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tv   Noticiero Nacional Azteca America  WQAW  October 18, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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oh, i'm so blue now. (cheers and applause) flesh that collins. god bless you. our first guest tonight is america's favorite cutthroat real estate mogul. (laughter) ladies and gentlemen, please welcome donald trump. oh, donald! (applause) (band playing "money, money") how are you doing? >> hello, david. >> dave: nice to see you. >> dave: >> how are you? >> dave: i guess monday or tuesday-- you would know-- i believe you have a new member of the family? another grandchild? a little boy? >> a little boy named joseph from ivanka. so we're very happy.
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>> dave: very nice. (applause) how many grand kids do you have? >> this is number six. >> dave: number six, whoa. wow. that's -- >> it's a lot. >> dave: but it's great, isn't it? to have a family like that? >> the word "grandfather" it's my name. they call me grandpop, but we have six and it's great. >> dave: we were talking to somebody in the audience about this. being a parent is the greatest combination of joy and terror. >> true, there's terror. >> dave: so do you have one in mind to take over the trump -- >> well, i have a couple of little you have toys and i have some that are maybe too nice. but i'll let you know in about 18 years. i'll have it figured out. they're all very young. >> dave: are you one of those guys that will take care of the kids and put them in business or is it screw it, they're on their own? >> i love those kids but i really sort of get along better when they reach about 21, when they think terms of business. until then it's not the same for
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me. >> dave: what kind of relationship did you have with your father? >> really good. it was very business -- my father was a terrific guy. he was a wonderful man. tough guy. >> dave: tremendous businessman here in new york. >> wonderful business guy and i learned so much from him. he was in brooklyn and queens and i learned so much from him. but he really -- i tell you, the relationship we developed was really when i went into business with him. he liked the job i did and if he didn't i'm not sure he would have like med too much. he was all business, there was no games with fred trump but a really good mix. if there was somebody on the street that had a problem, boom, he'd give whatever he had in his pocket. he was a good man. >> dave: do you have brothers and sisters? >> i do. >> dave: which and which? >> i have two brothers, two sisters. one of my brothers passed away. real good guy, fred, number of years ago but i have one who's a federal judge, i have a sister, wonderful homemaker and i have a brother, great guy, robert. >> dave: federal judge! that's pretty impressive. >> that's right. on the appeals court. >> dave: are they always after
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you for money? (laughter) >> well -- >> dave: "hey, donnie, can you help me out a little bit? " >> they've all done fine. i've caused them lots of grief in different ways but they've all done fine. we have a good family, good relationship. >> dave: when you were a kid, what kind of cade were you? you said your dad was tough. did you get good grades? did you go to school? >> i was a good student but i was a brat, no question about that. you can ask my sister the judge. i was a little bratty, i guess. but i went to new york military academy and we had people at that school that were rough, they had a lot of staff sergeants and in those days if you were out of line it was fists, it was tough. it was things that today if you ever did it you'd go to jail. they'd put you in jail. that was a tough group of people they were all drill sergeants, staff sergeants, and the first time we went to new york military academy i started speaking back to one of them and it was not a pleasant experience
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and you know what? (laughter) i didn't do it anymore. (laughter) >> dave: but you're still a little bratty. >> i think so. i think so. >> dave: i think we can all agree. (applause) >> you know, it's interesting. you're born, david, you're born a certain way and does it really change that much? >> dave: well, the hardest thing to change is human behavior but you've got to keep trying. if you're not a perfect person-- and nobody is-- you have to keep trying. >> i try so hard. >> dave: i know you're not running for governor. just tell them you're not running for governor. >> well, i'm probably not. i can really say i'm definitely not. i have other things to do. i have a lot of things that are going on that are fabulous and they have been -- >> dave: that are fabulous. (laughs) >> i love what i'm doing. we're doing doral in miami. >> dave: now that's an iconic golf -- resort golf sdplub >> 800 acres.
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i'm rebuilding it. i've literally blown it up. the blue nonsister, tiger woods won the tournament last year. and we have a world championship of golf. that will be exciting. i'm doing the old post office on pennsylvania. >> dave: this is a beautiful structure. this is in washington, d.c.? >> right. >> dave: what year was that built? was that prewar? >> 1880s. >> dave: oh, my god. >> and the walls are literally some of them four and five feet thick. solid granite. >> dave: you boughting that from the united states government? >> united states government. >> dave: do you mind telling me what you paid for it? >> well, it's a complicated farm la. >> dave: just give me the number. >> well, it's hard. very, very complicated but what it is is it's going to be -- (laughter) >> dave: well, if it's so complicated -- (applause) >> it's going to be dependent on the success of the hotel, et cetera, et cetera. but we're going to build almost 300 rooms super luxury hotel
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like washington, d.c. has never seen and it's a special building in the best location. >> dave: and when visitors, guests, stay, will they continue to sort mail? >> we'll have a special person at president front guest. we have these beautiful counters that we're reusing where -- >> dave: marble? >> thick beautiful marble in perfect shape and we're using some of the old -- >> dave: just give me a ballpark number. (laughter) forget the participation. forget the success. just a ballpark -- let me guess. this is the corner of what and pennsylvania avenue? >> right smack in the middle. i'll tell you what, between the white house-- which you have a very good friend of yours living there, which is nice-- and congress. right smack in the middle. >> dave: prime real estate. >> literally right smack in the middle. >> >> dave: i'm going to say at least $200 million. >> let's say less. >> dave: $100 million. >> let's say more. (laughter)
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>> dave: "price is right." now talking about your upbringing and your dad being a tough guy and learning how to be tough in business. have you ever knowingly done business with what i like to call organized crime? (laughter) have they ever stopped by and -- >> i've really tried to stay away from them as much as possible. >> dave: have you ever had a case where a guy stopped by and said "donald, we want to handle the linens." (laughter) >> you know, growing up in new york and doing business in new york i would say there might have been one of -- one of those characters along the way but generally speaking i like to stay away from that group. >> dave: i think that goes without saying. but sometimes they don't let you stay away from them. >> there's truth to that but if you're smart you can stay away. you have to stay away and just lead your life. you don't want to get involved. although i must say i have met on occasion a few of those people. they happen to be very nice people. (laughter) you just don't want to owe them money. (laughter) >> dave: yeah, i understand.
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>> don't owe them money. >> dave: "it would be a shame if anything happened to this revolving door." have you ever had anything -- >> i've heard it a little bit before. it's okay. i've been there. >> dave: "we'd hate to mess up your hair." (laughter and applause) we'll be right back with donald trump, ladies and gentlemen. (cheers and applause) [ female announcer ] come to jcpenney for our lowest prices of the season. get doorbusters friday 3pm to saturday 1pm. like, 25-55% off fine jewelry and bijoux bar and 50% off all dresses. plus, 4 days only starting friday get a coupon at for an extra 10, 15 or 20 dollars off. jcpenney. mighty wings from mcdonald's. bold, delicious bone-in chicken wings with a spicy kick. but they're only here for the season then it's lights out. oh, sorry, guys. mighty wings. there's something for everyone to love at mcdonald's. migavo: sales event is "sback.hen drive"
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♪ ♪ >> dave: well, the government is back in business, they reopened it. who wins, who loses and who cares? >> paul: >> well, that there's a lot of truth. it's a mess. it's a mess and somehow they have to -- you know, they haven't done anything. all they've done is delayed it as you said in your monologue. it's a four-month delay. let's see what happens but there has to be something where they get into a room and make a deal and a deal not good for them but for the country. we need it badly. (applause)
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>> dave: let me try draw an analogy to this. let's say off gas furnace in your basement and there's a leak and you go down and say "we're leaking gas, oh my god, by the cubic yard. isn't the first thing you do if you know you have gas leak in your basement, you stop smoking? isn't that the first thing? so the world economy collapses about three years ago and now they're deciding we're going to shut down the united states government just when we've been -- we're at our most robust point in the history of the economy of the united states. why when things are so fragile don't they say "we better not monkey around now?" >> people have been discussing this with me for a while and one of the things i say, you have to really like people to make the right -- you have to get along with them at least or respect them. and if you look at the republicans and the democrats, the president and others they all hate each other. they really do. they don't like each other. they don't respect each other. they're not into each other at
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all and it's very, very tough. you know, in the old days when you had ronald reagan, tip o'neill, it's so interesting because they liked each other. they were opposites, totally opposite. >> dave: they had a common purpose they seemed to be working toward. now, could-- and, again, i don't understand how the government works-- could the president at some point have said to the democrats and to the republicans "screw both of you, here's what's gonna happen impeach me" and gone ahead and forced through legislation that would have made this not happen? is that possible? >> they say legally no but a lot of people thought -- i thought he might do that because at one point it looked like was anything ever going to happen. so the scholars are saying he doesn't have the right to do that. doesn't have a legal right to do that. you could also say well, you'll find out in about three years and in the meantime it's done. but it's a mess in washington and throughout the world. because i do business all over the world and doing the jobs all over the world. we are being laughed at and scoffed at throughout the world. they're not respecting our country the way they used to and
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they look back and see this bedlam in washington and it's not a good thing. >> dave: when you say "being laughed at and scoffed at" is this personally for you more than ever or is this as the country? (laughter) >> always for me. always. (applause) >> dave: is it that we just know more about this situation now than we did 50 years ago and if we were ignorant and things would be fine and you never know any difference? >> 50 years ago they didn't have media like they have today. >> dave: it's the 24/7. >> it really. is i can imagine what went on 50 and 100 years ago and maybe the same thing would have happened. so in all fairness to washington and the president and everybody else that's not looking so good right now, if you looked back, if you had that camera on them full time and now between twitter and everything else, i mean, what's going on, i have a feel they probably wouldn't have accepted it. >> dave: i think shenanigans early on -- >> those were serious shenanigans. >> dave: when this was a new
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country -- >> you can imagine. it would have been a beauty. >> dave: you've built a golf dmours the bronx. explain this deal to me. what's the name of the golf course? >> it's called trump links at ferry point. on the water in the bronx, five minutes outside of manhattan >> dave: what does links mean? >> no trees, all beautiful fescues and rolling hills. >> dave: and the l.n.g.s are connected lineally? >> they're connected at all points. it's close to 300 acres. >> dave: you don't own it or you do own it? >> i leased this for many years from the city. i built it. it was under construction for 27 years. >> dave: 27 years! >> yes, and i took it over 12 months ago, 13 months ago and i had to give mike bloomberg a lot of credit. he wanted this built. this was under construction during many mayoral administrations, for many years, 27 years. the cost was hundreds of millions of dollars was spent. i took it over about 13 months ago and i really knocked heads and we got it built and it's
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getting ready to open. >> dave: why has it taken 27 years? >> there's a lot of incompetence. but let's say there could have been a little corruption. >> dave: why don't you take over the second avenue subway. that will never be finished. why don't you do that? >> well, it's called the subway to many nowhere. >> dave: i know but take it over and get it finished and then it will be the trump subway. >> well, then i might do it. then i might do it! (applause) >> dave: now here's the golf course. what bridge is that? the verrazano bridge. >> dave: he's a great architect, great golf architect. >> dave: what bridge is that? did i get it right? >> that's the whitestone bridge. >> dave: i wasn't even close. >> we're right smack on the water. it's right next the frog's neck bridge. we're right there on the east river and it's a spectacular piece of land and literally from here you're over there in a few minutes.
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>> dave: 18 holes? >> world championship play. i think we'll have u.s. opens and ryder cups. so as much as the city spent if you have, like, a u.s. open there, they'll name $250 to $350 million. >> dave: this a municipal course? >> this is a public course. i run it, i have many, many years on the lease, i said "i'll go in and build it" and i went out to bid and i won the bid a couple of years ago and -- >> dave: you have really got the world by the ass, don't you? (laughter) >> no, no. i don't know, i work hard. like you, i work hard. >> dave: i'm not working hard. i'm just here. let's see, and then you've got the miss universe pageant, you're going to hold that in russia to co-inside with the upcoming olympics in russia. >> exactly. >> dave: have you had any deals with the russians? >> i've done a lot of business with the russians. >> dave: they're commies. you know that. they're commies. >> they're smart and they're tough and they're not looking so dumb. >> dave: vladimir putin, have you met him? >> i met him once. >> dave: he stole that --
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mr. kraft's -- >> bob kraft is the a good friend of mine. i'm with him all the time. >> dave: boy do you have a memory! that was a really windy day. >> dave: do we have that footage? >> oh, no. >> dave: vladimir putin claims that he -- bob kraft said he swiped his ring from him. this will be great footage if we can get it. how you been otherwise? >> i've been good. (laughter) >> dave: this is the only thing on cbs right now. (laughter) >> oh, wow! (laughter) i remember, i watched that evening! >> dave: all right, well, listen you got everything going on. ladies and gentlemen, it's donald trump. good to see you again, don. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> dave: good luck to you and your hair. congratulations on the grandson. we'll be back with selena gomez. it's more than just a pet,
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you know, people that worry about the government shutdown but in the history of the united states it's happened many, many times and so we put together a thing looking back to find out the last government shutdown and we'll see what was -- when that was, how long ago it was. we'll find out when it was and what was going on and we put it all together in a segment with alan kalter and it's called "debt limit crisis rewind. debt limit crisis rewind." alan, take it away. here we go. >> alan: the last time the united states congress nearly plunged the world into economic armageddon was way back in january of 2013. (laughter) number one song on the radio was bruno mars "locked out of heaven" and the top movie, catherine bigelow's "zero dark thirty" and a gallon of gasoline cost $4.30. (laughter) that's your "debt limit crisis
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rewind." (applause) >> dave: i've got to start going to meetings. (laughter) ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back with selena gomez, everyone. what are you doing? we're switching car insurance. why? because these guys are the cheapest. why? good question. because a cut-rate price could mean cut-rate protection.
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