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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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united health care. working to hp make the system simpler. one of the most popular toy in the country comes with a new and urgent warning. ahead, what a federal safety agency says about those hoverboards after dozens of fires are blamed on the toy. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this
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bill cosby's wife has t testify in a defamation suit
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th sngther,ua elivheigepnca iha s w rs otr. s.. ar in gynong s keder we a tnsyshin 00 to helpinger financially. going down >> reporter: platinum selling pop star kesha says she wants to keep making hits. but not working for the man she says tormented her for years. . the singer filed suit against
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luke in 2014, claiming had he sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her for a decade. her career on hold, kesha wants to be released from her contract with dr. luke and sony music entertainment. sony is refusing and says she can choose her own producer. friday, a judge agreed with the precord label and denying an injunction and leaving the 28-year-old singer in tears. >> opposite a criminal complaint, any medical records, a police report, or other evidence to support kesha claims, she could not rule that this contract should be set aside or terminated. >> reporter: both kesha's attorney and sony declined to comment but in a statement, dr. luke's attorney says the goal of kesha's counsel has been to obtain a more lucrative contract through a shameless campaign of outrageous claims. outside the courthouse, the
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>> inhuemane. >> everything about this trial is sickening. >> sony shouldn't be trying to make money off a person a insulting them. >> reporter: female musicians are showing their support. demi tweeting the following. while lady gaga said i am in awe of your bravery. >> reporter: kesha could still be let out of her contract once her full case is heard. for cbs news, elaine quijano. solution to this. interests questions. it's going to be really fascinating to see how this turns out. >> i agree. >> she has a lot of support. he was just 14 when he got a shout-out from the president for his math skills. the teenager is part of a very small club.
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to some of the young anr: trtiocbs thisng" red
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this morning our "pushing the limits" series goes to high school. calculus may be confusing for many people but we met two students who not only concustomered it but pulled off an achievement that stumped college professors. in fairfax, virginia, chip reid is adding up the success. >> reporter: when i walked into this classroom this morning, i thought i was walking into a language class, because that is greek to me. but you're about to meet a couple of high school students
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what it means and a lot more. landon may seem like an ordinary 15-year-old. in many ways, he is. but he also knows what it's like, at least in math, to achieve perfection. the more than 300,000 students around the world who took the advanced placement calculus test last year he is one of only 12 who achieved a perfect score and most of the test takers were juniors and seniors. he was a 14-year-old sophomore. what does it feel like to have been perfect on this test? >> honestly, it's a little overwhelming. it's lots of interviews like this. >> reporter: and the tweet from the president? >> that was pretty cool. >> reporter: pretty cool? that is an understatement, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: his perfect score placed him in the top.004%. that means 1 in what? >> 25,000?
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>> that would be -- it's .004%. >> oh, very good! he beat me at math. beating a tv news reporter at math is no big deal but landon's parents say perfection is a big deal for him. mom and dad, were you surprised he got a perfect score? >> i was surprised. >> reporter: not because you don't think highly of him? >> no, no. >> reporter: you thought else make a silly mistake? >> i did. that is just natural. >> reporter: even college professors who write the exams make mistakes. >> the professors don't expect this and it's remarkable when a high school student who doesn't have a college degree let alone a in this subject area does not miss a point. >> reporter: landon credits his calculus teacher ann watkins. >> reporter: can calculus be intuitive? >> absolutely.
8:18 am
calculus to push the limits? >> absolutely. one of my t-shirts say calculus students know their limits. >> reporter: that is something cedric understands as well, a 17-year-old senior in lincoln high school in los angeles, he, too, is one of the 12 students with a perfect score on the calculus exam. >> i like to absolutely -- math there is always an answer. but i know that there is not math. sometimes there are unsolved problems and just the unknown out there that makes me want to, you know, solve it. >> reporter: cedric's record with rubik cube is 15 seconds and he has a near obsession with avoiding careless errors in math. >> i don't like make is mistakes, i don't. >> reporter: cedric's mother is a nurse foreign in the philippines and his mother is a maintenance worker originally from el salvador. >> this country offers a lot of
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like us. so i'm just thankful. >> i didn't have the opportunity to -- we are here to help him do whatever he wants. >> reporter: aside from the perfect score, that is another big thing cedric and landon have in common -- parents who encourage their children to do their best. >> the problem with somebody like landon, his best just keeps getting better, so it's hard to know when he has done his best. >> reporter: as you can see, i've been using the time productively to sharpen my math skills and not sure about the last one. the number of today is 12. the number who had a perfect score on this exam. by the way, both landon and cedric want to be engineers. landon wants to possibly send a rocket to mars and cedric wants to design something that is so cool that his name will be known >> believe! i believe that is going to
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>> that's right. >> i love both parents, too. the pride that both parents felt about their sons. >> yeah. >> really good to see. >> that is the american story. >> that's right. >> immigrants come here and their kids take a real place. >> succeed. don't we line it? the best just keep getting better. there is a high altitude trapeze act you won't see at the circus. the routine two miles above the ground aiming for a world record. you're watching "cbs this morning." uncen ofs ornionso ddieagle only in thealeadnsumtingblicreceestethlauntergenther - pl 2 di'tnly ide. beay sidet te
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y co e>>os aheev n american girl is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer. it will release a new historical doll. jericka duncan went inside the design studio to get the first look at melody, the company's third black doll in its be forever historical line. >> reporter: for the last 30 years, american girl dolls have brought countless smiles to faces of little girls. >> i like her! >> reporter: what is it about american girl? >> i think it's that we have stayed true to our mission and our purpose, and while it would be really easy to call us a doll company, we have always seen ourselves as story tellers. >> reporter: vice president of marketing julia prohas ka says their doll comes with books that tap into imagination while providing a rich history lesson. >> we put at the center, stories and advice for girls that really are intended to help them be their personal best. >> reporter: stories like kia,
8:46 am
wants to become a leader for her people. or addie, a child slave who escaped to freedom. what wrol do you think the doll industry has in making sure there is diversity and little girls see that at a very early age? >> i think the doll industry has a very heavy responsibility in reflecting what is true about our society. >> reporter: but in 2014, the company was criticized for discontinuing four characters. two were minorities. american. in the 30 years, you've designed over 20 character dolls but only three of them had been black. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: why is that? >> when we launched addie, the universal feeling was that we needed to address the very difficult topic of slavery before we addressed any other experience in black history. >> then the orange one. >> reporter: this summer, american girl is addressing
8:47 am
with the release of melody ellison. >> so here she is. >> reporter: she is a 9-year-old girl growing up in detroit during the 1960s several times era who loves to sing and uses her voice to make a difference. why did it take until 2016 to see a doll that is representative of arguably one of the most important period for african-americans today? >> well, we do approach every character very thoughtfully so into. we are not looking to address critical demand. we are looking to tell stories in the most authentic and genuine way that we possibly can. >> reporter: clinical psychologist dr. charlene jackson supports what american girl is doing, but stresses the importance of seeing more modern stories for african-american dolls. >> as we encourage our children to learn about their history, we want also to teach them and show them that who they are right now
8:48 am
>> probably purchased about 200 different books. >> reporter: mark spells is the senior historian who developed melody's story. >> when we learn about the civil rights we learned about many and important people. >> reporter: to ensure her story was authentic, american girl formed a six-panel advisory board, made up of his toretorians and educators including the late civil rights bond. they worked with the board to bring melody's story to life. >> this doll is different. >> reporter: when it came to choosing her hair, northrop consulted the panel several times to get specifics. she even has her own bed and recording studio that plays music from motown. >> reporter: to build and keep
8:49 am
seen annual sales drop over 9% since 2013, american girl launched a new campaign last year. >> i pledge my strength to the team. >> reporter: encouraging girls to take a pledge to empower each other and american girl, so it will be around for another 30 years. >> for all. >> thank you! we understand that more than 50,000 have taken that pledge and melody will be on stores late this summer.
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