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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 3, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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a pleantd good morning to you -- pleasant good morning to you, 5:00 a.m., saturday, march 3. nor'easter is easing this morning, but the mark it left behind it is clear in many places, trees and power lines are down. hundreds of thousand power outages were reported, crews are working to get the lights back
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on for many people. some folks spent the night in a shelter. we're live with an update. jersey shore, this morning the threat of flooding remains a concern. we have team coverage of the nor'easter impact, bob brooks live with the travel troubles and the power outages, we begin with meteorologist chris sowers with the wind and snow and flooding concerns. this was a doozy. >> reporter: it was not as large as the nor'easter we had a month, month and a half ago, but impressive for this time of the year. outer bands continue to push back towards the west, toward the new jersey shore, a lot of this is breaking up and fizzingw pressure continues towly drift farther ay om the coast here. still, a couple of snow showers over the far western suburbs of philadelphia. rain showers across mercer county. a wind advisory remains in
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effect, high wind warning has been discontinued. it will be in effect for one more hour. they may extend it a little bit, but i was looking at the observations it looks like they are dropping off. current gusts, 340 in philadelphia. 33 in reading. 37 in the poconos. trenton, 37 miles per hour out of the northwest. the winds were whipping yesterday. hurricane winds, 74 miles per hour. dennisville, cape maynty, 71 miles per hour. mouth of the delaware bay, 68. allentown, 60. northeast philadelphia 62 miles per hour. snowfall, nearly 2 feet in the poconos, wayne, 9, bryn mawr, 8 1/2, berywn, 7 inches. look for a mix of clouds and sun, winds, 46.
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i'll have more on the possibility of coastal flooding this morning when i come back in just a few minutes. >> utility crews are working around the clock to restore power to several hundred thousand homes. 420 customers are without power. over 298,000 outages reported for their service area. delaware county was the hardest hit. atlantic city 13,000 outages. pse&g, 13,000, delmarva has 23,000 customers in the dark. bob brooks is live in the overbrook section. downed trees are making it difficult for folks to get around this morning. >> reporter: like you said a lot of people without power, trees down all over the area. where we are at, not too far away from the station, u.s. one, henly road, city avenue plaza, a
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huge tree is covering the roads. pele are going around the you have to do if you're going out this way. the storm has temperature dropped, as well, the snow beg to freeze, wio many without power, the red cross made an overnight shelter in horsham township, 227 meeting house road. whole plaza last power. the workers at the china king tried to finish orders in the dark. we spoke to a lady who got a final order. >> apparently i calledust before the lights went out, so my order was. >> reporter: watch out for the downed trees, on route 1, several degrees were knocked down. this one came down at chathamro. i'm going to a frnd that has power, so i can charge my phone and eat something,
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because i can't warm up anything. >> reporter: live look, if you just saw the jeep go through, cars are having to go around the tree and the parking lot. be aware of black ice, this was snow, not the case any more as the temperatures have dropped overnight. bob brooks channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> use caution this morning. folks your time, 5:05 a.m., this morning downed trees having an impact on septa bus, trolley and regional rail line service, take a look at this here, the bus on manayunk avenue in manayunk was stuck because of slick road conditions we went through yesterday, that should not be a big problem today, but downed trees continue to plague the transit system. septa regional rail is suspended because of power decline on ice-covered lines and downed
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trees, for more information gee to there's information about amtrak service in the area. nor'easter corridor is scheduled to start a modified service between washington, d.c. and new york city around 6:20 a.m. service to new york to boston is expected to continue 8:40 a.m., amtrak service running to and from new york philadelphia and harrisburg is operating on a modified service plan. trish hartman saw firsthand, the commuter chaos caused by the nor'easter. >> all trains have been canceled. >> reporter: we found long lines and full bencheses at 30th street station during the height of the storm after septa delays and suspended trains. >> septa canceled the trains going to newark, we were at the flower show trying to get home from the flower show. >> reporter: i got here at 4:30, i looked at the board, it said it was 99 minutes late.
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amtrak suspended service along the northeast corridor leaving many stranded. >> it's madness, i can't get an uber lift. nothing. the roads were a mess, too, as people tried to make their way home from work, commutes that were minutes turned into hours. >> very difficult, very dangerous. >> you have to drive with two hands out here tonight to be safe. >> it's the winds. the roads are fine, the winds, it's really bad. >> reporter: at philadelphia international airport, hundreds of flights were canceled because of high winds and snow. american airline suspended flights for the day, frustrated flyers are trying to rebook or find their bags. >> i'm trying to get my luggage i'm not going anywhere. i just want to go home. >> reporter: if you're flying out today, airport officials say more flights could be impacted because of all the cancellations yesterday, be sure to check your
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flight status before you leave. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> some folks in parts of the lehigh valley are digging out from several inches or more of snow, this was the snowy scene in s hall township. than a foot of snow. got more in this matter a big storm hits you can keep track of the latest where you ever by using our free 6abc app that gives you updates posted by our team of meteorologists an live radar and traffic cameras to keep you updated on road conditions. new information from the west kensington section of philadelphia. some people were forced out into the cold and the high winds in the storm to get away from a fire that ripped through their three-story row home on hancock street. the fire started at 4:00 a.m., firefighters searched the
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reported. police say they capture man accused of murdering his wife and another women in the mayfair section. a brief chase led police to hunting valley. police say he s his 42-year-old wife and a 71-year-old woman in the head inside a home on the 3400 block of chippen daily avenue. beginning monday, the cherry hill school district will implement new security measures, the news follows the rampage that happens at a school in florida. there will be increased presence of police officers at the end of school year. all parents, guardians and mothers must present photo i.d. and student i.d. number to be allowed in the school. every school will be required to do one fire drill and security drill every month. time 5:09 a.m.
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teen sexting is on rise, we have advice for parents and kids. more on the nor'easter's impact on the region and a major city that's getting flooding. >> reporter: as we look at storm tracker 6 live, leftover snow showers are falling north and for the most part, quieting down, i'll in just a few minutes with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. lookingorward for the update. jimmy kimmel said several surprises are in store for tomorrow's oscars. you'll hear how the host is we'll be backebi ♪
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♪you are an important person... ♪ a unique creature... ♪ there has never been anyone just like you... ♪ ♪ and never will be ♪ the power to do ♪ you can imagine ♪ is within you ♪ when you discover your real self ♪ ♪ make it habit... ♪ make itappen... ♪ make it habit ♪ make it habit... ♪ make it... are watching their streets turned to wind swept streams. look at this video, streets are flooded in east boston.
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crews used a front end loader to get a family to safety. only two times in the last century has the harbor topped 15 feet. now it is threatening to happen again. 6 people are dead as a result of the nor'easter. take a look at this, some of the damage that's scene across the country. a huge tree taking out a chink of a home in maryland. 2 million homes andenseses lost power at the height of the storm. maggie ruly has more on the people caught in the storm's path. >> reporter: trental rain with high tide threatens to put coastal areas of boston under water. >> we could see record breaking storm surge and serious flooding. >> reporter: a front end loader was brought in to save this
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couple and a dog. there was a foot of snow with whiteout driving conditions turning dangerous. hurricane strengths gusts of wind controversy turning semi, forcing this plane in washington, d.c. aborting it's landing at the last minute. more than 3,000 flights canceled. >> minneapolis, cancels and canceled. >> reporter: amtra corridor. not everyone is feeling unlucky. when the power went out at their first location on long island, they took it in stride saying nothing to keep them from smiling today, not even a nor'easter. >> my parents were in hurricane hugo and her parents were married during a hurricane, so it was meant to be. all eyes were on a other major concerns coastal flooding.
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building up massive sand dunes trying to prevent the coastal flooding from happening and saving homes along the shore. maggie ruhle channel 6 "action news." we got pounded yesterday. >> reporter: we had heavy rain and snow and winds, it was a full blown nor'easter. we're dealing with pretty good s per hour in some locations as you see that counter clockwise swirl behind me. you can see how far off the coast. center of low pressure is starting to drift here. as the logos further away -- low goes further away, the effects of the nor'easter will diminish. it looks like up and down the entire new jersey shoreline and delaware beaches. it's going to be another windy
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day, winds gusting 40 miles per hour. it will diminish somewhat this afternoon. sunshine returns, peeks of sun today. and full sunshine sunday. another storm is heading this way in the midweek time frame. it's not as intense, but notless notless -- nonetheless another storm barreling through the philadelphia area. peak wind gusts 62 miles per hour. dover, 62. fortescue, cumberland county, 60 miles per hour. poconos 59. ocean city, 55. more snowfall totals, tobihanna under two feet. wayne in delaware county, 9 inches. downingtown, 4.6. perkisie area 6.8 inches of snow. at the i i -- at the airport, 1.
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rain and snow showers in our neck of the woods, we'll zoom into berks county, here's all that's leftover, a couple of snow showers running along 61 from hamburg to leesport. there are a couple of light snow at abo 20, tois drifting down 25 miles per hour. temperatures are not all that balanced. 35 degrees in philadelphia. allentown you're above freezing, 35. reading, 35. wilmington, 36. now, there are still slick spots out there, we have snow-covered roads up here, we have black ice patches out there, but this is a good sign that the temperatures haven't dropped below freezing. winds continue top whip, 40 miles per hour in philadelphia. out of the northwest you can see the arrow direction here. 37 in the poconos. trenton, 37. cape may, 26 miles per hour. our biggest concern this morning will be for tidal flooding sandy hook to rehoboth beach, atlantic city the high tide this morning
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8:17. we're expecting moderate flooding, cape may harbor expecting moderate flooding, sunday morning's high tide may produce moderate flooding. everything will get better as the storm pulls away. future tracker 6, later this afternoon, clouds and sun, temperatures in the mid 40s, windchills in the 30s. it's bluster out there this this afternoon. sunday, we'll wake up to a decent amount of sunshine. monday is sunny overall and chilly. in the 40s. 47.millville, 46. northerly breezes, 15 to 25. temperatures hovering close to freezing north and west under a partly cloudy sky. today, chilly, wind, sun, 46.
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tomorrow, sun, 46. monday, 45. there's the midweek storm, tuesday, 47. wednesday, 47 degrees. >> thank you for the update. happening today, the philadelphia flower show gets underway at the convention center. the doors open to the public at 11:00 p.m. melissa magee, david murphy and cesily tynan hosted our flower show special last night. you can see the special at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. wonders of water, proceedshow is benefit the pennsylvania horticultural society.
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wi the ikea projekt credit card. underway after a police officer was involved in a fatal accident in newark. investigator say a man was walking in the middle of chestnut hill road when he was hit by a police car late last night. the victim died at the scene. the case is under investigation.
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police have arrested 16 people for alleged criminal behavior, philadelphia police announcing 8 more arrests yesterday. they are investigating three other incidents. social media and surveillance video is helping to identify those suspects. time 5:22 a.m., if you're just waking federal prosecutors have under allentown mayor he had -- ed pawlowski to resign. lawyer said he respectss his innocence. >> the mayor created a pay to nsay culture if you were not he bdidate't get to work, even and awfortd offered the best were going to do the best work for the city of allentown. he faces up to 20 years in
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prison on each count.
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you, 5:25 a.m., 35 degrees, sky6 live hd overlooking city hall area. you can see it's still windy out there this morning. meteorologist chris sowers will let you know what to expect for rest of the weekend. so glad you stayed with usn in florida for a tough face off in tampa, the lightning hold the nhl best record. brett brown and the sixers knocked off charlotte after a big w in move to the seed eastern conference race. oscars are tomorrow night.
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jimmy kimmel talked about preparing for hollywood's biggest night. there will be an unscripted surprise in the show. that's basically all i can you. >> will it take a lot of time? >> i hope so. let me try to make this the longest oscar show ever. >> reporter: oscar host jimmykil viedzs during the telecast. he has his comedy bit ready to go and happy with things so far. >> does the academy have any veto power over any jokes you want to tell. >> they are good about that kind of thing. they don't mess with my jokes. as far as a comedy bit, yes, they are involved, who's going to be ar it, et cetera. as far as jokes go it's up to me. >> he had several nominees on the late night talk show. when it comes to what he and
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others will talk about on oscar stage. >> there will be time for serious moments. if somebody feels strongly park nately -- passionately they should take 30 seconds and talk about it. >> . last week they were talking about the picture faux pas about the wrong nfl handed to at a fae dunaway and warren beatty. jimmy said he will know in 30 cof taking the oscarstage if her it's going to be a great night. we'll find out sunday on 6abc h. >> we invite you t join us for the oscar watching, starting with the red carpet preview.
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the 90 academy awards comingyout
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>> the nor'easter takes a tragic toll arc tree slams into a car, a man is dead. trees and power lines are down in many places as you wake up this morning. the nor'easter is blamed for one man's death in upper him or her i don't know township montgomery county. the action cam was at the scene around 7:00 p.m.
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a tree fell on the windshield of a car, officers found an unconscious 57-year-old man in the driver's seat. he was pronounced at the scene. police have not released his identity. let's get you caught up on the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, good morning, gray, as we set storm tracker 6 live in motion for you, most of the precipitation is working out to sea. we're seeing wrap around, because of that the tides are increasing a little bit, we're pushing water along the jersey shore and delaware beaches. the precipitation long gone rain and snow showers around the philadelphia area and immediate philadelphia suburbs. this is the entire jersey shoreline and the delaware beaches. even though the center of the storm is pulling away, the direction in which the winds are coming in, we're starting to pile the water on here, this mornin


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