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tv   Noticiero Nacional Azteca America  WQAW  October 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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in the house. >> we're working with our members on our way forward. and to make sure that we provide fairness to the american people. >> reporter: the senate plan would reopen and fund the government until mid-january. and extend the debt limit until february. house republicans have a similar plan with more gop sweeteners. including a two-year delay in the healthcare law tax on medical devices and canceling health insurance subsidies for members of congress and the president's cabinet. >> the president signed a bill that left himself outside of obama care but put members of congress in. i think it's time president obama go into obama care. >> reporter: democrats here are accusing house republicans of trying to derail the senate compromise. >> it's nothing more than a blatant attack on bipartisanship. >> this is an effort to sabotage it, delay it and undermine it. >> reporter: the white house say its the bill makes it to the president's desk, he will veto it.
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in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, danielle. wjz live complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija. she's live in washington. she speaks with a local federal worker about the shutdown. hi, jess. >> hi, kai. it is incredibly quiet here on capitol hill. but for one maryland worker, he tells me he's still coming to work, afraid of what might happen if he doesn't show up. >> reporter: two weeks into the government shutdown, and roger ryans still punches in, every day. >> i mean, i get up to go to work, knowing that i'm not going to get paid. and i have no idea that two weeks from now, if i'll be able to make my mortgage payment. >> reporter: maryland has the second highest amount of government employees per capita. as an employee communication officer, ryan is not getting paid. but he's hoping eventually he will. >> i don't know when -- i think that would be an excuse to be let go. i'm considered essential. whatever that means. >> reporter: the exact number
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of furloughed workers is unknown. but in the state of maryland, approximately 315,000 people work for the federal government. >> reporter: the government standoff is causing taxpayers millions. for ryan and his wife beverly, the shutdown has led to mounting credit card bills and having to withdraw money from her i.r.a. to pay them. >> my credit cards are bad because of the gas. i've got to decide, do i put gas in the car? or do i save it for a bill? if i pay the bill, i can't put the gas in the car to get to work to pay the bill. >> reporter: more than 24,000 furloughed employees in washington, d.c. and maryland have already filed for unemployment. we're live tonight on capitol hill, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. kai? >> jessica, thank you. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the shutdown. we'll bring you the latest on the negotiations and the impact here in maryland. we have an update on the breaking news we first brought
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you at 4:00. a fatal accident in howard county is under investigation. the accident killed the columbian man, just after 1:30 this afternoon. it happened along the northbound route near savage. right now, police believe a tractor-trailer was stopped or slowing down in traffic, when it was rear-ended by the box truck. the driver was box truck was killed. the driver of the tractor- trailer was also injured. route 1 was closed for several hours, but has since reopened. family and friends say goodbye to miriam carey. the woman shot to death by police, by the woman leading them on a chase through washington, d.c. vic has more on the funeral. >> service for 34-year-old carey was held. a public viewing and wake was held beforehand. a prayer vigil was held in her honor on monday evening. the dental hygienist, from connecticut, is survived by her 1-year-old daughter. she was in the car. she was then shot and killed
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near the u.s. capital. ker was diagnosed with postpartum depression and psychosis. >> investigators say she believed president obama was electronically sending her messages. a baltimore county police officer is on trial, charged in the training exercise gone wrong. and let the police recruit shot in the forehead. wjz is live at circuit court in towson. derek valcourt is there and has more on this case. derek? >> reporter: well, both sides admit this was the result of a horrible mistake. but prosecutors say the training officer should be held responsible for firing his service weapon instead of the training weapon he was supposed tock using. -- to be using. >> reporter: officer william kern helped lead a training exercise for new police recruits on february 12th, at the site of the old rosewood center for the developmentally disabled. the officer witnessed some of the trainees, milling around. after they were instructed not
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to linger in in some areas. kern fired a warning shot. but instead of grabbing his training simulation weapon, he mistakenly grabbed his real block shooting weapon, shooting gray in the forehead. >> he lost this. he has immediate recall. but has lost memory and mental functions. >> reporter: ray won't be testifying at trial. but other officers there that day will. prosecutors intend to prove kern had an unhealthy attachment to his gun, insisting on wearing it, despite training policies to the contrary, even refusing to surrender his weapon after the shooting. >> he's been a person who has been on the force, 17, 18 years and knew the policy. it appears he was taking the position that he was going to carry his gun, regardless of what those policies were. >> reporter: kerns' defense attorney will argue it was his duty to keep his service weapon on him during the training at the vacant rosewood center, because it was reasonable to
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arm himself for the safety of him and the other officers. >> defense attorneys tried to get the case postponed this morning. but a judge said no . a judge had this. >> officer kern faces misdemeanor charges of second- degree assault and reckless dangerment -- endangerment. if convicted, those carry the possibility of up to 15 years in prison. maryland state police release the identity of a man killed on the beltway monday. police say 51-year-old rick isenocker's car crashed. police say he was trapped in his car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the two other drivers refused medical treatment. the accident is still under investigation. and wjz is learning about another fatal accident. this one knocked out power to parts of anne arundel county.
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the car was driving on route 450 in annapolis when it hilt a utility pole and brought down a power line. the car caught fire. when&when that fire was put out, the driver was found dead inside. police arrested 26-year-old douglas halloran bowie. it's not clear which started that fire. the well-known santony super market announce its is shutting down. the city bottle tax drove away his customers. today, mayor stephanie rawlings- blake is dumping to the defense of the bottle tax. political reporter pat warren has more on two very different stories remember. >> reporter: hi, kai. this is one of those cases where the operation is a success, but the patient dies. stores are saying they're losing customers, but the city is making money. >> reporter: the grocer. the government. >> it breaks my heart that he's closing. >> it's the by-product of the
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bottle tax. >> i respectfully disagree with the premise that the bottle tax is solely to blame. >> she's misinformed. as on most of the details with the bottle tax, she is misinformed. >> five septs for our children. >> reporter: the 5 cent bottle tax was a 2011 rallying cry to raise money for city schools, after a 2-cent tax imposed in 2010. it warned that it would take them under. >> you can't run in and take them under. and you're just spinning your wheels every day with a local government that just isn't listening. >> mayor santony said the bottle tax isn't killing him. in any case, she won't be lowering it. >> absolutely not. >> the maryland retailers association says that is bad news for them. >> the independent grocers union is going to find it difficult. >> santony says he's lost $4 million in sales, 18% of his business. the city has collected more
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than $17 million since 2011. >> we're low-hanging fruit for them to keep plugging into the ship's hull. that's all. >> reporter: but the mayor counters that five supermarkets have opened in baltimore since the tax was imposed. i'm pat warren, reporting live from city hill. now back to you on tv hill. >> santony's opened in highlandtown in the 30s and will close by the end of the month. a nice october day. people are outside, enjoying the inner harbor. getting in a little exercise and a quick nap. and in druid hill park, athletes got together for a baseball game. no telling who won. but they are obviously enjoying the sunshine. parents are as well. outside right now, the sun is still shining. and if you're not outside, you should be after our newscast. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram on the canton promenade, with the
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wjz mobile weather lab. but we're going to start with bob turk and the mobile weather lab, updating our temperatures. >> off to the distance, to the west. clouds moving in. we'll talk about those in a moment. take a look at temperatures. at 68. very pleasant out there. 66, ocean city. 59 in oakland. d.c., now at 71. dew point, very low, did come up from last hour, though. last hour, it was only 33 degrees. now, it's up to 42 degrees. it will increase overnight. so moisture will move back into the region. and we'll start seeing some more of those clouds. see that? south and southwest of us. those are the clouds that you see right now in that western sky. what does it mean for us tomorrow? chels selive with the mobile weather -- chelsea is live with the mobile weather lab. we'll talk about that in a minute. but first, it's a comfortable night. take a look at the wjz mobile weather lab. sitting around 68 degrees. relative humidity at 58%. of course, things are going to
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change as we head into tomorrow. take a look at this graphic. we have an area of low pressure and a cold front that is going to be approaching from the west. that's going to bring us, of course, an increase in cloud cover. we're going to be warm tomorrow. but with that increase in cloud cover, that means we have rain on the way, too, as early as tomorrow night. and bob will have more of those details coming up. meanwhile, the reason why we are down here, on the canton promenade sbecause right behind me, the baltimore marine center, that's where we are right outside of that. and they have open docks tonight. you can come and check out some of the schooners. and tomorrow is the parade of sails. its it's going to be around 5:00, with special guest, helen bentley. she willob board. come and check it out on the water. and check it out from 5:00 to 7:00. it's beautiful out. a great night to eat some dinner outside. and come check out the schooners. back to you on tv hill. >> all right, chelsea, thank you. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. suspected terrorist in court. one of the fbi's most wanted
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men appears in federal court. the controversy surrounding this case. heartbreaking death. a young boy drowns on a carnival cruise ship. what the investigation reveals so far. i'm mike schuh, on the field at this stadium. that is curtis lake elementary. they're going to have the day of their lives because it is ravens teen challenge day. find out what that means when eyewitness news continues. a near-perfect october day in baltimore. will the trend continue? bob is updating the first warning forecast. ,,,,
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it is partly sunny and 68 degrees in central maryland. the complete forecast is coming up. what should have been a fun-
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filled vacation turns tragic. anna warner reports for wjz. the 6-year-old drowned while at sea. >> reporter: sunday afternoon, 6-year-old quentin hunter was swimming with his family at one of the pools on carnival victory. >> i heard all of this commotion. and i realized it was the same. he was playing in the very shallow end of the pool. >> reporter: like most cruise lines, carnival does not provide lifeguards on its ships. passengers rushed in to try to rescue hunter. >> i actually helped prop his body in the proper position so they could perform the cpr. the father was next to his son, cleaning and begging his son to stay alive. >> reporter: the boy did not survive. >> carnival told cbs news, as with many land-based, cruise
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ships provide conspicuous signage. parental supervision is required for children under 13. in this case, there was a parent present at the time of the incident. on monday, after the ship docked at port miami, some passengers were still shaken by what they saw. >> poor family has to go on a vacation with their child and come back without them? it's not fair. >> reporter: police say the boy's death appears to be an accident, that no foul play was involved. carnival says, it extends its heartfelt sympathies to the family and that its care team is providing assistance and support. anna werner, cbs news, miami. the carnival ship was on the last day of a four-day caribbean cruise when the drowning took place. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with christie ileto. i know we were dealing with that accident on route 1, in savage, howard county. >> since that time, all lanes have been reopened.
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it was washington boulevard at 32. right now, everything moving along just fine. as far as the rest of the region goes, accident northbound on the harrisburg expressway, at the pa stateline. the right lane is blocked. a couple in anne arundel county. crain highway at 8th avenue. southbound aviation boulevard, at stoney run, and 97 northbound at the beltway. as far as the delays go, quite a few of them. northbound 95, beginning at 395, going over to whitemarsh boulevard. moving at about 30 miles an hour. top side inner loop, stop and go there, from greenspring avenue to bel air road. around bel air, about 26 miles per hour. and on the west side inner loop, stop and go there, from 95 to 70. let's take a live look. as you can see, still some volume there, west of york road. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. bill's has it all for you. you can call them at 1-877-75- dills -- bills employs. studies show children in our country play less and eat
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more now than ever before. the nfl and the ravens are trying to combat that trend. when the buses pull up here in south baltimore ♪ [ music ] ♪ a stream of athletes emerge, ready to hit the field. >> reporter: in this case, curtis bay sends its finest to one of nfl play 60's events. >> welcome for the 2013 ravens' team challenge. >> reporter: the league wants kids to move more, play more, be more healthy, to play 60 minutes a day. curtis bay elementary was selected to get a lesson they will remember. >> also a natural way that kids learn and learn how fair play is, how to respect one another, how to work as a team. >> reporter: if you want to learn to work as a team, bring part of a pro team here. stars like kitcher justin --
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kicker justin tucker. >> eventually, you'll find out what you love. and as soon as you do, you'll have a blast doing it. >> i grew up and the first guy i met was jerome bettis. that was cool for me as a young kid, just to meet any nfl guy. it meant a lot to me. >> reporter: so the way they showed it, impressed the pros. jeremiah louis is wearing a camera to let you run just one of their field exercises here today. whew. i'm exhausted. and that's the point. on the 20-yard line, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> mike, thank you. in all, eight ravens' players participated in today's event. >> under sunshine today. >> beautiful day out there. >> really, really great day for playing around. looks like we have clouds headed our way, as you'll see, as you look out to the west. not a lot of rain. but we'll see some clouds. 68 now. humidity came up a little bit. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at a
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midweek forecast after this. ,,,
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here is the forecast. here is your first warning weather.
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>> hi, grandpa. got to spend time with during our noon broadcast. they were in the glee club. they had awesome singing earlier today. had a nice night out tonight. it was a nice day out today. bob is inside with what you can expect in your exclusive first warning forecast. bob? >> great day to be out. that's for sure. take a look at temps now. still pleasant out there. still have high clouds moving in, into the western sky. we're down to 68 now. got into the low 70s this afternoon. 66 ocean city. and at 59, out in oakland. d.c. now, at 71. dew point last hour was way down to 33. it's come up to 42. overnight tonight, probably getting back up to 50, 51, it may moisten up enough that we could see a little drizzle tomorrow. late tomorrow, early tomorrow. not a lot of rain. but we'll definitely see more moisture moving in off the atlantic ocean. 69 off annapolis.
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a light, very light east/southeast wind. however, when you continue that flow off the atlantic ocean, eventually, moisture will be increasing. that's what's going to happen overnight. we're not expecting a lot of rain. maybe a little spotted drizzle during the early mong hours tomorrow. and it remains cloudy. there's a batch of clouds to the west. milder air moving over top of the slightly dryer air. causes some clouds. to the west, that's where the bulk of the rain is. but this low pressure over minnesota is heading to our north. it will drag this front toward our region. behind it, it is chilly. there's snow in south dakota. not a lot. but cold air. ahead of it, warming up. clouds already in the western sky. not a lot. but overnight tonight, spotty sprinkles and showers to the west of us. most of that front's energy will pass well north of us am we'll see increasing cloud cover overnight. and it will be milder, maybe a little spotty drizzle. once this front gets through the area, we expect something
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to maybe develop on that front, could bring us a little rain thursday night, into early friday. before it clears out just in time for the weekend. and for the weekend, another front will cool us down, back into the 60s. however, the next few days, probability -- probably, low even mid-70s mid-70s expected. on the bay tomorrow. a light south wind, bringing milder air in at 5 knots. bay temp around 65 degrees. finally dropped down. i think the rain helped it drop a little bit. tonight, hen, 53 rather cloudy overnight. and normal lows around 46. tomorrow, a little bit of dampness in the morning. could be a little drizzle when you're going off to work. at least maybe with some fog. then becoming rather cloudy. but a mild afternoon high, around 72. normal high is 67 tomorrow. >> i hope we keep these 70s up. they're great. >> compared to last week, it's delightful. >> i agree. all right, bob. thanks. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00.
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massive earthquake. the rescue efforts in the philippines and a look at the damage. a second blast hits an l.a. airport. who is responsible for these dry ice bombs? another big name retailer, set to open early for the holiday shopping season. i'm christie ileto. and that story is straight ahead. here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30. 68 degrees and partly sunny in


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