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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 8, 2018 1:37am-2:10am EST

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thanks, jim. i get that you don't like the guy... that's an understatement. ...but now is not the time. the city is in chaos. people are hurting. we need to pull together as a community. we'll figure out who to blame later. he's still breathing. his pulse is steady. well, that's good, right? that means we have some time to wait for... no, no. no, we don't. okay...[ scoffs ] look. i get it. i just spent a couple of hours pinned under a filing cabinet so i understand. but he's unconscious, right? i mean, what if it's a spinal thing? he's gonna be really mad if we screw it all up and he's paralyzed. [ electricity crackles ] if we, uh... if we wait much longer this whole building's gonna go down, and he's gonna be dead. okay? yeah.
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his temperature's back up, within two degrees of normal. pulse is steady, respirations are good. he's gonna be okay. great. i'd still like him admitted for observation. i agree. amy, you want to make the arrangements? i'll put him on the list. we'll move him as soon as a bed frees up. thank you. i'll be back to check on him. great. thank you. ♪♪ ♪♪ you did good. you did real good. you were strong and you were brave and you hung in there. your dad saved you. ♪♪ [ metal creaks ] [ strained ] it's not gonna work. there's not -- there's not enough leverage. [ pry bar clatters ] yeah, okay, see? now, don't you believe me? can't we just call the fire department
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all your life, i've been telling myself that we're fine on our own that i'm the only parent that you need. tonight you needed your father and he was there. ♪♪ god, if i'd made different choices, ould have been there all along. uh... hey. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt. oh, no, no, no. it's okay. amy told me that he was gonna be all right. so, i just... i wanted to s-see it for myself. oh. i'll go. no. no, no, no, no. no, swtie, come on. come on. that's the last thing that oscar would want. okay, sit down. go on. how are you doing? uh, better.
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good. okay, you know what? i'm gonna go wal stretch my legs. i'll be back in a few minutes, okay? is it okay to talk to him? absolutely. ♪♪ josslyn: okay, this is crazy. um... i've spent hours wanting to be with you. ♪♪ now th i.. don't knhat to say the only reason that you're laying there and i'm sitting here is because you gave me your jacket. it must have kept me warm enough for lo so i didn't have as bad so, thank you for saving me. and i hope that there's never a next time, but if there is, i promise i'll save you right back.
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[ sniffles ] e: [ grunts ] he's out, he's out he's out, right?! yep. he's out. okay. he's out. dante! [ straining ] hold on. yeah, try it. it's heavy. okay. uh... i guess you and bobby never made it down the aisle, huh? what makes you say that? well there was anyou're here, working. ings yeah, unfortunately, they did not all right, you're done. i want you to keep your bandage dry and clean for a few days and you'll be fine. yeah, well much appreciated. i didn't overste i-i didn't -- i mean bringing up the wedding. because you and bobby really seem to make each other happy. we do maother happy. and franco and i are still getting married. we just have to pick a different date. we were on charles street, right in frontbuilding. when the ground started shaking,
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we ran for cover. and the, um, the awning from the star grocery fell and hit molly. she was pinned and i-i wasn't sure i could move the awning thout hurting herthen julian showed up. julian? yeah, he helped me move the awning, and then he helped me carry molly to the hospital. i really don't think we would've made it without him. ♪♪ [ crying ] julian: kim? charlie. hi. hi. everything okay? uh, you know. but i'm getting there. um, oscar, um, he was treated for hypothermia, but he's gonna be okay. so, those are, uh, tears of relief, are they?
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mostly. ♪♪ um, drew was trapped in the aftershock. and we ended up having to leave him because a door fell on him, and we couldn't lift it. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. where is he? i'll go help. no, no, no. it's okay. there's rescuers trying to get him out. but the building it was just so unstable and... i don't know -- i don't know if they're gonna be able to make it in time. [ both grunting ] can you reach that crowbar? oh, yeah, sure. i'll be the one to reach the crowbar. okay then i'll walk awa and we'll leave it on top of you. here. all right. okay, you ready? one, two, three. co: [ grunts ]nte: go, go, go! get out of the way. okay. you're clear. son: g down! ♪♪ ♪♪
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man: he was evacuated from a cng. unconscious, but pupils are equal and responsive. pulse rate is elevated lung sounds are good. he's got multiple contusions and possible internal injuries. okay. we don't have a cubicle free. uh, let's put him over here for now. ♪♪ here we go. one, two, three. go. thanks, fellas. what happened? a freezer door fell on him -- a-a very heavy freezer door. how did you get him out? physics. drew: what the hell...? easy. take it easy. you're in general hospital. kids? huh? where's my wife? where are my kids? relax, buddy. relax. th-they only brought you in. what about my son? his name's oscar. it's weird how the things that i thought were so important,
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they all. i mean, i thought that i would literally die if i didn't wear that dress to the dance. and then it got ruined by that bigoted asshat troy pulver, and...[scoffs] ...i thought that was a tragedy. no. a tragedy is an earthquake. a tragedy is being stuck in a freezer. tr after all this... if you're not okay. ♪♪ oscar? oh, my god! you're awake! i have to go get a doctor. no, don't leave. don't leave. but i have to tell your mom. she's here? she just went for a walk
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but she'll be right back. okay, then. don't leave. stay with me. ♪♪ you know, i-i-i-i've got to pull it together. you know oscar's gonna wake up, he's gonna wonder where i am and -- ugh. and i'm like this and i -- and i can't stop shaking. hey, hey, hey. come here. come here. everything's gonna be okay all right? you don't know that. hmm. re right. i don't. but, listen to me, okay? there's nothing wrong with hoping for the best, okay? [ footsteps approach ] uh, sorry. no, no, no, no. i'm -- i'm sorry. um, i actually -- i got to get back to my son. yeah. thank you. good luck. [ exhales sharply ] not that it's any of my business, but is, uh she all right? she will be. i mean, her son, oscar was injured. and she's, you know, worried about him.
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but he's gonna be okay so... yeah, i can imagine. i mean i don't have to imagine. that's how i feel about molly. yeah, how's she doing? very well, thanks to you. it was no big deal alexis. yeah, actually it was a big deal to me. t.j. said that he wouldn't be able to get her out without your help, so...thank you. well, you're welcome. ♪♪ so was there something else? actually, yes. molly asked to see you. ♪♪ in accordance with state and federal guidelines we are declaring a state of emergency for the city of port charles. we are conducting mandatory evacuations in the areas hit hardest by the quake specifically charles street and the adjacent neighborhoods. we have set up evacuation centers at civic auditorium, the port charles university intramural
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gym and the gym at robert kennedy high school. all evacuation centers are set up for triage and to treat minor injuries. if you need to report a missing person you can do so at the evacuation centers -- coordinators are on-site. this is a very difficult time for all of us, but we are already coming together, helping each other. and we will continue to do so in the days ahead. how do you feel? kind of floaty and relaxed. did they give me something? i don't know. they just said that you had hypothermia. that must explain this electric blanket. oscar. hey. mom. hi. hi. oh... i'm sorry to scare you. ohh, well, uh, you know what? i can't really yell at you for being a hero but...don't do it again, okay? i'll try not to. is drew here? i want to thank him.
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hey. the patient is awake. you dad was asking about you. h-he was? drew's here? he's right ourse's station. there weren't any cubicles available, so he's just waiting for a room. why? is he hurt? he has some serio so we're admitting him for observation. but he should be fine. are you sure? i mean, he can have mine. i feel a lot better. hey, hey, hey. no, no, no, no, no. that's up to the doctor. and he says you need to stay here. ♪♪ mom, can we go check on him? i really want to make sure he's okay. i can do that. you... keep an eye on him. i'm not going anywhere. ♪♪ physics, huh? yeah. you had to be there. give me the short version. there was a door that fell on drew, and so, dante and i lifted the door off of drew.
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dante: uh, not quite. franco got under the door and lifted it up. that's how we got drew out. randy: all available personnel, proceed to the 1500 block of south street to assist with the evacuations. yeah, this is falconeri. i'm en route. thanks. yeah. huh. that happened. he just -- he just thanked me. well you saved drew's life. sadly, that tux isn't gonna recover. i know, right? turns out i'm not james bond. if you want to get changed there's clean scrubs in the locker room. i'm not wearing scrubs. i just feel like i-i really need a shower. ♪♪ feel free to join me. don't tempt me. ♪♪ hi. hey, drew.
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how's oscar? our son is fine. he asked me to come check on you. [ chuckles lightly ] [ sirens wail in distance ] that was crazy. . ♪♪ i need to tell you something. i knew it was you. look, sam... jason, i knew it was you that night on the pier. and when you came into my hospital room the next day. i-i knew it was you. you didn't even have to say anything. my eyet was you, and i couldn't -- i couldn't say anything because i couldn't hurt him like that. it's o-- it's okay. every day, i had to tell myself that this nightmare was over because you're alive. and i know i told you to keep your distance, t i didn't really mean that. every day, i was hoping that i would run into you for a couple of minutes, or just a second
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oxygen mask? i got them to switch it for this stupid thing because i need to talk. aren't you supposed to be resting? yes, i am, but i need to say this first. thank you, julian, for saving t.j. and me. ♪♪ uh, you know i'm just glad i was there. so am i. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ when this is all over,
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i really need to apologize to that cop. what cop? the one that evacuated me from the floating rib. i wanted to stay with you, but he dragged me away and i was so mad that the entire ride to the hospital, i threatened to sue him -- yeah? yeah. i said that the pcpd has a history of bias against my family -- which is actually true -- and that i have the best lawyer in the state -- which is also true -- and that he would lose his badge for this. wow. you sound so fierce. [ snickers ] yeah. uh, i was a total bitch. yeah... but you were fighting to stay with me, so i'm flattered. ♪♪ i will always fight to stay with you. ♪♪ so they're keeping oscar for observation, as a precaution, but he's gonna be okay. can't believe he got hypothermia.
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] can you believe it? trapping himself in a freezer. well, you know what? you got to cut him some slack sometimes. women make you do stupid things. well, you know, i think it's a lot easier in san diego. you want to kiss a girl, you take her for a walk on the beach. you don't take her into a walk-in freezer? no. no. [ chuckles ] i'm sorry. to oscar. i didn't give you a chance to be his father until now. you're a great mom. it's easy to see that. i might not agree with some of your choices, but, uh, i can see you made them out of love for oscar. i did. you should be proud. he's and i have a chance to get to know him, now. and for that i am grateful. me, too. you know, if it hadn't been for you tonight... you saved his life. that's not true.
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we were both there. we both saved his life. and he's gonna be okay. yeah. ♪♪ i love you. ♪♪ and i didn't -- i didn't say it until now, because i just -- i just didn't want to pressure you, you know? i wouldn't let you say it. because i couldn't hear it. i made such a mess of this whole situation. no, listen. none of us did this. ♪♪ not me, not you, not drew. it was done and, look, there's no easy or clean way out. but no matter what... ♪♪ ...i know that you love me.
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♪♪ sam, i love you. ♪♪ if that's all it is... sighs ] ...that's enough. ♪♪
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