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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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police in durham are investigating the death of a high school senior, 18-year-old alandra mejia what was found unresponsive in her home on stokes street early tuesday. police are calling her death suspicious and asking you to call if you have information. a man accused in a deadly shooting in durham is due in court today. u.s. marshals picked up 26-year- old jamal dixon in chapel hill. the 3 #-year-old victim was killed november 15th at the intersection of liberty street and peachtree place. let's check on the forecast with elizabeth. looks pretty nice out there. >> beautiful. check out this shot from durham. we are looking across the ballpark at the lucky strike tower and it looks gorgeous out
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they keep that field looking so pretty all year round, even in january. not a cloud in the sky but temperatures are chilly. 3 # in southern pines and rocky mount. 32 in fayetteville. a little bit of a wind chill. it does feel like 25 in fayetteville and 25 in roxboro. not much wind to peek of this morning. lots of sunshine all day and a nice little warm-up over yesterday. highs chime into the mid-50s this afternoon. we'll see skies clouding up friday with rain late in the day and overnight. friday's high 50 but then choring out saturday, partly cloudy with a high of 56. a slow ride through garner this morning on 40 westbound. there is a look at i-40 west to the clayton bypass interchange. 18 manhunt to man that trip from 42 up through the beltline split. so far, so good at the fortify zone.
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1 is taking about nine minutes. zooming out from downtown raleigh, we still have the accident downtown at harget at st. mary's street and in cary being look out for an accident on the right shoulder of the ramp from u.s. 1 southbound onto 64 westbound heading out towards apex. also looks like a couple of other accident that have pop up on the north side of raleigh. we'll talk about those coming up on fox 50. >> january is thyroid awareness
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here are your top stories. a group of people concerned about duke energy's coal ash ponds will gather outside the governor's mansion today. they are inviting the governor to dinner. the gathering comes at the same time duke is offering the media a tour of coal ash removal operations at the dan river station. town leaders are meeting to talk bay chapel hill neighborhood that routinely floods. emergency manager and and storm water officials are planning to brainstorm to city what can be done to help residents of camelot village and brookwood condominiums. >> it is beautiful out there right now. we'll start off with our durham skycam. you can see this lovely glow on the brick buildings downtown. in the fore ground is the dbap and you can see the lucky strike tower there in the
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cold. in roxboro, it is 28. 32 in southern pines. 32 in rocky mount. 27 in south hill. a little bit of a wind chill but the winds have died down pretty nicely t does feel like 25 in fayetteville and 31 in goldboro. your forecast this afternoon will feel warmer than yesterday. yesterday's high, 436789 today, 56. it is not 70s like we saw in december. but it is a little improvement if you like the warmth. we'll see sunshine today but increasing clouds tomorrow with rain late in the day and then continuing friday night. friday's high 50. saturday, we are back to partly cloudy skies with a high of 56. some heavy traffic on the south side of raleigh through the fortify work zone this morning. that is i-40 at south saunders street. you see it is heavy moving along fairly well right through there. getting up to south soppeds -- saunders street.
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about eight minutes. we are see something sun glare delays. you might save a little time using 54 eastbound as your alternate route. it look like about a 10 minute ride. can you see the delays showing up clearly on the live commute man in south durham. by the time you get to 147, it starts to thin out a little bit. on the eastbound trip through 40 as you get through the 540 interchange, it slows down again through the airport exits owe allow some extra time heading towards raleigh. >> there are three winning tickets for the powerball jackpot.
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t's nut andsmals. t ab swiin tw lane. ay s ctiv boo theperk thie isan emuch al awant' i'ing et s rity. ust keerea ake t itlovet,ive ghing) the grammys are just over a month away and many of your favorite art it's in the music industry highest honors, anthony mason recently talked with a new fresh face vying for the grammy
7:54 am
he is in los angeles. >> reporter: last year, james bay won the critics choice prize at the britt award, england's grammys given to a rising newcomer and the same award that put sam smith and adele on the map. now bay who is up for three grammys is hoping to take home america's biggest music trophy. >> reporter: only a few years ago, 25-year-old james bay was playing london pubs, just trying to get noticed, but 2015 changed all that. you had a priedetty amazing year. >> yeah, it was pretty strong. hi a good time. >> reporter: his debut album which featured his hit song "hold back the river" went to number one in britain.
7:55 am
single "let it go" with ed sheeran. let it go >> reporter: and he impressed the "rolling stone" ronnie wood. >> new people often don't do that to me. >> reporter: who gave him britain's gq award for breakthrough artist and then joined him on stage at a london concert. >> it's the real thing. it's hard to talk about that it actually happened, but it did. >> reporter: at the end of the year, he heard he got a grammy nomination. >> we were in the back of the car. my manager. losing our minds. phoned up and said you see about the other two? there is two more. 2015 was great. yeah, strong. >> reporter: tough to top that one. >> definitely, but i'm going to try. yeah. . >> reporter: now he the latest british musical export trying to make it in america. >> it's a big prize, but that is exciting.
7:56 am
and i don't know to make it sound naive or something, but at the end of the day, i'm willing to take it on. >> reporter: feels like a little guitar nirvana in here. we met at a shop in new york. >> i love this color. >> reporter: cool color. he picked up his first guitar when he was 11. this really sort of all started for you when you heard "layla". >> essentially, yes. >> reporter: it was playing on the radio. >> as soon as it came on, i went downstairs to play it again. i was, like, what is that? >> reporter: hitchen, about a town north of london, he taught himself to play. >> this is where i got my first-ever electrical guitar. >> reporter: and joined a local band. >> a big thing. a big thing. this is the venue and kind of the holey grail.
7:57 am
ambitions. >> i was ready to commit. >> reporter: what were you committing to, exactly? >> something bigger. kind of giving myself a shot at something more than the buzz we got from playing in a pub to a lot of people. >> reporter: he started performing solo. >> when i first got in front of a mike on a stage and it was just me, i started to, you know, find out about what i could do. >> reporter: right. do you like being up there a lot? >> yeah, yeah. i really did. >> reporter: then a fan posted a video to youtube. >> it had like 20 plays on youtube. 22, maybe. >> reporter: yeah? >> but we got this call from a record label in new york who found it somehow, and really liked it. >> reporter: what were you thinking at that point? >> i was thinking, new york? really? >> reporter: signed by republic
7:58 am
on his way. did you have a plan b? >> no. well, drawing for the time being. i don't think. i still love it. >> reporter: he still draws on the road. band mates, rock heroes, selfies and featuring his new head gear. where did the hat come from? of course, everybody asks. >> where did the hat come from? very sort of kind of teenage fashion move. no other way to put it, really. >> reporter: you just liked it and it stuck? >> yeah. it didn't come up but it stuck. i like it to hang around more than it hang around but it will change and i'll sort of grow as an artist and mess about with other stuff. >> reporter: and change ts? >> change hats. >> reporter: james bay's next gig will be here at the grammy museum in l.a. tomorrow night
7:59 am
sold out. gayle? >> so likeable, anthony. you got that rock star look going on too! i always love your music piece. thank you. >> i put a suit on for you this morning, gayle. >> you look great. >> a leather jacket on for the interview. >> he looks very good. >> nice to see people's dreams come true. >> absolutely. >> james bay, congrats to you. tomorrow a powerful story among the grammy nominees. we will speak with jimmy green whose daughter was killed in the sandy hook shootings and he turned that grief into a music grammys. you can catch the gamey awards on monday night, february 15th here on cbs.
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ahead, a clear view of what the future holds for cars and trucks. >> from the latest in safety technology and connectivity to all electric cars plus a fundamental change going on in the auto business, is all on display here at the north
8:02 am
show. s. bill leslie here with the top stories. police in durham are investigating the death of a high school senior. 18-year-old alondra gonzalez mejia was found unresponsive in her home on tuesday. she died at the hospital. police are calling her death suspicious and asking you to call if you have information. a man accused in a deadly shooting in durham is due in court today. u.s. marshals picked up 26-year- old jamal dixon in chapel hill. he is charged in the murder of a 32-year-old person killed november 15th at the intersection of liberty street and peachtree place. throw ticket hold ares will share the nearly $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. winning tickets were sold in california, tennessee and florida. two people in income matched five numbers but not the powerball.
8:03 am
worth $2 million. it is a million dollar forecast with the big sun out there shining today. >> it is. a nice little warm-up today too and, you know, it is still chilly this morning. so if you are moving around out there, you may be moving fairly quickly. we are looking at nc state university and can you see students and faculty bustling around over there in their coats but it looks beautiful with all that sun. raleigh, it is 30 degrees. 27 in rocky mount and south hill. wind chill making it feel a little colder in spots. it field like 4 in fayetteville and 26 in raleigh. so better keep that coat with you for the next few days. 56 our high this afternoon, much warm are than our low 40s for the high yesterday. tomorrow, clouds roll in. we'll see rain late in the day and overnight friday. our high of 50. no wintry precipitation on friday. saturday, partly cloudy a high of 56.
8:04 am
right shoulder of 440 westbound just before you get to wade avenue. contributing to some of the delays we are seeing this morning as you head from the glenwood avenue area down toward wade. not seeing big backups but certainly something to keep in mind. also still seeing some slowdowns on the south side of raleigh through the fortify work zone. 40 westbound from 440 to u.s. 1 stands at 11 minutes i'm delay- free trip would be about eight minutes. a little bit of a backup persisting through there between 440 and hammond road. cheering the south saunders street -- clearing the south saunders street, it looks like traffic is moving well. we do have a few other accidents showing up here including one at 9 # at highway 50 there on the northern side of wake county and we are seeing some delays on the westbound side of 98 and on the southbound sigh of 50. also look out for an accident on 540 westbound over on the shoulder near creedmore road. just a little bit of a backup approaching creedmore.
8:05 am
moment on fox 50. nominees for the academy awards
8:06 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, we are going to take you inside the detroit auto show where a luxury name is making a comeback. >> also, the 88th annual academy award nominations live from beverly hills. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the guardian in london remembers british actor whose death was confirmed this morning. rickman played a professor in the "harry potter" movies and was in other movies. allen rickman was 69. "wall street journal" reports on its annual ranking of the best and worst airlines. it says alaska airlines was best in 2015 followed by virgin america and delta airlines. last place? americanairlines. it carries cheap operating officers and blames issues from the merger with us airways.
8:07 am
will visit first graders today who sent him cards after missing what would have been a game winning 27-yard field goal on sunday. one student wrote we still think you're awesome. another one said puppies are cute. her teacher thought this was a teachable moment about empathy and the importance of winning and losing and it's not everything. >> what a great teacher. >> i thought so too. >> what a great lesson. >> walsh is great for that indeed. a record 17.5 million vehicles were sold in the u.s. in 2015 helped by cheap gas and low interest rates. next year's crop of cars are on display at the north american international auto show in detroit. it is the biggest automotive stage on the continent. world's largest carmakers make their worldwide debut and the show opens to everybody on saturday, but transportation correspondent kris van cleave got a sneak preview of what is driving the cars of tomorrow. >> reporter: it has the feel of
8:08 am
but the models are measured in tons, and the designs, think ma metallic cheek. ceo mark fields. >> we are using the lincoln continental to really express what we call quiet luxury. lieangelen. >> reporter: lexus wasn't being quiet with this debut. volvo and mercedes are pushing safety. the e-300 sedan can do much of the driving for you. concept cars like this one from buick are fan favorites. part of the reason? more than 800,000 people come to this show, but also on gla this year are fundamental changes going on in the auto business. >> so nice! >> they are seeing the writing on the wall that as autonomy comes down as ultimately people are sharing more and more cars they were interacting and not purchasing car and a whole different world for them. >> reporter: gm designed chevy volt for that different world.
8:09 am
miles on a charge and cost under 30 grand. >> electrification is the basis to now layer on additional capabilities. >> reporter: getting a slice of the 5.3 trillion dollar transportation services pie means smarter cars collecting your personal data. >> we are a technology company and more and more, we are becoming an information company. >> reporter: are you talking about tracking where i'm going and what i'm doing? >> well, this is not about tracking individual customers. this is about customers electing to share their data with us so that in the aggregate, we can discern patterns there. >> reporter: patterns in a business that is ever changing. >> that buick was slick looking. >> my birthday is coming up! just a hint there if anybody has any ideas. >> on charlie's birthday, he gave presents so we will be waiting. vehicles like that commercial, lincoln looked good too. >> i liked the lincoln. >> cate blanchett and jennifer lawrence and lily tomlin, some
8:10 am
getting an oscar nomination. 88th annual academy award nominations are taking place this very morning at the samuel goldwin theater in beverly hills.
8:11 am
right now. eric davis is here with us to watch the announcement and then break down the surprises and the snubs. actor john kusinski is also with us here. and will reveal the big category. always surprises and always what is your big surprise you're looking for? >> i'm looking at best picture. let's see if "star wars" gets in there or "straight out of compton" gets in there. >> academy president cheryl boone isaacs and john krasinski. >> welcome. what an exciting morning. thank you ga layer row and ang for kicking it off. john, let's continue. >> yes. >> for on performance by an actor in supporting role the
8:12 am
"the big short." mark ruffalo and mark rylance and idris elba and sylvester stallone. >> best supporting actress. nominees jennifer jason leigh. rooney mara. rachel mcadams. alicia vikander and helen mirren. the visual effects, here are the
8:13 am
>> for achievement in film editing, the nominees are "the big short." "mad maximum fury road." "the revenant." "spotlight" and "star wars: the force awakens." for achievement in production design, the nominees are. "bridge of spies." the "the danish oiler." "mad maximum fury road." the martian and "the revenant."
8:14 am
nominees are the following. >> for original screen play, the nominees are "bridge of spies." ." exmachina." "inside out." "spotlight." and "straight outta compton." >> very good. for original score, the nominees are. "bridge of spies." "carol." "the hateful eight." " ""star wars: the force awakens."" and "sicario."
8:15 am
the nominees are "emgrace of the serpent." from france, "mustang." from hungary, "son of job." and from denmark "a war." and "son of saul." for achievement in directing the nominees are. "the big short." george miller. adam mckay. "the revenant." and tom mccarthy for "spotlight." for performance by a dress in a leading role, the nominees are "cate blanchett.
8:16 am
jennifer lawrence. charlotte rampling. and ronnan. anterior actor in a leading role. bryan cranston. leonardo dicaprio, johnny depp. michael fassbenefiter. eddie readmayne. best picture. "the bigshort."
8:17 am
"brooklyn." "mad maximum fury road." "the martian." "the revenant." "room." and "spotlight." for the complete list of all the nominations, please visit >> and join us sunday night. >> february 28th. let's get to it and start with the best picture. >> i think it's going to be between "the revenant" and "the martian" and "spotlight."
8:18 am
picture on paper and the martian might be the biggest crowd pleaser. i'm liking "the revenant." >> me too. >> i think it's a movie that got hot at the right time. >> "star wars" was a big crowd pleaser. >> it is the biggest movie in the united states and in history. a huge massive effect this last year. but not a best picture nominee. you have to look at statistics like that and say what are the ingredients for a best picture nominee? shouldn't that be taken into account? >> what about best actor? >> leo. i think you have to go with him. a couple of months i was going for edit redmayne for "the danish girl." but then "the revenant" happened and leo was fighting bears and eating carcasscarcasses. it's the oscar that eludes him. i think he is going to win it.
8:19 am
>> i think this is going to brie larson. they moved her to best supporting actress so now brie larson against cate blanchett. i think brie larson takes it and in that category. >> best supporting actress? >> i think it's going to go to -- i think rooney mara. she moved her out of the best actress category. >> best supporting actress? were you surprised idris wasn't in it? >> i was. i loved him. this is a movie that went straight to netflix. i think a movie wide in thousands of theaters this is the movie you wanted to watch on a big screen and it may have had a bigger impact at the oscars. this time around, i mean, yo, - adrienne! you have to radio for sylvester
8:20 am
golden globes and nominated 40 years ago for this same character and now 40 years later for the same character. >> should have been in the best picture. i think michael b. jordan should have slid into the best actor spot too. >> are they saying anything about the fact no idris or no will smith or "straight outta compton"? >> no black nominees. i think "straight outta compton" was a great movie and underlooked movie. >> who do you think is the best director? >> i got to root for george miller. i'm such a mad maximum fan. ten nominations for "mad max." "the revenant" lead with 12 but mad max is my movie and i want that to win best picture. i think if mad max wins best picture, 2015 is the year we
8:21 am
>> alejandro, the job he did was amazing. >> margaret was nom namedinated for mad max. george miller went to her. i don't want this to look like every action move. this woman next to george miller i think is responsible for taking hundreds of hours of footage and crafting this masterpiece so i'm rooting for margaret and i hope she wins. >> how do you feel about mad max? >> i don't know. i like it a little bit. >> you have turned me on to "mad max." >> thank you, eric. the ice car defrosted. how this frozen vehicle finally escaped winter's wrath is up next. >> a buffalo man had his car frozen in a block of ice overnight after he parked too
8:22 am
frightening as a buffalo man! the fame car sickle is no longer on ice. we showed you yesterday how the car was frozen alongside lake erie during monday's snowstorm. a tow company took about 15 minutes to remove it wednesday, pouring calcium on top with flakes of chloride and letting the ice melt. and pulling it out sideways. the sedan will be checked this morning at a collision center where it thawed out overnight. the owner said it started up right away and he expects it to be a-ok. >> great commercial for the lancer. you can freeze it and it still starts! >> that does it for us. tune into the "cbs evening news"
8:23 am
and for news i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. >> a group of people concerned about duke energy's coal ash ponds will gay her outside the governor's mansion today. they are inviting the governor to dinner. the gathering comes at the same time that duke is offering the media a tour of coal ash removal operations at the dan river station. >> town leads are meeting to talk bay chapel hill neighborhood that routinely floods. emergency managers and storm water officials are planning to see what can be done to help residents of camelot village and brookwood condominiums. >> let's check on the weather. looking good. >> it sure is. pretty. we are seeing sunshine all across the viewing area. we'll take alook at -- a look at what is happening at the airport. blue skies and it stays that way. a different story tomorrow.
8:24 am
temperatures are close to freezing. 30 in raleigh. 32 in roxboro. 29 in south hill. 32 in goldsboro. it does warm up pretty quickly today. today, mid others with sunshine. tomorrow, it will be cloudy. the rain doesn't roll in until mid- to late afternoon but it will be a rainy evening and rainy friday night after a high of 50. saturday, back to sunshine, partly cloudy and a high of 56. >> traffic on the west side ever i-40 looks good out at we do have an accident on the eastbound side. it is over there on the right shuler as you make that trip from harrison avenue toward wade avenue. try to scoot over into those center and left lanes. if you can't do that, really slow down considerably as you pass those flashing lights. law. good news out on the west side of raleigh at 440 and wade avenue, that accident on the westbound side starting to clear up. still have a raleigh police cruiser out there.
8:25 am
head through the area or scoot over into the center and left lane. we have a report of an accident causing delays. we are still seeing heavy doe as a from 440 out towards hammond road. early he delays on 40 westbound through garner are looking just fine now. the beltline in pretty good shape a minor accident on 540 westbound around creedmore road this morning. back to you. >> closing arguments are expected to begin in the disciplinary hearing of attorney chris numa. today at noon, we'll have a live report on today's developments at the state bar. >> and isis is claiming responsibility for today's indonesia. we'll have the latest on this attack by islamic militants at 4:00. >> hope you have a good morning. we'll be back today at noon for the latest in news with all of academy award information and
8:26 am
>> have a great day, everyone.
8:27 am
-- the lates >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> she claims she was stabbed
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