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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a cooday but su e te et. > e o oe rdies in ouara vi shot of the ma at the henderson oxford airport in oxford. somef e signing peeled of and you can see some small planes inside. well the sound of chain saws, rakes and hammers will fill the air in durham county for much of the today. >> the strong ndtoppd tr live rh the sith epre wagiu veth ama. tr asllen to a ecircleurm. shted trom t thismefa t ha
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atai heg frthe pi the d milatuas shot greens, winds ocked doa tr rn p o anothell rightroth . qud tr trne> deite the ge, e'dead rat atwariouslye case n chpion rep onwh e storsyedeadl >> reporr: aerou m stmes up as statli waerly co ro ithlight ov erytng>>er ppedthugin loo e at hneennaiv, nes d cked on iends an saotr di. >>viin dozings ru se tornaes alsd n nnania and caro
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powe i3. it is 10 minutes after 5 are over. skies will be sunny for today. it's going to be cool but what we would expect for the end of february, it's windy out there, still. even though the storms are gone, we have windy conditions that we're going to be dealing with gusts up to say 30 miles per hour or so, maybe even higher than that. it's 44 at holly springs, 45 in smith field our temperature this afternoon climbs into the 50s which again is normal this time of the year looking at mid 50s, sunshine, the winds will start to die down a little bit later on this afternoon. it will be nice to see sun. when i walked in this morning you could see this beautiful moon but it's nice.
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52 at lunch time and high of 56 this afternoon. nice warm up for part of the weekend. we'll talk more in a few minutes. thank you, elizabeth. we expect to get a report today on the flu season. state health officials will release details on the outbreak that claimed three lives in north carolina. the cdc says this year is a milder flu season than last. although it really hasn't peaked quite yet, also this years vaccine has proven to be throw times more effective than the one we had last year. health officials say three pregnant women have tested positive for the zika virus in florida. all three cases are believed to be travel related. officials were not identifying the countries where the pregnant women were diagnosed. zika is rapidly spreading through latin america and scientists are studying the virus' possible connection to babies born with unusually small heads. a total of 32 cases have now been reported in florida. a new survey looks at the healthiest cities in america.
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cities at the top. the survey lists naples, florida. they are on the gulf coast as the healthiest city in the country. another florida city came in at number three, the sarasota area. north carolina does make an appearance on the lowest end of the spectrum. >> oh, no. >> the hickory area has some of the lowest well being statistics in the country. well 5:12 now. making improvements at unc's campus. >> issue this group plans to soon address in front of the system president. and how police hope this
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when we e ac r falyout the roda'sise and y alread s lockfi anst a l? >>h. nextn the seedition of stca cl dl bakdoc ena. > me apet, late lilengst th poh,th yo
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mb 21 brar an extnd sory rnatme morees comg wnd pes ages. > at cani trfo a stm thatha amame strn id new ovwoher mi5:30go g reng ow at clp davelot to be fo t fatalities. hariyes r t urofvewerog ro inea, so glad no deas nojurieslo
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suy brhereakina ok wh's g on onthe it's dr all ou that ndly night th's fosu's:3righnow and take a look at th vetrfic ngngwell out thas abeth ntioneondry adisning. look at live commute ma indicateno g layson jor es dove minocintsh thmap ringstat lynnhe rth si of igurham right now,du is clear both rens aso ing goths. ll he uptein 15 ck to yo briand stwi onha efy le anpaag at potormystehepos sometorns ou they fi ts vicoun. al'sarlithe rdthmornin oks ke you'vd go
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>>reer: absolulyan shif deti tually utwn h bor ngust ou45 minus thason bee l of th was st attct crowd. ere were sel le had by this morngshortly afr e stm it wa ally tic ja th ro as lere ng oue e. s a looisso deathad ju ft strihereth d le ree homes is s ree ofoff on ho tfubowa. e at lathousallyckfic ristor xt dr, trecr roof of hethson tom ves here says himom was leto stafrihe stor intohethan congerke>>t'lievab. nesekeit.
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e wsand her plac t t out it ure. bungildi th wbut ther 'sot er wr 's t even e. rty, da t. nearthses day also sustained ge along borough roadhaorm destlo flfapment anw to th housfrhen atwe hearfrsou cenly see at masseedo the he n co weab ttu ma limb olefinota g d rtin be th e deal odaygo is inju rert no ves re thankful foat but bosheepor of ms
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y durham g s.outhis e drive. motherd her reyoundr wate lastt wh tofs smd in. we fosilar ro briar drro ad. e wereusno ma r the rf s. ane operty ift, nwahu>> t torm tensf thsaople ss wetht r udrethan 1100wake ty crewee we t got mup er r wake ghw,sta ndpe wpor du, orgranvi counes> overa fothrothst viine opan ved afr nns rt thea thpeople inin twyear old rekiwhheobhowa li ior ivwa c ion of hit u'lke at
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t eafrth vce coa view urs viwh arto erson. iss edonfacebook 40 da ther ndan. serusnjuries. cks like e th e blam fo maging d r three werengyncot. orhi ho hard. e wade witr childr a4, 6 he the wind blastof they a m ousafely. e s helping th a ac. >>bued asa in r was damaged ena fell on e . de as well liwe brghto aanth ca ca teth our oucoit in lay anthheok d id
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> rnerews no a ndmaisinod adlinlifa un. onloyd turelf to pntedthe tieaf year ol y el noth man ar ssinharlte e artte meckleurg amofrs end afr fit baicading f ip law enemencingteton . scotnd py vijimmy das s ot ilttin on nuher re rt. orounty mmiss etig town loer hbo. they will bein deveent inuding re ture es, r thunue acedladeion nt. g hethll soisss us the ollonial in ane to wa
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>> is ely in ex forhe tt it is br. 're al ou thndisory fe ti2: tafternin jufew mites. ies nicely. woabout unrs t day d itie thug eratures y 5 en inbo 43 s and th iabouwhere wed yeerda l teeratus cl io mis th afoo itbes ayeery, hal with the if youhe out rning run and ane teerur tulygood focise thank iz e'o m co ea outn why hi otwi i nd to san soter sitbe ad era. hedmit waff
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r but he edto te disphe sueme he >>muul you ofeverythieverythingon? s at? a utcien seo aner quon andsa yoll need8 billn. amon has notaid intoisra onot. onli this as a hobby. he has also come up with tal foding im sror star rsfiesthat's $636io irr as lot of onhis nds. >>cuation ral ilheitoned oyto beanant atcr
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thwe still no word on the type of substance found at a suspicious package sent to a northern california federal building. an employee at the u.s. customs and border protection office got sick after opening an envelope containing a powdery substance. the building was evacuated in about 15 people near the worker were quarantined as a precaution. the scene was cleared a few hours later. six states are suing the obama administration over the affordable care act.
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louisiana, indiana and nebraska are all involved in the suit. the argument is over the health insurance providers fee. the lawsuit says nothing in the laws language provided clear notice that states would have to pay the fee. the suit seeks an injunction against the federal rules that say states are responsible for the fee and it asks for states to be refunded for what they've already paid. criminal charges against former texas governor rick perry have been dropped. perry was indicted in 2014 on charges related to allegations of an abuse of power. the court of criminal appeals says perry acted within his right as governor. we are learning more about president obama's search to replace the lattes prom court justice antonin scalia. two sources familiar with the process say the white house is considering a republican. republican governor brian sandoval of nevada is a possible nominee. sandoval is a former federal judge and is considered a moderate in his home state. sandoval spokesperson says
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staff have discussed the vacancy with the white house. republicans in the senate have said they will not hold confirmation hearings on whoever the president chooses as a nominee. firefighters from new york and florida are hanging out in las vegas this week. they are getting hands-on training using the cities high roller ferris wheel for practice rescue drills. the wheel has a zip line pulley system enabling rescuers to reach the top hundreds of feet up. there is a similar ferris wheel in orlando and plans for one in new york. >> wow. >> got to practice somehow. >> that's a little scary but elizabeth? >> don't lockdown just like over the edge. >> right. >> don't look down. >> have faith. >> it's all fun until you look down. >> [laughter] >> it is. and i know you probably will agree. it was a really neat thing to have done. once you're down on the ground you're like oh, that was really great. >> kind of like when you have
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after it all blows over. >> yes. >> i'm glad everyone stayed safe. >> exactly. >> we're so thankful in north carolina. it didn't turn out quite as well up into virginia and it was the very same system that we had here affectg those folks there too. let's take a look at what's going on. want to show you the radar and let you know there's nothing left of course all of the storms moved on out of the area. yesterday evening, skies cleared and last night, we still have windy conditions and i'll talk about why that is coming up over the next couple of minutes but everything is nice and dry. the wind has helped to dry out the roads nicely brian will be talking more about that in just a few minutes. we do still have a wind advisory in effect until 2:00 this afternoon so blustery and then the winds begin to die down a little bit. we have sustained winds up to 20-25 with gusts up to 30 right now and we could gust up to 35 or maybe even 40 as we head through the afternoon. or up to maybe lunch time i should say. still gusting to about 30 in
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in fayetteville and the areas where there's not anything reporting right now just means we don't have a current wind gusts winds are steady but not gusting in those areas and in wilson everything is nice and dry. we did not have a lot of severe weather in wilson county but down into wayne county we had a potential tornado and a lot of other areas seeing a lot of wind damage. 43 is our current temperature at the airport. our wind southwest at nine miles per hour, definitely dryer than it was yesterday with our dew point down to 32 now. in south hill it's 43, 43 in roxboro, 45 in rocky mount and wilson 45 in goldsboro and temperatures are fairly uniformly in the mid 40s and that's about where we started yesterday. we still have our low pressure system that really was the energy and the push behind this system yesterday. it's moving off to the north but around the low we have winds that rotate counterclockwise so we're still right in the blustery chilly now low of that warm air that came in yesterday has moved out and we're going to have a blustery chilly wind for it
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here is a look at the storm reports a number of tornado damage reports up into virginia and one thing to tell you about this. these were not necessarily separate tornadoes. each of these reports that were here in our viewing area, we had seven in our viewing area and in some cases were the same cell. it's the one here that really kicked off with the same cell that did some damage there and then moved on up here into granville and vance county, at 4:40 we had tornado damage and that same cell moved up into virginia near lacrosse at about 5:02 so that was all the same cell that did a good bit of damage and then down here in seven springs we had at least one mobile home and maybe another building damaged and then just widespread wind damage except right there along the i95 corridor, folks there were a little more fortunate. skies stayed clear for us rest of the day taking us out into lunch time and into the
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snow up into the mountains as much as one to maybe four or five inches in the higher elevations and that just tells you where that cold air is coming from. 56 today, 49 tomorrow we start off at or below freezing all the way into sunday, but the temperature in the afternoon begins to warm up nicely. you'll see 61 on sunday afternoon and then on monday 66 and 69 on wednesday and monday of course the day that we welcome nbc to the wral family and it's nice that the weather locks quiet for that day. the peacock will be running around here all happy. >> the peacock will have their shorts on how about that? >> exactly. >> it is 5:51 right now and with that wind advisory in effect, you need to look out for maybe some down limbs and down trees here and there as we take a look at the live commute map zooming into between apex and cary, there's a report of fallen lines right now on penny road, so keep that in mind this
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road is blocked completely but it could be partially blocked as they get that cleared up. also an accident still getting cleared up from the north side of raleigh online road at spring forest road. back to you. it is a special performance at the white house. >> a late ledge en dear it singer who received a musical tribute and why this event was a bitter sweet one for the president. and a woman makes an
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what she plans to do with
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chanperien meing . thas wh rht aer ne y'll th >>thre ats wo. hodoougu sothg like tha >>nokkyl is u >>eat y inso rona. >> bida 29a.m., when ne jos . th means right u'll go expece todaeed moing ws an broadcast fromth icocfellerza da of the ea c ab finatchk oul ction we u00 ing weta tn nerk anlltalke g
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legendary singer.prenamd the mihod y charles duri anperfore even thi laig arsts patributto thte sing ng an tht iss e l rfenfo s niti th ogwator ontomoa mainon maden testindiscover ilea areaura. y d enng er whehud at ian rentt tothg in . sd looked like l. sh hescovy a mogist ple cae of tuad be h $6. teadof ll, she toitd pke a necouit. >>wo epaiot b, ht y go
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> we, mi up thnelf ofs mo ne, rh iamg vel tiheang storm mageder theay the smart mo mi juefa tree a al treno g e fes of
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anu live wbe inhe ac hin inot br ne. we ed adrye afr adestctstorssou elizh explain the oue coule toda > s da eaup irl overthg welive am llintredtea scarand itbi >>anthere'gop estindidate d of r es what idispolembsh r nagmoinevereatoe you usis morning. wowh day had the omthe m, no ds ous injuries. plenty odage to clean up. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. let's get to elizabeth for a lo at the wer today nd is still a factor righ >> it is. e w pressure system that was really the energy behind l of those storms yesterday is ving north but itstill
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take a look at r telle and radapie. all e ms arewi not e rermor torn re actually sein thinuse of lo is l minto bu'stati r crti wiy itiowe have in effectti this ten. twis shoudi wead s o 30milethrng an y uto 4fohit lund that, e up a littit. teern e d s 43 in hor by t43 in hi a le 45 goldsb unormlind 40s th mniby time into s d sehighin thd t wake dat a mu uiete sunshinee thcos n here nglo ro


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