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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  March 4, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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is on for a gunman. >> power crews are working to restore thousands of outages caused by a nor'easter. >> the weather continues to improve after the storm. a little less windy today. chris sowers is here with more details in accuweather. good morning, chris. >> good morning, guys.
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one of the beautiful things about march is the snow doesn't stick around all that long. most locations that picked up the snow on friday a lot of the snow is completely melted unless you go well north and west and delaware there's still some snow on the ground but a lot of locations had 2, 3, 4 inches is already gone. temperatures actually stayed above freezing during the overnight. 37 in allentown, 38 certainly easy to handle in philadelphia, dover closing in on 40 and 38 degrees up there in trenton. the only issue this morning continues to be the breezes out of the northwest. these are sustained winds anywhere from 15-20 miles per hour. the idea for today it's going to be breezy from time to time but not nearly as windy as what we've experienced. a lot of this is pulling away. forecast for today, it's improving as lydia and gray mentioned earlier. sun and clouds and breezy with a high of 46 degrees. with the wind it's still going to feel like the 30s, but all in
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all not a bad finish to the weekend. there's still some issues in the jersey shore i'll be back with details in the 7-day forecast. guys? >> this is new video this morning, this huge tree crushing a car on 66th street in philadelphia's overbrook section. >> the tree fell right on the driver's side. nobody was in the car the time it happened. the storm is long gone but its fury is leaving behind damage. >> after drivers dodged downed trees, hundreds of people are waiting for their power to come back on. we caught up with this crew along the 700 block of river road. >> peco says crews are valuable. >> the crews are running across
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trees down across roads. to help clear the roads to make repairs. >> peco says this is the third worse for them following the ice storm of 2014 and super storm sandy. delaware county has reported half of its homes and businesses lost power at the peak of the storm. power lines and trees were down. >> if you need to go to a warming center, we posted a list of them on >> reporter: nadia is getting some extra gym time. a welcome break from a cold, dark house. they're going on 24 hours without power.
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>> our whole neighborhood is down. >> reporter: so they came to upper marion dance and gymnastics center which opened its doors for something to do. >> to keep kids entertained because that's a big thing when we have no electricity. >> i just relaxed and stayed warm and internet and the kids danced and jumped and had a great time. >> reporter: high winds brought down trees over the area. this tree fell shutting downpour lines. delaware county decleared a state of emergency. the head of the county's emergency services is urging folks without power to be safe. >> turning on the stove to heat your home, running electrical appliances off a battery, place your generators inside a building, all of these things
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can leads to tragedy. >> reporter: trish hartman, channel 6 action news. >> as we go north for a look at how the nor'easter is still impacting many people there. this is video near boston. >> your time now 6:05. if you're just waking up, some new information to tell but this morning, one man is dead, another in critical condition after a shooting. the action cam at the scene, 6th and spring garden street. police say the two men were sitting and eating when a gun pman walked up to their car and started shooting. the driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. the passenger in the pack seat had a bullet injury to the leg, back and stomach. police have so far not been able to make an arrest. new this morning one person
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is dead. the action cam also at this scene. police say an suv veered off the street and hit a concrete planter and smashed through a fence and came to a stop on septa property. police say the driver was thrown from the vehicle. >> also new this morning, passengers of a new jersey transit train had to scramble for safety when a fire broke out in one of the train's come. the river line train was running when the fire started. the crew got passengers off the train safely and they were able to continue with their ride. there's no word on what caused the fire. >> hollywood's biggest day is here. you can watch the 90th annual academy awards live tonight. >> taking home that stat u can
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cement movie careers. >> reporter: the long road that is award season ends tonight. the big question here is which film will win best picture. the glitz, the glamour and the celebrities are coming together for hollywood's biggest night, the oscars. for the second year in a row. >> if there's actually people laughing, i'll feel good about it. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel is leading the show. with a politically charged movement with metoo. >> i do worry about that because i have a tendency to not strike the right tone in my life. >> reporter: this is not a joke. >> reporter: one year after that unforgettable envelope snafu. >> not clear how the wrong envelope got into warren beatty's hands. color coding would be a nice
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thing to think around. >> reporter: incredible performances. but there is a favorite. >> best actress certainly look's like frances mcdormand to win and gary oldman. >> reporter: the most talked about best picture is still a toss-up. >> it's not a lock. >> "the shape of water" certainly a favorite." >> reporter: pricewaterhouse coopers the accounting firm has put new procedures in place to make sure an envelope mistake won't happen again but i am sure the host will make references to last year's blunder. channel 6 action news back to you. >> on the red carpet at the
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oscars kicks off at 5:30 and oscar's at 6:30. jimmy kimmel takes the stage at 8:00. >> if you're just waking up still ahead here on action news, remembering a man who played a famous character on tv. >> and several people are buried by an avalanche. you will see more of this dramatic rescue. >> coming up it's not too bad out there there morning. i'll have details after this. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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improving in the boston area. flooding is beginning to recede and upstate new york folks are digging out from up to 3 feet of snow. that's not fun. some roads are still not passable this morning as crews work around the clock to clear away all that snow. in california people scrambling to save a man trapped by an avalanche. you can see it peeking up you can see it there wiping off the snow. several people were buried on
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mammoth mountain. he's going to be okay. he even snowboarded with his wife back down the mountain. >> i would not be going back down the mountain. >> we're in the middle of a active pattern right now. we just had that nor'easter, another is on the way wednesday, followed by a third storm. hopefully that's the last of it. over the next week to ten days things are going to be busy. as you look at the satellite and radar we have a little bit of cloud cover holding on here across the garden state but most of this is pulling away following that low pressure prettily 1,000 miles off the coast of new jersey. which is good news. the farther away it goes, the winds will finally start to calm down. the headlines this morning look like this. coastal flood advisory remains in effect for the jersey shore.
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they're still dealing with tidal flooding. another nor'easter is potentially on the way for wednesday and this too could bring rain, accumulating snow and another bout of strong, gusty winds. in the meantime here's some good news this morning. we really don't have any true arctic air in place. we still have snow on the ground from the nor'easter mainly north and west of philadelphia but temperatures are above freezing. so whatever slick spots you're seeing out there should be very, very limited. it's 37 in allentown, millville 38, dover, 39 and cape may 38 degrees. here's the coastal flood advisory, the entire shoreline. high tide occurs between 8:45 and 9:45 this morning and the national weather service is stating that the tidal run anywhere one and a half to two
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feet above levels. and this evening's high tide will be a little bit better here as the storm continues to pull away. so far off the coast now you don't even see it. this is just a tail end of cloud cover. today we're looking at a combination of sun and clouds it shouldn't be that bad. here's the nor'easter, these are what's called isobars. the tighter the lines are, the windier. this is windy, this is breezy. this is the second storm that we're watching. the storm that will get in here by mid week. it looks harmless enough. but what happens as it hits the coast we get another nor'easter developing here. the question is how close to the coast will the low develop. the closer it is the greater the impacts. the farther off the shore it is.
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it looks like it will head northeast and bury new england. right now the general idea is increasing confidence for this developing nor'easter on wednesday. it looks like rain to snow and some of it could be plowable, especially well north and west of the city. not quite as intense as what we just dealt with. we had 60-70 miles per hour winds on friday so a little bit better. 46 degrees, winds are out of the north northwest at 15-25 miles per hour and overnight tonight partly cloudy, brisk and cold. 26 degrees, outlying suburbs, 29 for center city. the next few days actually look okay. chilly but not bad. sun and clouds today, monday and tuesday and wednesday. tuesday that potential for that nor'easter, thursday and friday and saturday all look good.
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sun and clouds and in the 40s. >> the doors reopen at the pennsylvania convention center at 8:00 this morning. this year's theme the wonders of water there's no shortage of lush greenery and martha stewart will hold a book signing. the movie "black panther" for free. he donated 20 tickets so girls in the community angel foundation could watch the marvel hit in philadelphia. oliver was not able to be there with them, but our sharrie williams was. how awesome is that. the foundation works to empower young people. we'll be right back.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope.
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what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. his thread of a trade war with europe. the president has tweeted he will slap a tax on cars made on the continent. trip says last week he intends to impose a 25% tariff on steel and a tariff on aluminum. the european commission president has said the european union would respond by targeting harley david son, levi's and kentucky bourbon. >> the man known as captain within chis ter on the iconic tv
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show mash has tide. he won two emmy nominations for his role. he has also length his voice to disney. he was 75 years old. >> health check, new research aims to put to rest concerns that hormonalal contraceptives are linked to depression. for women who had just given birth and they say there does not appear to be reason for concern for most women. >> we're looking at broad populations. it doesn't seem like the poernl contraception methods directly cause depression. >> doctors say some individual women may have side effects. they say women should discuss
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all their options and concerns with their health care providers. >> a team of firefighters from massachusetts are being praised for coming to the aid of a woman 800 miles away. she didn't have a phone so she contacted a fire department when her son started choking. she lived in wayland michigan. thankly the michigan crew got to the woman and her son in time. >> we had to do what we could with what we had. >> the stars were really in alignment. it really worked out. >> and firefighters say social media of course not the best way to seek help in an emergency situation. instead they say you should call 911 whenever possible.
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so glad you're waking up with us. it is 6:25. sports now the surging sixers are on the road for a tipoff in milwaukee. and the flyers are in florida. here's jeff skversky. >> flyers looking to rebound later today against the panthers in south florida after a frustrating game in tampa yesterday. flyers blew a two-goal lead twice. flyers facing the best team in hockey, the lightning. he closes his eyes and just shots not bad. but a blow-out lightning score three straight in a flash. flyers down one. under three to go. what a play. but in a shoot-out, flyers lost
6:26 am
7-6. they've got back-to-back games for the first time in a month. they are two points out of first. villanova's run is over. but jay wright says he likes where this team is going even though they have not looked pretty down the villanova wearing down georgetown. second half, not bad either. what a move. villanova wins 97-73. right now tied for the most wins. the union kicking off a regular season against new england. they have more wins against them than any other team in major league soccer.
6:27 am
the new kid from newark, delaware on the rebound. this first career goal, union go on to win 2-0, winning the opener over the revolution. one ald darby among the eagles signing autographs. he found out how special the eagles are to the fan base. listen to this. >> this is great just to see how happy they are, how excited the city is for winning the first super bowl. i think every hand i shook was the thank yous and appreciation. and one guy said he could die now. >> that is living and dying with the philadelphia evils. that is sports, i'm jeff skversky, have a good day. >> 6:27 now. even the nor'easter couldn't
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dampen a school's determination to do good. students danced for six hours raising at least $67,000 which helps families due to pediatric cancer. we'll be right back.
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>> a home in ruins ravaged by the nor'easter. >> power crews are still working on almost 200,000 outages across the area. >> we have improving conditions but two more storms possibly on the way. >> that's right. it looks like a very busy week. this was storm number one, storm number two arrives wednesday followed by storm number three next weekend. at least three storms in the next we count yesterday, at least three storms in a 10-day stretch here.
6:31 am
temperature-wise this morning, here's the good news, most locations are above freezing. slick spots and black ice should be very limited out there. maybe extreme northwestern portions of our area, poconos obviously a little bit colder up there. but everybody else you're in the mid 30s. center city, new town checking in at 38 degrees. lots of 30s showing up across new jersey and delaware. the issue continues to be the wind but it's not quite as intense as what we saw yesterday or friday. friday we had wind gusts 60-70 miles per hour. yesterday we had wind gusts 40-50 miles per hour. today we're expecting wind gusts 30-40 miles per hour. every day it seems to get a little bit better. in philadelphia, 12 in millville, and trenton. satellite radar showing the last of the cloud cover is pushing
6:32 am
through new jersey, lots of clear conditions out here to the west. today should be a nice day as high pressure slides in from west to east across the mid atlantic states. clouds and sun for this afternoon, breezy with highs in the 40s. as we break it down for you, your 1:00 temperature, 45. once the sun sets the temperatures begin to dip, 40 by 7:00 and by 10:00 down to 34. again, forecasting a high of 46. gray? >> okay, chris. thank you so much for the update this morning. many people are still waiting for their power to be restored after this week's nor'easter left many of them in the dark. thousands of homes in pennsylvania lost power. half of those outages still need to be repaired and utilities say it may take days. a house on chipmunk lane was severely damaged. thankfully no one was hurt
6:33 am
there. delaware county saw the most power outages due to the nor'easter. and in quakertown a tree fell into a home. it landed on the bedroom of a 19-year-old girl. she was not injured. >> warming centers are open to help people in the storm's aftermath. we've put a link to all of the available shelters on take a look at the video. a warming center is open in stroudsburg high school. people in new england also got hit with the nor'easter. it knocked out power to many and left communities under water. >> reporter: on the second day of a powerful nor'easter, high tides surging several feet blasting the water into houses. in salisbury, massachusetts,
6:34 am
tides surging through the streets. the state's national guard busy all night rescuing people in the town of quincy including these children. >> we do have the national guard with us. >> reporter: even transporting stranded residents in the buckets of tractors after water washed out roads. this couple and their dog brought to safety on a boat. in pennsylvania, many bigging out from the wet snow mass. >> last year you could file that off. it wasn't wet, it wasn't mud. >> reporter: the high winds toppling power lines. crews working overtime to get more than 2 million people back online. another storm dropping four feet of snow, one crashing down on five people near lake tahoe. all of them survived, including one man who was uncovered after 6 muns and snow boarded down the mountain. >> a second later it hit us.
6:35 am
luckily the very tip of my snowboard was showing. big props to the civilian skiers around us. >> your time now 6:35 new information this morning. philadelphia police are looking for suspects after a man was shot. the action cam at that scene diamond and north franklin streets in north philadelphia. when officers got to the scene they say they were responding to shots being fired. they found a man in his 20s sitting on a bench with a gun shot wound. he's been treated at a local hospital. >> 45-year-old captain died after suffering a heart attack at his home. he was a 21 year veteran of the department. wilmington's mayor has ordered city flags to be flown at half staff in his honor. >> to los angeles where the oscars will be held tonight,
6:36 am
police will be out in force during the awards show. more than 500 officers will be deployed around the dolby theater. and the venue will be surrounded by a string of security. the fbi, local firefighters private security guards and police helicopters. this is all out of an abundance of caution and they are not aware of any specific threats. >> police arrested a 19-year-old student accused of killing his parents in michigan. james davis junior was spotted yesterday morning on a train near campus. investigators say davis shot and killed his parents friday. they say officers actually spoke to davis thursday night, but he was released after he was questioned. >> a man shot himself to death outside the white house yesterday. the secret service has
6:37 am
identified him internally but not yet released that information. we're told around 11:45 in the morning, the man approached the north fence, removed a concealed handgun and fired several rounds before taking his own life. nobody else was injured. the president and first lady were at mar-a-lago when it happened. >> philadelphia's role in film goes way back. and you'll see a story and a special that heirs today here on 6abc. >> an award winning makes the stage in philadelphia for one night only and this tribute concert will be a juggling act. >> and ready for the show. we'll go back out to hollywood for a live preview of the oscars. >> sky 6 with a live look outside. meteorologist chris sowers is back with your 7-day.
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can afford to dream gig. nation's capital will likely enjoy an early treat this year. it expects blooms to peak between march 17th and the 20ths. the trees are considered to be in peak bloom when 20% are open. another group predicts a little later between the 23rd and 27th but that is still ahead of schedule. blossoms usually peak during the first few days of april. >> meteorologist chris sowers
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tracking the accuweather forecast. >> finally there's not much to track. we've got a nice little break as we get you outside although the winds are gusty as we go live on sky 6 you can see the flags whipping in the wind. 50-plus yesterday, today we're only expecting gusts to reach about 25, 30 so it's still breezy but not quite as windy as what we've seen. we actually don't have much in the way of cloud cover west of philadelphia it's just a little bit of clouds hanging on across the garden state. those are exiting off the coast. it should be a pretty nice day. 38 degrees in philadelphia with a dew point of 27. your winds are out of the north northwest these are sustained at the airport 20 miles per hour. pressure readings holding steady, 30.15 inches and the wind chill feels-like temperature is presently 28
6:42 am
degrees. we're still dealing with a little bit of minor coastal flooding from sandy hook all the way down to cape may. actually the delaware beaches are included in this as well. minor flooding is possible during this morning's high tide. which occurs between 8:45 and 9:45. roadways, some of the roads that typically flood during an abnormally high tide, those are the roads that are likely to flood this morning and we're still dealing with huge waves, 8-14 feet and it's going to create even more beach erosion later today. the jersey shore continues to take a pounding with this nor'easter. this is what it actually feels like. the air temperatures themselves are well above freezing, they're in the mid to upper 30s, but when you factor in the winds, it feels like 20s. 17 in the poconos, 28 in reading and lancaster and 29 in trenton. not too bad across most of pennsylvania, a little bit f cloud cover across delaware and
6:43 am
new jersey, all of this will continue to pull away. a good mix of sun and clouds that's what you can expect this afternoon. low to mid 40s today, again with the wind out of the northwest your feels-like temperatures are in the 30s. but this particular model is actually showing full sunshine later this afternoon. overnight partly cloudy and cold, a few clouds mixed in to the north and temperatures are below freezing everywhere. to get into places like the lehigh valley, berks county, upper montgomery and bucks county could be some icy patches. monday afternoon similar, mid 40s, wind chills in the 30s and a mixture of sun and clouds. forecasted highs today, right around 46 or 47 across the i haven't-95 corridor, maybe 2 or 3 cooler than that, dover 48. don't be fooled even though those temperatures look fairly
6:44 am
mild, this will what it will feel like during the day with the wind. by 1:00 your temperature is 36, by 3:00 it's 37 and by 5:00 down to 33 again. overnight tonight temperatures dropping down into the 20s. millville 25. and allentown 26. in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, not too bad over the next few days. 46 degrees both today and tomorrow as we get into tuesday, increasing clouds with a high of 47. tuesday night it looks like rain and snow will develop as a nor'easter strengthens off the eastern seaboard. the question is how close will the storm track that will ultimately determine what happens here. here's the good news. right now it does not appear to be anything close to what this nor'easter was. >> the university of pennsylvania is celebrating its first men's basketball ivy
6:45 am
league title in the 2006 season. players cut down the nets to celebrate their 99-93 win over brown. the win earned the quakers a share of the ivy league title with harvard. could not be prouder of his team. >> just a culmination of a lot of hard work. a group of guys who when i got here came from last place, put in an incredible amount of effort as a team and won a championship. >> the second season next week's ivy league tournament. >> your time now 6:45. philadelphia city hall hosted a celebration of girlower. the national youth foundation held a girls rally recognizing six outstanding women in their fields.
6:46 am
>> always follow your dreams. i did what i loved and nobody could stop me. >> all right. do what you love, good advice. the rally is designed to offer positive role models for girls.
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south korea's president announced he is sending a delegation to north korea this week. the delegation will be headed by his national security director. it is an effort of course to try and ease nuclear tensions. south korea is trying to take advantage of the apparent good will during the winter olympics. it is the first time they have traveled to north korea in about ten years. >> west virginia public school teachers have vowed to stay on strike after they proposed a bill the raises the governor negotiated. the governor had promised a 5% raise. teachers have been on strike for a little more than a week now.
6:50 am
union leaders say the teachers will not return to work until they get the raises they were promised. the giving spirit of a man from minnesota killed by a police officer two years agocon. castille a nutrition supervisor would routinely dip into his own pocket to help out kids who could not afford their lunch. he died during a traffic stop that went wrong. >> it has been more than two decades since a south jersey widow lost her husband, but her emotions are still unstanbly raw. >> was a happy, fun-loving guy. like everybody liked him. and i think that's what made this so unbelievable. >> reporter: she says he was
6:51 am
preparing the kids for bed. >> we went home, put the kids in the bathtub and he was like i'm going out and we'll be back. >> reporter: what her son said to gilcrist that night has stuck with her for 22 years. >> the kids had their pajamas on and my son said "daddy don't leave". >> reporter: not long after he left police were called and they found him suffering from a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. >> i'm going sit here and say i would like to say that i found some place to put it a long time ago. but in all actuality, you never do. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is administering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction for the person of the spobsible. call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. her biggest heart ache is he
6:52 am
didn't get to see his son turn into an nba player for the charlotte hornets and her son has lived his entire life not knowing who hild his father. >> he has lived with it every day and he has missed his father every single day. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams, action news.
6:53 am
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everyone. 6:54. forecast for today, jersey shore it's not a bad afternoon. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds, it's still breezy out there today. 47 with the wind at the jersey shore. poconos 33. wind gusts are somewhere around 25 to 30 miles per hour. so again, the idea is it's breezy but not kwiit as windy as what we've seen over the last
6:55 am
couple of days. all right. that takes us into the mid week nor'easter or the potential for a mid week nor'easter. we have a couple of scenarios here. a secondary low develops right here off the coast. the big question is going to be how far off the coast this low is. let's assume for a second this scenario, that the low is hugging the coast then your impacts are going to be felt like this. the entire coast line from new jersey all the way up to maine. it will be a pretty good nor'easter with rain and snow and gusty winds. there's another model that take the secondary low and develop it much farther off the coast. so then your surface maps would look something like this, with this low coming up. but then your impacts are only felt maybe the immediate shoreline here. so this would be less of a blow if the track is acts if the track was that far off the coast. the greater this is off the
6:56 am
coast, the greater the chances are of snow. it could be a plowable snow. we'll have to wait and see how close to the coast this low develops. >> "a wrinkle in time" won't be out until later this week, but she made sure her hometown got to see it first. she posted on twitter that she held a special screening, because compton has no movie theaters. disney of course the parent company of 6abc. >> on this oscar sunday we are going back in time showing you the huge role the delaware valley has played in shaping the movie industry. and alicia vitarelli has details on a special show today at noon. >> reporter: philly in focus, the birth of motion pictures shines a spotlight on the local motion picture pioneers who
6:57 am
helped make those pictures move. >> in the parlor, sellers tries something only his grandfather could have imagined. simulating motion using photographs. >> his first subjects for these experiments are his own family members. >> reporter: this sunday and noon takes us behind the scenes and back in time to introduce to the artists the inventors behind the birth of the film industry. while the founding fathers were meeting in independence hall, they were coming up ways to project motion. did you know there was a prototype for hollywood in norlt philly? you get to mean garrett brown. his steady cam photography turned the art museum steps into an icon in "rocky." join us for philly in focus.
6:58 am
alicia vitarelli, channel 6 action news. >> and again you can see that today at noon coming up on action news sunday morning. coming up next you can see that at noon. more trees coming down causing serious problems with hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the paper to come back on after that nor'easter. >> and we will head out to hollywood for a preview. another hour of action news sunday morning is next.
6:59 am
7:00 am
new this morning, the search is on for the gunman who shot two people in a car, killing one of them. >> and power crews are still working to restore hundreds of thousands of outages caused by that nor'easter. >> first your wake-up weather shot, sky 6hd taking a live look at penn's landing. nice to see the sun out. chris sowers is here with the accuweather forecast. and chris we are recovering from the most recent nor'easter but we're expecting two more storms? >> there's at least one on the table for wednesday and a potential for a third storm


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