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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the stand about travion martin. >> bernie sanders and hilary clinton go head to head in a presidential debate. this time the gloves really came off. >> keeping a close eye on the weather and the possibility of some light snow mixed in with sprinkles out there. good morning, it is 5:00, everyone is still going to school today. if we see snow, it's not going to be a big deal. >> seems weird to have snow after warm temperatures yesterday. it's kind of february in north carolina. >> that's what is helping us, too. if we get snow, it's not going to stick to the road or the ground. >> the worst case, slushy on bridges. our temperatures are too warm. we had 70s for several days, over the last 7. its been a little bit warmer.
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that's chasing the precipitation, coming in across the area or leaving the area today. look at the radar picture, the radar is making assumptions, this is changing over to snow in places. especially back around greensboro. the darker blue spots are where we have a better chance of seeing this mixing in. this will swing in our direction over the next couple of hours. if you are not seeing it right now, you may see it in the next hour or two. little bit of light precipitation that could be mixed with snow over around chatham county and then again back over towards roanoke rapids we have the chance as well. we will watch it for you, not likely to be a travel problem, take a look at the satellite and radar picture. we would love to hear from you, if you see this snow in the backyard. not seeing it in downtown raleigh, it is wet out there. durham 37, 42 holly springs, 40
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town by town, 34 roxboro. 43 fayetteville. lesser chances of seeing this south. 37 this morning, 43 lunchtime, 47 this afternoon. a chilly day, this precipitation this morning will be out of here quickly, it's going the be over by 7 or 8:00, the sunshine returns and brian is watching traffic cameras to see if we see this, we haven't noticed it yet. >> the brigger problem will be the wet roads. we are seeing wet conditions. joining us from durham, there at roxboro street. see how wet the roads are. lot of water out there, you can see spry getting kicked -- spray getting kicked up. rain coming down significantly enough to keep the roads wet and keep your windshield wipers on this morning. leave early as we deal with that light rainfall. a look at the road weather index, matches up well with
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the computer use as similar algorithm, it could be rain mixed with a little snow this morning. if you see anything, let us know. now, not seeing problems with the triangle on the roads, major routes are looking good and remaining accident free. testimony resumes today in the travion smith trial. yesterday one of three suspects in the murder of melissa hug ins jones testified about what happened in 2013, sarah redden is charged with first degree murder. she is cooperating with prosecutors. redden was with travion smith and her boyfriend while they were breaking in to cars but they left her. when they reappeared, they were anxious and made her runaway with them. they had blood on them and smith acted confused. >> i got a son, like, i got a son, he was nervous about not
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>> redden testified she was not given a deal in return for her testimony. earlier, outside the presence of the jury, she said anthony admitted to stabbing the victim because she was screaming. the judge didn't allow the jury to hear that. work resumes to find out what caused a raleigh parking lot to split over. the fire marshal determined it was safe for people to stay inside. the building's owner says it appears rain caused the crack. they covered it and planned to dig up the parking lot today for a permanent solution. leaders are looking for ways to provide safe drinking water for people whose wells are contaminated. contamination in 15 private wells along old colon road. the water contains levels of chromium, causing cancer. the county is awaiting recommendations from the state department of environmental quality on a long term solution. the county is working to ensure
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the candidates are pushing ahead this weekend to win over voters ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> democrats, hilary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in the 5th debate. the first one on one debate, they tackled foreign policy, wall street and progressive values. >> reporter: the gloves came off last night as hilary clinton and bernie sanders face each other one on one for the first time in a debate, sparring over progress progressive values. caai finance reform. >> in my view, it is under mining american democracy and allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign contributes. >> reporter: clinton trailing the vermont senator in new hampshire. the former secretary of state says she won't give up.
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as we can between now and tuesday. >> reporter: republican contenders have their sights set on a win in the granite state, hoeding the fist in the nation primary tuesday. a win in new hampshire is not indicative of how the rest of the country will vote. it is important. >> it serves a as signal to party officials about the first sense of what voters are going to do and sends a signal to donors about whether their money is being well invested or not. >> reporter: marco rubio is on donald trump's heels in new hampshire, putting the florida senator ahead of ted cruz. trump will take center stage tomorrow night when 7 of the 9 remaining contender face off in the 8th debate in
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unc continues work to move beyond academic and athletic scandal on the campus. the university release reports prepared by the working groups on ethicses integrity and policy. the groups recommended hiring a chief integrity officer to oversee and investigate management practices. members suggested a review of unc's policies to protect whistle blowers from retaliation. the university will now work towards implementing many of the changes. a public service announcement designed to cut down confusion on voter ids, a key point they hope to drive home, no voter will be turned away for not having an id. every voteler be asked to to show one. the board of elections adds a phot absentee ballot. the federal judge is considering whether the state's voter id law is discriminatory. naacp and other groups claim it faces unfair burden on poor and
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a new device will allow the visually impaired to enjoy a local museum. the north carolina museum of natural sciences will demonstrate how blue tooth eye beacons can provide for the visually impaired. tomorrow, there is a day long open house at the research center allowing time for independent exploration. a heated exchange between lawmakers and a man accused of hiking up prescription drug prices. >> what he did or did not do that upset congressional members. how a local dispute over a
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in court. our biggest issue this morning is are we going to see or not. lingering rain, and cold air is chasing it. it's going to be a chilly days plenty of sunshine, now, as the tail end of this is moving out, we are seeing it, on the radar, changing over the radar, making assumptions about what is falling. haven't seen any of this around the viewing area. temperatures are warm this
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mount, 34 roxboro. warm compared to trying to see snowfall. it doesn't have to be below freezing so see this. with the warmer temperatures, at best, would be slush in places on the roads. 37 degrees this morning. bus ride home 47. florida added a county to the first health emergency in the u.s., involving the zika virus. rick scott says the state has three new cases bringing the total to 12. the state has made voluntary testing of pregnant women a priority. it's linked to a serious birth defect that caused several thousand babies to be born with abnormally small heads. there are four dozen cases in the u.s. congress railed on the man, martin shkreli, he didn't
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the 5th amendment rights. >> i believe u could become a force of tremendous good. there are so many people that could use your help. >> not only did shkreli refuse to testify about severe hikes for drugged sold by a company he acquired, he smirked throughout the appearance. he tweeted, hard to accept these em bosills represent the people in our government. >> he didn't need to tweet that. american heart association is working to raise awareness of the toll heart disease takes on women. asking women to wear red and
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heart disease and strokes kill a woman every 80 seconds. the vast majority of those cases are preventable. carolinaanthers player is offering a deal hard for fans to pass up. >> the reason roman harper is giving someone a chance to stay in his lavish apartment in charlotte.
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coal play ahead of their bare is a rottweiler that lived in a neighborhood not far from fort bragg, he ended up at the vet clinic on post. 10 days after found, a soldier legally adopted bear. earl boon says the dog belongs to him but the soldier refuses to give it back. >> there is no doubt in my
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me in my bed, you don't let a huge rottweiler spend the night in your bed with you, i also have him trained, fully trained, hand signals, commands. >> the soldier showed her adoption papers, went to boon's home and got the dog back. the dispute maybe headed to court. we begin our living the legacy series. the program honors four remarkable individuals who are living the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. mikaya thurmond will introduce you the a raleigh man who helped hundreds of men and women, he used his misfortune as an opportunity to help others get a second chance. it begins tonight on our evening news. panthers safety roman harper is offering a super fan a chance of a lifetime. he put up his uptown charlotte apartment on north pine on the travel website, air b and b. here is a look inside the stylish apartment. sleek.
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watch super bowl 50, right there in harper's luxurious digs and he plans to donate the money to his foundation. the super bowl halftime show is one of the biggest events of the year, cold play is the headline this year. jamie attendsed the press conference -- attended the press conference. >> reporter: the british band cold play was confident and funny at the super bowl 50 half- time news conference. >> we don't do press conferences that often. good. >> reporter: front man has been practicing this week. this is karaoke on the late- late show with james corden. his dad showed off his saxophone skills thursday and asked to join the band on stage at the game. at the nfl shop, we caught up
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about the entertainment. >> a lot of people don't watch the game so much, it's about the commercials and the half- time show. >> beyonce will perform. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. >> what do you think she is going to wear? >> who knows, she is always a surprise of what she is gog to wear. >> reporter: while everyone knows cold play's music, no one knows the other bands members. >> what do you know about john, will and guy? don't know. >> guy, will and john, how much does it drive you crazy chris gets all the attention. chris, can i have a hug? >> a little stunned but not shy, martin did, in fact, give this excited reporter a hug as he walked out. cold play will play all of the number ones and work out how to fill the other ten minutes. when asked what team they want
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for the denver panthers. >> or the carolina broncos. >> we have a crew in california covering everything about super bowl 50. they are charming, too. coming up at 6:00, kathryn brown joins us live. i'm jealous jamie got to get a hug from chris martin. you ask and you shall receive. >> i love their music. >> i'm excited for the half- time show. that will be a nice change of pace. speaking of change of pace, it's been a fairly warm week, we are getting ready to change things up. real winter weather coming our way. precipitation leftover from yesterday, cold air chasing it. we may see that changing to snow as it is exiting the area. there it is now, the amount over the viewing area are light. we have a heavier band, back across the triad. see the darker blue band around
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of that is coming to the ground as some snow. the very lighter amounts are likely to be drizzle, that's what we are seeing now, later on today, or later on this morning, let's see what time is it, another hour, in the 6:00 hour, as that swings across the triangle area and from wilson to rocky mount, roanoke rapids, that's when we could see snow. if we do see some of it, worse case, slushy on bridges. temperatures too warm, over the last couple of days to really have this sticking and temperature thes are not below freezing . we will watch this first, starting to head to the went part of chatham county. pittsburgh, goldston and seeing the snow, give us a shutout. roanoke rapids, there was a hint that that was falling. the amounts tapered off at this point for folks there. we look at bigger picture of the radar and again, we are
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precipitation, but more of this developing back to the west. moore county, you may see this as well. chatham county, moore county, too. some of first to see it. as moore county. a look at apex, see, nothing but wet roads, our biggest issue this morning, for your morning commute is probably going to be wet roads, this snow, if it falls, will be a gee whiz, instead of problems. 37 at the airport, northwest wind miles per hour. the wind shifted, the colder air arrived. it's cold and damp, our dew point at 34, temperatures across the area are on a wide range, south hill 35, 34 roxboro. 41 groldzboro, 43 fayetteville and goldsboro, clinton, fayetteville, a clesser chance of seeing this precipitation mixing with snow. the big 24-hour temperature
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20-25 degrees colder than yesterday. big change for us. the last little band of precipitation that comes swinging through for a brief period of rain mixed with snow in spots, at 7:00 a.m., you can see it exiting the area off to the northeast, skies will be clear by lunchtime, it will be breezy and chilly today. nice to have sunshine. it's been wet for us, wednesday and thursday, we ended up totaling a good bit of rain across the area, anywhere from an inch and a half to over 2 inches. saturday looks nice and bright. plenty of sunshine on saturday. sunday we do cloud up again. 47 the high today. chilly, you will need to dress for that. the look at the chance of precipitation. 7:00 a.m., completely falls off by 10:00 this morning in to the afternoon. it's going the be quick clearing. we start saturday morning at 28 degrees, krispy kreme challenge saturday.
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if you are headed to the krispy kreme challenge, it's going to be freezing when the race kicks off at 8:00. this is a popular one, hillsborough street, people run to krispy kreme and eat a dozen doughnuts and run back. on sunday 44, a chance of sprinkles and arctic blast for us next wednesday and thursday. i will talk about those temperatures in a few minutes. brian, now , the precipitation is fairly light, i'm concerned about that band in the triad. >> greensboro reporting light snow. it's on its way towards the triad. let's look at the road weather index, as elizabeth showed us, it's light precipitation at this point around the triangle. mostly rain, heading to the west, it is more of a snow rain mix, greensboro reporting light snow. not anticipating big problems on the roads, worst, maybe
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saying , the area we would be concerned about is north and east of the triangle. no sign of snow on any of the traffic cameras in the triangle. not seeing problems anywhere, it's only 5:24 in the morning on a friday, traffic is moving along well on the major routes. accident on 40 eastbound, around the goremon street area, didn't see anything on the camera, not picking up delays on the sensors. durham, looking good on the freeway and ride out of chapel hill,rtp. all clear on 40 east. the unfortunate news that
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we bum-bum-bum 5:40, we are tracking precipitation with this system. coming through the area, see the darker blue back here to the west, in to greensboro, seeing that edging in to chatham county, moore county, too. that's the first place we would see thats otherwise, the precipitation is a little bit too light across the area. it's coming. we will watchout for that potential rain mixing with snow briefly. it's 34 roxboro. 42 clinton, 41 benson. too warm to have much trouble on the roads. i will talk about how warm it will be over the weekend. the internal revenue service is back in business.
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outage shutdown irs systems including the e-file system for a couple of days. the outage has been resolved. irs is investigating what went wrong, it appears they have a hardware failure. taxpayers should see little if any impact on the tax returns or refunds. a new problem, millions more cars are being recalled. the air bags were made by continental automotive systems. moisture can get inside the control computers, causing them to fail. they may not inflate or could deploy without a crash affecting 2 million vehicles in the u.s., 3 million word wild. honda, fiat, volkswagen, mazda and mercedes. a plane on its way to charlotte had to make a detour. >> the problem that forced the
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iede atog ome nt th 20 f in spefromrylia of can a at same t g,oaies. yeah, the internet's,but k ha mak o fa ye notng.refethtwo-horn just-slept-in-rnda , i the ry unok. . ul gi."'s tenceis r ike ywooder igh-inte cennk. more testimony in the trial of a man accused of killing a woman in her apartment.
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