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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 7, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to wear for up to 12 weeks. right, freshness for weeks! downy unstopables. for a fresh too feisty to quit. and now try downy unstopables with the original scent of tide >> ♪ >> slushy snow is already covering many streets. this is nor'easter is just getting started. >> storm tracker6 is tracking the storm which is expected to bring major snowfall to parts of our area. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today along with hundreds of others. they're running at the bottom of your screen and also at
5:31 am >> let's head over. it's 5:30 this morning on this wednesday march seven. we've got live team coverage in a moment but first let's go over to matt pelman who is keeping an eye on traffic. >> and also meteorologist karen rogers in for dave murphy. good morning. >> yeah, you've got a lot to talk about. >> we do, that's right. the storm is developing, impacting the area already but conditions are really going get worse pretty shortly. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live 3-d so, the area of low pressure, the nor'easter is just beginning to take shape and so far it's really on track. it's about 50 to 70 miles off the coastline right now. as it tracks up the coast, it is going to intensify and produce even more snowfall. so, a few things that we're watching right now. let's take a look at the impacts. this is a high impact event. we want to warn everybody when you step outside and it doesn't seem that bad just yet that's because it hasn't intensified yet. the peak is later on in the daytime, late morning into the early afternoon hours. the heaviest snow potentially north and west. the strongest winds, though,
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at the coast but we could still see up to 40 miles an hour winds in the city itself. the winter storm warning from the national weather service extended from yesterday, now including areas in south jersey. 'cause we are thinking south jersey is going to get hit hard by this in burlington gloucester camden salem counties as well of course as i-95 corridor and north and west. let's show you the latest with storm tracker6 live double scan. as i go in a little bit, so as you see the motion lifting up to the north going into the city, not everybody's getting hit at the moment very hard in norristown, you're pretty degree it in malvern and downingtown, coatesville just a few flurries in west chester. picking up a little in chadds ford. right in the city, we're seeing mostly light snow but look at what's happening to some of the bands down to the south. this is still lifting up to the north and we look at the bands in the south and you're seeing those areas of lavender where it's really coming down good in berlin, not the case in cherry hill but in glassboro, on the new jersey turnpike near woodstown. so watching those bands really intensify south of the city
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right now. and through the morning, mostly slushy roads north and west and south and east many of the roads are wet but in those intense bands that we saw they're getting slushy as well. it's all getting worse, though, in the afternoon and that's what you got to watch for, the heavy wet snow, the gusty winds. we're going to talk about the latest thinking of this and where the heaviest snow is falling coming up in a few minutes matt. >> basically we want everybody to be back in their homes by 9:00 or 10:00 this morning if you can be. that's when you want to hunkerdown and plan to not head out for the rest of the day. if you have to head out right now though we're looking okay for the most part on the highways. like 422 headlights coming eastbound on a wet road surface. schuylkill expressway off 422, this is the scene in king of prussia and again it's very wet. the crews are waiting in the ready here on the eastbound shoulder. they're ready to go. if you encounter one of them six car lengths is the distance you should maintain between that salt truck and
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yourself. between that salt truck and snow is falling. you can see it in the overhead light but it's still just making the road wet, not really snow covered here along 95 at academy road. and again, we're really wet here by penn's landing. this is columbus boulevard and northbound side. some trucks and cars trying to get through the tidal flooding but i don't think i would. stay over on 95 instead of columbus boulevard delaware avenue this morning. matt. >> all right, matt, thanks so much. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes gives us a live look at the northwestern suburbs. she joins us along route 309 in montgomeryville. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. boy, is it going to look different this afternoon. for your afternoon commute compared to this morning. right now one thing we'll be saying a lot is it's just wet. take a live look behind me. it is accumulating quite quickly on the grass but once you get to the less traveled areas you'll see the slush and on the main roads it's mostly just wet. that's what we've beencñ seeing on 76, 276 and 309 but we did see a lot of plow trucks and other trucks positioned and
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ready to go on the ramps and shoulders but you may want to hope for heavy machinery when it comes to plowing this snow. wet also comes into play as well. it will be that wet heavy snow that you'll have to -- it's suggested that you go out and plow it several times today to lessen the burden on yourself. take a light volume tone what one plow truck driver had to say about his workload and how long his day will be. >> usually when will we get a good foot of snow we're out about 22, 23 hours straight. sometimes a little longer. depends. >> reporter: all right. is that good news or bad news for you. >> good news. yeah, boost the economy, right, everybody is making money. >> reporter: right. one plow truck put it pretty interestingly. he said it's like raining money when it's snowing tm much. we are expecting at peak one to 2-inches per hour so make sure this afternoon you take it slowly but of course the earlier you can get home the better. reporting live in montgomeryville, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." matt. >> there are bwnefits, thank you,$qp'ette. a snow emergency goes into
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that effect in the city of philadelphia at 8 o'clock this morning. it makes it mandatory toñmg remove parked cars to make room for the plows along the snow emergency routes. >> please be patient with difficult roadwayor situations. please keep walkways clear and avoid shoveling snow into the street. >> the city has more than 400 pieces of equipment in operation. trash trucks are now fitted with snowplows. >> some parts of delaware county are still dealing with the aftermath of friday's nor'easter. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live now at eagle and darby roads in havertown and bob, you would imagine a lot of people are worried what the end of this day will bring for them. >> reporter: yeah, tam, absolutely, some of these poor people out here in delaware county especially havertown and some other areas they just got hammered on that storm on friday. there were so many trees down. i've been doing stories about this, trees and poles dangling and power lines out here. now take a look. we have snow covering every power line and every tree limb when you come out here. when folks come out and wake
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up this morning and they take a look outside this is eagle and darby road. this is how it looks everywhere you go right now out here, thick, wet, heavy snow sticking to everything. we hope those power lines hold up. we hope those tree limbs hold up. good reminder right now, i'll talk about any property, any cars underneath any big tree limbs, you don't want to think about moving that. i saw it from the storm on friday. i saw tree limbs come down on the cars. be careful that can cause some damage. now, just to track the accumulation right now we're up over 3-inches, so it is continuing. the snow is sort of maybe let up just a little bit. we know that's not going be the case for today but it's been coming down pretty steady where we're at right now. just to give you an example how thick, how wet this snow is you can barely grip it and it forms a perfect snowball so it's going to stick, it's going to be compacted, it's going to get heavy. we have a gentleman shoveling the sidewalk where we are right now, if we can turn the camera, maybe we can shout something to him. hey, excuse me. how's the snow? heavy?
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>> getting there. [inaudible] >> reporter: getting there. and it's not going to stop. this is just the beginning. he says it's getting there. it looks heavy. i can tell you what, i'm getting tired watching that guy but we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. we'll keep an eye on things out here. >> you know what, bob, you might want to trade with him. he'll really get tired and maybe he'll stand in your spot. what do you think. >> reporter: i'm keep my job. he can keep the snow shovel job. >> take him a cup of coffee. delaware was one of the first places to see snow overnight. this is viewer video of the flakes flying in smyrna on route hundred at dickerson street. new video from evesham township burlington county. snow was accumulating on grassy surfaces along main street this morning. new jersey is under a state of emergency. state offices will be closed today. governor phil murphy says he decided to declare the state of emergency due in part to the potential for significant
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power outages. though there's a higher chance of that in north jersey. and thousands of people will be riding out the storm still in the dark from the last big storm. peco reports 10,815 outages. that is down, however, from the peak which was more than half a million people out there with no power caused by friday's nor'easter. >> 5:39 now. karen, when it really starts to accumulate it's going to be hard to shovel. it's going to be heavy snow. >> so heavy and wet because tdmperatures, surface temperatures are staying above freezing its a wet snow, so the colder it is the kind of lighter and fluffier it is. it's going to be a back breaker trying to get rid of all of this. let's take a look outside. snow is coming down pretty steadily on our sky6 camera steadilyy$s we look live right t the parkway in center city. you see the flags kind of gently blowing. the winds haven't really picked up just yet. i want to show you storm tracker6 live double scan. there are a couple things that we're noticing with this. one that rain line has shifted a little bit closer to the city. now rain through much of south
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jersey but we also have some pretty intense snow bands forming as well. so to the north and west you don't have a whole lot right now in norristown malvern downingtown a few flurries in coatesville and chadds ford but along i-95, along the schuylkill you're getting kind of that light snow right now. look as we go further to the south and that's where you see the brighter areas. you see the difference as we look at this picture? you're seeing all of the lavender right here and that's a good band of snow. that's why in evesham township we were showing you that shot and it's accumulated on the grass on the park benches there. that's woodstown glassboro berlin not quite in cherry hill but in hammonton and then you have that rain-snow line which is pushing a little closer to the city as the morning progresses but this is really just the beginning of it. the area of low pressure just starting to take shape. maybe 50 top 70 miles off the coastline right now. that's pushing just a little bit eastward. so we're going to see kind of a sharp cutoff with the snowfall as you look farther north and west. let's show you a future tracker and give you an idea what we expect. at 7:30 this morning, you're
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seeing that snowfall north and west in the city, rain south and east so that's the morning commute. then we advance this to 11 o'clock and you can see that it's starting to intensify. that snow is coming down heavily. you see the darker shades of purple there. and that snow band reaching all the way down to south jersey and millville. we advance this to 1 o'clock, kind of the height of the storm, look at the area of low pressure. you can kind of see its intensity. snow will be falling straight from mount pocono to along the coastline at 1 o'clock and then it eases up by 6 o'clock, it's already pulling out of the city and pushing up off the coastline. what do we expect out of this? the thinking hasn't really changed since last night. the area of gray, millville, smyrna, maybe one to 3-inches. three to 6 inches lakehurst, williamstown, and salem. six to 10 i-95 corridor, the area in pink and the area in purple bull's-eye 10 to 16-inches from doylestown lansdale pottstown allentown,
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mount pocono. the one thing that we're kind of watching behind the scenes as the storm develops, no the changing it but watching is do we get a sharp cutoff right here? do you get a lot less as you go just west of allentown and reading? is this jackpot area or the area with the heavier snow shifting a little bit more to the east as this low tracks? that's something that we're going to keep an eye on and we'll let you know if we make any changes with that. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. it's a heavy wet snow. the winds are going to pick up late this morning as is the snow. 35 for your high. tomorrow it's blustery, some sunshine, 40 degrees. friday we could sneak in a morning snow shower especially north of the city, 43. still chilly on saturday. normally we would be about 50. it's 43 for your high. and then daylight saving time begins saturday night into sunday. sunday's partly sunny and 46. still watching the coast. at this point most models suggest this storm stays to our south but we're keeping an eye on munn. mostly cloudy skies and 44. tuesday windy and chilly,
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44 degrees. so, as you look at that seven-day forecast, staying below average. today staying above freezing but once that snow, that storm system really intensifies it's going to come down heavily enough accumulating on the roads. >> okay. >> all right, we'll be prepared. it is now 5:43 and we're following some developing news. a hit-and-run driver kills a pedestrian on the main line. >> a child and her mother are hit by a car. the driver takes off on foot and six people rush to the scene to help the little girl who was beneath it. >> and a dog is found stabbed and left for dead near a septa station. we'll give you the full story. matt. >> that's awful. good morning, tam. we're live here in bensalem bucks county. route one over top the pennsylvania turnpike just wet and at this point the track is moving okay. we know that won't be the case later on. lots of issues in the burbs, chester and delaware county suburbs. we'll talk about it when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪ so i want my glasses to be unique...
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here. we've got mobile6 out there, 95 northbound just past cottman, one of those major arteries and you can see the roads there, mainly you're dealing with it being wet but those windshield wipers are going back and forth with snow also coming down along the roadway. >> i know it's not a -- it's just a snapshot matt but that looked like some pretty light traffic for this time of day, right. >> we expect that. a lot of people are off school today, of course, some people going to be off work so that's less. buses on the roads as well which helps us out. we're looking live in downingtown matt and tam, this
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is chester county route 30 bypass near business 30 right by the home depot over here. hope you went to the home depot yesterday and got some rock salt, maybe throw some of that in your trunk or can it dee litter in case your wheels start spinning later on today in the snow, it's a good idea to have that on hand to throw under those wheels maybe a shovel in the trunk would be a good idea as well. so just wet at this point on the 30 bypass. but on the secondaries we've been having some issues. had downed wires along 340 in west caln. in schuylkill township still downed wires along pot house road at state road so i would avoid that but at this point no major issues along 422, the pennsylvania turnpike or 202. it's just wet conditions. maybe a little bit slippery on some of the on and off ramps. in demko bunch of issues here. newtown square gradyville road westbound is blocked because of a downed tree. palmer's mill gets you around it. middletown township a downed tree along forge road. brookhaven creek road has debris in the road.
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cock couldn't toured would be a better bet. live look in pennsauken. ahead here on 73 maybe you can see the flashing lights. the police officers are out here. it's because there are downed wires along 73 right at 130 as you come off the tacony-palmyra bridge. so i wouldn't, i'd head for the betsy ross bridge and route 90 instead. elsewhere on 130 at the brooklawn circle by the diner still high water so a lane is blocked in both directions there. matt. >> thank you, matt. developing this morning radnor township police are searching for the driver who struck and killed a pedestrian. investigators say the driver slowed down but then sped off. it happened on the 500 block of lancaster avenue at 8 o'clock last night. police describe the vehicle, the striking vehicle as a dark colored suv possibly a gmc with damage to the front driver's side. call radnor police if you have any information on that. philadelphia police are looking for the driver who hit a mother and two children on a sidewalk and then ran off. it happened at rowland and tyson avenues in the city's mayfair section at 7:00 last
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night. the crash pinned a three-year-old girl under the striking car. police say about six bystanders rushed over, picked up the car and pulled the child out. she is in critical condition k her 36-year-old mother and four-year-old sister suffered bumps and bruises. investigators say they found drug paraphernalia in the striking car that the driver left behind. >> new here on "action news" the pennsylvania spca is asking for the public's help uncovering information about a dog found stabbed in north philadelphia. a passerby found the dog who has been named ruby near the fern rock train station on monday morning. ruby had multiple stab wounds along with other injuries. sheets currently in stable condition and tips can be left anonymously on the pennsylvania spca's cruelty hotline. >> 5:49 now. a father finds an unusual punishment for his son is accused of being a bully. >> also the action cam looking live there in center city at 15th and j.f.k. you can see the roadways are wet and as the morning goes on, you'll see more and more
5:50 am
snow start to accumulate. we've got our eye on this nor'easter. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> the snow is falling in chester county. the action cam was in west chester as the plows came through. this is what it looked like on market street near north church street. >> i think that's right near cuma. >> should we go there, too. >> you guys have a long list of food places. >> they've got bars, wawa, sushi. >> i love sushi. i'll have it any time of the day. >> i think we're hungry. >> i think that's right. >> if you're hungry for wet conditions. port richmond aramingo avenue at ann street not a lot of traffic out and about. keep in mind the snow emergency takes effect in the city at 8 o'clock so if you're parked along the snow emergency route, time to move those cars before 8:00 this morning. trains are not on normal weekday schedules. regional rails, for instance, are basically on a saturday schedule. karen. >> let's take a look right now at the winds that we expect today. 35 to 45 miles an hour philadelphia and west of the city. and east we're looking at 45 to 55 miles per hour winds with with this nor'easter. you combine that with heavy wet snow and that's one of the
5:54 am
reasons we're so concerned about power outages. for the most part i would say the storm is behaving itself as anticipated of the the area of low pressure just starting to develop now. about 50, 70 miles off the coastline and tracking up to the north and east. one thing that we'll be watching is to see if we get a sharp cutoff north and west of the snow but at this point snow totals are on track for six to 10-inches along the i-95 corridor, matt. >> thank you, karen. storm updates always a tap or swipe away on our free 6abc app and we want to see the snow in your neighborhoods. share your pictures by using #6abcaction on social media. >> ♪
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>> thorn hill and his wife drove alongside the 10-year-old as he ran the mile from their house to his school in roanoke. hayden says he has not gotten into any more trouble in school and he feels like he's learned his lesson. >> i would, too. 5:57 now and it's already a messy morning commute and the worst is yet to come. >> let's take a live look here from havertown, delaware county. you can see the snow, look at that, you can see it's really
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get your first prescription free at >> ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday march seventh. much of the area is happily or unhappily waking up to yet another winter wonderland. >> right now a rain and snow mix has been falling for hours. snow is already sticking to the ground and a lot more is on the way. we're timing it all out. >> all philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools closed today. hundreds of others are joining them. that's at the bottom of your screen and also at >> we have team coverage for conditions around the region. first up let's go to karen rogers in for dave murphy and matt pelman is watching the


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