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tv   Noticiero Nacional Azteca America  WQAW  October 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tuning a deal to end the government shut down. shortly after noon senate leaders made it official. >> it's never easy for two sides to reach consensus. it's really hard. sometimes harder than others. this time was really hard. >> this has been a long challenging few weeks for congress and for the country. >> the senate deal reopens the government and keeps it funded for 3 months. it raises the debt limit for 4 months. the deal still needs to pass both houses of congress. house speaker john boehner needs at least 17 republicans to vote yes. >> tea party republicans fought to use this legislation to defund or delay the president's health care law. in the end they got neither. >> texas senator ted cruz led the charge but said he will not delay a vote. >> had senate republicans united and supported house republicans the out come of this i believe would have been very, very different. >> the white house applauded the senate compromise. >> calling on both houses of
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congress to act swiftly. >> the bill does make one change to the health care law. requiring those seeking insurance coverage to verify their income. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house doesn't know how quickly government agencies will be back up and running after congress votes but says the idea will be to get tens of thousands of furloughed federal workers back on the job as soon as possible. our complete coverage continues right now. wjz is live in washington. mary bubala spent the day speaking to maryland lawmakers about a potential deal. mary. >> reporter: that's right. denise, maryland delegation on both sides of the aisle are all relieved that there is a deal. they all acknowledge that this is a temporary solution and there is still a lot of work to be done. >> another day of frantic maneuvering on capitol hill and protests outside. maryland's delegation is speaking to wjz, eyewitness news about the
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announcements. finally there's a solid deal to end the shutdown and get federal workers back on the job. >> i think they'll be back to work on monday. if everything goes as i understand it it's planned we should be able to get this wrapped up in the next day or two. >> maryland's republican congressman andy harris said lawmakers are entering an intense 4 months of negotiations. >> it does nothing to control the spending. we're going to pass a spending bill that still has a $650 billion deficit. we have nothing that addressing long-term issues. >> thank you for inviting us to be here today. >> it's something maryland democratic senator ben cardin echoed on a news conference as he talked about maryland businesses that rely on this. >> we have a major challenge ahead of us. that is how we're going to work out the differences between what the
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democrats and republicans want to see as the budget for this country. we only have a couple months to get that done. it's another opportunity. >> dutch ruppersberger said it's sickened his constituents. >> they have a right to be fed up. i think it's wrong what has happened. here's an example when you don't deal with an issue of compromise, don't want to work things out. >> reporter: while congress begins its next phase of negotiations all of 140,000 furloughed maryland workers should be back on the job by next week. our coverage of the government shutdown continues right now with jessica kartalija and the possible end of the government shut down. she talked with a maryland widow who is worried about threat to the end of veteran benefits. jessica. >> reporter: well, that's exactly right. maryland widows and widows throughout the country said this isn't
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effecting them financially but emotionally as well. >> she just wants to fly with her pilot. >> major wagey was 34 when he died in flight training. >> bad weather in the mountains. >> for 5.5 years his wife and daughter have received survivor benefits, paid monthly to families of fallen soldiers. >> of course i'd rather have david back but that helped us for our future. >> now due to the government shutdown.... >> they were the first group over after 9/11. >> the department of veteran affairs said they will not issue checks. >> it's a financial blanket if you will to take care of children if they have them. to
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know that the support isn't there is scary. >> the shutdown is effecting a number of benefits provided to those who recently lost a loved one. while congress did vote to restore immediate death ben fits for families of fallen soldiers it did not restore a monthly va check many widows and widowers depend on. >> people are not sleeping. more than one has said that they're really struggling. >> as for the anxiety caused by the shut down. >> it feels like a slap in the face. our husbands gave their lives for the country. it doesn't feel like a thank you for your service. >> reporter: the tragedy assistance program for survivors known as taps has directed widows seeking assistance to contact the fisher house foundation and army emergency relief. of course, we've included a link to this site on we're live tonight. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> thank you, jessica and mary. we invite you to stay with wjz for complete coverage of the capitol conflict. we will continue to bring you live reports from washington with the latest on this budget deal. one of the two u.s. navl academy football players facing a court marshall for actual wants the leader out of the case. >> reporter: an attorney for josh tate wants michael miller to reaccuse himself saying he's bias because of pressure to combat sexual assault in the military. tate and are classmate are accused of assaulting a female mid shipman in 2012. she did not want to pursue charges and testified she had no memory of being assaulted and on heard second-hand she had sex with several people at the party. the superintendent decided a third mid shipman will not face a court marshall. he was facing aggravated sexual assault charges. scomblsz >> thank you. the man police say a
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attempted to carjack vi ripken, mother of orioles hall of famer cal ripken junior is behind bars tonight. christie illeto explains he is facing a long list of charges. >> reporter: well, one of them being attempted armed robbery. it's unclear if ripken was a target or if this was random. it's none the less frightening. >> would be carjacker jesse bowen is facing multiple charges among other things wednesday. police say he attempted to rob vi ripken outside this aberdeen bank tuesday. >> i definitely would not have seen that coming for sure. i mean, that's crazy. >> when i was down there and spoke to her, she's a strong woman and seemed to be holding up fairly well. >> quick thinking ripken sounded on alarm on her car keys. >> this witness doesn't want his face on camera but said he didn't think until of it. >> there was cops everywhere. they were walking, driving down the alleys and everything.
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>> aberdeen police say bowen did run away without taking h anything. he did attempt to use this atm outside the bank, which is how police were able to identify him. >> at nighttime i won't go to this one. i will drive out of my way. >> this is the second time ripken is a victim of a crime in just over a year. >> when something like this happens it forces you to think differently. >> last july she was taken at gunpoint from her home and released 24 hours later. ripken's attacker now sitting behind bars this time and she is safe with her family. >> reporter: no bail has been set for bowen. denise. >> thank you. police say it does not appear it was connected to the 2012 kidnapping. this is the scene downtown at pratt and marketplace. water is coming up through the manholes and street cracks. the department of public works said
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the pipe that broke is 10 inches in diameter and was quickly shutdown. water pressure is impacted. the city is redirecting water for businesses effected. a rather gray fall day didn't stop people from enjoying the out doors. wjz traveled to weber farms in parkville where we fund children enjoying the pumpkin patch and other fun out door fall activities. if you didn't want to play you could shop. there were plenty of pumpkins. taking a live look outside right now. look at that, the parade of sail is making its way towards the inner harbor. wjz is live with wjz traffic control coverage meteorologist tim williams is downtown with the mobile weather lab, bob turk is updating temperatures. >> a very light breeze pushing the sailboats along the waters. take a look at temperatures. 70 dc, 61 oakland and ocean city at 66. the dew points up once
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again to 61. yesterday we had dew points in the 30s and 40s. so it's really come back up. a lot more moisture in the air. as far as rain is concerned, there's a lot of clouds around. a few sprinkles and showers, very, very widely scattered, maybe a few spots will see a shower or sprinkle tonight. most of the activity will come tomorrow evening or tomorrow night. tim has more on that live with the weather lab. tim. >> reporter: hey. we're looking at cloudy conditions right here outside the wjz mobile weather lab here at the constellation pavilion watching and waiting for some boats to come in. we'll talk that here in just a second. here we're downtown where the temperature is around 66.9 degrees. a very mild day. let's take a look at this graphic that we have to give you an idea of what's coming our way. we have that low that bob talked about that's moving in. it's drag along our front extending back towards
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texas. along that front and ahead of it is the shower activity and clouds we've been dealing with. those showers are going to come through late tomorrow afternoon, likely tomorrow evening in the over night hours. then on the other side of that we're going to get a bit of a break. we're going to get cooler temperatures but a good bit of sunshine. that's going to be for the forseeable feature. we're talking about waiting for boats. 30 of them or so making their way into baltimore. they're going to be here until about saturday or so. there's a race from baltimore to ports smith. it's a great race. those boat red sox going to be s are going to be docked here, you can see them from different points from the inn harbaugh -- inner harbor but we have not seen them yet. we will wait for them. they are landing. we are going to be down here with the wjz weather lab waiting for the boats. for now back to you on tv hill. >> i was going to call you commander williams but now i'm going to demote you for that
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joke. the ravens are back on the practice field getting ready for a road game against a big rival. wjz is live at the ravens training facility. sports director mark viviano is there and has more on how the team is preparing for the steelers. >> reporter: how are you doing? the ravens and steels are two of the top franchises in all of pro football. neither team is having a great season so far this year. that doesn't seem to lesson the intensity of the rivalry as they get set to meet in pittsburgh on sunday. >> the ravens say their greatest concern is improving their own play. not satisfied with a 3-3 record, knowing full well the meaning of the game ahead, a trip to pittsburgh. >> there's just something special about this game. this game in the nfl, ravens and steelers. my bet is we'll probably get the other 30 teams
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watching it. >> it's going to be a dog fight. the better steam -- team is going to win. >> what do you tell the new guys? >> no other feeling. it's like the super bowl. >> it's tough to put in words. it's definitely a cool trip to make and it's a big game. that's the biggest thing about it. they're a good team. we're a good team. that's the way it's been. it's always been because of that that it makes for a big foonl football game. >> reporter: the arrive ri rivalry no longer includes ed lewis ray lewis. they said same movie, different characters. that's the latest from owings mills. >> thank you. you can see the game sunday at 4:15 live on wjz. >> a lot of people will be watching that game. still ahead on wjz
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eyewitness news at 5:00. the possible shutdown deal. an update on negotiations to reopen the government and increase the debt limit. on strike. the port of baltimore is shut down. why longshoremen are picketing. i'm derek valcourt at baltimore county courthouse where an officer is on trial for mistakingly shooting a police trainee. what witnesses say and heard leading up to that shooting when eyewitness news continues. cloudy skies across maryland. we could see rain soon. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bob coming up.
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it is mostly cloudy, 67
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degrees in central maryland. opening arguments in the case against a baltimore city police officer accused of mistakingly shooting a police recruit in the head during a training exercise in february. wjz is live at the baltimore county courthouse. derek valcourt was in court as jurors heard from the witnesses for the first time today. >> officer william scott kern never meant to shoot police trainee raymond gray in the forehead but that's what happened at they taught a group of new recruit at the old rose wood center. a mistake that outraged even the mayor. >> there's no acceptable explanation for why live rounds were at a training exercise. >> police trainee derek allen among the first to testify describing kern armed with his real gun and a paint ball style gun. >> kern had his real gun at his
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hip and his training weapon just inches below. the employees testified that during the training kern mistakingly pulled out his gun at least one before >> after he did it the first time he heard him say, whoops, sorry, that's muscle memory. a short time later he made the same mistake, only this time pulling the trigger, striking gray, now left with brain damage and blinded in one eye. attorney dwight petit rep are resents gray in a civil suit. >> it seems to me he had to know which gun he had. i don't know how that's a mistake. >> reporter: late today the prosecution rested. the defense will begin presenting their case tomorrow. they plan to argue that kern needed to be armed with his real gun for the safety and protection of all the other trainees there who were unarmed. we're live at the baltimore
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county courthouse in towson, derek valcourt wjz eyewitness news. >> if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work let's check on the roads with christy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, christy. >> hi, everyone. it hasn't been a terrible day for accidents but there's still a lot of delays. northbound 95 watch for brake lights from 32 past 100. it's only moving at about 30 miles per hour. delays tonight on northbound 95 approaching the tunnel over to the beltway on the northeast corner. if you're traveling on the topside of the inner loop delays stretching there from charles street over to bel air road. average speed about 28 miles per hour. west side inner loop stop and go from 895 approaching liberty road. a couple of complications around as well. if you're traveling northbound on poteet street there's debris in the roadway that's going to cost you couple minutes.
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watch for the water main break between gay street and marketplace. two lanes are blocked. on the inner loop from 95 to 795, 39 miles per hour and 15 minutes to get through. still plenty of volume on the beltway at security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's. you can call them at 877-75-bills. back to you. >> thank you. we had some sun earl ier this week. >> we did? oh, earlier. >> don't get it get let it get you crazy, it's only clouds. >> we're not crazy. we're calm. >> people jump so quickly around here. take a look at temperatures right now. yes, it's cloudy. 67, east winds at 8. the barometer at 29.99 holding steady. come back and take a look at a chance of a sprinkle or shower tonight and a little bit more rain coming tomorrow night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> reporter: we're here at the inner harbor. we're finally start together see final of the boats coming around the mountain. we will be talking about them closer to 5:00 or so. about 5:30 or so. the for more on the forecast let's go to bob turk.
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>> we will cut back and take a look at ships. they're beautiful. we have a light east wind. 67 here. 66 in ocean city. 6 1 up in oakland, elkton at 71. a little bit of sunshine in a couple of spots. dc 70 and 66 in westminster. we have a wind out of the east pushing those sailboats towards the harbor at around 8 miles per hour. tomorrow the breeze is going to shift more out of the south and temperatures will go up a couple degrees. there's a front to the west. most of it has been breaking down. another area of low pressure is developing in southern portions of arkansas that's going to roll up towards our region, give us a chance of rain tomorrow evening for a few hours. maybe a tenth of an inch, not much. it will probably be damp and maybe when you leave for work. tonight most of the activity to our north. maybe a sprinkle in a couple spots mainly west of us. we will get more sunshine coming
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back to the area by the end of the week. the weekend slightly cooler. yes. then behind that another seriesf cold fronts will gradually cool us down by the middle of next week. by the end of next week a big area of cold pressure expected to dominate the eastern half of the united states. we will probably see our temperatures near freezing and frost near wednesday night, thursday and friday of next week. you may want to think about that this weekend. you maybe need to cut some roses, take in flowers before they get frozen out next week. we'll tell you about it next week. we will make sure you know. south winds around 5s. bay temperature around 65 degrees. tonight there may be a sprinkle in a couple spots, mainly west. 58, mild night. tomorrow back up to 74. that's 7 or 8 degrees above normal. we will have a lot of clouds, maybe a shower and a chance of light rain tomorrow night. probably after 5:00 or 6:00, into the
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evening hours for a few hours tomorrow night. >> okay. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. continue inging coverage, the latest on the government shutdown and keeping the united states on brink of default. the port of baltimore shut down as longshoremen go on strike. this could have a big impact on the city. i'm linh bui. that story is next on wjz. making good schools better. i'm pat warren. mayor stephanie rwalings-blake touring the schools first to get construction funds. first, here's today's report from wall street. we will be righ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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