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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:41pm EST

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we'll be tracking the weather for the forecast, on the air and >> the city of philadelphia has been cleaning up in the wake of yesterday's huge parade and rally at the art museum. workers picked up 60-tons of trash today. there is still restoration work to do. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live on the parkway. what is the full story? >> jim, they have pretty much wrapped up the cleanup on the parkway with a few minor exceptions here and there.
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the next phase is upward of a million people came to celebrate the championship. the city says the next phase could take a while. >> city workers from the department have cleared up to 6e cherished ben franklin parkway. they went at it with gusto. >> what a difference the day has made. >> they have done a good job at cleaning up. >> now there is something missing. >> i remember grass at some point. not one blade around the area where hundreds of thousands of fanfans camped out all day for e celebration. >> it looks like a war zone. it's bound to happen. this area is usually beautiful. now it looks like a war zone. it looks so desolate and different. >> a spokesperson for the parks
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says they are assessing the damage from the parade. they typically aerate in the spring when the weather breaks. we probably won't see grass until may. >> it's usually so beautiful. it's an important landmark of the city. it will look great once they finish it up. >> they'll get it together fast. they have been doing a lot of work. >> it's the cost of victory. fly, eagle eagles, fly. >> there you have it, we won't see grass until may. there is no reason to believe they'll handle this differently. dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." jim? >> eagle center jason kelce made an impression yesterday in a mummer costume.
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today he delighted fans with one-on-one contact. >> jim, before yesterday's speech half of the ticks to the session were purchased. the rest sold out overnight which is how long it took the star to become a legend. >> jason kelce and bo allen are talking for the first time. >> when you started seeing how many fans are there, the passion and energy everyone had, it was easy to get wrapped up in that. fans waited for an autograph. kelce's underdog speech earned
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him a spot in many philadelphiaen's hearts. >> it felt like he was part of us. >> it's what everybody has been saying about us. it's philly through and through. he had that bottled up for five years. >> hungry dogs run faster. >> was the speech prepared? >> i didn't write anything down, but for some reason the night before the parade, i couldn't sleep. >> i thought it was one of the best speeches i have heard. >> ryan came to tell kelce just that. >> it put tears in my eyes and then i was laughing. >> one image places kelce atop city hall. his response? >> it's hilarious. >> it's the seventh season, for whatever reason, i feel i have connected well with
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philadelphia. bo alan says that speech resonated with him and his teammates. some say he could easily win because he's so beloved. kelce crushed those thoughts saying he has no interest in politics. jim? >> thank you, jeff. other eagles were basking in the limelight, derrick sprols -- they were all showing off their superbowl worthy penmanship. the line was long, and love was strong. nigel giving back to fans at dick's sporting goods. his charitable foundation, one tackle for change hosted a surprise for ten families from children's services, providing
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them with $125 gift cards. >> safety rodney mcleod was out as well signing autographs for the excited eagle fans. mcleod posed for hundreds of pictures with a line of fans that went around the block. >> you know you are a die hard eagle fans when you have a tattoo on your head. other eagle fans had their pride tattooed on their arms. they were there attending the 20th annual tattoo art convention. the event is a live exhibit one some of the best tattoo work of the world and it runs through sunday. right now, you can see videos from the biggest moments of the celebration, video from the action cam from chopper 6 and dozens of photographs from eagle
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players. the 700,000 number can't be right. it has to be over a million for sure. the fans were enjoying the championship parade. pennsylvania top republic lawmakers have handed down newly drawn congressional maps to meet a supreme court order deadline. the jerrymandered district was ruled unconstitutional for favoring republics. governor wolf has until thursday to accept the map. if not, the justices will create their own. here's what we are told about the new lines. they keep 70% of the residents in the current districts. 62 counties split up have been stitched back together. the sprawling seventh district, parts of delaware, chester berks and lancaster county have been
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more compact. montgomery county divided among four districts rather than five. one district in philadelphia minorities make up the majority and increases the minority population in a second city district. new electronic voting machines be ones that leave a paper trail, another safeguard against hacking, audits and recounts. the state is evaluating requiring counties to get rid of old voting booths, modernizing the voter registration database. president trump is ruling on the democratic memo tonight, plus new details about the terrible flu season and where the top officials think it's headed. and a report on the dangers of
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drowsy driving and how many people are killed because of it. cecily? >> we have temperature in the 50s and 60s. we tap into that this weekend, but it comes with rain. i'll explain in the seven-day forecast. >> jeff skversky has the eagles invading espn and an update on markelle fultz. and nasa photos from the furthest away ever when "action news" continues.
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>> president trump has given the republics a one up edge in the memo wars. president trump has refused to declassify the memo intended to refute claims of surveillance abuse by the fbi as written by the republic members of the committee. trump said the memo cleared him of the investigation. trump's comments today about his former staff have the rob porter
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are creating a fire storm. porter resigned after his two former wives accused him of violence. >> i found out about it and are surprised by it. we wish him well. it's a tough time for him. he did a good job in the white house. we hope he has a wonderful career. >> trump said nothing about the two women but said this about porter, he says he's innocent. i think you have to remember that. another member of the trump administration david sorenson has also resigned amid allegations of domestic abuse. a female lawmaker one of the lead voices of the me too movement is facing her own
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charges. garcia is accused of groping a man at a softball game in 2014. she put out a statement denying the behavior occurred. the government shutdown ended after an agreement of $400 million. there is nothing in the budget about protecting the dreamers. immigration must be tackled, and democrats have decreasing leverage on the issue so important to them. >> the dow ended the first week in two years on a high note. blue chips closed up 230 points after a rollercoaster ride on walwall street. volitility is back with a 350 point spike in the morning, followed by a 900 point drop before a late afternoon rally into positive territory. all three major indexes are
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negative for 2018. health check tonight experts say the flu season is going from bad to worse. one of every 13 visits to the doctor last week was for flu. officials say one thing that may be contributing could be the vaccine. >> we know that many people have been vaccinated. we don't know yet how well the vaccine is working against all of the types of flu strains circumstance collatincirculatin. experts say anyone more than six months should get a vaccination. >> have you ever driven while tired? a new study reveals that drowsy driving is a bigger danger than once thought. the report from aaa finds it's a factor in one out of ten
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crashes. the numbers are higher after dark. one in 25 drivers report having fallen asleep while driving in the past month. the highway administration believes drowsy driving is responsible for 83 crashes a year. plans to open a facility where drug addicts can get high without overdosing was discussed at city council tonight. members gathered at the mount tabor church on 7th street raising questions about funding and whether or not it will stop the overdoses from opiates across the city. >> in a letter today the company announced they'll give customers one year to return purchases with a receipt. ll bean says a small amount of people abused the long standing
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policy so they can no longer offer a blanket guarantee but will work on defects or poor workmanship. >> the 2018 olympics are under way in south korea. they exchanged waves and cheers with the crowd. the big story, olympians from north and south korea are competing under the same unified flag that is historic in recent olympics. >> take a look at this photograph that is out of this world. it's a record breaker. it's the farthest a photograph man taken away from earth. the camera is on the new horizon probe the same one that flew by pluto in 2016. it's objects on the fringe of our solar system taken in
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november 3.8 billion-miles from earth. that ice a long photograph. we have to save that, put it in our photos. >> weekend accuweather forecast. we have a warm and wet weekend under way. the action cam looking up at the ben franklin bridge, glowing in eagle green. we have clouds above. right now, no major problems. live at the philadelphia international airport. if you have plans to fly out or pick someone up from the airport this weekend, you need to get there ahead. not only is there rain but fog as well. the temperatures and dewpoint match so conned sawtio condensad
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this will cause the clouds to form. that's late saturday night early sunday morning. looking at temperatures right now, 36 in philadelphia, allentown, 35. cape may 40, trenton 33, and wilmington 44 with wind out of the southeast. temperatures holding steady or climbing overnight. satellite and radar showing clouds are in place. moisture is not here yet. it's gathering to the southwest. this moves toward us. it looks like it arrives mid to afternoon tomorrow. if you want to get out and walk the dog, go for a run, 8:30, lots of clouds. nothing more than a sprinkle or two. 41 in philadelphia. as what h head to 2:30, philadea south and west, fills in by saturday night. heading to the movies, dinner
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saturday night, you want to take the umbrella. 7:00 in the morning, pockets of heavy rain that updated live on the air, especially i-95 and areas south around lunchtime raining heavily. heavily. everything tapers off by sunday afternoon. temperatures make it up to 60 or 61-degrees. future tracker showing a real soaker rain. there is a bulls eye. with the latest model over philadelphia. you want to be on guard. roads and streets, a high concern seeing flooding low lying areas that typically flood probably will. there is a risk of creeks streams and rivers dealing with flooding. tomorrow, 53-degrees. sunday, morning clouds and fog,
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heavy rain, 61-degrees. monday, better. right in time for work. clouds, sunshine, 48-degrees. tuesday, increasing clouds, showers could linger into wednesday morning, valentine's day. thursday, we warm up to 58. friday, it's brisk and seasonably cold with a high of 42-degrees. chris sowers has an update on the timing of the rain tomorrow morning at 5:00. >> it was a red carpet reception for a group of teenagers. an adoring crowd welcomed special needs students to their prom night. guests arrived by limousine and enjoyed dinner and dancing. the event was sponsored by tim tebow. the greater philadelphia hispanic chaim w chamber of come
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>> we have breaking news in the holmesburg sect of philadelphia. there was a shooting 25 minutes ago outside the house of correction on state road. one person was wounded. police are telling "action news" he was a gunman but was wounded by a stalemate corrections
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officer. the wounded man was taken to aria toursdale in serious correction. it doesn't appear the man was an inmate. there is information to be received still, details to be sorted out. we know that there was a shooting outside the house of correction in the parking lot. one man is at the hospital at this hour. on this friday night we are having fun with jason sell kelc. jason kelce saw the photo philadelphia police tweeted out. called it hilarious. eagle center jason kelce still has a voice after the epic rant at the superbowl parade. he's talking a big game, the birds are hungry. >> you guy are were awesome. >> thank you.
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>> kelce hanging out in halvertown. he says they are hungry dogs, hungry for more. listen to this. the parade helps. we want another one of them. i think the bottom line is, we have a lot of guys that have been hungry. i don't think anyone is done yet. our franchise quarterback didn't play in the big game. you think he's hungry, i don't think there is any lack of motivation. we are motivated to keep going. >> eagle victory lap continues after the parade. eagles rerunning the special at espn today. all of the talk -- about kelce's speech. >> he was having a good day.
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coach always tells us, let your personality show. he did. everything else was history. >> did you know what he was going to say when he walked up there? >> you never know what kelce is going to say. >> he speaks his heart. he did. he kept going. >> we could have listened for hours. who is next to win the championship in philadelphia? joel embiid says the sixers are next. alshon jeffery in the house, looking sharp in the green suit, emdiid looking good too against new orleans. out scores them all by himself in the first. emdiid with a double double, 16 boards, up 35. darrio getting into the swing of things, sixers win, 182.
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hopefully, contagious, sixers are next. first, we go night night. be right back.
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sixer manager has no idea when the shooter will be back. his range the paint, that is it for markelle fultz. >> hopefully, he will be back. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 5:00 a.m. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, have a
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great night, and a good weekend. tonight -- chadwick boseman, dave salmoni and animals, and music from zz ward featuring fitz. ♪ i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thanks for everything you've
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guillermo is away on assignment. guillermo is off at nfl media day today. i hope you had a good weekend. i had a good weekend. it wash it, but the ratings for the grammys were way down. they were down by 24%. which is a shame. i'll tell you why. because the energy -- forget the grammy awards themselves. the energy the performers were >> with me now. what's going on? >> what's going on? >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> yeah? what are you feeling t of course huge nominations by the way. >> yeah. >> what's next for you? >> waking up. waking up, eating pop tarts. he should really think about
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changing his name to lil' snoozy because -- [ laughter ]ive grammy awards. [ cheers and applause ] from england, ed sheeran won two grammy awards. but poor ed sheeran. he was up for best pop solo performance in a category, he of all years, how dare ed sheeran beat those women. you know ed sheeran didn't actually beat any women. [ laughter ] there was a vote. bruno won six grammy awards. [ cheers and applause ] including song of the year, album of the year, and record of the year. you shouldn't be able to win that many categories for the hair, and best actress in a movie about newspapers. it's too much. [ laughter ] and not only that, bruno mars --
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now,song. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. you're telling me eight people sat down and wrote "i gotta condo in manhattan baby girl the song had four words in it. well, you can't expect one person to be able to rhyme miami with jammies. it's a multi -- [ laughter ] one of the songs that they beat for song of the year was "despacito," which you know, everyone was saying oh, god, this song again. i'll be honest. last night, first time i ever heard it. [ laughter ] in fact, my daughter jane, who is 3 years old, walked in the room. i said jane, have you ever heard this song before? she goes, yeah, "despacito." [ laughter ] she pronounced it like a local news anchor overenunciating. [ laughter ]
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then i tried get her to sing it. i said you know this song? how does it go? she looks at the tv, goes, "it goes like that." [ laughter ] [ applause ] by the way, did you see -- i don't know if you saw the performance of "despacito." but if not this is how it went. ♪ pacito, pacito ♪ pacito, pacito ♪ pacito, pacito ♪ ♪ pacito, pacito president trump took one look at that and canceled the wall. [ cheers and applause ] all construction on the wall stops until we can figure out what the hell is going on with that dancer. [ laughter ] instead of the wall he's building a water slide so can get here more easily. [ laughter ] jay-z didn't win any of the eight grammys he was nominated for last night but he did get a tweet from the president. jay-z was on the van jones show saturday night on cnn and i guess trump didn't like what he
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had to say because he tweeted "somebody please inform jay-z that because of my policies black unemployment has just been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded." i don't know what policy he's talking about. he didn't even get a piece of major legislation passed until december and black unemployment has been going down in pretty much a straight line since 2010. in other words, the credit for lower black unemployment ironically goes to an unemployed black guy. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] we've got a new twitter feud. it's jay-z versus crazy. [ laughter ] they should solve this with a rap battle, winner gets to be president. i think that's the way to go. donald trump is right now gearing up for his first state of the union speech. it's tomorrow night. state of the union is the one day of the year presidents are supposed to brag about their accomplishments. so he's been training for this really for his whole life. the theme of this speech is they released the theme today, it's safe, strong, proud. based on the three words he ner


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