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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 18, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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old died doing what he loved. serving his community. >> the subject of the warn was placed into handcuffs, at this point the officers heard gun fire and appeared to emanate from the second floor of the residence. >> it happened in harris burst this morning less than two miles from the capital in a working class neighborhood. officers faced gun fire. u.s. marshal christopher david hill, an 11 year veteran die in the line of duty. >> christopher hill die aid hero and we will honor him by standing by his family and law form and are conducting a thorough investigation into all aspects of this investigation. >> hill and other officers were executing a warrant on the 1800 block of mulberry street. for at rest of shale appears and when entered the home a male suspect fired at officers and was shot and killed.
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the loss of deputy hill leave a huge hole in their hearts. >> deputy hill served the country and this community with courage. he will be missed and words cannot say how much. i ask that you keep his wife and two children in your thoughts and prayers. >> investigators say that the two shooting started on the inside of the home and ended on the outside. and two other police officers were shot including a harrisburg officer and another from work city police department. both are expected to survive and are being treated for life-threatening injuries. >> our entire community mourns the loss of deputy hill and the brotherhood and sisterhood of law enforcement stands together. >> reporter: all right back out live, we tell you that investigators tell us during the shooting insized the home two children were inside between the ables of 9 and 13 and they were not injured. deputy hill leaves behind a wife and two children and this
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investigation continues. live in harrisburg, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right gray thank you. >> back here two students from the lam ber ton school in the overbrook park section of the city were taken to the hospital after injusting drugs at the school. a 13-year-old brought cookies from home believed to contain marijuana. she ate one and another girl ate one, they both got sick and they were taken to chop. sara bloomquist will have more details in a live report coming up at 4:30. now, to the birds as the nfc championship inches closer by the dame. the big game brings huge crowds and fans to philadelphia. within that comes a major security operation from police. they are working to keep the city safe and you may have noticed a few changes around town. vernon odom is live at police head
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header -- >> this is not the only event that they are preparing for. >> reporter: good afternoon philadelphia officials are putting the final touches on plans for two full days of public activity coming up this weekend and high volume activity i might point out and eagles on sunday but a massive march on the parkway givening saturday morning. the ben franklin parkway is set up with barricades and other large crowd provisions for saturday's womens march on philadelphia a year to the day since president trump's inauguration and last year's marches worldwide followed one day after the trump swearing in. police are expecting huge crowds across the globe and here in philadelphia as well. >> last year it was 50,000 and we are expecting more. we are trying to get a gauge on it. >> and police are preparing for huge celebrations following an eagles victory come sunday night
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against the vikings. the world series win of the phillies in '08 saw the joy turn into thuggery and hooliganism. >> public intoxication and public urination and things like that. and obstruction of property and open container and things like that. >> sharrie and rick, for the weekend the plans are putting the final touches, and will be revealed by the police department here tomorrow morning. virtually all police hands will be on deck. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" at police headquarte headquarters. >> well, from security preps to game preps, it's getting close to crunch time in south philadelphia. jaime apody is live at the nova care complex with how the team got ready today. >> reporter: hey guys, they are having fun. they know the gravity of this game and one win away from the
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super bowl. but they are keeping things loose. i have numbers for you. you know it's the chinese year of the dog 2018 and we know about the dog mask. the 11 out of 12 years of the chinese lunar calendar, 11 of carson wentz and the lucky number is 9 that is nick foles number and the lucky color is green. and check this out. the mood is light the past few days and guys dancing at practice and shooting hoops in the locker room. the way you want it to be. the same as it was all season and no add said pressure. someone that knows a lot aboutr with the patriots last season and proof he is staying relaxed he is switching from running back to reporter. >> can you speak up sir? >> what you want? >> what is your advice to the yinger guys that are not at this
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point yet to block that stuff out. >> you know, we accomplished a lot. we have a lot more to accomplish, we have a bigger goal set. so i just make sure that they stay humble. you know, continue to play with confidence and live in the moment. >> reporter: how about this two years ago today the eagles announced they hired doug peterson and they ranked the hires that year and ranked him last. seven out of seven. and how are the other guys fairing and what does peterson say about the only coach still playing in championship weeks that was hired in 2016. we'll hear from coach peterson coming up in sports at 5:30. >> the home dogs definitely have something to say. "action news" is the source for eagles coverage this weekend it kick ofz tomorrow night with the
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playoff party at 7:30 right here on channel 6. and we'll have live team coverage all weekend and then sunday morning start your eagles game day with live reports from the linc on "action news" weekend at 6:00 a.m. and then pregame coverage begins with "action news" at 5:00 and we'll have live post game reports as soon as the final whistle blows followed by "action news" at 11:00. and we'll wrap it up with extended live eagles coverage "action news" sports sunday. it's eagles all day sunday. >> all day all weekend actually. >> true. >> lets get a check of the accuweather forecast talking about an exciting weekend. a mild weekend. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is outside for us. she is in today for adam joseph. >> reporter: hi sharrie and rick. a warm-up is on the way but step outside this afternoon it's chilly out there. philadelphia 35 degrees and you see how this cool air extends all the way to the gulf coast and not much warmer in atlanta
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and new orleans. high pressure well down to the south and arctic high pressure and that is also what brought us the return of sunshine and satellite 6 along with action radar showing us not a cloud in the sky and as the high pressure works to the east it brings us increasing temperatures. but tonight is a cold night, so the evening planner if you head out under nothing more than partly cloudy skie already down to 30 by 8:00. 26 by 11:00 and overnight low degrees. so be careful temperature slightly above freezing and the sunshine today. we got melting of the snow, there could be patchy black ice tomorrow morning. but look at what happens as we head toward the the weekend. a pretty substantial warming trend tomorrow. just slightly above normal at 43 and temperatures soaring up into the 50s saturday and sunday and great timing for the eagles game and i'll talk about the forecast for the game and also track rain on the w et week
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coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> see you back inside thank you. >> nine people s inhalation in a fire in upper c. se after atteg the homeowns funeral ay. and broke out at 4:00 a.m. on the 3100 block of rodney avenue. and took firefighters an hour to get the flames under control. philadelphia is one of only 20 cities to learn they are finalist for amazon's second headquarters, they dramatically initially had 238 possible locations and they are promising 50,000 new jobs and $5 billion investment into the new home. philadelphia officials found time-out this morning when amazon releases the list to the public. >> we are confident and happy that philadelphia is one of the 20, we have done our analysis and location and ability makes us competitive against anybody
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elsefinalist, pennsylvania and texas are the only states that have two locations of possible options. pittsburgh is the other city and amazon says it will announce th year. >> a pridecision. thank you.time for the "action traffic report. gina gannon in for matt pellman. >> i can't get over how crowd tropical disturbance out there on the roadways, yesterday iingt conditions were. that has since changed. look now on the wide metro map. look at these speed sensors, single digits the schuylkill expressway both directions you want to give yourself more time and the roosevelt boulevard 15 power and thebod sand vine 7 an ly. than will slow you down in that area. and i want to so you the
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schuylkill expressway girard avenue this is the eastbound delay and travel time 37 minutes right now between the blue route to the vine and 28 on the westbound side. you know what, your eastbound delays in the western suburbs. f the brakes around south street and watch yourself the vine street expressway jammed length to length and it s bad as it typically does. traveling in or out of center city the vine street expressway is crowded. still on "action news" thursday. disturbing new information about the 13 siblings held captive in california we learned how the vicape. >> plus, a fiery rescue just in time. hear from the the good samaritans that jumped into action to help save a stranger.
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we have new information on the alleged abuse by 13 children by their parents in california. today officials announced graphic details of what they have endured for years. the case was uncovered after one of the couple's daughters, a 17-year-old escaped and called police. they found a 22-year-old chained to the bed. and officials say that the children sleep all day and are up all night and punished by being tied up. first with ropes and then it moved to chains and padlocks, frequently beaten and even strangled at times and they were not allowed to shower more than once a year. >> one of the reasons for the punishments if the children were found to wash their hands above the wrist area. they were accused of playing in the water.
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and they would be chained up. >> the children remain hospitalized as they recover, they are all malnourished and some have nerve damage. to washington, d.c. now, the u.s. government is facing a looming deadline to finalize a budget deal. republican leaders in the house think they can get the votes for a short tem fix but a tweet from president trump created another gray area saying that there should be an extension for chip. in addition to chip a compromise on immigration policies is already a sticking point between republicans and democrats and the white house added that congress needs to do its job and make sure that the military is funded. it's a busy day in d.c. and trump is in pennsylvania, he spoke to machine operators at a factory near pittsburgh and touted the economy and tax plan
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and endorsed republican, rick sacramen sackown. he is running against connor la lamb. a man in new jersey is alive because of team work. he is in the hospital after crashing into a tree in mount laurel early sunday morning. waez trapped in the vehicle when they burst into flames and was rescued by a team of citizens and first responders that banded together in an incredible act of bravery and selflessness. >> i saw the truck just impaled into a tree. i stopped. >> matt a tow truck driver from vineland was first on the scene. the minute he noticed someone in the vehicle a small fire started to spread and grabbed his fire extinguisher and went to work. >> trying to get the driver out
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of the vehicle. >> and then first responders came on the scene and joined in the fast paced rescue effort. >> within 30 seconds of my arrival the entire passenger compartment was involved. >> and they raced against the clock and flames to save the driver's life. >> it feels good. we know we all collectively made a difference in this person's life and he will live to see another day. and they say it's their calling and the job they signed up for, they are quick to salute the civilians who stopped when many keep driving by. >> you don't see much. these guys when to work and didn't care about their own safety. and they went in to help and nice to work as a team. >> part of my f someone needs a helping hand i'm going to get there if i can. >> and that night it was pretty much all or nothing.
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>> we need more people like that in the world and they tell me there is no doubt that team work from this group here is what saved that man's life that night. great to see that, that they stepped in. >> remarkable story. thank you. time for a check of the accuweather forecast cecily tynan is here and we got above freezing but it didn't feel like that. >> 35 but a bit of a breeze. windchill factor. but temperatures are going up dramatically as we head toward the weekend and all eyes are on the forecast on sunday. head to the "action news" weather center for the nfc championship game. the underdog is in the house. kickoff at 6:40. you know there will be a lot of dogs at the linc. a pretty cute dog too. and the weather is going to be not too rough, so to speak. weather is looking nice for this time of the year. eagles forecast partly cloudy and winds will generally be light out of the west-southwest at 3 to 6 miles per hour and for january standards, temperatures are not that bad.
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we'll reach a high in the 50s for the tailgaters, 6:00 down to 46 degrees and by the end of the game when the eagles are hopefully winning down to 42 degrees, quiet and comfortable weather on sunday. right now though, you step outside, and there definitely is a chill in the air. philadelphia 35 degrees and average high for this time of year is 40 and allentown 30 and trenton 31 and cape may 33 and the poconos currently only 20 degrees. definitely cold and if you look globally last year the stats are just in and noah says this is the third warmest year on our planet since record keeping began back into the 1800s. it looks basically not only land temperature but sea surface temperatures and almost everywhere above normal. some areas records and this is a trend that is continuing for decades, if you look at this global temperature anomalies, it shows the departure from normal
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across the globe we have not had a year before 1980 with temperatures across the globe below average. this trend continues and it's hard to dismiss the science. back at home satellite 6 along with action radar showing high pressure is building in and loads of sunshine over us. it's a chilly night and black ice and 23 in philadelphia and allentown 15 and the boardwalk in atlantic city down to 24. tomorrow loads of sunshine again and temperatures slightly above normal. and the normal high is 40 and should make it up to 43 degrees and temperatures up into the 50s this weekend. the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow it's a nice day. mostly sunny and 43 and saturday just beautiful, up to 53 degrees and mostly sunny and on sunday for the eagles more in the form of clouds and still pretty comfortable, 51 degrees and on monday it clouds up and 49 and showers developing and a steady rain monday night talking about that in the full exclusive
4:22 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast. back to you guys. >> go eagles thank you. coming up eagles fever is taking over, we'll take a look at how fans across the region are cheering on their favorite team. this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway
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at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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> >> back now with the countdown to kickoff. the nfc championship is just three days and two hours away. and while the team gets ready for the big game. fans from all across the region are cheering them on. >> that goes especially for one player in particular that went to high school in the area. plenty of corey clemet fans in glassboro, new jersey today. take a look. >> scores of school bus drivers took time out to cheer on corey outside of the glassboro transportation building many wore corey's t-shirt and se celebrated the success of the
4:26 pm
young man that was a student at the high school. he stays in touch with teachers and guidance counselors and friends in glassboro and he say favorite of these school bus drivers. >> forbe weeks now the faithful are sharing their support for the team with "action news." >> today we have the springfield cougars peewee team. the boys and girls along with coaches and parents worked hard to put this video together with the rocky theme song playing in the background. they took to delaware county to run a big touch down play they hope to see from the birds on sunday. >> eagles! >> and if you want to share your creative cheer or team spirit tag #6abcaction. on twitter or instagram or post it to our facebook page. we'll feature them as long as the birds keep the season alive. and hopefully it keeps on going.
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the coverage of the eagles the big game coming up on sunday after the break with more on fan photos and videos. and a live update on the teenager girls taken to the hospital after eating cookies laced with drugs at a philadelphia school today.
4:28 pm
"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with an
4:29 pm
update on a group of bandits with the felony lane gang where they struck again. plus, don't drink too much or wear certain colors and be on guard. that is all about philadelphia and we'll explain. >> and collision course a motor boat slams into a fishing boat forcing them to jump for their lives there what they accuse the bigger boat of doing seconds before impact. >> moving in 4:30 with the investigation into baked goods that sent two people to the hospital. the girls got sick eating cookies laced with drug, this happened while they were at school. sara bloomquist is live at lam berton. >> the two 13-year-old girls were taken to the hospital after
4:30 pm
they both ingested cookies believed to be laced with marijuana and the girls don't think they had any idea what was in the cookies and lucky more kids did not ingest them. >> parents are picking up their children at 7500 woodbine avenue, and we are learning what unfolded earlier in the day. two 13-year-old girls became very ill after ingesting cookies believed to be laced with marijuana. >> unbelievable. i am sorry to hear that. i hope the kids are all right. >> glazed eyes and vomiting and being high from the marijuana. >> one of the 13-year-old girls brought the cookies from home and gave them to her seventh grade classmates. a girl and a boy. the boy threw his away and the girl ate hers and immediately went to the nurse.
4:31 pm
>> the girl that brought the cookies ate one as well and she then showed up at the nurse's office. the kids clearly become very ill and fortunately having a nurse on staff here that did the right thing and having medics quick to come here and getting them over to a hospital. >> police don't believe the girls knew what was in the cookies, a care giver a relative of the girl that brought them said she had the cookies for medicinal purposes and then said she bought them at a party. >> thehiave that could hurt kids need to be kept out of the way. >> would i be really, really hurt and upset if that were my 13-year-old. and that makes me nervous because this is my grandson and i have a granddaughter in that building. >> now, the girls were expected chop. and now it's an ongoing police investigation, a letter did go home to parents as well. the school district issued a
4:32 pm
statement that read in part that they are discouraged from sharing food and beverages and the school district is cooperating with the investigation. live in overbrook park i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right sara thank you. we have breaking news to pass along tonight from south philadelphia. chopper 6 hd is over the scene where police are investigating this vehicle. looks like a white hummer or humvee of some sort. the occupants are at large following some type of high speed chase that started in delaware county and ended in south philadelphia. it took place a half our ago and a man and woman believed to have been in the white vehicle they sped down i-95 and exited at broad street and drove south on broad to packer and headed east and they bailed from the vehicle. and they are apparently still at large leaving the scene on foot. no shots are fired and no idea yet as to why they were being pursued and police are looking
4:33 pm
for a man and woman who fled from the vehicle in south philadelphia. we'll continue to keep an eye on the situation and bring you more information as it becomes available to us here in the newsroom. in other news atlantic county doctor accused of hiring a hitman to kill his wife will remain behind bars until the trial. 68-year-old james kauffman appeared frail during a detention hearing keeping his head down and mumbling his responses. he is accuse of conspiring to have april kauffman killed. after the popular dj threatened to expose an alleged drug ring that her husband was allegedly running with the pagan motorcycle gang. officials say that a bicyclist hit by a car in west philadelphia earlier today will be okay. chopper 6 hd was over the
4:34 pm
intersection of 63rd and vine votes, that is where the bicyclist was hit by this red suv at noon time. and police are trying to figure out what led to the crash and if the driver will face charges, the bicyclist is now recovering in the hospital. >> there say warning issued for reads in burlington county after a nationwide smash and grab gang is committing crimes in the area. the latest victim wa in a fwim in bordentown township. the so-called felony lane gang broke the windows and took what was inside. they target purses and wallets left in cars. they tell people to take the valuables with them when they park the car. >> right now lets toss to cecily with the accuweather forecast.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: i finally have a good forecast. you mention it feels colder than 30 and 35, that is thanks to the wind of the windchill factor definitely make its feel chilly and these are the windchills currently in the mid to upper 20s despite the fact that temperatures are in the mid-30s. and we are getting a good amount of sunshine today and nice to see the sunshine again. sky 6 hd taking a look at the ben franklin bridge blue skies and not a cloud in the sky, if you look at the delaware though, you see it's choppy thanks to the winds, those winds are shifting as we head through the weekend. that brings us a big warm-up and melting the snow. here around philadelphia we don't have much. most of it melted and across the poconos 6 to 12 inches there and extreme northern new england close to two feet of snow and a good weekend to go skiing and i'm tracking another system next
4:36 pm
week with the accuweather forecast. >> that was worth waiting for thank you. now, lets talk about a $100,000 grant that helped to pay for a new park in the frankford section of philadelphia. the grant was given to the frankford development community corporation today and state representative jason dawkins were there to deliver the money from the commonwealth of pennsylvania. the frankford paws park is the future home of community activities and celebrations. >> well, doctors offices and the local pharmacy and grocery store everybody seems to be talking about the flu in our areas these days and the latest numbers show it's not going anywhere any time soon. monica malpass is live with more on that. >> unfortunately the flu has reached epidemic proportions making people in our area sick. we know how many people are getting the flu in pennsylvania and particularly in our area the numbers are troubling and continue to grow.
4:37 pm
ali gorman has the numbers. and this military father who spent the last six months fighting for our country is back home and wanted to do something special for his three kids and "action news" went to see the surprise and his son is thrilled and we'll show it all to you. we'll see you at 5:00. >> thanks monica. a little more than 72 hours the eagles take the field at the linc trying to battle their way to the super bowl. the excitement is reaching a near fever pitch. it was part of the curriculum as part of a mt. airy school this weekend. eagles! >> never too young right to learn the letters. the action cam was invited to the cooperative nursery school of philadelphia. this morning for a mini pregame party and in addition to
4:38 pm
learning the fight xiong the kids age 3 to 5 read books about the eagles and learn how to spell victory now. >> and celebrating the bird gang this week look at what the steel band ensemble in medford new jersey whipped up in just 40 minutes. ♪ ♪ >> a little steel drum action. from pets to kids to steel drums, we invite you to share your fan photos with us using #6abcaction. or post them on the "action news" facebook wall. you may just see them here on our air. >> keep them coming. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, from wheelchairs to walkers we'll preview a big local sale hoping to make life easier for patients in need. and minnesota charter company
4:39 pm
has a warning for fans traveling to philadelphia. eagles fans are quote, rough. what they are advising mid-westerners to do when they get here. and what is better than swaddling your ankles in sheer ling how about your entire leg.
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
frightening and disturbing video out of nevada show a thief desperate to break into a home. it's really shocking. surveillance video show a man trying to forcefully throw his own body into the front door of this las vegas house and uses so much force the door frame bends and bows in and finally gives up and the home owningers with terrified when they saw the video and the same man came earlier and stole a package from the porch. they hope that the clear video
4:42 pm
will help to track this man down. >> wow. boat crash is the subject of a costly lawsuit in oregon. >> hey! >> that new video shows the moment that three fixer men were forced to jump from the boats over the summer or being run over by a 30 foot motor boat. authority says they would have been killed if not thrown over. one is suing it's owner by the boat for $400,000 because he was using a cell phone. he maintained that he simply could not see the other boat because the dash was blocking his view. just three days one hour and 57 minutes but who is counting? for the one game standing this between the birds and the super bowl.
4:43 pm
and as they prepare to face the vikings, some folks in minnesota are preparing fan there's to enter what they call foreign territory. creative charters out of lake elmo is bringing vikings fans to town this weekend with their tour package they are also offering advice to minnesotans on navigating our city and lincoln financial field which they say quote, can be a bit rough. first, they are telling their fans to take their jerseys off after the game. >> if the vikings win yes, i would take off any colors, like we are almost talking about gangs, it's no joke down in philly, it isn't good i would advise you not to be overneeb treated because they will be. >> they meaning us. >> we asked about what you think about the advice from minnesota the warnings as their fans head here to minnesota, mixed reaction and a great conversation going on on my
4:44 pm
facebook page right now. go ahead and join in. >> if you are so over your winter coat, the hat and ear must haves and the accessories so overworked so far this winter an update, the cold weather category you remember the full body scarf on the market and we showed that to you earlier in big talkers and if you love your uggs there something new in terms of foot wear if you love the snuggle your feet get from full on shearling. and the over the knee uggs, that is not going anywherety time soon. and it no longer stops mid calf. these thigh high longer than life uggs premiered during fashion week in paris. the work of the y project they collaborated with ugg for the
4:45 pm
new design and run $250 to $1200. if you want in though you will have to wait for fall. but imagine you guys snow coverage, next winter. >> that seems like a lot of wasted material there. i like the idea over the knee, but it's so baggy looking. why not go all the way. can't i have it over my body --. i should not say these things out loud. >> take a picture and send it to us. a check of the roads tonight. gina gannon with an update. >> we have an accident now. in the delwer county. look for an accident here at 291 on the northbound side of 95. right at 291 blocking the left lane and yesterday the same stent but southbound. 95 very crowded and see the travel time from the blue route to the vine 27 minutes and because of this accident reach
4:46 pm
back to the area of 420. big picture. a lot of single dingities on the map and slow speed sensors like 13 on 95 and 4 on the vine street expressway and 15 on the blue route. and draw your attention to south philadelphia. a police pursuit and activity out there. we were telling you about that on the northbound side of columbus boulevard at oregon avenue and snyder avenue and all lanes are blocked there because of the police pursuit. the roosevelt boulevard commuting into the northeast the northbound side is crowded and the southbound side are you definitely heavy approaching 76. and another issue in newark now an accident on 95 southbound approaching 141. >> gina thank you. meteorologist, cecily tynan, has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast but first we want to showcase a bit more eagles excitement ahead of the big game.
4:47 pm
this news enthusiastic clip comes from a toddler. >> eagles fly to victory ♪
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(knocking sound) traveling. ♪ ♪ even getting married. ♪ ♪ at citizens bank we can help you refinance both your federal and private student loans. so you can start saving and get on with your life. ask a leader in student lending how we can help you reach your potential. all right time now for a frosty but improving accuweather forecast. meteorologist cecily tynan, is here. >> it's frosty tonight and we get through tonight and the rest of the forecast is looking quiet and mild as well. and a really great weekend. all good news. in the short-term anyhow. the action cam in camden showing lots of sunshine and the fountain is moving and not frozen over. that is a good sign and live on sky 6 hd looking at spring mountain where the skiers and
4:50 pm
snowboarders are out and got some fresh snow this week. and bundle up temperatures in the 30s. 35 in philadelphia right now and allentown 30 and trenton 31 and atlantic city airport 35. and cape may 33. we have a bit a breeze out there. the windchills the way it feels below freezing, feels like 29 in philadelphia and 21 in allentown and 20 in reading and feels like 28 degrees in cape may. but the winds are relaxing and they will begin to shift. turn over the weekend and that is what will bring us the warm-up. satellite 6 along with action radar showing just not a cloud in the sky. loads of sunshine thanks to a broad area of high pressure that is down across the gulf coast. and this high pressure will move east as we head through the weekend than brings us the warmer air and tonight clear skies and another cold night with the melting going on today. and a refreeze and patchy black ice overnight and overnight low 15 and cooler suburbs 23 degrees for center city. and for your friday nice day and
4:51 pm
mostly sunny and temperatures slightly above normal. and the normal high for this time of year is 40. a high of 40 in philadelphia and wilmington 42 and cape may 41 and allentown cooler 38 degrees. and then this weekend the high pressure again moves to the east be what this does, it sets us with the wind out of the southwest. that is a warm flow of air. afternoon highs will be climbing over 10 degrees above average and a true january thaw and great timing for the eagles game at the linc. 6:40 kickoff and 46 degrees by the end of the game and 42 degrees and warmer than the last game. partly cloudy skies and dry and winds are not a factor and out of the west-southwest 3 to 6 miles per hour. and looking good for the eagle, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast nice day tomorrow. mostly sunny and slightly above normal with a high of 43 degrees. and sunday we bump it up another
4:52 pm
10 degrees and 53 and good amount of sunshine and more in the way of high, thin clouds moving in and 53 degrees and monday showers are developing in the afternoon as a cold front approaches from the west and 49 degrees and that brings us a steady rain late monday night into tuesday morning. the low pressure is moving up to the great lakes and that means we are on the warm side of the storm. and tuesday with the morning rain, and temperatures up into the 50s and 54 degrees behind that we clear out and more seasonable on wane and thursday, 42 degrees. wednesday and thursday a high of 43 degrees. all in all a nice forecast into tuesday. >> chilly tonight and we chill out this weekend. >> you got it. you are paying attention. >> cecily thanks. the first of its kind warehouse sale for medical equipment. we have the details in what's the deal.
4:53 pm
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this weekend goodwill is gearing up for a first of its kind medical equipment sale in belmar, camden county. as some families struggle with the cost of care they set up a warehouse where items are up to 75% off. an array of devices and supplies to help patients survive and thrive. >> good job jules great work. >> 14-year-old julia has cerebral palsy and is at the learning sentner norristown. this walker retails for over $400 but they got it for about 70 there's here at goodwill. >> with we serve kids that couldn't necessarily get the equipment that is tailored to each kids specific neats. >> we will go around and find out which one works.
4:56 pm
>> julia's sister jennifer picked up a shower chair for $25. >> they are very expensive. the one we were looking at was $300. >> she calls the sale a lifesaver. >> like me i can't afford $500 and $600 wheelchair. this is an alternative and the clean. >> we sanitize and refurbish and sell it to the public. you don't need a prescription and you don't need to ask your insurance company to pay. >> 16,000 square feet of space is packed with medical equipment and devices for all kinds of needs. >> hospital beds, canes and clutches and bedside commodes. >> and some are gently used and they just received 12 tractor trailers of donated equipment all 50% to 75% off. >> it makes their lives easier from pediatric to jer at rick.
4:57 pm
>> the very first sale is this saturday the 20th at bellmawr location in new jersey and they will have one every first saturday of the month starting march 3rd. if you have medical devices are you no longer using consider goodwill. it's going into good hands and people that really need it. >> that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, rick williams, adam joseph and cecily tynan. i'm sharrie williams join me along with brian and adam tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a group of thieves on the hunt in one community looking for big bucks on four wheels and they succeeded in stealing cars and some were taken from driver at gun point. >> the search is on for the group of suspected carjackers targeting people in paulsboro,
5:00 pm
gloucester county. jeff spoke to investigators and reads about this threat and is live in paulsboro tonight with the latest. >> reporter: hey rick, police got a big break if the investigation here at wawa yesterday. early in the morning they were chasing a stolen vehicle and the occupants got away on foot. they showed up here at the wawa an hour earlier where they struck again taking an idling car and the good news however they also got their picture taken. >> we have reason to believe that these three are involved in all the thefts. >> an hour after they eluded the police. these three thieves were caught on camera in paulsboro and they waited inside of the store on berkeley road for three hours until an unlucky customer pulled autopsy at 3:00 p.m. and the resident walked in and
5:01 pm
got in the vehicle and left. >> that was the eight


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