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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 5, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a woman poses for photos with -- >> a 2-month-old lion cub. >> the shocker when this shoot is really an undercover sting. a scary scene, as a little girl clings to a ledge 15 stories high. the story behind a heart-stopping drop that ends in a miracle. >> oh, oh, oh! what's the one thing you want most in the whole world in. >> it's something this 6-year-old -- >> has been waiting for his entire life. >> see what's making gage one happy kid. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web, including mind reading at drive-through. >> you're 23, right?
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>> whoa. >> how the imaginic of rahat is fre magic of rahat is freaking them out. this is a modeling shoot you don't see every day. yes, that is a 2-month-old lion cub. the man you see in the red shirt, that's the owner and you can see right there the cub's in a crate. i don't know if they do very well crate trained like dogs but that is a mama right there. >> these obviously belong in the wild. they don't belong in the crate in some room in a model shoot. >> the police agree with you. they saw a posting online that said you could buy a lion or pose with one. they investigated and they showed up. you see, the model is a police officer. they selected her, they said hey you look like you could pass for a model. she went and the guy thought she was a model. they have the camera and she's posing with it and when it was time to show his documents, he freely admitted, i don't have them. >> documents to own the cat?
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>> yes, you can actually privately own a lion in russia but since he did not have those documents they confiscated the lion cub, now in the care of wildlife care. >> should become a police lion, instead of k 9, the police lion, chases the guys down, mauls them. >> this is the craziest part of the story. you are allowed to privately own a lion in russia, so after 41 days in quarantine, this cub will probably be up for sale or adoption. >> you can own big cats in america. there's thousands of tigers and lions in texas alone. it's kind of hard to articulate and for people in america to understand just how much pressure is put on kids in countries like china and singapore to excel at school and that pressure can have consequences. that's what's happening in china as a 12-year-old girl is sitting on a ledge 15 stories high, threatening to kill herself.
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>> oh no. >> pressure from parents to perform better in school? >> she had not fully completed her winter break homework and school starts tomorrow. here she's almost like moving out of the window. you can see there looks to be some rescue person or safety person at the top. they hope to do the jumps to knock her through the window. this story takes a different turn. suddenly she falls >> oh, oh! >> the vision is blocked by this tree but this otheragele is more heart-stopping as she plummets 15 stories to the grouped. >> oh, poor baby. are they down there? >> they got an air bag down there. >> just as she sort of exits the shot at the bottom, you see that air bag inflate. she falls smack bang in the middle of it. >> they had time to respond and thank goodness she didn't hit anything on the way down. >> as she's being treated, taken into an ambulance, escorted by everybody around her, i will go through the litany of injuries
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she suffered. she hurt her ear. that's it. >> wow. >> even though she's physically okay, mentally, something needs to go on where these kids don't feel the desire to do this. >> the fact that she got away with it with an injured ear, i don't know what else to say. >> i'm glad they were able to intervene. time for the community to collectively have an intervention. today is the day little gage has been waiting for his entire life. >> what's the one thing you want most in the whole world? what did you ask santa for? >> aadopted. >> he's been in foster care for 1700 days, just over 4 1/2 years. >> oh, poor guy. >> she's got news for him. >> so guess what i found out today? >> what? >> i get to adopt you. for real. >> his foster mom that he's been with for so long has finally
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gone through all the ups and downs to adopt him, to make him officially her son. >> you don't believe me, do you? no, it's real. it's true. >> he knows how much red tape there is. >> yeah, just look at the way his face is litp just in these few moments. >> he wants it to be true. >> what do you think? >> good. >> it's good? it's good. >> it can be tough for kids as they get older because so many times they are bouncing from family to family to family. my daughter before we adopted her, she called every woman that wa kind to her mom. >> how does that make you feel inside? >> i don't know. >> >> he's in shock. >> you can see the warm and fuzzy all over his face. >> what it means is no one can ever take you away from me and that's all they need to know. >> you're home. >> that's a real surprise. >> that and ice cream. >> yeah!
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>> slightly more excited about ice cream. >> one of the main reasons jill decided to share this video is because she wants to consider foster care. she wants all of these kids that need help to find a home. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> can i have a kiss? you know, life is all about opportunity. when that door opens, you step through it. so in white fish lake, it freezes over, the temperature drops and it doesn't snow, you have the opportunity to skate on some of the most beautiful, smooth, clear ice life has to offer. here you go. you strap on your skates, and you know, the confines of the hockey rink, sometimes just you're restricted but when you can play with the puck on this wide open acres of ice, man, that must feel good. >> just leave it like that, take some pictures, want to create a
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fireplace, sit and look at it. >> perfect for a bit of an amateur like me, there's nothing to crash into. >> i can slide around on my bum. >> when these guys look down at their feet, you can see everything straight through the ice. it's gorgeous. ey jenjoyed the day honing their hockey skills on a rare clear ice day. that's gorgeous. again, those opportunities when they come along, you got to take them. like when the world hands you a ramp. >> oh, so cool. >> you snowboard that ramp no matter where it is. >> is that an iceberg? >> it looks to be an iceberg. there's very little information coming along with this clip on instagram. >> this looks awesome. >> it appears to be a small clip from a movie "perception." >> so cool. >> that looks like they're shooting something for "star wars" or something. >> looks awesome. enjoy the winter sports while you can. she's putting a black
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panther inspired twist on a gospel classic. ♪ i'm going to a concert ♪ going to a concert >> and she's going with a purpose. >> why going to a condo makes a whole lot of sense. >> ooh, yes. and surfers try to ride out -- >> some of the biggest and most beautiful waves in the world. >> but see how the swell shows them who's boss. brought to you by pillsbury. what matters most is made at home. in this family we know what matters most is made at home.
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closed captioning provided by -- with icy hot® smart relief. only smart relief is indicated to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. going up yonder is a classic by walter hawkins and the love center choir. now that everybody's going to aconda, chastity crystal decides she's going with a purpose. >> this is inspired by "black panther." ♪ if anybody asks you where i'm going ♪ ♪ where i'm going to, oh, oh
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♪ i'm going to aconda ♪ going to aconda ♪ i'm going to aconda ♪ i'm going to aconda to be with you, whoa ♪ >> i have a few questions. for those of us who haven't seen "black panther" wakanda is? >> an imaginary country in africa where a huge asteroid landed. >> and wakanda is replacing what word? >>on der. normally we say to be with my lord. she says -- ♪ to be with you boy >> i want to take time -- there's no wonder why this went viral. angela bassett and other stars shared it as well. >> angela bassett, she was hot in that movie no doubt, i crushed like crazy.
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>> she's not the only one in on it. i think everybody had the same idea. we have maya and caleb here. ♪ i'm going to wakanda ♪ i'm going to wakanda >> i sincerely hope that every single film production company is watching this right now, and seeing the cultural phenomenon that is "black panther" and the effect it's had on the world, look at the money you can make. mother nature a thousand human beings zero, pretty much the score when you look the three-minute video of talented people getting completely obliterated by some of the biggest and beautiful waves on offer in the world. >> those are good wipeouts. >> anybody want to take a guess at this wave? >> jaws. >> one of the most famous waves out there, why so many surfers
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from around the world come here for the winter swirl, 40, 50-feet high beautiful waves. the only problem is they're also 40 to 50 feet high and they do that. >> it's like a building grope up beneath you and flicking you off the top. >> it's inspiration to keep trying and when you fail, you try, try again until you catch the wave, and when you do, it's got to feel pretty amazing. >> that's an interesting way to look at it. i was thinking the inspiration is don't fall off. it's gonna hiurt. >> this video is spectacular. few people taming the beast here and there but eventually everybody's going to have a little bit of a funky ride in that giant washing machine. sweet dog needs a rescue. he was just like hey, what's up? see his new family, next "right this minute." and still to come, the struggle is real for those who rock the panty hose. >> oh.
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the snag. >> oh, ooh. >> but now see why this sheerly genius invention is one you'll be wanting to snag instead. >> wait, what? plus two ladies on the job come face to face with an armed man. now neither of these women really react seemingly with any kind of fear. find out how they clean house and take care of business. boom! that's tall takes. that's tall takes. -ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me. -no. -separated at birth much? we should switch name tags, and no one would know who was who. jamie, you seriously think you look like him? uh, i'm pretty good with comparisons. like how progressive helps people save money by comparing rates, even if we're not the lowest. even if we're not the lowest. whoa! wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. look at us. wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. you've got to get in i know what a bath is smile honey this thing is like... first kid ready here we go
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unlike any other. >> the world's first pair of indestructible sheer panty hose that can hold up to whatever life throws at you, like the velcro on this jacket, this diamond engagement ring and this 3-month-old puppy. >> wait, what? >> and they didn't tear? >> no. >> they have rigorously tested in our lab and by women around the world, to last up to 50 wears and help you avoid those oh [ bleep ] moments. >> what is it, like bullet proof sort of fabric? >> kevlar. >> you're on to something. they've used ballistic grade fibers and say they're up to ten times stronger than steel. if you're not a believer, check this out. >> our panty hose stretch and move with you. >> christian, do the split and see if yours stay. yeah, no. >> she's trying to cut them with scissors. it's not working. as a matter of fact in one of the videos to show case how strong they are, she's hanging
2:51 pm
from the ceiling from them. >> that's amazing. why did it take so long, it's 2018. >> it's the year of the woman, and we're here and solving all the world's issues one panty hose at a time. >> how much are these things? >> this is the kickstarter project so there's a range of pledge amounts. eventually the final product will cost $150. there is a 30-day money back guarantee. >> they only come in black. >>. >> for now. once they hit $1 million in the campaign they will start producing three shades of nude. >> truly indestructible panty hose. [ cheers and applause ] the streets of brazil by now we've learned can be kind of rough and tumble, and -- >> woo! >> middle of the day. >> exactly. the information in the report coming out of this incident are pretty limited. it's believed those guys in the middle of the street are undercover police officers and
2:52 pm
they were after a stolen vehicle. you can see these guys unleashing at that car, then take off trying to chase after that car that sped away. some of the information coming in says that two people were arrested, but they don't necessarily say if the people were arrested were related to the people in that car. >> wow, there are so many rounds going off. it's incredible nobody actually got hurt. >> you're right, no injuries in that case. let's head on over to brazil again, where these two women are working in a bakery shop. looks like they're cleaning up. this woman has a bucket and spreads water on the floor and this other woman looks like she has a broom or a squeegee. as she's walking back into the shop this guy follows her pointing a gun. neither of these women really react seemingly with any kind of fear. one woman with the squeegee barely even acknowledges this guy. >> she probably doesn't have time for this. >> well, the other lady with the bucket has time for this.
2:53 pm
boom! that's taall it takes to run a y with a gun out of the shop, a bucket of water. >> please tell me it was hot. he needs to be in hot water. >> he's a dirt bag. maybe she was trying to clean him up. he turns tail and runs. thankfully nobody was hurt in this case. a shocking experience at the drive-through, but then -- >> there was some psychic transference. >> you're 23, right? >> whoa. >> the freaky happenings rahat (phone buzzing)
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stomach. >> he has a food adult. hungry hedgehogs. ♪ time for more fun from the
2:56 pm
magic of rahat. he has a funny idea, where do you think he's going to try to pull it off? >> drive-through. he drives up to the window. hands over his money, waiting for his food but as t food i handed over -- >> oh. >> what was with the electric shock. >> dude, i hate it when that happens. it zaps you sometimes real good. >> in this case instead of it just being a static shock there was some psychic transference. >> sharif? >> she's not wearing a name tag. >> you're 23, right? >> twhoe. >> knows stuff about you. >> all kinds of stuff. >> dominique is your baby? >> get out of town! >> you are bea to quit your job? >> maybe say that a bit quieter, her boss is right behind her. >> because you're in the medical field? >> all that in itself kind of
2:57 pm
freaked her out but it's this bit that really lands. >> here. >> why bring the butter finger. >> you're craving a butter finger, it could just be magic, gayle, but i have tol credit. she does take it in her stride. >> anything else for you today? >> can i have a piece of the butterfinger? >> oh. >> he drives off leaving a very confused worker behind. >> many of us put all kinds of information up on line, public facebook pages and all that kind of stuff, but as soon as somebody calls you on it, it's weird. >> yeah, you got to be creeping on my social media. >> have a good night. >> you too. >> that's our show for today. be sure to check out we'll see you next time on
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