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tv   CBS Overnight News  NBC  February 1, 2016 3:05am-4:00am EST

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news". >> welcome to "the overnight news," i'm jeff glor. the first votes will be cast tonight in the race for the white house. the people of iowa will gather in fire houses, church basements, homes and more to caucus. the latest polls show the race tightening. for the democrats hillary clinton has a three-point lead over bernie sanders. 45% to 42%. for the republicans in the latest poll, donald trump is on top with 28%. is he followed by ted cruz with 23%. and marco rubio with 15%. john dickerson discussed the race with both trump and rubio for "face the nation". >> in iowa, your campaign is based on the idea you're a winner. does that mean you have to win iowa? >> i don't have to win it. right now, you and i are sitting in new hampshire. as you know, i have a substantial lead in new hampshire but i think it would be really good to win iowa. i'd like to win iowa. i'm doing really well with evangelicals in iowa but i'm also doing tremendously well
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i'm doing great with the tea party. i'm doing great with all groups. i now have a fairly substantial lead in iowa. i think we have a good chance of winning iowa. >> weeks ago it was tighter in iowa. now you're ahead by a little more. why do you think that is? >> i think ted cruz has been severely affected by the goldman sachs loans, which he didn't disclose and was on his personal financial form and his citibank financial forms he didn't disclose. >> couldn't it be a mistake? >> it's two loans, give me a break. he's supposed to be robin hood. don't forget, he said he sold his assets. much more important is the whole fact he was born in canada. and he was a citizen of canada until 15 months ago. there's much law right now and a lot of constitutional lawyers are coming out. laurence tribe is middle ground, saying it's untested. many top constitutional lawyers are coming out saying ted cruz can't be president because of the fact he was born in canada. i think that has a huge effect.
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things, and i talk to people who attend your ral lis and they like you're uncompromising. i also talk to washington insiders, some lawmakers, who are overcoming their skepticism about you thinking he's going to compromise, he'll make deals in washington. which is right? >> i think everyone's right. honestly, i think they're both right. i'm tough to make a deal with. but i'm a dealmaker. when i see ted cruz standing in the senate and nobody else is with him, he's standing all by himself, you have all of these other politicians, senators and congressmen generally and he's trying to -- he's by himself it's wonderful. i can understand how a radio show host could say, oh, isn't that wonderful? not going to get anything done. have you to get things done. ted doesn't have an endorsement from one united states senator. >> he would say that's great because you have said such terrible thinss about them in washington. >> they're not bad people. a lot of are very good people. some are people that won't get it done.
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passeds is a horror show. it is should have never been passed, et cetera, et cetera. when ted doesn't have one senator, like mike lee who's a very conservative guy, good guy, why isn't he getting endorsements? i get the endorsements from sarah palin, jerry falwell jr. i have incredible -- even sheriff joe endorsed me. >> those aren't senators. those are -- >> no, but still very important people. as an example, sheriff joe, arizona, toughest guy. he endorsed trump. you know what that means? i'm toughest on the border. >> why do you think -- have you a lot of working people at your rallies. you have more than any other candidate, you live a life most distant from them. why do they support you? >> because i'm a job producer. i've produced tens of thousands of jobs over my lifetime. right now i'm producing thousands of jobs. that includes health care, education for families. you know, et cetera, et cetera.
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builder in brooklyn and queens. i grew up with people working on houses and whatever. i relate to them. i love those people. those are my people. i love them. i really do. i love the policemen. i love the firemen. for whatever reason, it is strange -- >> even to get to your job, you don't ride three buses and have a second job and all that. >> no, i have the ultimate bus. it's called a 727. now it's a 757, actually, when you think of it. one of the reasons that i'll win and i think none of the other guys will win is because i'm going to get states that they'll never get. i have a good chance of getting new york, as an example. i have a good chance of getting virginia. i'll get pennsylvania. i'll get ohio. i'll get michigan. i'll get florida my numbers just came down. i'm at 48. the sitting senator is at 11 or 12, and a former governor is in the 8s. >> you may be getting a lot of the last-minute votes going your way. how does it feel? >> well, we've always felt great about our campaign here. we continue to feel that it's
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we'll see what it leads to on monday night. ted cruz is clearly the front-runner going into the night. he has 10,000 volunteers on the ground. he's spent an exother tant amount of time here. and has gotten every endorsement he wanted. we know it's a tough hill to climb but we feel good aut o campaign and very positive about what it means going into new hampshire. we'll be leaving aas soon as the caucus is over and we'll be in new hampshire ready to work. >> sounds like you're setting there. obama. what do you think of that?@ >> other than the fact that i -- it's kind of bizarre. ted is leading in a lot of the polls. he has a vast organization here and has spent a lot of money. his campaign has bragged repeatedly about how well they'll do here. it's strange that at the last moment they've pivoted all their attacks against me. they took a video of an interview i did in 2007 in
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makes it sound like i support cap and trade. this has already been lampooned and mocked for years because others have tried to do the same thing. it's strange and a last-minute desperation attack. i don't understand why. he's got such a strong organization here in iowa but it's all fine. we feel good about it. >> make it means you must be doing something right? >> we've taken more than anybody else in attacks. jeb bush's super pac has spent close to $30 million on television which is more than every other attack on every candidate combined. you add ted cruz's attacks. when people don't attack a candidate that has no chance to win. we feel good about it and feel even better it's having no impact and we're continuing to work and move forward with our message. we're going to close strong here with our message. we like where that leads. we look forward to moving on to new hampshire and south carolina, which comes up shortly after that. >> let me ask you about those jeb bush attacks from his super
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spent a lot of money attacking you. steven hayes of the "the weekly standard" said the lasting legacy of those attacks may be to make donald trump the nominee. what do you think of that? >> well, trump did the i don't believe will be the nominee. that said, yeah, jeb has the right to spend his money any way he wants. i think people have noticed that it's close to $30 million of attack ads against me. i knew that when i got into this race that the establishment, many people in the republican establishment didn't want me to run. they thought i needed to wait my turn or wait in line. but i just felt that after seven years of barack obama, this was no time for patience. it was a time for action. and so i ran and i knew that i would face some of this. this is big dollar checks that pac. i'm sure some of the people that wrote those checks are disappointed and others, perhaps, this is what they intended all along. in the end, this election is in god's hands, as everything is.
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teeiprioinwne an's nent60al alone sef t comls iandiouheren ynols i sencmeriabout fut o plac o ownco ay d f agg if enough to n new hampshire, political ads like these are just alsee onisiono >> hippo-crit. one belose. >> reporter: all while, they all begin to sound the same. >> hi. i'm gil fullbright and those who bank roll my political career tell me i'm running for president, so here i am. >> reporter: wait. what was that? >> i may not be qualified to be president but a dramatic camera angle can make me look like a president. >> reporter: he's not running for president, he's an actor. it's a satire that's been viewed more than 3 million times on social media. >> ideas, policies, morals.
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what i need is $2 billion. >> reporter: it makes you chuckle but there is a serious point to his pitch. >> he's just shining a light on how politicians are routinely being bribed by special interest lobbyists and swaying their votes in their favor and the people who are left out are, we, the american people. >> reporter: josh silver is the director of represent us, the grassroots organization behind gil fullbright that's working to pass laws combating the influence of monied interests in american politics. silver is talking about the strategy to basically end-run washington and begin by focusing on local government. building a movement from the ground up. >> we know that washington is not going to fix this problem any time soon. they don't fix anything any time soon these days. the only place there's a bright light is in the city and statements. >> reporter: from its office in florence, massachusetts,
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an unlikely alliance. the group's advisers include republicans, democrats, prominent members of occupy wall street and the tea party. even disgraced lobbyist jack abramoff who served several years in federal prison after being convicted of conspiracy to bribe members of congress. dan is the political director of represent us. do you find that this is a bipartisan issue? >> i'm a republican. and conservatives are fed up with the amount of corruption, in government. we're all essentially paying a corruption tax because of the -- of those problems in government. so, we want reform. >> reporter: represent us wants to stop elected officials taking money from special interests they regular. bar them from taking jobs from taking office, at least for several years, limit their
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force organizations which fund political advertising to disclose their donors. >> we know that politicians are spending most of their time raising money, listening to donors. they need to listen to us. >> reporter: in november represent us backed reforms passed in maine, seattle and san francisco. there are pla mor ot i t>> >> r gil ly r c actually vote for him. nor could you in the 2014 kentucky srace avededed for ke thaop
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