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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 7, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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went on the road for the sixers and for most nba teams but tonight a very good result. >> in the nba it's not often you play the same team in a week but the sixers never got the memo and iverson in the house and saw a good one and mcconnell and ben simmons up a dozen and simmons 16 points and fourth quarter
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robert covington 5, 3 and sixers up by 15 later simmons gives it to joel embiid it's a dunk party and embiid scored 18 sixers win 128-114. flyers hoping to regain the form and will take a losing streak tomorrow against the pittsburgh penguins and wayne simmons was expected to return to the line up tomorrow he was out with an upper body injury and simmons is feeling good. >> i just want to see if i can come in and help the boys and make an impact. >> he is a big part of our team so it will look good, he is you know i believe he is ready to go and it's nice to have him back in the line up. >> hosted troops with lake hurst and had lunch exchanged stories and it was hard to tell who was in more awe of the other and
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phillies had a day off from grape fruit league and will host the red sox
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college basketball is about to get real fun real quick conference tournaments underway and the big one tomorrow and two
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seat villa nova no action until thursday and will find out if it will be de-paul or marquette. >> we were a top seat and have to wait longer and have player games in ncaa tournament as coaches it's a little nerve wracking and i don't think the players care but the coaches we do because we have to cover a lot of things in practice rather than focus on one opponent. >> temple will begin playing the aac tournament thursday in orlando against tulane and need to win to make the ncaa tournament and tulane said what happens. >> what happens in our league and most leagues you will play the first round game and typically played that team twice already and know us pretty well we know them fairly well so we are just but it's all going to
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come down to who is making more shots. >> let the madness of march begin. >> women in center city philadelphia the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania recognized four women for making the community a better place and ran take the lead program at the height of the bellevue from start to finish these young girls remerging rz as leaders themselves and a look at the accuweather. >> the snow is going eastward and double scan it's moving quickly and snowing in philadelphia south jersey and getting that evaporative cooling 1-3" at dawn and nor'easter cranks up north and west of philadelphia 10-16" and looks 6-10 along the i-95 corridor and less because of mixing and the wind is certainly going to be a wild ride tomorrow. >> jimmy kimmel is live followed
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by night line and neil patrick harris and the bachelor and musical guest john party and action news continues early at 4:00 a.m. for the latest on the information and school closers with matt and tamala and karen rogers and dave murphy and for cecily tynan and ducis rodgers and the entire news team i'm jim gardner. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a mama dog left in the road tries to guard her baby. >> her other puppy's inside that
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bag. >> how some good samaritans saved them all from certain death. >> i'm so confused by this evil. a wife's about to get a big surprise. >> oh. >> how her soldier made it home in the knick of time. we've got an idiot on wheels alert. >> what are you doing? >> the clueless driver with some kind of tunnel vision. and a funny look at the perils of being the short friend. >> are you ready? >> okay. >> apparently you're also an armrest. >> get the view through their eyes of what it's like down there. >> i've never had any complaints so far. justian in brazil is a huge pet advocate. this is a mother with her puppies. she has been bundled up by
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someone and left on the road. her other puppies inside that bag. >> the person who did this was so malicious, they just expected the dog to get run over and that's it. leave it on the road. >> so confused by the evil of this. >> and to leave them to die, which is essentially what happened here. they pick up the one puppy that's out and they securely place it in the vehicle. then they start cutting into the bag, where the mom is, and look at the other puppies that are in there. i'm sure barely able to even breathe. first they said that the dog barked at them, but when they realized they were actually there to help, she calmed down and let them take them away to safety. >> that poor dog's going to have to learn to trust humans again. we don't all suck. >> they say she was actually bleeding from a cancerous tumor that may be the reason why they were abandoned like this, but now she's going to be treated with chemotherapy and the puppies are said to be healthy
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and fine. there is another video where we see the mom, she's looking a lot healthier. the puppies are said to be just fine. she said the community came together to pay for the chemotherapy and the medical treatment that the dog is going to need to make it out of this one all right. >> she probably won't have any trouble finding a forever home for the pup. >> or she might end up keeping them. she already has like 50 dogs in her home with her husband so they must have the space. they definitely have the heart. it's a nice september day in parris island, south carolina, this is video from last year. there in the distance suddenly a figure crosses from left to right. camera pans over and we get to see amber. hi amber, as she is distracted, big foot coming up behind her. totally caught off guard, because her fella, jory, has come home to surprise her.
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and with good reason he has. >> there's the baby. >> yes, yes, she is super pregnant. he wasn't supposed to be due back into november, nearly two months from now. clearly though he was able to pull some strings, come back and surprise her just in time. the baby was born actually nine days after this reunion, a full two weeks early, so beautiful timing from dad and from mom, so they can enjoy this whole experience together. >> that's awesome. >> okay, are we sitting comfortably, boys and girls? >> um-hum. >> because it's story time. mason here sitting in class, telling a story to everybody. everybody's focus on him. suddenly the story takes a turn. >> daddy! >> big bear hug for dad, who has been away for nine months, and as much of a surprise as it was for mason, it was a big surprise for dad as well, because he didn't know that mason could read. so mason has been having some vision problems but he'd been working hard, got himself some glasses and this was the first
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time dad had ever seen him doing that as well, so in this case it was a double surprise. >> so off to ice cream we go, right? >> sweet ice cream. >> we're not staying in class. >> no, you can't. when you go into a tunnel, you've got to commit. you can't be like this person in slovakia who has gone into the tunnel, stops, and now cars are entering. this car, luckily, sees it, stops, backs up, goes around. >> whoa. my gosh, do you not realize the danger you're in right now? okay, all right. >> getting out -- no! what are you doing? >> yes. now the driver turns around and is going out of the tunnel the wrong way. oh, wait. there's other cars coming into the tunnel, too. this black car sees the car coming at it. >> wow. >> you are so stupid. >> if your mind is blown this far, just keep watching because now the driver continues down that road the wrong way, passing other cars. now watch this, though.
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because now it stops again. >> this is the turn they missed, right? >> and the driver sees the turn that they missed and goes oh, that way. let's go. >> the fact that we got away with that entire video with not one accident is miraculous. >> don't hold your breath. we're headed over to tennessee where we've got dash cam video and headed down the highway, when suddenly this jeep comes into frame. >> whoa, that was awful. >> yes, and takes that car out, head-on, boom! >> that was the worst part, because they both swerved to avoid, but they swerved the same way. >> oh that's not the worst part. the worst part is the story behind the video, because the person with the dash cam video was a witness to all of this, and says that the silver jeep caused another accident three miles back, and was being chased by the victim. when the driver of the jeep decided to take a shortcut and head off onto that highway where he then hits that other car head-on. the witness says the driver of the jeep had his lady and two
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children in the car, around 3 1/2 and 7 months old. >> wow. that is so awful. >> the folks involved though were really lucky on this day because they walked away with slight cuts and bruising. this is video postcard i'll call it, of ireland, beautiful shot after beautiful shot, brilliantly put together by team superstamp, devin supertramp and his friends. >> cool. >> you know it's high quality, offset to the poem by robert frost. listen. >> so as for the passing here, had warned them really about the same. >> the featured model in this video is devin's wife. she also may seem familiar to some. and oli, perhaps you'll recognize this location, it's an island off the coast of ireland called skellig michael. >> that's where luke's been
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hiding for all of these years from "the last jedi." >> a lot of times we see videos they need to call the tourism board. don't worry, devin's already been in touch with the ireland tourism authority. they actually helped make this video together. so if you're trying to convince somebody to go with you to ireland, i don't think they'd need much more than this. >> you don't need any convincing. you just got to show them this video. here charge with the card, go. >> that was the rock he was training with the light saber. it's bridge day in west virginia, and they celebrate it in quite a unique way. >> this is katie hanson and she's about to go. >> and you're about to find out where. what? that's kind of cool. and everything seemed perfectly normal with this train. but instead of a woo, woo, you may want to get a look out! see what he caught on video. >> whoa!
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closed captioning provided by -- is winter. cortizone-10 works fast to help soothe irritation and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone-10. it's bridge day, ladies and gentlemen, or at least it was. bridge day happens in west virginia. this is katie hanson and she's about to go.
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>> ha, ha, ha, ha! >> sendoff! >> what? >> if you think that's crazy check out katie's viewpoint as she gets launched off the bridge. >> that's kind of cool. they built like a catapult for base jumping? >> was this person guilty of something? >> no, this wasn't a consequence. they signed up for it and they're smiling the entire time. this is a happy occasion. >> the second happy part would be when you see the canopy open. >> yes. they call this next video snowy pipe. you'll see why. the person coming into frame -- ♪ is inside and playing the heck out of that bagpipes. >> sthis that the only song eve played on bagpipes? it's the only song i hear. >> doesn't matter if you're running in the back of the boat or plane or whatever, they always sound just as bad.
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>> seems like people who play bagpipe are the only ones that want to do weird things with their bagpipes. you ever seen somebody playing the clarinet do something like that? >> you got to spice things up and keep it fresh. >> like the bagpipes aren't spicy enough. >> there's always room to spice things up. ♪ it turns out macaroons are good not just for enjoying a delicious, sweet treat, they're good for art, too and casart from casari free on instagram created this super cool stop motion video with delicious macaroons. >> i have no self-control, there might be one less to do all this art with. >> only half of each macaroon. >> i get confused, macaroons with pastry an macaroon and emanuel donaldson macron the president of france. >> he created this clever stop motion video using sketches.
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>> the snail is my favorite. >> you have spiders, you have the little snails, you've got a turntable. >> you can play with your food. see mom? >> this is using a half eaten doughnut because i think there was no restraint in that one. i'd like to open up the opportunity for him to send us delicious doughnuts and cup takes so we can make art. >> i can do cool art with some wine. >> coffee perhaps? >> perfect. >> do you know, we're open. we're creative. >> chocolate. some people really get into the idea trains, like logan can do. he has his youtube channel called kingston fire buff. he likes to take his cameras up, set up near a train crossing and watch the trains cruise by. kingston, skron tare yo, a big one coming down the tracks. >> like a kid's dream. >> as the train cars rumble on by, he hears a big hit. i don't think he thought much
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about it at the time. shortly after that hit, look at the back end of the train, you see some dust kicking up, a car wobbling. >> oh! >> wait a minute! >> he caught a derailment happening right in front of him. >> what was that sort of his noise? >> logan calls it a release of air and then the tail approaches, in his words, the last car tips crazing a drawbar break on the third to last car. scary moment indeed. of course this shut down that corridor for hours. crazy moment to be in the right spot. this next video going quite viral for very obvious reasons. >> the back of a train, woo! >> come on, man. >> we believe this to be liam haslett, 20 years old. he describes himself on instagram as a professional subway surfer. police have located this guy. liam is reported to have called up the toronto transit commission and asked what would my fines be, and they responded, fines could range anywhere
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between $181 to $330, depending on charges. according to reports, charges have recently been filed. >> there's a bigger price to pay, should this go the wrong way. >> you're right because the toronto transit commission says the rails beneath the train carry about 600 volts so if you do happen to jump off or fall off, you likely will not survive if you come in contact with one of those rails. >> woo! this little cutie got creative with play time. >> oh, snap. that is mom's lipstick? >> but she was caught red handed. >> enough with the questions, dad. i'm in a bit of a predicament here. plus it's a 300-foot deep hole in the ice. >> in the middle, they're going to drop ice down. >> see what happens. >> what? for safe drivers. coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno.


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