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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm EST

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we jths ago, but the 's really nice kind of" ist,nd m ryaction nor'eas burie sn trichboro princeton, new jersey. hhe john rawlins is followi anup and joinsi it's the big digtha sure. we arr and lowerchar folks in that direction fortunately the havwe in orchawer.ou l whreine but most likely came downhell theeshen the >> i was setting up the generator and trees at was tha oneond.and twofallartsthem and then his fell acrosst neighborhoods in lower bucks digging out and in for down trees andrahesught tru tho the tthe red ong a e in from this is the she lower bucks county and we
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encourage anybody that does notat. and don'ty for o ng. cndngs toni to yr friends. re of somef those trees under he las mation is t shelter, the r cross she is set up in the municipal center in middletown that. is for the entire area of lcounty. the lasttion ftownship. 5000 peco customers just in p alone. 20% to 25% of the customer are told asing witutot ele finally ag ara >> john, thank you. here are the numbers from across the just over 50,000 enou tc 11,000tlantic ectric customerstingthnd m in burlingto camden membersf pe deployed c counot the n fridhel ate b h the stathunddrening ory nhee reyes ande. >> r the ar sfter a torm - knowjob. second in les >> i was in the hou all day yesterday. >> that was your strategy? >> yes it was just to stay out of it. >> yesterdayugly. >> it dumped half a foot of
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heavy snow in philadelphia. and by morning much of it turned into ice, prompting two hour sc came from old school we e no matter what good last friday there was no delays and i was on the turnpike last fy and you cou >> snow and ice was hardly the concerns. but massive fallent blocked the in south philadelphia this tree fell during the first nor'easter a week ago forcing residents to back in and out of the one way street. >> i'm sick of seeing it lie across the road. the same at 21st and rays. a tree fell on a car blocking the busy street and disrupting the morning rush hour trafte a shoc i was parked there before the storm. the parks and rec are i charge of these downed tree. and they are on call and woraround the clock since is the first nor'easter and trees with
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downed power lines are a priority. but they could not give me a timeline on this cleanup. channel 6 "action news." time now for a check of today's accuweather forecast. there will be lots ohance of ahe viest karen rogers in for david murphy. tracking thet from the w f a>> a breakhe n cou days. stormtracker 6 live double scan 3-d showing the nor'easter that is out of here and another disturbance bringing flurries out to the west and not impacting we have clear skies a particularly bright with all the sunshineing off the white surface of the snow. here are your headlines, thet today but a couple of days with it it doesn't feel like march, windchills are in the 30s today and in fact, next seven days stay on the chilly side. rm.ay into monday. that will be coming up from the outh. lets look at the temperatures. melting is going on and sunshine with the march sun angle. 37 in allentown and 38 in the city. and 40 in millville and yes we
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are below average but we are certainly above freezing and the low 40s later this afternoon. the windchills will be a factor. winds 8 to 16 miles per hour a chilly breeze even though we see temperatures in the low 40s the height of the afternoon, 2:00 3:00, it feels like below freezing factoring in the win it gets chillie and temperatures drop to theon. temperatures in the 20s c than l flurr city and icy spots are iblek more abo ay forecast. on the cleanup and the his fr gin shut down a pipelinsee ste t thentin system could have catastrophic results. it carries and they say theyured the west white land township but the operations are h pending a full inspection. procl the specifics of the president's plan remd and hop soften theg temporary exceptions to canada and mexico. imported steel and 10%
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for aluminum is not sitting well with trump's own party. 108 members of congress expressing concern. and there is more ahead on "action news" at noon. a problem withamazon's hop lar homeice, how alexa reportedly scarihis their own homes. and a decades old mystery may be solved, that he knows what happened to pioneer pilot, amelia earhardt. and karen rogers is back with the accuweather forecast.
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naret l hapd atig hst aas new sch is in theoverands iseto aif uy mos and theear-oremyst sws tha n pacific earhardtears letonesound near the d a they man and aftre-examining the iversity professor they are hers. home is apparently malfunctioninscaring people. the bestoice an witche the company is aon i mcdon tur un m a es owned by a ndman. differentacka emplee names a copd♪aily a lung function all day oron in p
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. well the month of march is coming in like a lion and if the back to back nor'easters have you pining for spring. a visit to the philadelphia flower show could be the cure. tamala edwards meets a long time volunteer that helps the show bloom every spring. >> i want to welcome you to the 2018 philadelphia flower show -- >> every morning of the flower show before the doors open to the public you'll find sheila there leading an early morning tour. >> you are in the hot part of the rain forest offering visitors the intimatew
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of waphsor t yrs leadingthe inform t ior it'cr oar rt mon finish fundsphsou and f ala paw. >> i le ening my cit a a a fromrt4 andelf d ibhat loves the lunteering. and loves the plants and flowers. >> garden is my happy place. time to check out the pwer show a sunday at the pennsylvania conventiocenter. turning tohi noon. s that race the woman is t her on age o f0. n d women and l it could lead to delayed diagnosis of minority women. they believe they should begin e. accordi sa thing.and isrowi problem. half of america adults purchases while under flvey bicans billionso48bert theday in what' experts say that cutting on three things that most americans spend 70% of their money on could be the key to
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quits earlier in life. we'll break down the three things. and whether byent or by choice we have eaten expired food but eating one did that. by eating kreeshl. the surprising way it happened. i can't imagine that tasted good. >> thank you. your accuweather coming up next at noon.
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karen is back with northern check of the forecast.
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ut a fice day. >> it is nice. it feels good with the sun angle being this high in marcference when sunshine. lets take a look outside. and check6 live double scan -- we are dry and seeing at least p skies out e. and sky 6 hd is out checking outnd we see people wund and is a lot of snow out there. and we look live on and they are enjoying a walk and saying glad the not snowing. and look at the windchill it doesn't feel that great out ththe windchill is 28 and 30 in the city. and 33 degrees is what it feels like in cape may. winds gusting at times, 20 miles per hour in lancaster adding to the windchill affect and in the height of the afternoon and only feeling about freezing ite 6 along with action radar showing an area of low pressure sitting and spinning in the upper level of the atmosphere and producishowers.ay and a wit and it'kasy day. 40 degrees.
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and 4:00 still holding at that coming down from the higf and 6:00 37 degrees a chilly night ahead and at 10:00 at night you dip below freezing. get the kids outside i love the pictures that people have shared. kelly sent this she has the kids out there doing all the shoveling what is a good thing because there is melting going on and refreeze tonight. i'm worried about some slick spots tomorrow in the overnight hours it will be colder than last night. last night we dipped down to freezing and tonight in the city 28. and suburbs low tos. it's going to be quite a tough morning with the cold conditions and slick spots here and there and a few flurries and future tracker 6 showing at 1:0n the morning a snow shower approaching the lehigh valley and the poconos. this is at 2:30 in the morning. it's possible one or two places get the snow shower and mostly just a flurry and not a big deal north of the city. in the afternoon friday it looks
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like flurries in the poconos. basically dry tomorrow with just a passing flurry especially northern of the city and feeling winds and staying below average and 43 e is your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today lots of mel on and 42. and saturday a chilly breeze and temperatures below average in the 40s. and set the clo forward on saturday night and sunday sun to clouds. and a storm builds to the south and it's unclear if it stays to the south or brushes us by. if we did we would get rain mixing with snow monday morning. we'll keep watching the storm. tuesday windy and 42 degrees andwednesday 39 degrees. not feeling like march for at least the next seven days. ore ahead in our next half hour o he philadelphia flower show givesreat gardening and lawn tips to transour home. things to do
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>> many par the region were hit hard yesterday. and the roads froze overnight cy conditions this morning and many are with power outages. >> and downed trees are a problem as well. dver a home in medford, knowledge, this morning. the tree fell on the back of the home there and likel damage. just how much we don't know. arethis around the region. and parts of bucks county were and residents got foot of snow. peco is workinge tens tomers in bucks county. walter per has more. council rock school district is closed and peo time getting their started the morning after
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