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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  January 21, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EST

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to victory! >> sounding good. game day finally here. eagles' faithful showing off their colors hoping the minnesota vikings don't spoil the party. a win tonight of course puts our birds in the super bowl. >> and a pleasant good sunday morning. action news already out soaking in the mood for tonight's big game. bob brooks is at fdr park where tailgating is already beginning. >> and jeff skversky is also on the birds beat. >> nick foles and the eagles looking to get back to the super bowl for the first time in 13 years. we'll have reaction from the players as they get set for the biggest game of the season. the nfc championship game against the vikings later tonight. >> first here's more on our breaking news from i-95 in south philadelphia.
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i-95 southbound is closed by the linc. all traffic being pushed off at broad street because of this accident. two-vehicle crash that has injured three people. one person a man in his 30s was thrown from one of the vehicles. medics were doing cpr on him while taking him to the hospital. two others were also taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition, the other is stable. stick with action news for updates on this breaking news. 7:01 right now. the linc will be packed with tailgaters today. a few people already starting the party at fdr park ready for the nfc championship game. kickoff is at 6:40 tonight. >> meteorologist chris sowers is a look at that accweather forecast. you need to have some good news today. >> here's some good news. it's already warmer than it was for last week's divisional
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round. 33 degrees in philadelphia, reading sitting at 37, trenton 39, allentown 39 and the poconos 31. last week during the divisional round against the atlanta falcons, temperatures were around freezing and falling the whole game with wind chills in the teens. we're talking about temperatures in the 40s this go-around and not much of a wind chill at all. mother nature not key operating. cloud cover to the north for now. it will be drifting down to the south as the day wears on. increasing clouds but it will stay dry starting out with sunshine but those clouds will gradually lower and thicken throughout the day. 52 is our very mild high for today. the normal is 40 but there's still a bit of a breeze so we're going to be dealing with somewhat of a wind chill. you can see it's chilly early on, 7:00 a.m. 30 degrees. 9:00 a.m., 33. by 11:00 a.m., 43. and mid to upper 40s as we get into the first part of the afternoon. so again, the actual high for the day is 52, but it's going to feel more like the 40s, which is still a lot better than what we
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dealt with last week. i'll be back in just a few minutes have the eagles forecast for you and we'll track a little rain in the accweather 7-day forecast. >> we are waking up and still living the dream. the eagles playing in the nfc championship game tonight. the eagles take the field as the underdogs against the minnesota vikings and all that's at stake is a trip to the super bowl. >> the birds can spoil the vikings chance to play in the super bowl on their home turf in two weeks. some of the players and fans have bought those dog masks embracing the underdog logo. many are hoping the eagles say uh-uh, not in our house. >> bob brooks is live in south philadelphia, fdr park, where some tailgaters are already flocking toward the linc, aren't they? >> reporter: they are. i actually have one with me right now. i'm going to do a live interview with big jim cob. i'm not that sort of a guy.
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he is a tall person. you are here at 6:00 a.m. the game is not until about 6:40 p.m. do you think that's wild being here this early. >> it's crazy but crazy is what eagles fans are going to have to come forth with to get us over the hump. >> you're the spotter for your team? >> yes. my tailgate group. we've been coming here for about 25 years or so and this is the championship game and we have to be in place and ready to prepare for the game as all the other eagles fans here are going to be doing. >> big game. what's your predictions what do you think? >> i've been through a number of the games all season, went out to l.a. when carson got hurt. this is for everything. this is what they play for. and my prediction is that at the end of the day we will be headed to minnesota for the super bowl. >> we can only hope so man.
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>> absolutely. >> enjoy today. thanks for speaking with us. >> go birds! >> reporter: some parking lot reminders. fdr park close to opening up any minute. i think the gates are just about to open. the other lots are going to open up in phases. the wells fargo, m, n and p lots are going to open up a little later today around 11:30, citizens bank are going to open up at 3:30 everyone keep that in mind. back out live to me, we know it's a big day for everyone in the city. i've been doing fans stories and coverage all week long. we're excited, everybody is excited. but please keep in mind be careful. win or lose, we want to celebrate the nfc championship game right. bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> thank you for the update. and there are some parking restrictions that you need to know about ahead of tonight's big game. beginning at 2:00 this afternoon, these cars will be moved because they won't be able
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to park there right along broad street. the city placed flyers on cars that were parked along broad street last night and right along the median warning drivers don't park your cars here. parking will be prohibited from south street to the stadium complex and that includes the northbound and the southbound median areas. >> jeff chirico is live in mayfair this morning and that intersection on police radar a little bit more than usual this weekend. >> reporter: that's right, nydia. good morning. police are taking security seriously across the city. officials in all 21 districts have been told to identify those hot spots where they may experience or could expect perhaps some out-of-control celebrations, one of them right here. i'm just outside the mayfair diner. you can see the green balloons are up across the streets, as well as some of those no-marking signs. because this is one of the hot spots, parking will be prohibited here in this area from 3:00 this afternoon until
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3:00 tomorrow morning. now police don't want a repeat of some of the raucous behavior they saw during the 2008 world series celebration. police had a news conference on friday laying out their game plan. basically it's an "all hands on deck" type of approach. businesses here across the city are being told to take some precautions, maybe put down the gates, remove any objects that could be easily moved or thrown. all just trying to get ahead of this, trying to make sure that any sort of celebration tonight will be a safe one. reporting live in mayfair, jeff chirico, channel 6 action news. nydia, gray? >> very important jeff. thank you. so for the eagles and vikings, it comes down to this moment. it is win or go home. neither team has any guarantee win or if they will get this chance again. >> quarterback nick foles celebrated his 29th birthday and a win today would make it a
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fantastic gift. jeff skversky continues our coverage. >> reporter: this is what you dream about. eagles quarterback nick foles has been thinking about this moment since he was a little kid. but foles says he's not nervous. he's excited. by the way, not afraid to make a mistake in the biggest game of his life. eagles looking to advance to only their third super bowl in team history. the nfc championship game has not been kind to the birds over the years but the vikings are 0 for their last 5 with a trip to the super bowl at stake. nobody has been worse over the last 40 years. do the eagles need extra motivation i don't think so to beat the vikings. there is not much more to say than this. >> when you step on the field we're always playing for each other. that's our strength as a team we're playing for the guy next to us. we're playing for the guys who got injured, playing for the city. you're not playing just for yourself. >> at the end of the day you shouldn't need more motivation. it's a really good team in minnesota who have been kind of underappreciated themselves all year. i know they're hungry.
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they are a really good football team. >> there's going to be, we need to make sure we tuned in for all 60 minutes. >> we've got to win this one. just being here isn't it. we're not getting any award for coming to this game. we've got to win. >> reporter: the eagles have never lost a playoff game to minnesota. the last time they went to the super bowl 13 years ago, the eagles beat the vikings and the falcons along the way. perhaps history will repeat itself tonight at the nfc championship game at the linc. >> jeff, ducis have you covered all day long and there may be no more loyal fan than one watching right from the hospital bed. we want to introduce you to wendy robinson. the cold impacted her lungs and in her words she took a bit of a beating. although she can't be at the linc tonight, she says she will be there in spirit watching the
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game on television. >> keep the ball on the ground, and keep their running game going, we've got it going on. >> good advice. she is ready for game time with her eagles cap, shirt, scarf, and cuff and even pom-poms to cheer on the eagles. >> looking great wendy. thank you for sharing your eagles spirit with us and we ask that you continue to share your love for the home team by sending us your pictures and videos. loving all of these. when your school colors are the same as your favorite football team and it's school spirit day. we've got this cute pooch right here these are my favorite pictures, all of the babies in their eagles gear. donna marie showing this beautiful eagle right here. and you can share your pictures or video using the hashtag. >> join us for the pregame
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action at 5:00 p.m. we will be live with post-game reports as soon as the big game is over. plus we're going to have an extra hour for you starting at 10:00 p.m. on channel 6. it all wraps up with extended live eagles coverage. the action news team taking the handoff at 4:00 a.m. join matt, tam, david and karen because they're going to be on the air with reaction as the region hopefully starts preparing for the big one, the super bowl. >> no matter the outcome tonight it will be an interesting monday morning. >> yes it will be. >> 7:11 right now. still ahead on action news, a local congressman at the head of -- >> a man is shot near a south philadelphia movie theater. we've got details on who police say fired that shot and what led to the shooting. >> and the government shutdown in washington, d.c. hits home for the delaware valley.
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could get worse by later today. chris? >> the beautiful weather is going to continue this afternoon. yesterday we had a very comfortable high of 57 degrees. today we're shooting for a high of 52 and you remember all that warm weather ahead in the accweather 7-day forecast, this morning i've actually raised some of the numbers. i'll show you when we come right back.
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your time now 7:14. pennsylvania republican congressman patrick meehan is the subject of a new investigation launched by the house ethics committee. house speaker paul ryan ordered that investigation after the new york times reported that meehan used thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment allegation. now according to the times, last year a former aide accused meehan of making unwanted romantic advances towards her. his office released a statement denying the allegation. meehan is also being removed from his position on the ethics committee. the democrats issuing a statement calling from meehan to
7:15 am
drop his re-election bid. >> the government shutdown is in his second day and it is hours away from taking a very serious turn. nearly 1 million federal employees will be furloughed if no deal with reached before tomorrow. the returns blame the democrats and the democrats blame the republicans. they draw the line. a number of iconic landmarks including the statue of liberty are shut down. at valley forge national park visitors may enter but all buildings within the park including the restrooms are closed and independence hall and the liberty bell center are close, but the visitor center is open staffed by nonpark service personnel. thousands of people took part in the women's march. many carried signs expressing displeasure for the current political climate. the focus of this year's march
7:16 am
is the upcoming election. >> meteorologist chris sowers tracking the forecast for the upcoming game. can we wear shorts and t-shirts. >> no. you won't need your gloves or your hat or anything like that. it's going to be a lot warmer than last week that's for sure. let's get you to the weather center and you can see behind the image there storm tracker showing absolutely nothing popping up on radar, just a couple of spritz and sprinkles across the virginias this morning. all that activity staying well west of philadelphia. all we're looking at today is a gradual increase in clouds and mild temperatures. not too bad for the birds. nice weather for the game. four straight days of 50s and that accweather 7-day forecast started it off, every single one of them in the 50s. tuesday we could get close to 60 degrees but a seeking rain is on the way tuesday morning and that will ultimately put an end to the party. the temperatures will pull back as we get into mid week. 33 in philadelphia, 25 in millville, 39 in allentown, 37
7:17 am
in reading, 39 in trenton. one thing to point out with those numbers it's already warmer than it was last week for the divisional round against the atlanta falcons. temperatures are going to be feeling a whole lot better. we won't have to deal with wind chills and no precipitation for the game. here's the satellite and radar cloud cover to the north, this will increase from west to east as the day wears on. a couple of frontal system across the hus-canadian border. this is where the real cold air is sitting right now. that brutally cold, single digits and teens up here. it's going to stay here the next week, could be even longer. here are some signs it might come into the high plains the following week. right now the big story is this right here. mild increasing clouds for today. winds strengthen out of the southwest. it's another mild day and tuesday as the front gets a little bit closer, we're what we calling prefrontal, winds start is to strengthen not only at the surface but aloft. everything is out of the
7:18 am
southwest and that could get our temperatures close to 60 degrees. you'll see that here in a second on the accweather 7-day forecast. sun and clouds, mild today 52 is the forecasted high. light breezes out of the west southwest 5-10 miles per hour. just a gradual increase in clouds. by game time it's mainly cloudy. 10:00 a.m. for the tailgaters, 49. 2:00, mostly cloudy, 50 degrees and then by 4:00, 52. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy and mild, 36 degrees outlying suburbs 40 for center city. these are normal highs for this time of the year and they're going to be our overnight lows tonight. light breeze out of the south southwest at 5-10 miles per hour. game time temperatures look to be somewhere around 49, 48 degrees. that's the first quarter temperature then falling back to around 44, 45 by the fourth quarter. rather cloudy again. it's a 6:40 start time, just a light breeze out of the south southwest. exclusive accweather 7-day forecast. there's one chance of rain this week on tuesday.
7:19 am
52 degrees, sun and clouds for today. increasing clousds for monday. very comfortable. 56. for tuesday periods of rain. we're near 60 and wednesday, thursday and friday we cool it off a little bit but all three of those days still above average. nydia? >> looking good, chris. thank you. miners in africa have unearthed one of the largest diamonds ever found. the rock weighs 910 carats. it is likely worth tens of millions of dollars. we'll be right back. i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start.
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this morning. an argument behind a south philadelphia bar ends with one man being shot. the action cam at that scene on the 1400 block of christopher columbus boulevard. two men got into a disagreement
7:22 am
as they were leaving a movie at the riverview plaza theater. when they reached the bar, both men pulled out guns, started shooting. one man was critically injured. vethdors say he had a license to carry a gun, the other man good not. so far police have not filed any charges. >> a new study finds if you're having trouble falling asleep, writing a to-do list could fix that problem. researchers at baylor university found that those who wrote down things they needed to get done the next day fell asleep 9 minutes sooner than those who didn't. they say it's a similar effect that certain sleep medications have. they believe the list clears the brain from worry. i have to tell you, i do that and it works. most moms-to-be choose a beautiful back drop to pose in front of. an atlanta woman chose something different. her pictures were taken at her favorite fast food joint taco
7:23 am
bell. she spent too much time and money at taco bell during her second pregnancy so she knew it was the perfect location. and her husband likes taco bell too so it's a win-win. they chose a photographer friend and got the okay from an atlanta taco bell. they call her son teddy bear. >> fly eagles fly on the road to victory! >> how cute is she? even the youngest and cutest are getting into eagles spirit. she is loving the birds. >> she's cute.
7:24 am
>> outside we go, 7:23 is your time. more news on the way. we're going to leave you with this beautiful sunrise over south jersey as we prepare to cheer on the eagles for the big game tonight. we'll see you after the break. 7:26 sunday morning.
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7:26 am
we are ready. forecast looking pretty good. gray, catch! temperatures going to be really, really nice. last week for the divisional round we struggled to get into the low 30s. wind chills were in the teens.
7:27 am
look at the numbers today. 52 degrees for the jersey shore, poconos 42. gradual increase in clouds as the day wears on. as we go wider across the country there's no winter to be found across the lower 48. it's chilly up to the north, bismarck, 15. everybody else the 60s popping up to the south. even atlanta where you had temperatures down into the 20s and some snow last week, now they're showing numbers in the 40s. so most locations doing much, much better now. forecast for today, we're looking at again an increase in clouds, a temperatures in the 50s. 49 degrees by 1:00. game time temperature between 46 and 48 and then as you're heading home hopefully after an veeg also victory 10:00 this evening, 44 degrees. again no precipitation. we're not expecting any rain. >> by the way, i caught the ball. watch the eagles host the minnesota vikings at the linc.
7:28 am
if you birds win, they will go to the super bowl. nick foles against backup vikings quarterback case keenum. foles faces a huge challenge. they'll be playing against the number one defense in the nfc. the birds are 3-point underdogs. >> a group of middle school girls spent their saturday afternoon hoping to close the stem gender gam. science, technology, engineering and math. they spent time learning to code and build websites. the workshop is designed for girls who have limited exposure to technology. it was offered at a organization called work merck. don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection,
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the linc. all traffic is being pushed off at broad street because of this accident. a two-vehicle crash that has injured three people. the vehicles slammed into each other a little before 5:00 this morning. one person was thrown from one of the vehicles. two others were also taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition. the other is stable. stick with action news for updates on this breaking news. >> 7:30 your time. eagles fans are fired up for tonight's nfc championship game. the eagles and vikings facing
7:31 am
off and police have a plan of their own. we've got live team coverage for you up next. >> let's get right to your game day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. >> it's looking great. it's already fairly mild. 12 times so far this month we woke up to temperatures in the single digits and the teens. look at it now. 37 in pottstown, 41 already in malvern, glassboro, 27. vineland down to 25. cinnaminson 32, and cape may showing 37. satellite and radar, we have a nice breeze today, at least aloft. our wind flow is like this and all that does is pretty much drive mild air in from the southern part of the united states. frontal systems are sitting up through here. all the cold air is north of that line, and it's going to stay there at least for the next three or four days. we're looking at a gradual
7:32 am
increase in clouds starting out with a little bit of sunshine. those clouds lower and thick pretty quickly this afternoon. by 2:00 we're up to 50, by 4:00, our comfortable high of 42. we're a good 12 degrees above seasonal averages and tomorrow it gets even warmer. 57 yesterday, 52 for today. 56 on monday and then there are some forecast models that actually have us at 60 by tuesday. i'll be back with in just a few minutes with those details. >> thank you. well the wait is almost over. our countdown clock is up. the eagles and vikings clash tonight in the nfc championship. the linc of course center stage for a football drama the world will witness. our eagles will trot on to their home turf just one victory away from the super bowl. this magical season takes a new twist tonight. >> live at fdr park is action news reporter bob brooks.
7:33 am
and folks started lining up at 6:00 this morning. >> reporter: hey, gray and nydia. they did. there's been slight confusion on what time the park is opening up. 8:00, we previously had reported 6:00, but again we are notified now 8:00 sharp the park should be opening up. they just put a sign outside of here at fdr to the gates, 40 bucks cash that's what it's going to cost to get you in. and we have some tips for people heading down to the stadium and complex. i want to bring up the graphic here and show everyone that. the wells fargo lots are going to open up next at 11:30. those are lots m, n and p. then citizens bank park, those are going to open up at 3:30, approximately 3:30. that's when that's going to happen. but like you said, 6:00 this morning there was a man here whose named was jim cob. the first man to try to get his tailgate set up. i talked to him about his early
7:34 am
arrival to the park. let's take a listen. >> do you think it's a little crazy to be out here at 6:00 a.m.? >> no. this is what i have to do. i'm the spotter for my group and i have to get the spot. there's a couple of i -- amenities that this spot offers that i'm not going to talk about because i don't want competition in the future. but no. this is what i do for the group and yeah. it has to be done. >> i'm sure all the tailgaters out there have their secrets and that's what makes it special. it's the nfc championship game. i've got my best green turtle neck on. we want to remind everyone that win or lose, we want to do the game right, stay safe and certainly enjoy everything that's happening today. bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> looking great as always. >> of course it is easy being green in philadelphia.
7:35 am
the skyline will go green again tonight ahead of tonight's game. >> it will be a beautiful good times and a whole lot of good people out there. but it also means serious business keeping crowd control and not just at the stadium. jeff chirico live in the mayfair section of philadelphia with security preparations. this is serious business, jeff. >> reporter: it is. i mean this is going to be a great day hopefully anyway. but police want everyone to enjoy the day safely. they're taking security very, very seriously and they have identified hot spots throughout the city that could see some celebrations that may become a little over celebratory and perhaps one of them is right here in northeast right in mayfair. and so right along here on frankfort after, there will be no parking allowed. from 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. cars will be towed if they do in fact park here. police laid out their security
7:36 am
plan on friday afternoon at a news conference saying it will be a "all hands on deck" approach to security today and some visitors from minnesota told us last night that they're already seeing that increased police presence. >> we've seen a lot of police. so i mean they have it pretty well protected. >> you know, we're not intimidating people so i don't think we're looking for trouble. >> you don't want to hurt other people, damage property. you don't want to get hurt yourself. >> reporter: nonetheless, businesses here in mayfair and across the city are taking some precautions as they await the final score on tonight's game. that's the very latest here from mayfair, jeff chirico, channel 6 action news. >> we hope people do use common sense. thank you. eagles quarterback nick foles and vikings qb case keenum
7:37 am
have crossed paths before. >> some points of concern from the eagles. the winding road crossing paths. >> reporter: big name quarterbacks are the certifiable superstars in the nfl from brady to bradshaw to montana. then there's a battle of the backups. foles versus keenum. smaller names with huge aspirations. >> that's what's fun about these two guys is they've overcome everything. >> it's been a crazy journey where we're blessed to be in this game. it's been a wild ride this season. >> i know this is what you all you guys predicted back in the days was a foles versus keenum nfc championship. so good job to all you guys that predicted that. >> reporter: it's the backstory of these backups that makes things even more interesting. pay close attention. both began their careers in
7:38 am
2012. foles drafted with the eagles, keenum signed with houston. both played for the rams in 2015, but that was because foles traded st. louis for sam bradford. foles leaves for kansas city while keenum signs in minnesota as the backup to, wait for it, sam bradford who the eagles traded to the vikings after drafting carson wentz. two quarterbacks both backups until wentz goes down, bradford goes down, now both back in the spotlight fighting for the super bowl. >> it's importance to remember that vikings quarterback case keenum completed 67% of his passes outside the pocket. that was number one in the national football league. that's called second reaction throws. i talked to chris long his former teammate in st. louis. long told me that case keenum is
7:39 am
like a mini brett favre. once you get him you've got to get him on the ground. from the moment on sunday morning that doug pederson walked into this building, he's been all over special teams to clean up their mistakes that they had saturday night that nearly cost them the game against atlanta. kicking the ball out of bounds against the minnesota vikings and giving case keenum a sure field that's not going to work on sunday night. if car son wentz were the starter, they would be a favorite, instead they are home dogs against a dome team on the road. remember this. there have been four instances since the year 2000 that a dome team has gone on the road in the championship game.
7:40 am
those teams lost all four. 0 and 4. and that's why i think the eagles will win this game 20-13. guys, back to you. >> we will find out in 10:59:04. >> indeed we will. >> join us for the pregame action at 5:00 p.m. we'll be live with post game reports as soon as the game ends. plus we'll have an extra hour of action news starting at 10:00 p.m. right here on channel 6. it all wraps up with extended live eagles coverage. >> and our coverage of eagles playoff run continues on right now you can get analysis from our action news sports team and a look down the road with former eagles quarterback, also showing you how some of the areas biggest eagles fans are getting ready for tonight's big game. >> our son just walked into the bedroom and said dad the eagles are going to win today.
7:41 am
>> new on action news sunday morning, the army of china's emperor is center stage in philadelphia for the first time in 30 years. 6abc loves the arts gives you a peek. >> keep them coming. look at the babies. we love it. #6abc action. live look over the battleship new jersey as the sun is rising. meteorologist chris sowers back next with the 7-day from accweather. like a heart attack or a stroke. that can't be true, can it? actually, it is true. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. in fact, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death for adults with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. but there is good news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce
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cast. take a >> that is a winning smile. show us how you're getting pumped for game day. use the hashtag #6abcaction. >> 7:44. meteorologist chris sowers tracking your big game day accweather forecast. give us a touchdown. >> how about 49 degrees game time temperature. >> okay. down in cape may this time around. yesterday was such a nice day. high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s.
7:45 am
jersey shore was a little bit cooler but today you'll be close to 50 degrees once again and tomorrow probably 50 and even tuesday up into the 50s. the winning streak continues. 32 degrees right now in philadelphia with a dew point of 28 and a light breeze out of the south at 6 miles per hour. so it's not a very strong wind but it's just good enough to put the wind chills in the 20s this morning. 39 in allentown, lancaster checking in at 33, trenton 39. atlantic city, closer to the water more like 36 or 37. a couple of spritz and sprinkles showing up here across the ohio valley and cloud cover to the north. we'll see an increase in clouds but that's about it. and future tracker 6 showing by lunchtime those clouds starting to overspread the skyline here. they lower and tricken just in time for the start of the game with a couple of sprinkles well to the north of the viewing area getting to the poconos. north central portions of
7:46 am
pennsylvania and as the game comes to an end, the same thing. dry in the immediate philadelphia area, a couple of spri sprinkles to the north. by afternoon same thing. we'll see a gradual increase in clouds again which will ultimately give way to a period of rain, a heavy period of rain as we get into tuesday afternoon. some of the rainfall totals could be half inch to three-quarters of an inch with isolated heavier amounts. behind that the colder air works its way in out of the northwest. we'll start to see some cooler changes from canada. even that doesn't look too terribly cold. the highs are still in the 40s behind that front. rain totals the bulk of this falling on tuesday about .5 to .75 inch. 52 degrees is the forecasted high in philadelphia. same number for dover and trenton. 48 in allentown and 50 in atlantic city and overnight tonight it's a very mild night.
7:47 am
40 is the normal high for this time of the year. reading 37, and trenton 39 degrees. game forecast looks like this. 6:40 start time. temperatures right around 49 degrees and by the fourth quarter we're down a notch but still not too bad, 44. so you're still going to need a coat but you won't need the gloves, you're certainly not going to need a scarf. cloudy conditions, light breezes out of the south southwest. the exclusive accweather 7-day forecast. 52 today, increasing clouds, 56 for tomorrow and look at tuesday with any kind of luck maybe a more of a push out of the south maybe we hit 60 degrees. periods of rain, the temperatures pull back. 42 wednesday, 40 for thursday. and friday another high of 40 degrees. and then that cold pocket of air retreats back north into canada and we start warming up again. saturday 56 and right now it looks like next sunday is in the 50s as well. very depressing to see all those
7:48 am
50s out there. it will get colder again in february though. i do see that. >> now to a story that makes us philly proud. we take you to saint catherine drexel school where one of its staff members is joining the military. now he's fulfilling his dream of joining the marine corps. ethan thought he was walking into an eagles rally. >> i walked in further and i saw the marine corps flag and the usa flag and i was blown >> ethan we thank you for your
7:49 am
service. once boot camp is over, ethan told the school he'll come back dressed in his uniform for a visit. small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv
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exploring one of the most significant archaeological findings of all time. >> reporter: every year millions of tourists travel to china to see the ancient terra cotta warriors. the franklin institute has 10 of the warriors, part of an army of 8,000 life-sized figures china's first emperor had built for his burial site. >> it's similar to the egyptians in their tombs in which the afterlife they would have all the necessities they needed to live and be protected. >> reporter: a farmer digging a well discovered remnants of the warriors in 1974 but they date back to the year 200bce.
7:52 am
>> it is 2200 years old in the making. and one of the amazing things about it is that 700,000 people built this tomb. >> reporter: he ruled for just ten years but he unified warring states creating geographic borders of modern-day china. >> he was an amazing emperor in arts and culture and currency, weights and measures had come out during his leadership. >> reporter: the chinese government traditionally allows ten warriors to come to north america each year. for this trip the franklin institute is the only east coast stop. >> the institute went to chii florida to make its case of why this exhibition should come here. >> reporter: it's on display through march 4th and there's a
7:53 am
companion film at the imax theater. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. >> your time now 7:53. it was a surprise a year in the making. cameron restored his classic 1957 bell air and surprised him with a gift for his 81st birthday. he drove that car every day when his children were young but it's been parked in the garage for the past 30 years. that is until his grandson started make the repairs. they plan on taking the car to car shows this summer. to protec crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. powerful skincare,s now light-as-air
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a breakthrough moisturizer whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash new olay whips ageless feel that tingle of a cold sore only abreva can heal it in as little as two and a half days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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7:56 am
championship game at the linc. >> you would think it's the beginning of march. we're forecasting a high of 52. first quarter temperature for the eagles game start time 6:40. temperatures right around 50 degrees. let's say 49, by the fourth quarter, 44. slightest breeze out of the south southwest. >> thank you. >> and just a few minutes away from saying good morning to good morning america. >> here's a preview of the stories our friends at abc news are working on. >> welcome to day two of the shutdown it's your government at work or perhaps more accurately not at work. the president ensconced at the white house while thousands take to the streets in nationwide women's marches. is there an end in sight to this crisis. plus the governor of missouri fighting back after explosive allegations he engaged in blackmail. if you are looking for an
7:57 am
entertaining escape today, we are previewing tonight's sag awards, as well as two big nfl games today. we'll see you very soon on gma. >> come on dan, go eagles. >> action news continues a bit later this morning. >> here are the stories we're working on you for 9:00. we get a sneak peek at what we'll see at this year's philadelphia auto show. >> plus the field is ready for game time. we'll have live team coverage of eagles versus the vikings. >> for gray hall, chris sowers, i'm nydia han. go eagles. we'll be right back here at 9:00 a.m.
7:58 am
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>> good morning, america. this morning, blame game. democrats and republicans trading jabs over the government shutdown. >> this is utter madness. >> negotiating with president trump is like negotiating with jello. >> iconic monuments and parks closed with government workers bracing for furloughs. what will it take to make a deal? >> taking it to the streets. huge crowds gather across the country for the second women's march. thousands of people from politicians to celebrities rally for change as celebrities like natalie portman open up. about their own personal struggles. >> addressing the accusations. the embattled missouri governor speaking out about his extra marital affair.


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