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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 a.m., friday, march 2. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> the rain has been falling most of the night, but the storm is getting stronger and could bring potentially destructive winds. >> there are concerns along the jersey shore where there is the threat of beach erosion. >> we have team coverages the communities brace for the nor'easter, bob brooks along the shore and gray hall in philadelphia. >> first up, karen rogers and david murphy inside where it's dry. >> reporter: dry inside but wet conditions at the moment. >> reporter: we have rain north and west of philadelphia, there you see the wide view on weather center and future tracker and all that good stuff. we have rain moving in from the west it will circulate around in a circular pattern.
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north and east of philadelphia. areas in trenton and southern bucks county. the rain was moving in from the west and pushing over to the east, now with the low setting off the coast it's pinwheeling around that. we're getting slightly heavier bands intgomery county and chester county. there's one south of philadelphia, pushing in through parts of looksester county. and so as this continues to move through, every now and then cruel get a pocket of heavy rain that gives you ponding and puddling on thee keeping our eyo the nere's a change occurring in the poconos this ll push down this morning and afternoon. that's radar, lotsotalk about t, of watch that's in effect this isoss areas to the north and east, adjacent counties are in the
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areas of flood advisories, the biggest is the high winds gusting up to 50 or more across the region. the worst time period noon to midnight tonight. we're seeing gusts 30 to 35. i expect to see downed wires and debris on roads. this morning high tides and this evening, and tomorrow morning, those three will be affected with minor and moderate flooding they are telling you to move your cars from the areas that tend to flood. karen, we'll track the arrival of heavy bands of rain and the changeover to snow and how it gets out of here in a couple of minutes. >> reporter: as you look at the camera shot, it as he is -- it says it a. traffic is moving slowly, no major problems on the schuylkill expressway. this is city avenue, that's westbound traffic slowing down heading toward king of prussia. looking at the big picture we have a handful of issues in the. an accident on the boulevard whitiker avenue just cleared.
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we have malfunctioning traffic lights on the boulevard. malfunctioning traffic lights. looking at the big picture we see green traffic flow, speeds in the 50s on the blue route, most part on the schuylkill expressway, i-95 slowing 40 miles per hour southbound near the betsy ross bridge. outside live in center city, roads are wet on the vine. no other problems, no accidents you see traffic here, westbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway moving okay, matt. >> thank you, karen. the jersey shore is expecting to see flooding and beach erosion from the storm. bob brooks is live in atlantic city where conditions are slightly deteriorating. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, matt, they were slightly deteriorating a half-hour ago, now they are kind of calm down again, basically we don't have any rain. the winds have died down. the temperature has dropped. it's come and gone pun intendecong. behind me you can see the waves. we had a few come up over the
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we're about 15, 20 feet u a lul. the thing officials are worriedf those a the words from the atlaity fire he is worried that this storm over the next 2 to 6 high tide cycles the set going to bring a lot of water more thane flooding that some of the residents are cruised to. if you have your car in low-lying areas move it. sandbagging doors and garage doors things like that. they are worried about beach erosion, not much they can do about it. you have to hope for the best, according to the mayor from margate they are doing dunes projects down there, they have moved their equipment back behind barriers, they are expected to peak at 15 feet high. can get big out here. another live look at the waves crashing against the rocks in atlantic city.
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one, there guys, that came up pretty high, going to keep an eye on things. we want everyone to heed the warnings, move your cars and protect your property. report be live in atlantic city, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> getting a little choppy down there. gray hall is live along the schuylkill expressway with a look at what penndot and peco are doing to prepare, good morning >> reporter:oo morning, to you, matt, morning when you wake the weekend, you don't want to think about rain, but you want to keep it in mind because of the coastal system, the good news it's not snow. when you head out on the schuylkill expressway take it easy, because ponding could develop and cause accidents. for the last couple of days or so, peco and penndot crews have been monitoring the system very closely. they expect to be dealing with strong winds and rain, possibly that heavy, wet snow. peco said the big concern for
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them is this wind. of course the wind can knock that could cause power outagesis they are concerned about that. penndot says hundreds of work workers on stand by are ready to go. penndot and peco are prepared for whatever mother nature brings their way. back out live, peco reminding all customers be careful because of the high winds, of course, power lines could come down, if you see active wire coming down in the neighborhood, don't touch it, call peco they will come out and repair the problem. penndot don't expect this to be a plow situation are urging drivers to use caution on the roads. gray hall channel 6 "action news" back inside to you. >> thank you gray, be careful out there. live look at philadelphiainternu have a flight scheduled
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today, check it out before you head out we've seen more than two thousand flights have been canceled nationwide. several airlines are customers fee waivers to change travel plans to certain cities. the president's has wall street worried about a trade war. maribel aber is at the nasdaq in time square. we saw the stocks tumble as the news came out. >> after the president said u.s. would slap tariffs on steel and imports. the dow was earlier in the day and reversed course. nasdaq and s&p 500 loss 1.3. looks like to a lower open. reports on consumer sentiment is due out later. that's the latest in bis. >> a former philadelphia police
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is charged with assaulting a handcuffed suspect last summer. cell phone video shows police body slamming a man on the pavement and into the swimming pool in kensington. police arrested former officer james yeager yesterday. the fraternal order of police says it does not tell the entire story. u.s. attorneys and fbi is holding press conference on the conviction of mayor he had pawlowski who awarded contacts to business owners who funded campaign. he plans on appealing. now in his 4th term he must resign. city council president will take over in the interim. republican leaders of the pennsylvania urging a state representativ t resign. it comes amid allegations nick
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carelli forced a woman to have sex with him. gop leaders in the house released a statement saying the claims should be investigated by police, but think he should step down in the meantime. the politics denies the allegations and is not charged with any crime. taking a look at sky6 live hd, i-95 and the ben franklin bridge, the coastal storm is here and we are dealing with it. >> we're dealing with it this morning, we'll deal with it this afternoon, karen, how are the roads looking? >> reporter: they e wet and that's creating problems. storm trac6 r live double scan showing heavier bands moving through the area. as you look at this we've been watching the heavier bands pinwheeling through, you're wet in malvern, coming down steadily not as much in downingtown. media, darker greens and yellows. woodbury, glass glassboro, heavs
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there. this will pinwheeling around low pressure. this will changeover to snow, we're watching that in the poconos, lake harmony that's not hitting us right now. in the city it's just wet. the winds increase through the day. we'll watch the changeover a lot of that will melt on the roads in the city and much of the region. it doesn't end until later tonight. it will be worse for the evening commute. i-95 at girard, no big problems here, the roads are wet. southbound traffic right now heading toward center city, you just want to watch your not hydroplanias where you're getting the ponding on the roads that we've been seeing. in delaware, this is a big problem in new castle we have a jackknifed trargt trailer, ten ten -- trarkd -- tractor-trailer, 10 miles per hour at the 495 split. live in which he which he -- chn
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county, getting busy 42. no major problems on 42. 55 or 295. looking okay, but we're dealing with the nor'easter throughout the day and evening. dave will describe when the winters weather comes in with the snow mixing in. jennette and matt. >> we're all here. 6:11 a.m., still ahead, plane problems see what sent firefighters in full gear on to a flight before fakeoff. >> sixers put their best foot forward against the cavs in cleveland axe the fans try to convince labron to leave his home court. we'll be right back.
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>> america's pastor billy graham will be lai to rest in his native north carolina. grappled died last week at the age ofrought a of salvation to millions during visitors and live broadcasts to scores of countries. president trump is expected to attend, but is not scheduled to speak. cell phone burst into on board an air canada burning a passenger. it happened at the plan was preparing to leave toronto yesterday morning. an airline spokesperson said crews immediately extinguished the fire. the owner of the celhone was injured, b able walk off the plane without assistance. >> this friday will stink, huh? >> reporter: it's getting more and more windy as the morning and afternoon kicks in, that's
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what it will be at the worst. we have rain right now. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing pockets of rain highlighted in yellow. if i start this up, you will see the movement is fromhe north an wrapping from the north toward the south. we had a lull in the western suburbs, that's giving way to a. the area of precipitation west of philadelphia, delaware county, chester county, this is heavy rain that will produce temporary ponding and puddling on the roads. welch a lot that in and around wilmington and southern bucks county and philadelphia starting to pick this up again. the last thing i'll point out is snow to the northwest of philadelphia and to the north. that wil in. we'll see wet snow before we are done today. sky6 live hd wet conditions, look at the flags blowing, too.
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we had gusts in philadelphia down at the airport. 30 miles per hour or so. it's not everywhere, but the winds will continue to build in as we go through the morning and especially in the afternoon. the temperature, 41 degrees, the winds ripping through the region at 16 miles per hour the gusts 20 to 0-mile an hour range. there you see the wide view. we had a lull as the first band of rain camough. you see the colder air north and west, that will be issue later todayhi vallen and wethig. similar temperatures down the shore, maybe a few degrees milder in the 40s for the most part, windy and tidal flooding can't b out. in philadelphia, windy, rain and snow mixing in. winds gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour maybe higher than that. you see the uncomfortable temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s all the way.
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the rain changes over to wet snow during the day and gets blustery and wind swept in the afternoon and evening. :30 p.m. future tracker has the changeover to pet -- wet snow. i want to pay attention to temperatures, 6:00 down the shore, we're above freezing. the poconos you'll see snow up there. you see how it tapers off later tonight. a coating to annual inch on the ground in regard -- a coating to anle inch on the ground in and around philadelphia. it could be slushy. as you work up to the poconos, the valleys get 4 inches, upper elevations 12 inches. winds, gusting 50 to 5 miles per hour across the region. 55 to 65 at the shore. that leads to problems.
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we'll have 1 hours of this stuff with the -- 12 hours of this stuff, with the saturated grounds we'll see downed trees and power outages likely. you want to make sure you know where your battery and flashlights are in case you get hit with that later. accuweather alert for high wind and mix of rain and wet snow. windy and chilly on saturday, dry. 48. 48, sunny and breezy on sunday, another high of 48 degrees. we're going 49 degrees monday, and tuesday, tuesday, cruel wind up with afternoon rain and wednesday morning we could have rain mixing with perhaps wet snow, drying out on wednesday afternoon. kind of cool. >> we were saying they wanted me to tell you to give us better weather. eporter: come back in may. >> you got four minutes. go back. >> reporter: let's take a look
6:20 am
at the wet roads we're live on the schuylkill expressway, approaching 02 that's westbound traffic on your left if you're about to head toward king of prussia you're moving okay right now as you head out, not the case here, i-95 northbound the on-rp from 29 ewing township. a new problem here a downed pole blocking that ramp. mobile 6 is out driving around, let's go live what a traffic jam this is because of the accident i was telling you about, i-95 northbound right here at 495 near the split. you're jammed from airport road to past the delaware memorial bridge because of a jackknifed tractor-trailer ascertain fuel spill, mobile 6 showing us the backlog there. >> thank you karen. sixers fresh off a win over a playoff caliber team will take on the hornets at home tonight. there's talk about labron james coming to the sixers the past week. the sixers face james and the cavaliers last night.
6:21 am
james refuted rumors he was in the area during the all star break looking at schools for his children. joel embiid added 17 points. james we're the better team least last night. sixers win 108-97. >> reporter: in tech bytes, more victims in the m equi fax data breach. 148 million people were affected last year. jaguar unveiled it's just electric suv. it takes direct aim on the tesla. it will be able to travel 240 miles on a single charge with an price tag of $87,000. if you're trying to convince someone to cutback on selfies, selfies make your nose look best of my recollection. the short daniels from the camera combined with the wide
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college football player was reunited with his mom after spending five careers apart. he is from lithuania came to america to play for the jacksonville state basketball team. his coaches pulled off the visit. his mom was able to watch him play in the team conference tournament. >> a big strong tall man melted. >> it's never changes the. >> it's all about mom. >> reporter: nor'easter corridor, david has been warning with the storm you'll see downed
6:26 am
trees, that's what happened now. we have a downed tree that fell on overhead power lines in washington, d.c. this is causing 20 to 60 minute delays amtrak's northeast corridor. some of them will be canceled. >> reporter: that's nice, because everybody can get in their cars and drive in garbage, right. we have heavy rain spilling down from the north. it came in from the west and starting to clear. now wrapping around a coastal low. steady rain from trenton to philadelphia and delaware county. we're seeing the snow get closer to our northern and western areas we'll see a changeover to wet snow. if you're trying to fly away from all of this, philadelphia with rain, boston is looking at rain, as is jfk no major delays at this early hour, on the septa plat for the it will be messy all the way. 43 for the morning commute, 40 for the afternoon commute.
6:27 am
rain throughout the day changing to wet snow. >> we're live at the jersey shore as communities prepare for flooding. a teen sentence for attack on classmate now gets the clean slate we'll be right back.
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coastal concerns, the jersey shore braces for flooding as a strong nor'easter bears down on the region. >> peco keeps an eye out on their power lines as a problem
6:31 am
caused by powerful wind gusts that kick in later today. mobile 6 is traveling on i-95 along the delaware river. accuweather is tracking whether your ride home could include a wintry mix. >> good morning, 6:30, march 2. jeanette reyes is in for tam, bob brooks is down the shore. >> gray hall is out in philadelphia. >> let's go over to david and karen. >> reporter: thanks for sticking it out for us, gray and bob. we have areas east of philadelphia, we're starting to get out from under this, but now it's starting to wrap around from the north again that's making for trouble for you. as you can see we have the spin-around motion. most of the rain wrapping around
6:32 am
from the north. embedded in it, is heavier cells. west of philadelphia we don't have much going on. delaware county, chester county and pottstown areas south of doylestown picking up this, areas northeast philadelphia, parts of south jersey like gloucester county and salem county you're seeing this wrap around and it is definitely giving you heavy rain that will slow you down on the roads. we have snow north and west of that change -- change over. we have an aerial advisory high wind warning across the region it starts today going into saturday morning, the worst time period will be noon until midnight. 50-mile an hour bust -- gusts or greater worse at the shore, down
6:33 am
trees and wires a possibility today. we have a coastal flood watch high tides are affected by thate significant travel delays up there. karen, what have you gotroads e. >> reporter: nothing on the schuylkill expressway, we're seeing slowing, people taking it easy, you don't hydroplane. the roads are wet. this is web traffic on the schuylkill expressway heading toward king of prussia. controversial travel time in the -- overall travel times in the green. and mall functioning trafficl oe lights on the boulevard becaref. 24 miles per hour at girard, no major problems on i-95. malfunctioning traic roads lowe,
6:34 am
flash right here, take it easy as you make this intersection, you need to treat it as a four-way stop and everybody's treats it as a four way stop. i-95 northbound speeds at 9 miles per hour. jackknifed tractor-trailer and fuel spill 495. >> to bob brooks spending they at the beach in atlantic city one of the many communities preparing for flooding good morning. bob. >> reporter: good morning, matt, i'm happy to report it's kind of a nice morning down here, we don't have any rain. the temperature has dropped, the winds are picking up throughout the morning. we're having a lull period right now. officis are preparing for pretty major storm to come down here, they are calling for major street flooding. hightd m approhing one. the water has come u rocks. that's where it's resting.
6:35 am
the beginning of the morning no. it's coming up. i want to bring up the video. two things they are worried about, major street flooding, the next 2 to 6 high tide cycles, people need to keep an eye on things. if you're car is in low-lying area move it. if you have sandbags put them in fronts of your front doors and they are worried about beach erosion. there are projects going down in some of the towns and cities, some of the equipment has been moved back as far away from the water as they can get. the waves are expected to crest at 15 feet high. they will get pretty big, so there's not much they can do about that, but wait and see. another live look out here, honestly, it's kind of a beautiful march morning we're having down here. we have waves, we had some earlier, we're about 20 feet 15 feet up from the water. we'll keep an eye on things and
6:36 am
expect major street flooding to happen in about of an hour, reporting live in atlantic city, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> delaware city has put up retaining walls to prevent flooding from the delaware river. the city installed two heavy duty portable pumps to eliminate any spill over there. let's go live to gray hall, penndot is ready to tackle any problem that might arise from the storm. >> reporter: good to hear bob brooks is having a good morning at the beach. not the case in the city. it's raining all morning. the good news it's rain and not snow. we would like to reminds you if you're -- remind you if you're heading out, use caution because of ponding and flooding. the last couple of days or so, penndot and peco has been monitoring the storm closely that will bring a mixture of
6:37 am
wind and rain and possibility of light snow. peco saying the big concern is the the winds could knock down power lines and tree toss debris around and that could cause power outages for customers. that's not good news. penndot has workers on stands by ready to go in case they are needed. penndot and peco urging everyone to use caution. they are prepared for whatever mother nature may bring. penndot tells us they are not concerned about this being a major plow operation, they are concerned about the wind as is peco. peco reminds customers because of the winds there could downed power lines, don't know touch them, they will come out and correct the problem. live along the schuylkill expressway gray hall back to you in the studio. >> let's go live on mobile 6 in
6:38 am
delaware for a while. hopped on i-95 crossed into the pennsylvania state line we're chichester exit right now. there's a heavy bands of r pennsylvania/delaware state line. it depends on where you are, bob brooks down the shore saying it's nice. gray hall saying it stinks along the schuylkill expressway. kind of a similar situation here in delaware county with mobile 6. take accuweather with you as you head out the door, get updates on the storm with our free 6abc app it includes live views anytime center storm tracker 6 live double scan radar. switching gears here, three south jersey school districts close due to a threat it will reopen with police on patrol. a ten-year-old student is charged with making terroristic threats and causing false public alarm. a teacher received an e-mail from him threatening to shoot up
6:39 am
two schools in gloucester county. two students from delsea high school were charged with making threats last weekend. in delaware, a 17-year-old girl's conviction has been overturned in a bathroom attack that led to a girl's death. the supreme court ruled that the girl could not have now and then that the girl had an u heart the parents said she plotted amy death on social media and get to walk freely while amy is bound by her untimely death. >> police are hosting the first gun by back. officers will be collecting the weapons on north broad street at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. buy back is a no questions asked anonymous events. 75-dollar gift card will be available on first come first serve bases. >> another look outside, the
6:40 am
benjamin franklin parkway we're dealing with rain this morning, you see with the flags whipping around we're dealing with winds, as well. >> reporter: karen we're seeing green and some problems areas. >> reporter: that's right as you're driving in this ciech -- kind of rain. the snow is in the poconos and lancaster, as well. philadelphia it's just rain, as you look closer, you can see the heavier areas we're getting the bands of heavy yellow. if you're in malvern, route 30. it's wet there. downingtown and coatsville not so much. honeybrook you're dry on 322. chadds ford not too bad. media, the blue route you have heavy rain. through the city itself we have rain. 295 right here, north of woodbury in new jersey. watch as you're traveling. the other big issue we have, look at the winds, 33-mile an hour in dover. 3 approximate in cape may.
6:41 am
-- 33 in cape may. as we go toward the south we have more winds. it's impacting traffic, as well. we have a powerful nor'easter moving in, the winds increase through the day, we could see downldz -- downed power lines, we have a downed tree on the northeast carter in washington, d.c. amtrak says we could 20 to 60 minute delays, they have two trains canceled already because of a downed tree causing problems in washington, d.c. we have a train in lansdale doylestown line 17 minutes late. 42 it's wet, move be okay, northbound coming up from deptford or turnersville not a big problem. 55 you have about 18 miles per hour jamming up as you head toward 42. live update on the air area of red. 35 miles per hour. no issues so far on 295. so that's good news, for people driving around.
6:42 am
here's the highlights from the forecast. the winds will increase, we expect more problems with this. we'll get the change. it's rain except for the poconos. we'll get the changeover to snow. it ends tonight. david will be back with the snowfall map coming up in just a few minutes matt andennette. >> would would -- wowing awar. >> police department tks about the next break through in school safety something that students carry with them everyday. we'll be right back.
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and financing is now available police department -- 6:45 a.m., police department in oklahoma is researching if books can stop bullets. three books stacked together stopped rounds from hitting a target. police department said in a shooter situation backpacks could save a student's life. they hope to have safety procedures in place by the beginning of the next school year. recent rainfall is impacting western pennsylvania. a landslide is forcing people in a pittsburgh neighborhood to
6:46 am
evacuate. a hill side behind several homes is moving at a rate an inch an hour. residents loaded up their belongings yesterday. they believe the clay soil will move quicker and cause damage to their homes. looking right now, they are not getting rain right now. >> reporter: the coastal low is centered off the coast. all the rain is wrapping around central pennsylvania. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows it's to the eastern half of the region. although philadelphia is seizuring a second band of that precipitation coming through. you see that highlighted in yellows and we're actually seeing a little bit of snow that's beginning to pop into areas to the west and right around 202100 we're seeing that right now. some of this actually starting to change over snow. you're seeing full blown snow to
6:47 am
the north. outside we have gray conditions and the cameras bouncing across the region. the winds are picking up. we have gusts as high as 30 to 35 miles per hour. high wind warning today because the gusts later on especially around noon will get higher. 31 degrees in philadelphia. the winds out of the northeast 16 miles per hour the gusts going higher than that. that gets worse later. there's the wide view on satellite and radar. the snow wrapping around from the north and west, it's mainly rain in the region right now. out in the western suburbs we're seeing the snow mix in. in allentown we're going for rain probably changing to wet snow on the sooner side up there. high winds part of the package, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s for the rest of the afternoon. after we get past the current temperature profile. down the shore, tidal flooding today and tomorrow morning.
6:48 am
move your car if you're in a flood-prone area. in philadelphia, rain mixing with wet snow. temperatures around 40 degrees the whole time. winds gusting up to 50 and 55 as we go into the afternoon and nighttime. in terms of precipitation by noon, models are showing most of the area mixing with wet snow, maybe it's all wet snow. pay attention to where where the numbers go up to 3:00 p.m. allentown south well above freezing, snow on the grass. poconos you'll get snow on the roads up there. 6:00 p.m. we're maintaining conditions above freezing. the farther north you can slushiness developing as the sun goes down. generally speaking this is low impact situation with the snow. they will be blowing around a lot cruel get the fluffy flakes. 11:00 we're winding down. on the ground a coating to two inches in philadelphia. parts of south jersey, mainly on the grass. 2 to 4-inch band is on the
6:49 am
grass. farther north you go you have slushy roads. in the valley, 4 inches. in the upper elevations a foot. travel will be tougher in the poconos and north in north hampton county. the wind gusts, 50 to 55 miles per hour. the worst of it this afternoon up to midnight. 65-mile an hour gusts down the shore, that will be 12 hours of potentially damaging winds gusts. look for downed trees and power outages possible and debris on roads. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today we're in the low 40s and dipping into the upper 30s. we have windy conditions that's the big problem. could be flooding where the rain is heavy and snow mixes in and pounds down. tomorrow it's over in most regards. the precipitation is gone, but it's windy and chilly, we have 48 for the high, sunny and breezy on sunday. another high of 48. and then we're back into 49 degrees monday and tuesday, next chance of rain looks to be
6:50 am
tuesday afternoon. >> i have to tell you march has been disappointment. not living up to my expectations. >> reporter: that's okay you have 29 more days. >> pick it up david. all right? >> reporter: we can see the snowfall in our cameras. you can a second ago when dave was talking. it shut off now. this is west chester, chester county, this is 202 at route 100. the snow is falling, the roads are mostly, there you see the bigger flakes, roads are wet, but watch out for this. big accidents in delaware, jack niefd -- jackknifed tractor-trailer, i-95 to 495 northbound. >> time for a preview of "g.m.a." >> robin reports joining us live in new york city, we're dealing with a coastal storm right now, out in the west they have a storm of their own. >> reporter: double whammy, matt and jennette.
6:51 am
two major storms hitting both coasts creating a messy morning commute, possible mudslides out west. we'll be live across the country to track the latest. attempted cheese cake murder a russian murder accused of giving her look alike a poison cheese cake to steal her identity. we're behind the scenes in hollywood with fashion and food for the big night. how to throw the best party at home. it's all coming up on "g.m.a." >> i'll be taking notes. >> philadelphia flower show opens to the public tomorrow. this year's theme, wonders of water. join the weather team for preview special. that's 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night on 6abc. we'll be right back. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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lots of makeup. i'm sold on that one and week's worth of spa treatments because they are very stressed. access to a dating app. >> maybe tinder is not good enough for them. >> for some, the party begins after the oscars at the governor's ball. we got a peek of what the stars will be dining on, wolfgang puck created a menu, caviar bar and pizza and mini burgers and
6:55 am
chocolate mousse with raspberries. i'm ready for my goodie bag. >> reporter: all right, so this is the time where the morning team gets to pick the oscar picks for best actor and best actor and best picture. this was a tough pick this year i'm going first exen we'll get them from all of you. i'll going for francis mcdormond three billboards and gary oldman he was churchhill in darkest hour, best picture, it was a to say up, i'm going with three billboards. i think it was kind of different but there's four or five of these movesy that could get it. >> it's exciting to get ready for this. best actress, if i could vote i
6:56 am
would vote for margot robby. best actor, gary oldman, loved that. best picture, the shape of water. >> reporter: best actress, we know meryl streep will win. best actor daniel day lou -- lewi sufficient. get out for best picture. if they win i might take a whole week off and celebrate just by myself. >> all right, matt here we go. i didn't see all the movies like a lot of people. francis mcdormond. daniel day lewis, this is a makeup call for me. he was great in gangs of new york. i'm going with get out, too. it's the only movie i saw. i loved it, it was great, it was
6:57 am
an enjoyable movie. you can see the oscars live on sunday night, jimmy kimmel hosts live on 6abc. wake up monday monk we'll have a whole wrap up. >> happy friday. >> reporter: hey it's snowing in
6:58 am
6:59 am
west chester. the flakes are culling down. it's melting -- coming down. it's melting at 202 at high street. we have slow traffic some of us drive in that right now. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the changeover west of philadelphia. we'll see the changeover later today. high winds today, look out for trees down it's going to be a rough one. >> i hope we got you off to a great start. i think we did. for david, karen, jennette, i'm
7:00 am
matt, see you. good morning, america. the new warning as two monster storms hit both coasts. a nor'easter pummeling 70 million from the carolinas to maine with hurricane-force winds, rain and snow. while out west, police are going door to door ordering people to evacuate. changing course. president trump meeting with the nra late last night. the group's top lobbyist tweets trump does not want gun control a day after that bipartisan meeting. this as the president announces new trade actions igniting a possible trade war. sending stocks tumbling. poison plot? this woman behind bars this morning charged with attempted murder accused of lacing a
7:01 am
cheesecake to allegedly kill a woman who looked like her and steal her identity.


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