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tv   Action News Sports Special Playoff Preview Party  ABC  January 19, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. when did carson go down? since that point no one has given us a chains. nobody has given us a chance. >> they have gone from a favorite to a forgotten, their season seemingly carted away with their best and brightest.
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>> it is over. the clock tics away the final seconds and the eagles have defeated the atlanta falcons. >> yet they have endured relishing the role as a dis respected under dog, eagles eliminated reigning nfc champions and find themselves on the verge of playing for the ultimate prize. but amen acing challenge remains. >> touchdown unbelievable. vikings win it. >> fresh off miracle in minneapolis the vikings look to sack south philadelphia and lay claim to a long ill lewded bounty. >> we have to do what we have to do. i just want to win. >> i will go to war with everyone of those guys in the dressing room. >> this "action news" sports special, playoff preview party , begins right now. tonight's specialist broad to you by avalon flooring, your partner in home design with 14
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locationness pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. universal dentistry insist on universal, and your local authorized mercedes benz dealers. >> ♪ filet eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> we are live at chickie and pete's in south philadelphia, eagles fight song is playing. >> oh, yeah. >> we are getting set for nfc championship game sunday night at the linc at 6:40 alongside ron jaworski and jamie apody i'm ducis rodgers, jeff skversky and brian westbrook will join news a moment. guys, the game is almost here, we are excited. >> we are so excited. listen to the fans, and, jaws, it is, it is almost february, at this point, can you believe we're still playing football. you predicted this, right. >> no, i did not. this eagles football team has exceeded everyone's expectations but doug pederson son has instilled in this football team about offense,
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defense and special teams, football is constant team game and this eagles football team has bought in. >> they have been riding this under dog mentality. well, guess what, game time is almost here, and the under dog s are here too. >> there is no need to fear, under doggies here. >> if there ever was a city that em breezed the under dog, it is us. >> we love you, rock. >> i love you too. >> philadelphia, gritty neighborhoods, tough people, never afraid to fight for respect. especially when it comes to or food balance team. >> absolutely, i think, we feel it in everybody. if you feel disrespected you have to take your respect. unless you will not get it. >> lane johnson turned those word into action after beating atlanta donning a dogmas being to show the world that we're down were being the dogs. >> we're not first under dog,
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we are not the last but anything you can gain to get the team, you know, energized, motivated we will do and that is something that we have added. >> did you put it on. >> oh, yeah. >> his bark is bigger than his bite. >> but this is no laughing matter, leave to it coach doug pederson to put things in perspective, fighting the odd is just fine with him. >> people not having a lot of confidence in us, and yet to find ways to win, just make it that much more special for this group. >> as we say here in philadelphia, you gotta believe, trust the process, and embrace the under dog. >> there is no need to fear, under doggies here. >> i got to tell thaw was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. jaws, i got to ask you do you like this under dog mentality. >> i liked it last week. it worked last week. i would take it a different approach this week. the eagles are a better team
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then minnesota vikings. i want to see the eagles team come out confident, cocky, even arrogant because they are the better team, start fast. >> we like the way you think. >> for more on the match up in this game let's send it to the studio and jeff skversky and brian westbrook. >> is what up, guys, taking pressure off nick foles while center of attention they have to get the attention off of nick foles, in this football game, begins the vikings. how important is establishing the run and then running back jay ajayi getting him going. remember he was not happy the way he start falcons game. >> most important thing for jay ajayi is establishing the run. of course, you don't want to put the ball on the ground like did he in the first carry last week but you have to make sure that you are successful in first and second down. when jay ajayi runs the football he allows this owe even if to stay on schedule. one of the most explosive players offensively. when you see him on spurts, on second down, now you are in third and short. he makes defense play honestly because they have to respect run and pass. that is the benefit of having
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a great running back. >> here's ajayi on facing the number one defense in the nfl. >> it is a great defense. we have been going up against. we have to show up. it doesn't matter who the opponent is, our offense has to show up and defense has to show up and that is what will have to happen. >> since carson wentz went down eagles offence averaging 277-yard per game, worst in the nfl, running the ball is o h, so crucial here. >> very crucial. offensive line has done a great job of providing some holes for the running backs and jay ajayi, lagarrette blount, all of the running backs have done a great job, corry clement, done a great job getting through those holes. one thing doug mentioned last week and this week is staying with the run, staying consistent, noting ago way from it, it makes it easier on nick foles. >> lets go back live to chickie and pete's, guys. >> thanks, jeff. and bw.
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it will take pressure away from nick foles. because this is a big quarterback match up to us, nick foles and caseum you knew that would happen. >> we all saw this coming, jamie, didn't we. it shows value of having a back you have are up quarterback with experience no question eagles are not as good as a football team, without carson wentz. sam bradford, they are not as good. but when you have a backup quarterback that can step in and manage a game and play mistake free football you end up in the championship game. that is just how it works. >> yes. >> we will see coming up on sunday, the bolt of the backups. >> big name quarterbacks are the certifiable superstars in the nfl from brady, to brad shaw, to montana, names synonymous with super bowls. then there is a battle of the backups. foles verse keenum, smaller names, with huge as preparations. >> it is fun, exciting to see about these two guys they have
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just overcome everything. >> it is part of the journey. we're blessed to be in this game. it has been a wild ride this season. >> i know this is all you guys predicted, back in the day was a foles verse keenum nfc championship. so good job for predict ago this. >> back story of these two backups that makes things even more interesting, pay close attention. both began their years in 2012 , foles drafted by eagles, keenum signs with houston. both played for rams in 2015. but that was only because eagles traded foles to st. louis for sam bradford. foles eventually lost his starting job with the rams to keenum. foles leaves for kansas city while keenum signs for minute so the as a backup to, wait for it, sam bradford, whom eagles traded to the vikings after drafting carson wentz this year foles lead kc to resign with the eagles to backup wentz. two quarterbacks, both backups until, wentz goes down, bradford goes down, and now both qbs back in the spotlight
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fighting for a spot, in the super bowl. >> now, that was a little bit quick for me can you recite that back, please. >> not a chance. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. we have much more playoff preview party live from chickie and pete ease, up next , it is all in the family, we will catch up with the kendricks brothers before this big conference championship game. >> ♪ sorry. i can't make it.
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we are back live here at a very rock us, chickie and pete 's in south philadelphia getting set for nfc champion ship game coming up on sunday between the bird/vikings. ron jaworski what are your keys for an eagles victory. >> key number one for an eagles victory, the eagles defensive line must, stop and dominate. they have been bedrock of the defense. they must dominate vikings offensive line. key number two for an eagles victory, nick fels must be, steady, he doesn't to have play great, but he must play mistake free football. and, key number three, for an eagles victory, the fans. this is our house. our home game. one win away from super bowl 52. it is time for the eagles fans to show up in mass, and make them a home field advantage. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles you
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asked, you received. >> they are ready we are playing this game in the city of brotherly love and there is quite a story line for. that we will send it back to jeff and b-west in the studio. >> thanks, guys, brotherly love in philadelphia, oh, not this week michael kendricks eagles linebacker is going against his younger brother eric kendricks, linebacker of the vikings. you faced your brother when you played byron quarterback of the redskins. what is that like in a family, is that the dividing of the family the week of. >> i don't think it divides the family. it is weird. i'm five-year older you are the favorite. >> of course, the favorite. my parents tell me you are not but at the same time you always wanted to play against your brother. you beat him up his entire life until he got older and bigger than me. now he has an opportunity to play against him in the nfl. it is huge. but as a family they always want to support. they always want to make sure that both guys have the support, and, know that we're here to support. you dot things that we've always done whether you are playing against your brother
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on not. it is a fun time. >> it is a family affair sunday for the kendricks. >> ♪ >> for the kendricks, football has always been a family affair. but what do you do when you have two sons, playing for two different nfl teams, in the nfc championship game and only one can get to the super bowl. >> it is an amazing, how it all comes together. one of them is going to the super bowl. >> yep, that is dilemma for marvin kendricks, father of michael, linebacker of the eagles and eric, you guessed it, is a linebacker for vikings. >> we want them both to go so turf make a choice, so, michael has been in the league longer. i think he deserves an opportunity to go. philly has never won a super bowl. >> i feel like my brother, with the family, because he is the first born, but, you know, it is all love though. >> my dad, he tries to instigate a lot, because he
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thinks it is so funny, but, you know, i don't see any favorites. >> so from brotherly love to battle for the super bowl, it has got kendricks family playing favorite, even older brother terence is having a tough time but betting on his brothers but not the bird. >> i know defense will do well because both of my brothers are playing. i think offense will be rough. i think minnesota might have a edge over philly because of the quarterback position. >> yeah, michael says family will be sitting on the eagles side, you have to wonder, mom, dad what jersey are they wearing. >> eagles have good tickets that is why they are sitting there. my parents would do we played washington redskins twice a year. one game my moth wore wear eagles jersey and my dad would wear washington jersey and flip flop next game. good thing for michael, his parents, is that no matter what they are boating to the super bowl and one will be playing, the other one will be watching. >> i'm sure michael wants to be playing.
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>> guys, back to you at chickie and petes. >> yes,. >> jaws what do you think that will be like one brother happy , another brother will be upset. >> one thing that the family knows, dad will get them super bowl rings. son will get one for dad you know thaty don't want to be the parents of those boys, no thank you. stay with us, we have much more playoff preview party live from chickie and pete's up next espn sal paolantonio will join with us his insight, up next. >> ♪
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with a two-year agreement. we're back live here at chickie and pete's in south philadelphia, i'm jaw, jamie apody, these fans are latherd up ready for sunday's big game >> we can talk bit all week long, this game will come down to defense. >> yeah, really eagles have been riding their defensive line all year. minnesota referred to them as a hockey line the way they play. >> jim schwartz has done a terrific job with that rotation. the eagles like to play the run on the way to the quarterback. they want to get pressure and they want to get sacks but they need to stop the run w that rotation it allows them to keep their defensive line very fresh. >> they are so deep. one of the guys coming in and out is beau allen. let's talk about allen. he has an interesting connection to this game. he grew up in minnesota, which is a half an hour outside of, minneapolis, minnesota, and,
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so, you figure he is going to have an interesting situation this week. i asked him, the obvious question, yes. you grew up a vikings fan. >> i grew up, a fan but my family, my folks, my dad fridays minnesota so he is a vikings fans. he was in the a vikings fan anymore i can tell thaw with most certainty. >> i heard he was a big vikings fan growing up, that is what i heard. >> he told me he was a packers fan. >> that is in the true. >> i knew it. >> i'm in the a person who lies. hey, beau. you were a big vikings fan greg up. >> vikings fan? >> i'm ending this narrative right now i was a packer fans. >> yes, that is a real troublemaker over there, yeah. >> the real troublemaker, right there, yes. there she is. >> yes, she spawned that.
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>> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> another chant breaks out here at chickie and pete's lets go to sal paolantonio with some insight, sal, take it away. >> important to remember that vikings quarterback case keen um completed 67 percent of his passes, outside of the pocket. that was number one in the national football league. and that is called second reaction, throws. and i talk to chris long his former teammate in st. louis, long told me that case keenum sort of like a mini brett favre a gunslinger, very athletic, sneaky athletic. once you get to him you have to get him on the ground or he will get out of the pocket and make you play. from the moment on sunday morning, that doug pederson walked into this building after the win against falcons saturday night he has been all over special teams, to clean up their mistakes. that they had saturday night that nearly cost them the game , against atlanta. kicking the ball out of bound
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as begins minnesota vikings and giving case keenum a short field will not work on sunday night. if the carson wentz were the eagles starter sunday night eagles would be a three and a half point favorite. instead they are home dogs, as the number one overall seed, against a dome team on the road. remember this, there have been four instances since the year 2,000 that a doomed team has gone on the road, in the championship game, those teams lost all four, zero and four. that is why i think the eagles will win this game, 20-13. guys, back to you. well, well, well, all right, jaws what is your prediction. wait, wait, not minute. >> come on we are waiting. >> we will get jaw's prediction in the minute but first lets send it back to jeff and b-west in the studio. >> all right, thanks, guys obviously emotion emotions running high for these players you have played in a handful
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of nfc champion ship games what is mine set of the player when you are one win from the super bowl. >> weird not super bowl in the like it is all or nothing but this game literally is all or knock. you are playing for that opportunity to get to the big game, as a young kid you always thought about winning the super bowl at least playing in it and in this game right here it will be for all of the marbles so you have an opportunity to get to the super bowl. this will be huge. you have to be focused, ready, ready, willing and do anything and everything you can to go out on that field and you are prepare. film study, you are in there, talk, talk with your coaches, all of things you can do on the practice field to make sure you are ready, for a game >> i'm putting you on the spot who is winning this game. >> of course, i think eagles are a better team. they will play better. i think nick foles found his groove in the second half of the game. big question was nick foles, he figured that thing out, eagles win this football game 17-14. >> i like eagles as well 12-10
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defensive battle. we will have much more including picks from jaws coming up when we come right back on our playoff preview party from chickie and pete's. >> ♪
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time now for our predictions as we return to chickie and pete's. first win in 16 wins, eagles win 16-13. >> i say weather will be warmer then we thought. i will go higher scoring, 23-
7:57 pm
20 eagles. >> you know for five days all i'm hearing, stats, stats, stats. they are irrelevant. they mean nothing. i watched coaching game of both teams. eagles have a berth team. they win 13-10. >> is that a lead pipe lock. >> take it to the bank. >> with the lead pipe lock ducis. >> we are taking it to the bank. that is our show for tonight. for jaws, b-west, jeff skversky, james a both i and our entire crew, sal paolantonio, i'm ducis rodgers thanks for our eagles, vikings sunday night at the linc, go bird. >> tonight's playoff preview party was brought to you by avalon flooring, your partner in home design with 14 locations in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. universal dentoriesry insist on universal, and your local authorized mercedes benz dealers.
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