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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 6, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> they're feral. >> a pack of wild dogs chase a deer into the ocean after -- >> the deer decided to take its chances. >> how it survived riding the waves like a pro. a cruise living on the razor's edge as they rolled through the desert. the minor miscalculation that led to a major meltdown. rescuers make their move but. >> will this dog treat or retreat? >> will the big guy take the bait? he was like hey, what's up. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including a big box gender reveal. >> it's another concussion
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waiting to happen. >> how many times it takes to finally drop the hint. why do they always like weld these boxes shut? when you gotta go, you gotta go and this deer has gotta go. it jumped right out into the ocean. that's because it has company. >> oh, i love those dogs. they have no hair, but these are wild, aren't they? >> yes, tell that to the deers. >> it jumped into the ocean, is there any by any chance a pack of great white sharks? >> the deer decided to take its chances. big wave, we have it in slow mo and the wave overtakes it. >> oh no, the wave, the ocean is pushing it back to the dogs. >> so are these dogs like the dingos of mexico? >> no, they're a mexican breed that is highly coveted. >> they can go back to the folks who want them because the deer
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wants none of this. the deer endures wave after wave and at this point it's like all right, okay. woo. that was a close call, and safe. >> really? got away with it, enjoyed some tubes? >> it trots off. >> that deer deserves to live. >> this fella decided this chipmunk deserved to live as well. >> chipmunk, hey little buddy. maybe he's hibernating. i bet he is. >> i don't want to wake up. >> we've all been there. we've all been there, and that's exactly what it looks like especially as kids, leave me alone, let me be. >> why is he tearing his house apart? >> he was digging a hole when he spotted it. we decided to remove it. >> it's still asleep. >> creates a new hole and pops the little guy back in there. >> doesn't that mess with his sense of direction once it wakes up? >> wait until he gets his first
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cup of coffee and then he'll figure it out. i'm coming for a race team to kick up some dust as they roll through a desert race at the 2018 utv winter national in parker, arizona, the parker 50. here coombs valor racing, kicking up more dust than i think they anticipated, as they rolled through the desert. watch this again as their polaris razor 1000 just kind of spits parts. kyle miller the driver and josh barnes were both okay. >> we did not know there was a giant downhill on the other side so by the time our vision caught there is no more horizon left, we are launching at 70 miles an hour over the top of this hill. >> the codriver, josh barnes, was about to say -- >> this turns right and when i looked up and the ground
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disappeared and we go sailing off. >> split the power lines and uh-oh. >> oh. >> here's josh. >> we didn't know that was there. all the dangers on the map said there was a guide wire so i told kyle to shoot through the guide wires. we got the car out of the desert there. didn't take too long. it was pretty semple, just hooked up the bumper, basically dragged it out. >> the fact they just talk about it like it's nothing. well this is what went wrong. can't do that again. >> that's racing, that's all part of it. sadly, this was only four miles in. the chassis itself was mostly intact. some bends they have to mend. going to be a little work but they plan on racing in their next big event. hope for pause is on the rescue and now we're going to play a game of treat or retreat. will the dog ask for the treat or will the dog retreat? will it run away?
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round one, nick, you're in the hot seat. >> i say retreat. he doesn't know them yet so he's going to bail. >> they get a call about the black dog on the corner. looks like a newfoundland. is nick a winner of this round? [ buzzer ] >> he was just like hey, what's up? >> probably the most anti-climatic offering of a cheeseburger, newfis are super sweet. round two, christian, you're up. not only do they offer a cheeseburger, they offer the lucky leash at the same time. this dog treat or retreat? >> dude, this dog is going to be smart and take the whole bag of treats and run. >> she has the lucky leash and the cheeseburger. will the dog retreat, will it take the treats? it is taking the treats. christian ding, ding, ding, she was right. they get the lucky leash around its neck. >> this is probably one of the easiest rescues they've ever had to do.
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>> oh yeah, it was but when it's time for the bath he looks super sad. >> everest don't look so bummed. >> then he's ready for some couch time but wait, there's more, because they're headed to oregon because there's a family near redmond who is willing to take everest in and he's already got family. that's clyde, the white and black newfi you see there, a companion to bonnie right there. >> imagine the dog has been sitting on the side of the street in the middle of like l.a. and now it's like hey, enjoy the countryside. he must be like, wow! >> he's also got a job. he's going to go through training to be a service dog just like clyde his big brother. he'll go to children's hospital and spread love and joy, so ding, ding, ding, big winner in treat or retreat. >> good boy. maybe you guys have seen it on the news but parts of europe have been dealing with the beast from the east. the huge storm that came through and turned europe, the uk island
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into a winter wonderland and some people have to get excited including this fella. >> which way are you going? >> in there. >> he wants to see if he can put the shape of his face in snow. >> he's iffing to fall in there. it's too -- >> waiting to see his head in the snow and slippers up in the air. >> it takes a turn but not the one we expect. >> don't come in like that. >> gets his face in there and a relatively good one but not quite up to the standard he was hoping for. he goes for it again and gives it all of it. >> oh [ bleep ]. there's a brick wall there. >> he's literally holding onto the brick wall to stabilize himself and head butts the wall. >> oh [ bleep ]. there's a brick wall there. >> what a wally but don't worry, he's completely fine. our next video from ireland shows a dad created himself an igloo. >> are you actually for real? a man cave for him and his son.
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>> you are taking this man cave thing a whole bit too far. >> he built himself an igloo but managed to get power to the thing and they have themselves a tv, dvd player, got himself some cold drinks. genius! they need a baby name so they're getting help -- >> in their fans. >> this is our bracket challenge. >> see how you can get in on the naming madness. >> got to be creative so you stand out. and little girls leap into action to help their sugar glider. they're doing the best they can to work on their precious little pet. the amazing moments when their quick thinking saves the life. >> it's like you do love me. you fought for me. brought to you by ancestry. unlock your past, inspire your future. i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree.
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closed captioning provided by -- to help soothe irritat ion and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone-10. tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. something's just not right. excuse me, sir, there's a, uhm -- >> that's a ford fiesta driving along with no clue. is there anyone in that car? >> there was a person inside of the car and as it gets closer
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you're just like excuse me, did you see that? >> apparently he doesn't because it's one of those flat front trucks. maybe that car is too small to see. >> you're not hearing i don't know, tires, maybe the horn. >> the street's wet so maybe it's not making a squeal. >> reports are the driver of the truck had no idea that he had taken a car sideways and been moving it along. >> how do you not see it come from anywhere? >> we have another angle. this went on for quite some time. looked like the truck was coming off the main road and comes into that curve and continues on with the car. >> this is so bizarre. >> can you imagine the helpless feeling sitting in that car. you'd be on the phone with dispatch, i'm being pushed by a truck. >> you can't miss me. >> i don't know when i'm going to be stuffed. >> what happened in the end, do we have any more information? >> he's fine. >> eventually they stopped. >> they stopped at some point. you can't just continue driving that way and i'm sure as soon as the truck driver saw it, probably got really freaked out.
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>> you think? oh, missed it, sorry. let's move over to texas. >> oops. nailed it. >> no problem, the truck has its boom out and takes the sign right with him. >> come on, you must have noticed by now. >> we've got one more. and here we go. >> oh that's going to leave a mark. >> at least it pushed the boom out of the way. a huge portion of march is about the madness and the jerseys are on board as well. >> thank you for tuning in to this week update on the jersey march madness baby. >> the baby is due any day and when it comes to the baby names are important. there's only so long you can go. they've gone out and crowd sourced for names from their fans. >> oh no, that could be a problem, because then they're going to come up with naming mcnamerson. >> baby mcbabyface. >> fortunately the fans are normal people. >> we asked people to give us
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name suggestions both on their stories and tag us. autumn, athena, alea. >> they offer up a name that is cool and like and would never have thought of yourself. >> hi i think you should name your girl ellie ili ilie or fe. >> my suggestion is ava. >> australia. >> hi from australia. i like emielia or emily. >> some are weirder than others. >> you should name your daughter kara. what better name to have than kara? >> got to be creative so you stand out. >> this should be an international search engine that gives you the meanings of all the countries of the names that exist. >> if you want to play it's easy. >> you go to our website, to the
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bracket, you'll see two names. pick the name you think we would pick. >> it's easy. if that's too complicated go to their facebook page. if you win you get a prize as big as their baby. >> hopefully she's not huge. we. pets growing up, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs. they have a sugar glider but they found the sugar glider at the bottom of its cage motionless. you can see in this jukin video they're trying to give it some chest compressions because the poor little sugar glider -- >> we're sure it didn't take a nap? >> no, they don't sleep that hard. >> they don't know at this point what's wrong with this thing. do they have to take it to the vet in what if the cpr doesn't work. >> they're children. they have warm hearts and hope in their hearts and eyes. >> oh, it does! >> look the tail starts to flick about. they give it a few more pets.
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>> this thing came back? >> they believe the poor old thing got a little cold. >> it's like you do love me. you fought for me. >> the eyes are open and the girls do say that after the video ended, it was crawling around on their shoulder answer jumping around just like it normally does. >> they saved their pet's life. it's michelle's 40th birthday. >> welcome to your mid life crisis. >> surprise, next "right this minute." still to come an artist gets to work with some uv paint and then -- >> severing starts taking shape. >> see what breathtaking backdrop he's created this time. plus a teen is saved from a river, but -- >> clearly he wasn't quite ready for his rescue. >> the bizarre story behind his spiteful return to the not so deep depth. vers. coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here.
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things can he create with uv heat. he sits his model under this uv light and paints different landscapes, really amazing paintings, on their skin, on their back. in this case he starts painting the milky way on sarah's back. you can see it start taking shape. this is the cool part though. she didn't know what she was going to get but he knew she's from arizona so he decided to give her something that meant something to her. right about here, watch what he does. >> what? go back that up. that was like, what did he do? >> i think he's using a tool that he scrapes against her back to remove some of the paint or maybe add more paint. i can't really tell. >> woo! >> you know with all the joking he might be able to do something with my rolls. i'm from california, just wave it, baby shall t, the beach. >> just like that quickly he created the framework for the
2:52 pm
cacti that are now on her back. >> that's pretty incredible. >> that's the way the backdrop in arizona looks. >> oh, backdrop? oh very funny. i'm the pun one. authorities in china affecting the rescue of a teenage boy from a river. clearly he wasn't quite ready for his rescue. as he then slips off his jacket, gets away from them and jumps back into the river, dramatically, trying to kill himself. >> wait, what? he did that on purpose? >> the reason behind it is so stupid it's going to boggle the mind. the reason is, this game right here, this marble game he was apparently a bit addicted to and his parents banned him from playing it. now it was the day before the end of winter break. he was supposed to go back to school the next day and he was anxious, his parents said he could not play his mobile game he decided would be the best
2:53 pm
time to attempt to kill himself throwing himself off into the river. that's when we get this rescue right here. >> okay. >> he doesn't know how to swim. however, he did choose a river that isn't deep enough, so mom and dad say that he was like a top student, until he was getting too obsessed with the video games. they decided to ban them and this is how he felt he should react. >> they did what was best for him and he decided he was going to sock it to 'em. >> yeah, yeah, this will teach 'em. >> it's a little comical because he obviously really didn't intend to end it all. it sounds like he really just wanted to cause a scene, show his parents what he was willing to do, but not really wanting to do it. >> now all he's really done is shown the whole world what an idiot he is. >> no, now he's going to be grounded on top of that. it's time to drop some baby news. >> everyone is seeing where this is going. >> one job, they said.
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>> something for everybody. 12-year-old emily is getting an awesome surprise here. she is getting a bigger room. in fact, her dad, tom, there is going over the plans. that's her stepmom, ashley, recording the video down the hall. >> it would be -- >> she's 12 years old, almost a teenager, she'll need the extra room for the posters she's going to put up. >> this is her big girl room. she's arrived. >> listen carefully dad tells her she's moving into the bigger room, little sister is moving into her room. >> and the new baby can go into sophie's room. >> just casually just throw that one out there. did she pick it up or putting posters up mentally. >> her reaction is instant. >> what? >> mom and dad weren't the examining much of a reaction from emily because they say she's generally very reserved.
2:57 pm
the fact that she had such a visceral reaction to the news, they were enamored by it. over to this family's living room. >> it's another concussion waiting to happen. it's that same book. knocks everyone out. >> no, no, no. this time they have one person holding it. and that person has one job, hold it strong enough so that when we pull the string, it opens up and it goes smoothly. jesus and marlene pull on the string. >> everybody feel where this is going? >> yeah, one job, they say. >> the box falls all the way to the ground. don't you worry, these guys are not giving up. marlene and jesus are convinced they're having a girl. >> go change the shirt, jesus. wrong color. we're all over the internet. find us on instagram, twitter and facebook at "right this
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