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tv   Noticiero Nacional Azteca America  WQAW  October 11, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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>> dave: thank you, paul. >> paul: our pleasure. >> dave: our first guest tonight is the director emeritus of the columbus zoo, an he has a new dvd collection entitled the best of jack hanna. there it is, you can buy this beginning october 15thment that is all his activities on this show and everything. here he is, we're proud to have him as a friend and a colleague-- "jungle" jack hanna. jack, come on out. hijack, welcome back. good to see you, jack, how are you. >> good. >> dave: jack, let me ask you, 35 years you've been affiliated with the columbus zoo. and when you took over the
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columbus zoo it needed some help. it needed some friends. and with your ability and your connections and your knowledge, you have made the columbus zoo one of the great outstanding an pal facilities in north america. congratulations. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> dave: it was-- is it safe to say when you took it over it did need some help. >> yeah, nobody was going to it. so we did everything we could. i will tell you a story. but. >> dave: wait a minute, what you did was illegal to get people to come. >> it wasn't illegal. i got the great wallenda its. >> dave: that's not heel. >> i got the great-- to shoot out of a canon and through the windshield, that's pretty funny. >> dave: the great zucchini. >> remember in the old day, the great zucchini. >> dave: no, i don't remember that. >> he fell through the windshield, the great zucchini lost his weenie, flies through the windshield t was so funnie. it was funny songs.
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>> dave: anyway, that's a long time ago and here bre today. (laughter) now these are unusual beasts, what do we have here. >> what does that look like you to. >> dave: that looks like a tiny bear. >> perfect. >> dave: no. >> no, this is a bear cat. >> dave: a bear cat. >> yeah, from malaysia. >> dave: so it's feline. >> no, it's not a feline. this is in the mongoose family. >> dave: the upon goose is a large -- >> upon goose eats anything. and this eats cobras, how did you know. >> dave: the legendary fight, the could be rand at mongoose. is it a marsupial. >> no, see it's not a marsupial, it looks like one, doesn't it you don't see no hole, dow? anyway. >> dave: i wish i had a nickel for every time-- oh, now this is shall did -- are they-- this is just a brand-new pup. >> yeah, little cub into little cub. how big do they get, jack?
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>> there is one a few species of animal, the female gets bigger than the male. >> dave: this is a little bit s that right? >> yeah, when they get big they could rip your head off. but they get big, they get big. >> dave: let's see how big this one gets. >> it also has a prehence il tail. >> dave: where was this born? >> columbus zoo. >> dave: prehence il tail, they use it for climbing. so they have monkey blood. >> no monkey blood. oppose up is not a monkey. >> dave: but it is a marsupial. >> that's true. >> dave: i don't know you study some of. because in the old days you didn't know anything. (applause) >> dave: the old days you were shooting guys out of a cannon. >> okay. >> dave: so these are endangered rare. >> no, they're not rare, they're hard to find. they smell like popcorn when
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they are full grown. >> dave: oh, look out jack, don't turn-- oh look at this, look what we have had here. oh my goodness. never seen these before. >> no. >> dave: how many different varieties of feline, wild felines are there in the world? >> just make up a number. >> okay, i will make up a number 26. >> dave: 26. >> 27 is my lucky number. i don't know why i didn't say 27. >> dave: what do we have here. >> a cheetah, i have had cheat ons on before, the big one. we have a cheetah is a very endang ared animal. look at the face. why does it have the black marks. oh my gosh, what a shot nash, is national geographic right there. >> dave: that is beautiful. they have that so the sun doesn't glare when they are chasing their pray. >> see, the old days it was much better. how in the world-- most people never know that answer. >> dave: wbltion i don't know, i think maybe you mentioned it to us on a previous show. >> that is my idea, darn it. anyway, so what it is, that is why, people here that might not have seen the show, so i better say it one more
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time. >> dave: please do. >> everybody hunts in the heat of the day, 110 degree, it helps loo like a football player, the sun reflection. if i have to say, fastest cat, land male in the world, the only cat in the world with nonretractible claw, the only one in the world, like a dog foot, in africa, hyenas, it is i don't know because it could be a cheat a. but i don't track them i have somebody help me track them. >> dave: these are probably among the most efficient hunters in the world, am i right. >> right. >> dave: is it true, jack that they will spot their pray and take their time stalking it before they attack. >> yup. see, i can't-- you're right, it's one of the few cats that will study their pray. most cats, like you, you get hungry, you go get a hamburger. they don't that, most cats get hungry, bam, they get them. >> dave: no wasted energy. no wasted energy. >> no, no.
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>> dave: and you know sometimes out west will you see signs of a kill, but nothing else but the remains and you think well, what happened here. probably a cat. >> probably, but not a cheetah. >> dave: oh, no, i'm not saying a cheetah. how fast do these kids go. >> go like 65 miles an hour, think of a cheetah, you can't go 65 in this place but somewhere go 65 miles an hour, cheetah will pass you. >> dave: i've had that happen. >> dave, a lot of times they can't mack a kill on the first move because the animal gets away from them. they have to wait-to-days am when they do they have to grab this area in here and hold on. i've seen a tiger take down a 2,000 pound water buffalo in 30 seconds. you won believe this next animal, dave. >> dave: i can't hold-- you don't want to hold-- well, thank you, ladies. >> you can hold this. >> thank you very much for your help. that is beautiful, what an animal. and they get to be enormous. >> about 100 and something pounds am they're not a big cat.
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watch this, dave. >> dave: now wait a minute, when you say watch this -- >> be quiet now. >> dave: now, you say watch this and be quiet now. >> no, i don't -- >> and we have a fang, what really is going to happen and then we'll be quiet an watch. >> what is going to happen here everywhere, what should happen here every one -- >> wait a minute, you didn't tell us anything. >> you're right. this is a trumpeter. >> whoa, whoa. >> wow. >> dave: oh my -- >> yeah (applause) >> dave: wow. >> dave, dave this say trumpeter horn bill, dave. dave. >> dave: uh-huh. >> you know why i named it. >> dave: wow, look at that. did you see that. >> i should name it-- take
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the gray and throw it up there like this, up in the air, way up in the air. don't hit the rafters, just up in the air. >> dave: . >> don't tease dave. >> dave: i'm just communicating. >> i've only got so much time oh dave. >> dave: whoa. >> watch this. (applause) watch this, dave, dave, watch this, wait. dave, i'm going make it go better for you. can you get him off that camera, please. he didn't do this in practice. come here tubea, tubea. >> dave: does he recognize his name? >> no, because -- >> where do we find these guys. >> oh, yes, african horn bill n africa. actually what he does, 9 female, dave, watch this, tubea. tubea, watch this, tubea,
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tubea! tuba look, tuba. i never worked on this bird. >> dave: you know, jack. >> tuba, please, tuba! look at this -- . >> whoa. >> dave: we'll be right back, "jungle" jack hanna, everybody. self to savings... ...during the petsmart treat your pet sale. save 50% on hundreds of halloween items. the first one hundred to make a purchase will get a free treat! friday through tuesday only. at petsmart.
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>> dave: oh, it seems like it keeps happening. that was fascinating, jack, what do we have now. >> that was something. >> dave: yeah. >> you won't believe this.
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these are amur leopards. >> amur leopards. now how do they get along with the cheetahs that we saw earlier. >> not too good, not too well. anyway, everybody this is amur leopard. i want you to touch this cat here, versus the cheetah, tiger, lion, it is sick. a lot of cats have very rough -- >> who is the better hunter, the cheetah or the leopards? >> leopards is called a cat that hunts in silence. for example, when you go in the jungle if you go with me and a leopard is there, you will never hear him. you know when you will hear him, when are you in his stomach, that is when you hear him. >> dave: and what does that sound like? but look at the paws, look at the hits on this guy. >> that means he's going to be enormousment now leopards, people still, do they still try to hunt the leopards. >> some contribution but mainly it all stopped now. >> dave: they're okay. >> well, not these. numbers could be some people say 3 to 400, some people say 200. the american zoo and
12:18 am
aquarium association, ssp, species survival plan on the animals. those have been anas for another animal t is a meat eater, carve vore. >> dave: i thought those were for me. >> no, carn i vor. but dave, i have seen these cat, the leopard has such power they could kill something 400, 500 pounds and take it up the tro like a marshmallow. amazing the power. >> dave: now they're related, brother and brother, brother and sister, sis ter and sister, are they from the same litter. >> lord, you always ask me-- it's a female, yup. want to check this one out. >> dave: no, no,ity's just look at the paperwork later. >> okay anyway, thank you so much. >> dave: thank you very much, and where can people go to see those. >> called a zoo. >> dave: these are all from the columbus zoo. >> that's great. >> dave: they're beautiful, isn't it? thank you very much. >> i want to show you amur leopard because it really is an animal on the verge of extinction. >> dave: we have to go away. when we come back we'll have more dangerous ferocious
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>> dave: so the bird was from dallas. >> it flew all the way up here, didn't fly up here. >> dave: it is interesting that a flying animal is flying on a plane, when he could probably-- oh, look out, jack. >> holy mackerel. >> dave: let's get our stuff an get out of here. >> can he sit in your chair. oh my god. >> he's in your chair. >> dave: yeah, can-- holy moley, here, there you go. >> thank you. >> dave: oh, careful. whoa! buddy. how big is this guy. >> sn he beautiful. >> dave: yes, he is. >> a lot of people don't know this dave this bear is
12:25 am
from upstate new york. the black bear, have a seat dave, it's your show but-- you sit next to the bear. and i will sit over here. no-- dave dave-- you know, you know you can trust me. you sit here. >> dave: i'm fine. >> i'm to the going to sit there either. anyway. >> from upstate new york. >> yes, what happened as you know black bears you live in montana too, this is a black bear even though it brown, don't ask me why, because sometimes it is a color thing. >> dave: sometimes they're coal black with a white blaze on their chest. >> yeah. >> dave: they call those spirit bears. >> hmmmm. >> i condition believe you knew that too. >> dave: yeah. >> anyway, you know, you should just let me bring the animals to you, sit back this and just dot show. i don't-- but in all seriousness. >> how old is the cub. >> .
12:26 am
>> paul: . >> dave: 6 to 8 monthsment they say in the den for just one season with mom, right, after they are born. for a short while. >> dave: for a short while. as we know the grizzly spends two seasons with poll. >> but in that short time, but remember something, a black bear is more carnivorous than a grizzly bear. >> dave: they continued to be more curious. >> right. and the black bear with a baby, will take a rat with no hair, it is amazing, people are studying how the black bear goes to sleep, i'm going to go to sleep in october. you wake up in april. you don't go to the bathroom. that's amazing. have you ever been in a bear den? >> i have been in a bear den. >> you have been. >> dave: i actually have been. >> it didn't smell did it. how do you sut down your kidneys and go to ep sloochlt you can't do that gi to the bathroom every night, all night. >> dave: i can't make it through this show without going to the bathroomment i got to go now. >> okay, okay. okay. but that is what i'm saying.
12:27 am
>> dave: that say beautiful animal. how old are those get, 20 years, 15 years. >> yeah. he'll get to be 600 pounds, maybe. >> dave: oh boy, those are great. >> i know you love bears. i just want to show people. >> dave: i had one leak that in my house. >> did he open your refrigerant ferr. >> dave: he open odd the refrigerator. he ate everything he could. he got into the cooking oil. he smeared cooking oil all over the floor. he had a peach and he spit the spit out into the dog's bowl. >> no. >> dave: he had the drawer in the refrigerator pan, he just bent it. >> are you serious. >> dave: we had piece wax candles. he ate those. >> and i bet he barely escaped. anyway-- never mind, bad joke. dave, dave, i'm trying to explain the bears are coming back every which way, 50 miles outside of new york city, montana they are back.
12:28 am
people should not leave their garbage outside. you see them in the wild do this they will stand up like this to look around, just what you are seeing here, people think that is a trained thin. this he do that in the wild. >> dave: just because they are plentiful now doesn't mean that we need to apply some sort of control to these animals. >> yeah. someplaces they are doing it. it's up to i guess the state decide what to do. but i wanted to show you one of my favorite animals, that is the bear. paul might not want to play real loud because you'll have to run. >> dave: jack, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> dave: jack hanna, ladies and gentlemen, 35 years with the columbus sgroo. thank you very much for being here am thank you for the beautiful bear. we'll be right back with the beautiful bear. we'll be right back with kunal,,,,,,,,
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