saturday with their priorities. weija jiang, cbs news the white house. >> and trump said at this point too early to say whether he would consider christie for a running mate. a dean is leaving the university of texas austin in part because of a condition sealed weapon law. he says the state's new law allowing guns in college classrooms is the reason he is
7:08 am
he says he was happy at texas but the law put him in a position where he had to go somewhere else. he has accepted a job with the university of pennsylvania. the campus carry law takes effect on the ut campus august 1st. we do a lot of flying so you have thai time to spare wait for a flight but at a major airport you can learn a life saving skill while waiting for a flight. >> the emergency procedure you can practice at these kiosks in the cities where they are available. will you... plus... 23450* good job. >> high five. >> yeah. >> good job. >> high five. >> yeah. >> good they are so cute.
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
>> hdi ti. d women we nallowed shs unso at loo. bt st si augusta ub beplac > e next time e uc jorpt yo t embyar >>ti iv laysre andow wl styoed wdes an en cpepping to raise stev tay i luckyday. wo (surpd) oh,ygoodss rkyou've just wo- a ousandlars! man: ts amg! thas amazing! (sheks) woman: ok,e jok, w bett than yeday. thaveryt a ttle fd. and, e: yea man: istiling raw otion. man: py awesomfor tuesy, but tw is h l'rely b it! cky fe. n thoudolls a day,
7:14 am
7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
ly p pe d ve th live lo -than moesalabou15 2ye>> i a pibecause th e ai amet alrgstmals piypalicwi thli and had not >>crigarayg porter: veteris micropigs requirvainns d rointence just li tradiets. tooband hasinctestify -- seite skin bwiod arou hey are ted pip in rt: d yoh a g dotric>> yea od . ah>>wi neaspe ofy orn t pictes>>e had g liket.we he onrt tht they
7:19 am
, look tocey th then cool l t tu it er thene 3 weile rs ave gh ycamleh . noy. we hg e se nigh up mclouds uplestreakof ou cinth theyill beor e othxtcoupou d toy willbeweather clpop ly 4000 f of atn cumudswe io late morning hav ees for dew t rino a pdrma erat at e ait wi nnd sothth a awt upays.weadndy
7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
aiorcomingp ink. loliodoi thrghday abou 45noon wsks. e th tchyclds t33 folo upto so wi dus ine moay mimo my and c joi and e warmmore on tuesy upto 71th udy esnight indnda ll s s owers yb rstorm o los wilbe fourayt n er with highin y of40s ayth otro ar tcoulg >>icwer peoc workiny. log go
7:23 am
dewho heed anvestio othegs. y just ve mart at was that booc e-gae plosion
7:24 am
7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
nday acda>> k you a marv frcececoteth amawhkilled ree kansas. my out i amg dibe iwe o. how shesped at ena dely si pl sucae
7:28 am
7:29 am
ll astout a l t tobrg ens to those > prday for mocr th cana. at rit.s e opened. ntamon vote a republican na trump's hi-psur. lu wl om rmerho th te deatto a tched doin anlle un
7:30 am
weend n h at tato kiwith us rd e thon thisorni? befugh clsks and i lithat aa whshfene some t y. witayorning. y t'slile angl d ming to bryamims thinout ike? >> am okrwd i can't wa until ston tha wl yoweek w e up if mr. ciheis somethin w t me ld mper tstarthen we afiniing t ua stngn the ldside d aycooday t g up tomorrow tt weill be lkabt as pa darest 5 nute wthda
7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
wart- quarter midollar loss of bu twister killed 4 condthe equipmen ado damaged hefas il a rm cco deon or mall th a fay in nsas cerdha iminin e e s s re cabrk-s an vlaon illed let th . thaton thsd and 11 wh shat s in thal porter dfastsawia wh ce-facth rd nsshe the ordeepthe xcmasae was n o y en
7:34 am
e was frt r anopsh causinr toon r es and meto r wi. >> i he had a inn anweank.wh do do amn a of nd at tie fore to out of thcashoo h>>epor dr she mediatelid a >> cod ar my ear popas the my fst thoughgoin to be anth tugi wahu 't hit. and thout s gog to he ortehe ss ticeuranr caand th shher ancendf. isni but qu
7:35 am
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7:36 am
th ttbit we ing ndscar athd oth weo far t on it threevees pull up re a or on dot tean th d owat happene pii geth. e es for n sedan d dodgarger anee ru. >>y say ible backlaout th osg s ine wiurbegi ndayolte td to ar-old murdna tncalled toti ather hanntookstd yesttalkedoua lela'se alysis. wis ge ki rliequmcally but released becausthere s not enough instigats y w testing- lable ths ed
7:37 am
restagyeah ncludeatthros e wecotentthri cod from th >>scene she abouisere wher's wa rsfroma le polietwhinsted t c18 s.thdefense llt puanevid it can take r rais tocura diagnosi l ths rae caan finciaaleso erth e raase day ev inted dece dntinel liorvideoste t ki a muc d e. ograerere torecopersaly you can nd a fe at
7:38 am
ohn on s izd shd tremu li to e ked int ci. e wiho edthis moh.>>isis amwed r e nualci n artte. the urntinduct duednte co hall fain faionamr. . >> someses yle from th guy. keit thnor at was dec inthmakireporter -- samr. aryone ows yoare talkint. noof the ciaa into the is ow op yhave to ght ct
7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
nuer of acohy word! ve your aph?of c nowon fornew tch-oftiets om theth ca ation lottery out firsesdays. you!
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alt, sst t! rst tuy! first esday,ay,t- tay! you checkin' out my easel?itk ou we.
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your peat treat or two or three or four and the snacks can pack on the pounds like on us dr. steven mark is the director of medical service at nc state and morning. too. >> tell us how many pets are weight problem. >> it's huge problem. so in the united states over 50% of dogs and over 60% of cats are overweight. >> so if you don't have a scale, how can you actually tell whether your pet is becoming obese i guess the outward signs are obvious. >> yes not always because pet owners see the pet every day and don't recognize it so the best way to check is have the vet evaluate them on the annual check. >> what kind of problems can result from a pet that is obese we know the problems that we deal with as people but in pets can they deal with the same issues. >> it's true. people should understand this
7:45 am
and people. heart disease, diabetes all can be secondary to obesity. >> what can we as pet owners do to keep our pets from becoming obese can we just is it just a matter of simply not giving them as many treats. >> that's part of it certainly but once obesity starts it is hard to turn back and so contact your veterinarian and we have a veterinarian nutritionist at nc statethat works with the pet owners and vet and it's important a vet is involved. >> we not think much about it and we think a few treats here and there won't do harm. >> i think most people think that. trtsre dd source of calories. and especially in animals that are not exercising so exercises is key. so good nutrition and exercise is key to veterinary care and specifically to prevent obesity. >> exercise. we hear that's the way to lose weight as people. >> absolutely. >> and cut down your portions and get out and exercise so if
7:46 am
house all day. >> it's healthy for the pet and the person to get outer day and walk your dog -- out every day and walk your dogs. cats are little more challenging we don't take them for walks. >> what do you do with cats. >> you have to interact and stimulate them they can't lay around the house. >> thank you again. >> my pleasure. >> see you on a saturday morning for more information go to our website and serve pets and you will find it under the health and life tab. leyla. >> thanks so much. the cyber attack that targeted the irs twice as bad as first thought. scamers had access to more than 700,000 accounts. the stolen information includes data that could be used to file a false return and collect a refund. federal agency is mailing notifications to taxpayers affected. and video shows a surprising moment at a convenience store counter at kentucky ae-
7:47 am
exploded in man's pocket. we see the reacts. >> reporter: this is video given to us by the gas station owner. owensboro resident is seen making a stop to buy snacks as hamilton walks to the cashier a e-cigarette battery in his pocket exploded. >> he was giving me money and put his hand in his pocket and so suddenly there was a blast in his pocket and there was fire. big fire. and he was burning. >> i was shocked what's that you have a bomb in your pocket. i was like that. you care yea bomb in your pocket i was totally shocked and just like this hand on my head. >> reporter: hamilton runs outside the door past employee he where he struggling to get the pants off. he was not sure what was going on when he saw hamilton on fire and seen in the video coming from behind the counter where he sprays hamilton with a extinguisher. >> i was like what's going on man i don't know. >> reporter: him aton is seen going in the -- hamilton is seen going into the rest unit
7:48 am
another customer took him to the hospital. he says he has second degree burns and is still able to walk. >> quite the story and forecast. >> absolutely. things look nice for the weekend a big warmup in the next couple days as well. we are starting out with a quiet weekend. of course the weather was quite rough a couple days ago. but, things have gradually wound down since then. we have had dry weather on thursday and friday. we have had windy conditions though at times both of those days and looks like the winds will be leaving us behind. no precipitation to show on a live sweep of dual doppler 5,000. we don't expect to be seeing rain on here until we get probably until late tuesday and tuesday night and we have a few dry days to go as we finish out february and start march. things are look bright in fayetteville and here's the skycam there. you can see the blue skies above. just a couple patches of fair weather clouds in spots not a lot of those around this morning. we think a few more will be forming as we get into the late morning or early afternoon.
7:49 am
fair weather cloud around 4,000 feet off the ground. we have got 25 degrees in durham to start the day. 24 in wake forest. 25 at the station and about 26 for holly springs colder and low 20s as well in the north this morning. roxboro was down to 21 up to 23 degrees now. briefly dipped into the teens in south hill virginia. back up to about 22 degrees now. goldsboro at 30. 27 in erwin and 28 in fayetteville. so aid cold start to the day and we will stay on the cool side of normal even as we get into the afternoon hours. here's satellite and radar over the last 24 hours. morning. a few fair weather clouds bubbled up midday into the early afternoonp we may see a the day today. we had clouds last night some upper level moisture flowed from the northwest when the air hit the mountain and got forced upward it cooled the air and caused the clouds to condense out or form out into ice crystals there.
7:50 am
some from southwest to northeast. and we don't expect a lot of cloud cover as we go on through the day. we have got high pressure centered off to the southwest. and a cold front far to the northwest that we won't see come through here for a few days yet. and then the high pressure has clockwise flow around it to the west and that's a warm southwesterly flow. of course the last day or two that's been a cool flow out of the west and northwest. and that will be leaving us behind today. it's going to leave us a little on the cool side today. by tomorrow, we start to flow some of the warmer air in here as the high pressure area sets up down to the south. as we look at what's going on in the upper atmosphere you can see the flow lines in white here dipping down into a trough that's by this afternoon will be over eastern north carolina. and pulling away from us over the course of the weekend. still this cool air mass in place as we start the weekend but watch what happens between today and tomorrow. substantial warming a lot of us will climb into the 60s tomorrow and this ridge of high
7:51 am
tomorrow in the upper atmosphere should leave us with sunny skies to finish out the weekend. a weak disturbance move by monday a few fair weather clouds with that and we continue to warm some monday and we may warm a little more on tuesday. some of us may get above 70 on tuesday. and then tuesday night into wednesday, the next disturbance comes along in the upper atmosphere along with a front at the surface leaving us a chance of rain then. by the time we finish out the week we will have colder air starting to come back in the region. for today, looks like we will see a mix of sun and clouds. 45 degrees at lunchtime. and 51 by 4. and we fall back
7:52 am
7:53 am
stay with us. >>wrelmec ti mond. titotothe's ul ca. we talking athe t
7:54 am
al c th il bslies inananthat art nday. >>reer phiay c e broadcasting fami at 7. i wibe very happto the mondmor the erishioric anhamaree u prradita >> e dvrdiffereny seprerdiffereneck thr prrammd re theed makhaeido ry 2 >>orte wne sa. cal ws pewatcand t every y in righre u sll gto th ecl prim proded bywr
7:55 am
wengs lo and lt t. >>s is ninewsth les>> reporter: very cotablwiinc e ond ing ogmming.iewersill fit from c tserage. argog to betopicson wral e argo dog loof wiof caathl d h t cothe maba t >> repte wn yoadit , local k ne sports spl iabe strongong ti. al in goin even better. rms r ca d prramming d cois be even
7:56 am
ve out is rtaiy swer u . e beere an mendikonsaay nd mngep e ater11 r ga artemiteon it's round 2 of aigalayoff tes fr jgh ol sthigh fayettevillehrscoltogeer derme whades n gamesefils. joinand st mark r quarnaround 2 this thhere tv n sa son tv ke mosss ary lps withth ct>>ell, i a lile. ill see ican agi ca >> oh ke >> wlowhatin
7:57 am
today a hightomonobnshine. wstart anni thdain thfo s for big rmwi southw ondaasc hewith partloanit le day antuy nithbe ra a tyin e cage op foreinroe ttor othewe ma >> thank > out ofhe is kitten. miomrr rs tistitellus ouher. >> she iry, ry le gir sh auano she ten . e isink so orct ay. e is l is sowe k. hecoats w tothe shstfull ma ha t th she a tiful sweet rl
7:58 am
onts a sll ble atat re ar >>he ttg d rs ving nd. smu fbeg he.
7:59 am
8:00 am
mis caniunbs>>mornsy 20weomto "cbs ni ay." swdodn t demoat py s carona arclinn s anirsatt agte aeg rruptiona day the iggepond ow t tom oscars


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