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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 20, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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marlene mckenna and her husband raymond mckenna. we are told that raymond shot his wife, marlene and turned the gun on himself. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the day. we are following a developing story out of camden county. two people are killed in a crash in berlin. it happened at 10:45 this morning near the intersection of clementon road and route 40 police confirmed two fatalities in this crash and has traffic backed up for miles as crews continue to investigate. we'll bring you updates as soon as they become available. >> a septa bus collided with a tractor trailer in the philadelphia section. the route 5 bus came in contact with the septa bus when it was making a turn. >> it was crazy you don't see this every day.
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>> it looks horrible. >> it's two vehicles and i hope everything in there is safe. >> it looks pretty bad. >> reporter: frankford avenue at orthodox street was shut down after hitting a traffic. tractor trailer was jackknifed and the truck driver was not transported to the hop and did not appear to be injured but he seemed upset as he looked on from yard as way. passers by were stunned. >> i hope everything is all right. what is the first thing i thought. i hope everyone is all right. >> the crash happened at 5:30 this morning. the route 5 bus was traveling north on frankford and struck the tractor trailer turning on to orthodox street. the bus driver was rushed to jefferson torresdale hospital.
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all this non-life-threatening injuries. >> hopefully they recover quickly because woo. it looks bad. >> nancy crawford was suppose to be on the bus but was running late to get her children ready for day care. >> are you on this bus normally? >> i have to be at work at 8:00 and this is normally my route. >> it's in cooperation with philadelphia police. the cause of the accident is still not known. jeanette reyess channel 6 "action news." >> a truck carrying a load of liquid asphalt spilled while the driver traveled for miles in south jersey. the tri-state transportation company says that the truck left the paulsboro refinery and headed south to baltimore, maryland. the asphalt spill add long a 14 mile route before it stopped. drivers may have gotten asphalt on their vehicles. if so they can either bring
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their cars to tri-state to be properly cleaned or file a claim with the company. turning now to the accuweather forecast. a foggy morning but we are starting to see sun and getting ready for what could be record warmth. sky 6 hd is showing you downtown wilmington, the sun is finally shining and our february warm-up will stick around for a couple of days. david murphy is outdoors on the terrace with the details. >> reporter: lots of blue overhead after a foggy start. look at satellite, you see how the clouds were thicker earlier and now a big breakup from philadelphia to washington and i do expect the afternoon to be fairly bright and the rain supnorth and that is roughly the location where the warm front came through and got us cloudier and damp. temperatures are on the rise. 61 in wilmington and 59 in trenton and holding on to 51 in
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allentown. it will take longer for that warm air to circulate to allentown. probably mid-60s there later today. but 69 if millville and dover already and even cape may managed 68. that warm air coming up from the south is having an effect. wind is 13 miles per hour in philadelphia and overall we don't expect this to be an overly breezy day. as we take a look at the projected high today. i am expected we may have to wait until 3:30 or 4:00 and a shot of 70 that does tie the old record set back in 193 and we are blasting past that average high of 45 and tonight's overnight low 58 degrees and that is also well above average, and as we take a look at the forward forecast. things may just get warmer tomorrow. there you see the current array of temperatures going up and this model says 67 and we are going 70. you don't get that cool
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overnight, upper 50s and tomorrow by this time 69 degrees and we'll easily go past 70 for a high tomorrow. we'll have the latest numbers and then the cool down coming and unsettled weather into the weekend. for now a nice day to get out here and stick on the shades and enjoy yourself. >> sounds good. thank you. this reminder you can get updates on the big warm-up and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for the mobile device. an early morning crash caused a detour for drivers that use the pennsylvania turnpike. the incident involved a vehicle and pedestrian it shut down the highway for several hours and hampered entrance to the purpose took. the road is now all clear. after a funeral for one of the 17 victims of the school
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shooting today students will board buses to tallahassee and demand that lawmakers take action. and in washington there are steps they are taking to tackle the divisive issue. >> survivors at the massacre at stoneman douglas high school are piling into cars and vans demanding action from florida lawmakers. six in ten americans blame the white house and congress for not doing enough. 77% say that better mental health treatment are the solution. 68% say gun control could have prevented the massacre down from two years ago. >> they are frustrated that the gun debate has not moved but don't know what to do about it. president trump has spoken to texas senator, coran for a bill
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for the instant background system. the nra supports the bill. >> that is the least you can do and the fact that the nra is on board tells you how impactful that will be. >> hours after the parkland shooting "the new york times" report that twitter accounts linked to russia tried to create hashtags for and against the gun control debate. back to you. back here philadelphia city hall welcomed various high school students, as part of the pal day program. mayor kenny and others like richard ross were on hand for the meet and greet for close to 40 students from various police athletic centers across the city. the students that were chosen because of their hayek demmic achievements will spend the day
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shadowing employees. 6 abc president, and general manager, bernie prazenica, on hand today for the kickoff ceremony. the philadelphia zoo announced that coldy locks a 37-year-old female polar bear after a recent serious decline in her health. they were increasing concerned as she showed worsening changes. she surpassed the typical life span of 23 years and came to the philadelphia zoo back in 1981. >> much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. a man that drives for uber and lyft that went missing in california has been found. >> and marvel's black panther is bringing people to the theater and making millions and inspiring a movement to get more people out to vote. those stories and more when we return.
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a massive tree crashed
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through a family's hope in charlotte, north carolina. and the impact flattened the house and sheered off the roof and a family of three was inside when the tree fell in the morning. they were able to escape crawling through the window and many belongings were damaged by the rain. >> a missing uber and lyft driver was found alive at the hospital. he vanished on february 11th, his abandoned nissan was found and his friends did not provide details of how he was located at the hospital. the last time someone used his phone was to call 911 the day after his disappearance. back to the deadly school shooting in california. a former friend of nikolas cruz revealed new information, she says he stalked her and brought knifes to school and was reported to officials numerous times.
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>> reporter: ariana lopez says her one type friendship with classmate nikolas cruz. starts out as any normal friendship does. >> she soon saw traits that were disturbing. >> he had knives in his lunch box. >> the haunting social media posts. >> he talked about being a terrorist and people that opposed them should be killed. and posted pictures of 15 or more firearms just on his bed. you could see a hamper in the background this is how ordinary it was for him. he talked about killing our parents and boyfriends and girlfriends and friends. >> and lopez says he would follow her after school and they reported their concerns to school officials multiple times between 2016 and 2017. broward county schools did not
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respond when asked their her claims. he was disciplined 25 times and the reason they say about this fight. showing cruz in a white shirt, was over a girl cruz briefly dated. >> he would hit her and threaten her and her family and friends for talking to other guys. >> and a report files just days after the 2016 fight noted the behavior changes due to a recent breakup and the investigator thought cruz wanted to purchase a gun and feeling depressed. >> we asked lopez about the day last week when 17 of her classmates and teachers were killed in a barrage of bullets and she sought refuge hiding in the closet. >> i thought about t he was a
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hunter and the freshman building was difficult to get out of and if you think about it the way a hunter would think about it, and that is the way nick thought about a lot of things. >> when she learned of the shooter. >> we knew it. he was the the only person even before they announced he was the shooter, we all knew it was nick. the other person that could do something like this. it was obvious he would do something like this. black panthers opening weekend marvel's first film directed by an african-american. $192 million in the u.s. the fifth biggest opening of all times and they are boosting the push to register black voters, they are registering voters at select screenings of the movie
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and the hashtag and slogan is vote. >> and former first ladies, michelle obama tweeted the cast congratulating them. she went on to say she loved the movie and inspiring people of all back grounds. you can soon drive like james bond if you have the cash. theastin martin. the money will go to charity. coming up another check of the accuweather forecast. stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you well, you can make it out there. the beach in cape may. a little fog covers and a little while before the skies clear at the shore but warm temperature as bound. david murphy has the update from
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in sports the philadelphia flyers host the montreal canadienss they picked up a goalie after the injury to motorcycleal elliot. and they required peter -- from the red wings. he has eight wins and seven losses with the red wings. the phillies have their first full squad workout in florida. they invited jason kelce to talk to the team. hear what he has to say coming up well we don't have another half hour. >> take our word for it.
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>> well you probably already know it's girl scout cookie time and creative chefs are using the cookies to create culinary masterpieces and a fundraising competition calls the girl scout cookie competition. and i got a taste too. >> lucy is 11 years old and an avid girlfriend and a two time winner of chopped. >> love cookie crunch it's so much fun it's a fundraiser that benefits the girl scouts and the nonprofit heart quest. >> 15 different restaurants make amazing dishes using girl scout cookies. >> making french toast with caramel delights. >> lucy created strawberry lemonade cheesecake bites good 101. the girl scout cookie program is
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the largest girl led business in the world. they will direct their portions to the underserved communities where girls couldn't afford to participate. one delicious box at a time. >> these are really good. i'm karen rogers for fyi philly. >> that was good stuff there. >> one day i was working in the afternoon. >> yes, i got mine it was good. and i went through a box already. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry and as we take a look outside we have sky 6 hd showing you there is more and more brightening of the skies over the last hour or so. now sunshine glinting off the tops of the buildings and look foggy out there. and moisture is in the air as you mix out the stuff from
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earlier. generally speaking 63 is the temperature in the city and a good direction for us and there is milder air and we are drying it in today and tomorrow. temperatures across the region trying to rebound up north just 52 in allentown and 57 in reading and 61 in wilmington and 60 in philadelphia and 59 in trenton and almost 70 in millville and dover, delaware. satellite shows you the thicker cloud cover earlier and obviously a lot of clearing and drying south and west of us and even in philadelphia you see the clouds thin out and backing up the sky 6 hd image. high temperatures today if we hit the 70 in philadelphia it will tie the old record. and 67 in allentown and 67 in reading and 68 in wilmington and 67 in trenton and 68 in millville and just 58 in cape may and 70 in dover, delaware. here is how the numbers go the rest of the way if we get the 70
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it will be 3:30 today and slide back to 66 at dinner time not bad for this time of of year and that time of night. 10:00, 61 and with the southerly flow continuing overnight we are going to be having difficulties seeing the numbers dropping and settling in the upper 50s and bouncing back up tomorrow. in california, which is typically warmer this time of year there are freeze warnings now because of the cold air locked in out there. the ridge of high pressure, big powerful ridge setting up for the next couple of days. it continues to bounce the numbers and this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon we expect to see highs in the neighborhood of 25 degrees above average. not bad. future tracker 6 showing you in the morning close to 60 already in philadelphia. and there may be patchy fog again tomorrow morning similar to this morning. on the early morning broadcast we'll check the visibilities and
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we'll have nice numbers for you as you head out the door and in the afternoon you see how the model has a bunch of low 70s across the region and the record in philadelphia 72 and a shot of breaking that tomorrow as we have a shot of breaking several other records. today's high is 70 or close to it. temperatures zooming and today's average high just 45. and wednesday record warmth with a high of 73 in philadelphia and maybe a shower late in the day or at night on wednesday and thursday 49 is the high and cooler and damp and a chance of light spotty precipitation building in and friday clouds and periods of light to moderate rain and neither day looks like a washout to me. and for the weekend 59 on saturday and sunday 61 and more weekend rain coming in and the potential for the mainly afternoon into sunday morning rain. that could be the best chance of it any way. could be drizzle outside of that
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time period. i just mention. the sunshine returns and 66 is well above average. a nice pattern and the next couple of days take the cake. >> a week of february left. not bad. >> thank you. 30,000 adults are at the new york toy fair playing with the hottest toys and games that every kid will want in a few months. this year's trend involve nostalgic slow backs and toilet humor and coding. and there are 700 buyers walking through the fair and decide what goes on store shelves in time for the holidays.
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>> warmer air is finally moving in. look for 60s in the western suburbs and warm conditions out there. and the center portion of the region a couple of you could hit 70, norristown and philadelphia and close to it in salem and glassboro. down the shore cooler, 60 in a and 60 in sea isle city. and those are above average. >> 60 is the new 70. thank you david. >> that does it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> have a nice afternoon. we'll see you here later today.
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