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tv   Noticiero Nacional Azteca America  WQAW  October 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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certainly not the best day to have to walk around. and taking a live look outside right now, it is rainy, breezy and just kind of dreary out there, let's say that. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is in belvedere square with the we'll mobile weather lab. and bob turk is tracking live doppler radar. we'll start with bob. take a look at radar. the bulk of the heavy activity north of the baltimore and d.c. metro area. across southern p.a. and portions of carroll, northern baltimore county. a few heavier pockets. but southeast of us, eastern shore, much of delaware, not much in the way of rain at all at this point. around the city, you can see heavier pockets around phoenix, cockeysville, hampstead, east of westminster. very light drizzle showing up. and south and east of us, as i mentioned, very little going on. now, as far as watches, we still have some coastal flood
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advisories. because we've had these persistent east and southeast winds, pushing the high tides, maybe 1 to 1 1/2 feet above normal. that will continue throughout the evening tonight. 57 now. 67, ocean city. and 50 degrees out in oakland. out in garrett county. they didn't see a whole lot of rain. just very light sprinkle activity. now, tim is live with the wjz mobile weather lab. standing in the rain in belvedere square. we'll look at some of the rain numbers and what we expect to have for tomorrow and through the weekend. >> bob just showed you the radar. you see the cycles. some areas have gotten heavy rain. and other areas are getting a little break right now. here, outside the wjz mobile weather lab, we have been watching just about a tenth -- or 100th -- 1/100ths of an inch every hour or so. take a look at these numbers we have seen. these have started to go up through the afternoon and evening. in central maryland, bwi marshall, which is, of course, the central and official
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reporting site for the state, is just around 2 inches right now. ocean city was right behind -- around 1.76 inches. reagan national, down towards d.c., just over an inch and a half. patuxent in southern maryland, going up. salisbury, up to about an inch now. as is martins state and hagerstown. as you start to go out past the 70 corridor, you get a bit of a dropoff. take a look at this graphic. the low that is bringingula of this is centered and anchored on the coastline. it is spinning counter clockwise. bringing all of that moisture in from the north and northeast. we expect to see this locked in place for the next day or so. high pressure to the north is not letting it go past. we'll continue to keep you posted outside the wjz mobile weather lab. meteorologist tim williams, sending it back to you on tv hill. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage, for updated forecasts, and live radar, go to cbs there could be a breakthrough in the stalemate
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in washington. house speaker john boehner has the proposal to extend the government's ability to borrow money. but getting the government back open would still be subject to negotiation. danielle nottingham has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: house republicans are oftenning the president a short-term e tension of the debt limit as a way to end the budget standoff. >> it's time for leadership. it's time for these negotiations and this conversation to begin. >> reporter: gop leaders are taking a proposal to the white house that includes extending the government's ability to borrow money until november 22nd. in exchange for broader budget negotiations. the white house is open to the idea. >> reporter: if a clean bill raising the debt ceiling for six weeks were to hit his desk, he would sign that. >> reporter: the treasury secretary came to capitol hill thursday, to warn lawmakers there would be irrevocable damage to the economy if they fail to raise the debt limit by
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october 17th. >> reporter: democrats have concerns about another short- term fix. >> for however long it is, five, six weeks, then come thanksgiving, we're going bab -- to be back in the soup again. >> it would lead to negotiations to reopen the government. >> we are meeting the president halfway. and we expect him, in like manner, to respond. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of federal workers have been off the job, without pay, since october 1st. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the house has passed a bill that would provide backpay for all furloughed workers. the senate has not taken up the measure yet. now, stocks surge on the news of a possible resolution to the debt crisis. dow was up 323 points. it is the largest one-day gain this year. the s&p and nasdaq also posted a strong finish. >> major new developments in a high-profile, sexual assault case, at the naval academy. two midshipmen will face court-
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martial, while charges will be dropped against a third midshipman. wjz is live. mike hellgren breaks down what happens in this controversial case. mike? >> reporter: and mary, this is a substantial decision from the head of this economy. this court-martial is likely to happen in december. and the midshipmen who are used could have to pay back the cost of their education and could also face jail time. >> i'm not going to let this assault define me. >> reporter: the accuser claims fellow midshipmen raped her at an off-campus party last year. now, the superintendent of the naval academy has decided to charge joshua tate and josh graham. >> there are so many miscarriages of justice in that system that we are pleased -- but there was not a complete miscarriage here. >> reporter: his lawyer told wjz, no reasonable grounds exist to believe that he
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committed any such crime. with these criminal charges now behind him, he looks forward to continuing his loyal and committed service. >> a crucial fact is whether the accuser was too drunk to consent to sexual activity. >> i did drink a lot. and if frapoint, i really -- that point, i really didn't remember what happened. >> she claims after blacking out, she learned online that she had been victimized. the superintendent's decision follows a hearing, where her lawyer claims she faced brutal, abusive cross-examination. >> it is the worst thing i've ever sat through. i thawtdz, are we in mark? i -- america? i could hardly believe it. >> the navy says, we are committed to a thorough, fair, effective investigation system and process. >> and part of the reason this case has gotten so much attention, the department of defense says only a fraction of
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sexual assaults are ever reported. the accuse ner this case still attends the naval academy. she is a senior this year. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> in another high-profile case, back in 2006, a military jury acquitted former navy quarterback, lamar owens of raping a fellow midshipman, but he was still expelled and had to pay back the cost of his education. baltimore police say the city's latest public enemy number 1 is in custody. vic is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: federal marshalls arrested 26-year-old christopher good after he was tracked down by city detectives and the warrant apprehension task force. goode is charged with stabbing his former girlfriend and mother of his child. >> goode was the fourth public enemy number 1 named by police. baltimore city police arrest a couple in connection
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with two robs -- robberies in federal hill. police say 22-year-old brandon ferrell and stephanie smith are also suspects in several other robberies in federal hill, reservoir hill, and fells point. the couple was arrested together near the inner harbor, after a police officer responding to the robbery, spotted their vehicle and pulled them over. this weekend, 27,000 people from 50 states and 12 countries will lace up their sneakers for saturday's baltimore running festival. leading the marathon, an honorary starter with an incredible story. jessica kartalija is live now and explains. >> reporter: it's been seven months since erika brannock lost her left leg in the boston marathon bombings. but now she plays a crucial role in the baltimore marathon. -- boston marathon. >> reporter: the last time erica bran -- erika brannock attended a marathon, it changed her life. the bomb went off.
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and erika had to have her left leg amputated. now she's headed to another race, with a very special honor. >> it's my honor to present to you the ceremonial [ inaudible ] [ applause ] >> reporter: now, branock will blow the air horn at the start of the 13th annual baltimore marathon. >> being able to be the person who starts a group of runners off is such a great honor. and for it to be in the city that has given me tremendous amount of support, make its that much better. >> reporter: branock will be in camden yards when the race begins. runners will wind their way through the city. >> reporter: she'll also be here at m&t bank stadium, holding the ribbon, when the first marathon runner crosses the finish line. >> i hope that i can be a source of support and encouragement for everyone who will be there saturday, lacing up their shoes and taking steps to aaccomplish another personal goal for themselves. >> reporter: branock has a long road ahead of her, but a powerful message. >> to me, this says that i will
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never hide from the things that scare me. but i will stare fear in the eye, and say, you will not keep me from living my life. i ask that each one of you do the same and never let a setback or fear keep you from living your life, too. thank you. >> i don't think there was a dry eye in that whole room. and it's so nice to report that last week, for the very first time in physical therapy, erika branock walked by herself. the very first time. guys, incredible. >> jess, thank you. she is courageous. ask she keeps moving forward as she said. thank you. last year's running festival poured almost $39 million into the economy and raised almost $2 million for local charities. >> she's amazing. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, a rabies alert. the latest incident as eyewitness news continues. anne arundel county police say they won't do what you can't do. i'm pat warren, coming up on
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eyewitness news, putting down the cell phone. lots of rain in the area, and there's plenty more coming. don't miss the updated forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it's raining and 52 degrees in central maryland. complete first warning weather forecast. rabies has surfaced in an anne arundel park. alex demetrick reports. health officials are warning people to be cautious around wild animals and stray animals. >> reporter: raccoons long ago, bridged the divide. now, close encounters with rabid ones are found on you tube. >> oh, baby. >> that's just scary. >> reporter: a virus that attacks the brain and nervous system, raccoons are among the most commonly infected species.
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a bite with saliva passes on the disease. if a person made contact -- >> the first you'd want to do is contact your physicians, make them aware. >> reporter: that's exactly what bud ila did. when he was attacked in his yard. >> i went and got two shots, sunday, got five more shots, went in yesterday and got another shot. >> reporter: but it is not an option for infected animals. all mammals are vulnerable. there have been 21 rabid raccoons, 10 bats, two groundhogs and one cat for a total of 34 confirmed rabies cases, more than last year. >> rabies does run in cycles. we might be seeing a peak right now. it also could be that the raccoon population has bred over the years. >> reporter: the best defense of the virus is -- >> binot coming in ticket -- by not coming in contact with the stray animals.
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>> time is critical. should a human being exposed to rabies. for treatment to be effective, it must be started as soon as possible. the maryland zoo is welcoming its two newest editions today. but it is definitely bittersweet news. these two lion cubs, one male, one female, were born to the zoo's lioness, but due six days ago. they are so cute. the cubs are in good health, and are now just beginning to open their eyes. >> but unfortunately, perdue started showing birth complications and passed, away. the zoo says while they are saddened by her passing, they will focus on caring for her young cub. she was beautiful. if you're waiting for someone to get home from works,, let's -- work, let's check on the roads out there. it is a mess out there. >> reporter: more like a nightmare. nobody is moving at this point,
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whatsoever. if you're on 83 or the beltway. northbound harrisburg expressway, bumper to bumper. top side inner loop, as you can see, some areas, from 795 to bel air road. average speed around bel air road, only about 11 miles per hour. west side inner loop, stop and go there, from 895 to liberty road. 70 westbound, seeing a lot of brake lights as well. from 29 to marriottsville road. and northbound 95, that's been a trouble spot all day. delaysdelays continuing there from 32 to the beltway on the southwest side. as far as accidents go, southwestern boulevard, between sulfer spring and the beltway. painters mill at red run road. let's take a live look. as you can see, steady delays on the beltway around 70. this traffic report is brought to you by bge smart energy savers program. running errands, don't forget yao bulbs. visit bge smart back to you. >> all right, kristy, thank you. lights, camera, action.
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tonight, the historic senator theater opens its doors once again, after a multimillion dollar restoration. wjz is live. >> look at that theater with the lights on, right behind me. tickets of today's event old out within three hours. it is all about celebrating the future while also reflecting on the past. >> built in 1939, the sawrnt theater has stood on york road for years. it brought big stars to baltimore as one of the last single-run movie houses. movies like "hair spray ," which appeared 25 years ago. the john waters set became a classic. >> unfortunately, this landmark movie house fell on hard times and almost turned off the lights for good. the city bought it during a
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foreclosure auction in 2009. then it was sold again in 2012. >> reporter: a $3.5 million renovation closed the theater for months. but tonight, the theater finally reopened. >> it's beautiful. when you whack -- walk in, it just takes your breath away. >> new seats and cartons. the rotunda in the lobby was restored and the infrastructure restored. the general manager said everything stayed true to design. >> a lot of things were just in need of a fixing. so to see that transition, to go from that to what it is now, it's just really special. >> reporter: the theater's relaunch will revitalize the area. when it closed, nearby businesses saw sales drop up to 20%. >> it's going to liven up the whole -- really three-block radius here. and i think it will be great for all the businesses in the area. and also for the residents. >> plus, more improvements are on the way. >> need to wait here for years.
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to open up and get back on his feet. now that it's rolling again, should be exciting. >> reporter: for this piece of baltimore history, it's showtime once again. >> and a reception begins in about 40 minutes. that's followed by a screening of hair spray by 8:00 p.m. and starting tomorrow, you can come out and see a film at the senator. three movies and a document are playing. >> it also benefits the enoch pratt free library. proceeds will go towards children and teen literacy programs in baltimore. >> i can't believe john waters is going to be there tonight. >> he's a lot of fun. a great night there tonight. i remember going to the original screening in 1988. it was a lot of fun. let's take a look at temperatures. conditions on a wet, damp evening. 58 now. north winds at 5. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at it, friday and the weekend after this. (nancy) my budget used to be a
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suddeny and warm last week. -- sunny and warm last week. bob has your complete first warning forecast. i see, you put that umbrella. light drizzle. a few spots getting steady rain. take a look at temperatures now. we're at 58 degrees.
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67 at ocean city. and only 50 out in oakland. and at 60 over in d.c., locally. still in the mid- to upper 50s. it will only drop a couple of degrees tonight. but tomorrow, we may get up into the low 60s a little bit. rain on the eastern shore has pretty much ended, as you can see, very few reports of any precip there, east of the bay. it's all from the baltimore area, east and west. and the bulk of it to the hilly area, to the north and west of us. particularly lancaster, and up towards chambersburg area. north of fredericksburg. around the baltimore and d.c. area, light stuff, spotty stuff, except northern baltimore county and northern harford county, and much of north central carol county. all moving in that direction. for this evening, we may get into a lot of cloudy skies, some occasional drizzle. it may redevelop a couple of pockets of rain. but right now, looks pretty quiet. we have breezes out of the north and northeast. 18, 15, 14. didn't get quite as strong as
5:25 pm
we thought. it still has brought all of this moisture and these low clouds and the rain in from the atlantic ocean. we've got low pressure silting pretty much off the carolina coast. but the rain pattern is north of that. the circulation around that low and higher pressure to the north, that circulation between the two of them, they're got this flow coming in off the atlantic ocean. that's brought us the clouds and the rain. as i mentioned, we are now heading over two inches of rain at the airport. you've cut the deficit directly in half. rain still moving into central p.a. but north of that area, pittsburgh is going to drop a little bit in garrett county. and a little here in portions of virginia. but we think that low is going to migrate southward over the next couple of days. it may come a little closer and then get pushed back again. so i think by saturday, may actually just have cloudy skies. i know there's a game at maryland this weekend. may just have a lot of clouds and hold off on that drizzle, just perhaps in the morning. north winds at 10 to 15 on the bay. small craft advisory.
5:26 pm
bay temp around ston still. rain and drizzle from time to time. not all the time. 55 and i a little fog here. 63 tomorrow. a little warmer with occasional periods, unfortunately, of light rain and drizzle once again. >> all right. we're handling it. thanks, bob. we have a reminder for you this saturday, it's a big day of college football, right on wjz. you can see the navy midshipmen take on the navy duke blue devils at noon. still ahead at 5:00. was it really suicide? the shocking new details we're learning about the death of cleveland kidnapper ariel castro. a serial armed robber is arrested by maryland state police. i'm monique griego. coming up, the unique places he would target. a musical portion of iconic singer barbra streisand's biggest hits are coming to a baltimore stage. i'm christie ileto. that story is straight ahead. ♪
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it is 5:29. 58 degrees with rain. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a major arrest by maryland state police. one man is accused in at least 17 armed robberies in baltimore and harford counties. wjz is live at state police headquarters in pikesville. monique griego is live with more on the


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