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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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corner store. more teen turmoil at septa stations. that's next. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> it's wednesday night. the big story on "action news" is murder in north philadelphia. gunfire erupted inside a grocery store on north sixth street.
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at north philadelphia hospital where the victim was taken is dann cuellar. what happened? >> the cold didn't stop an apparent execution. it happened inside a corner store as the victim was eating a sandwich. >> it was just after 7:00 when police responded to 911 calls. >> they found the 22-year-old man inside the store laying in one of the aisles suffering from multiple gunshot wound, head, neck, leg, abdomen and chest. >> two men walked in with masks. both had guns. they walked up to this individual, point-blank range and fired over 20 shots.
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police found casings scattered about near the victim. police rushed him to hospital to save his life. >> he was struck so many times by gunfire in so many parts of his body, he was pronounced dead almost right away. >> we don't have a motivate for the shooting, but there was no robbery of the victim or the va ready to votey store. >> homicide detec detectives coe to interview witnesses and surveillance footage from inside and outside t minimarket. i'm dann cuellar, "action news." >> in philadelphia more violence erupted in spring garden. a woman in her 60s was shot on the 500 block of north 7th
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street, police say she was in the crossfire of a gunfire of 18 shots. she was rushed to hineman hannen hospital. >> "action news" reporter christie ileto was live at the 15th street station at city hall. christie, you have the full story. >> that's right, jim. septa police say for the last three years they have had to beef up time students are dismissed for that reason. both are a testament to the reason this is so necessary. >> when i come down here, there is a lot of talking. i knew something was wrong. >> septa police believe this brawl caught on a cellphone started as a war of words between a group of teens on the trolley line.
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it allegedly got more than physical when theodore smith and ta mere barlow got involved. >> in this case you have an 18-year-old drawing a knife threatening the 14 and 15 year olds. >> both are charged with assault. the chief says violence is not isolated. >> isolated to what? they are kids beating kids every day. it's every day in the city of philadelphia somewhere on the system, kids beating kids. >> there was another teen tussle alone the market frankfurt line. >> it was surprising to me because there are always fights. >> you never know what you will walk into. >> septa riders cope with what they say is part of the culture on public transit. >> there are times no one is
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here. you never know what will happen. >> you have to keep your head up for any person that could be in danger. >> fortunately the victims in the first incident had minor injuries. no injury in the second incident though three people were arrested. >> we have an update on a shooting in bridge ton where police shot and killed a suspect. tonight the officer was cleared of wrong doing saying deadly force was justified last february 10th. darrell fuqua pointed a gun at an officer chasing him. the gun jammed when trying to fire. >> a well known chef will be going to jail for child pornography. he apologized as he was sentenced in court today.
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he pled guilty last june to conspiring with a girlfriend in the exploitation of children. he ran several restaurants at the time of his arrest in 2015 including the crow and pitcher in center city philadelphia. no precipitation showing up on radar, but there was a blanket of white on the north and west of the i-95 corridor. you would be forgiven for wondering what snow if you live near the jersey shore. this is what folks in whitehall dealt with today, cars covered with fresh powder and sidewalks needing shoveling. anything untreated will likely freeze tonight. let's check in with cecily tynan for the late word from accuweather. >> the snow is no longer falling from the sky. it's still snowing from the eastern parts of the show of
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maryland and north carolina. for us, it's not about the falling snow now. it's about the falling temperatures and the fact that we got melting on the roads. the poconos getting quite a bit. skiers happy about this. emmaus dropping off quickly, 3.2. reading 2.5. delaware 1.2 and philadelphia .2 of an inch, just a coats of snow. now we are clearing out the clouds and temperatures are dropping quickly, down to 22 in philadelphia. with the clearing skies, temperatures drop to the teens, slushy areas freeze, so the morning commute, not just untreated roads, but sidewalks and driveways will be icy. be careful. if you are tired of the cold, snowy pattern, i have good news. a dramatic warm up. it's extended. i have the deal detail details e
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seven-day forecast. jim? >> pennsylvania's first medical marijuana dispensary is open and doing business today. operators liken it to a pharmacy. there are no marijuana plants grown or sold here, only cannabis medicines made from the active ingredient in the form of oils and inhalers. patientsneed an approved medical marijuana card. >> philadelphia is trying a new tactic to battle the opioid epidemic, a lawsuit. the city wants to force the drug makers to reimburse them for money spent on addiction and enforcement. mayor kenny says 1200 people
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died of fatal overdoses in philadelphia last year. a fanatic eagle fan is in desperation mode tonight. not because of the game sunday, but because someone stole his sign off the front line. annie mccormick has the tale. >> heartless thieves stole the sign right off the front line. the victim in this case, andy reed. not that andy reed. this andy rieb. >> he is an avid collector. he has signed jerseys and footballs spanning decades. even the pope is in on the display wearing a team hat with a flying eag. he shares his love of the birds with his two kids full of team spirit. the stolen sign isn't just a
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declaration, it's an heirloom. >> my sister made it 30 years ago. we woke up and it was gone, which is a shame. >> each letter is separate. his sister owned a sign company so it's professionally made, durable enough to survive 30 bucks county winters until now. >> rieb says it was stolen days before the eagles beat the falcons. >> did anyone see anything? >> no. >> it's hard. the spirit of the season, we had a great year. it comes down to someone stealing a sign. if they were true eagle fans, they wouldn't be stealing someone else's sign. the riebs say you can just return it no questions ask. they just want it back to spell
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eagles on their lawn. annie mccormick, "action news" wphl-17. >> eagle quarterback carson wentz recorded a message for a little boy fighting cancer. >> i'm playing for you and i'm praying for you. >> danny is a huge eagle fan. he was invited to the playoffs, but had to watch from his hospital bed because he was too sick. last week the community organized a parade that went past his window to raise his spirits. >> keeping up with demand for wayne johnson's underdog tee shirt going to eat design has become a fan favorite. the owner says orders are coming
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in from across the country. they are printing more than a thousand shires shirts a day. all of the money goes to the philadelphia school district. >> no matter what you wear to share your eagle pride, we invite you to share with us using the hash tag 6abc action on instagram and twitter. >> "action news" is your source for coverage this weekend with our preview party here on channel6, we have live team coverage all weekend. sunday morning, start your eagle game day with a live report at 6:00 a.m. live post game coverage as soon as the final whistle blows followed by "action news" at 11:00, wrapping it up with coverage on "action news" sports sunday. >> still to come on "action news," a south jersey student ignites a fire storm with a
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racist rant. tonight we have the fallout. as the clock ticks closer to a government shutdown, protests lead to dozens of arrests in the capitol. >> and apple is paying $38 billion in taxes to uncle sam. cecily? >> as the temperature's dropping, we have single digits in wilmington, lehigh valley windchill below zero. the cold weather doesn't stick around long. i explain and have a look at the seven-day forecast. >> ducis rodgers with the quarterback match up, foals versus keenan. keenum. they have history and more.
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>> the racist rant of a new jersey woman is causing a national uproar tonight so much so that she's been kicked out of her sorority and expelled from the university of alabama. harley barber tells the new york
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post that she feels horrible and there is no reason for recording that use the "n"'t caren luther king and because she's ie slur. the president called the videos hurtful and says barber is no longer enrolled here. >> we approaching the midnight deadline and it's becoming more likely the government will run out of money and shut down. schumer says democrats don't want any bill without protection for dreamers known as daca. >> steve bannon is now at the center of the russian investigation. word has come that the chief house strategist will talk with
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mueller in avoiding the grand jury. his lawyer was on the phone with the white house during the hearing being told not to answer most questions. the white house says it has nothing to hide. >> the white house and congress took a break from partisan warfare to honor a man who experienced real warfare. bob dole received a medal for service in world war ii and work for decades in the house and senate. dole worked wisdo his way back a shoulder injury in the war. says president trump, he knows about grit. >> the biggest country is bringing $245 billion in cash
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stockpiled offshore back to herk. america. under the terms of a newly passed tax plan apple has to pay $38 billion to do that, but it will benefit the company and economy long-term. with the money apple is bringing to u.s. shore, it plans to have a building blitz over the next five years for new campus, datacenters and investment. it is giving a $2,500 stock bonus to each of its employees. >> the dow raised another record today closing 26,000 for the first time. there was a faster milestone than ever before, rocketing from 25,000 to 26,000 for the dow. health check at 11:00, do you or a partner grind your teeth in your sleep? researcherers from the baylor college of medicine found an
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unexpected solution. they say the wrinkle fighter botox can be a big help. iit's injected in patient's jaw. after four weeks patients reported fewer headaches and being kept up at night. we are not necessarily advocating this, but that's what the baylor researchers are saying. what about the accuweather forecast? >> we have about 36 hours of cold weather and then we climb out of it. looking at the center city skyline, all is quiet above. the problem is ground level. marybeth posted this photo to me on my twitter account. these are the streets of antioch and roxborough. she says a lot of them are icy. that's the case with many untreated surfaces. temperatures in the teens,
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slippery travel for the morning commute. for the weekend, an extended thaw moves in. looks like it will thaw seven to ten days. it's a welcome change to a lot of people. philadelphia currently 22. trenton 20. beach haven 23. allentown, two degrees below zero. all of this in the system that brought us rain in parts of south jersey, southern delaware to nine inches of snow in the poconos. philadelphia, .2 of an inch. certainly caused problems for the morning commute. tomorrow, kids go back to school. bus-stop forecast, bundle your kids up. lots of sunshine, but cold. suburbs, 15. philadelphia 20. tomorrow, high pressure building in, bringing lots of sunshine.
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the high, 35-degrees. windchill in the 20s. as the high pressure sinks to the south, we begin to shift our flow of air out of the southwest. 42 on friday. big change in the jet stream going from the trough, cold air through the weekend and next week pulling up mild air. temperatures generally above normal for the next seven to ten days. how about the timing for the eagle game at the link, 6:40 kickoff sunday, fairly mild, temperature 46. fourth quarter 43-degrees. light winds as well. the seven-day forecast, sunny but cold tomorrow. 42 friday. saturday, 53. sunday, we have a few clouds but mild with 53. monday, clouding up, rain
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developing monday night 43-degrees into tuesday morning. high of 52. no freezing rain, temperatures cool off wednesday, above normal, 44. david murphy has the latest on the temperatures tomorrow morning. check it out beginning at 4:30. >> all right, cecily. one book one philadelphia tonight, the library will host 100 events inspired by the best seller. the goal is to promote literacy by encouraging everyone in the city to read the same book. the event runs through the 14th of march. 13 camden county residents were honored for their efforts to improve the community. a ceremony was held in pen
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saucon. the medals are passionate of the celebration of dr. martin luther king. ♪ ♪ i'm tryto stay strong ♪ -hey! -♪ but sometimes i realize ♪ that the further i go
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-when you and your money are treated with respect, you prosper. and at santander bank respect adds up.
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you prosper. >> you're pretty confident, aren't you? you are. >> i'm getting there. getting there. i'm feeling it. no prediction yet, but i'm feeling pretty good. >> having the top two seeds of the game is what you expect. having it nick foles against case keenum, it's not. the battle of the back up quarterbacks. foals and keenum are in there because their starters went down
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with injury. >> it's wild. we were on the same team not too many years ago. >> i know what it's you predicted back in the day, a foals versus keenum championship. nick's a great guy. one of my best friends. >> things happen. guys get injured. you have to step in. it's your job to lead the team. he's done an amazing job. >> he has a lot of confidence. i'm looking forward to playing against him. >> bo alan grew up in minnetonka, minnesota. did he grow up a viking fan? jamie apody asked his teammate about it. >> he was a viking fan back in the day. >> he told me he was a packer fan. i knew he was lying. >> bo, you were a big viking fan
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growing up? >> that's the end of this narrative right now. i was a packer fan. that's a real troublemaker over there. >> troublemaker apody. >> dog will be along to tell us about the match up. after the break, a ton of college basketball.
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>> >> a very busy night in college basketball. we begin with number one villanova visiting georgetown. cats go off in this one. nova up 31-8. brunson, three. bridges three. cats lead by as many as 44, 17
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threes. 88-56 the final. >> temple tight down the stretch. owls down one with 30 seconds to go. josh brown hits this one. semple survives, 59-58. >> losail hosting ford um. b.j. johnson coming off of an ankle injury. >> st. joe's taking on dayton. democratrpenn and nova, five seo go. the win for penn. penn stuns nova, 79-77. this is the school's first win over nova since 2001. eric lindroff and his son. he will be at the flyer center
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tomorrow night. should be an emotional night at the wells fargo center. thank you, ducis. a workforce development center graduated their largest class in philadelphia. 34 people graduated in center city. the program trains adults 18-24 for upward careers. you can see there is a lot of pride in the auditorium tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6 followed by "nightline." music from wow. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ y goldwyn,
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natasha leggero, and music from lauv, and now, furthermore, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] very nice that you're here. what a day. we are very lucky to be here in southern california. it was sunny and 80 degrees in l.a. today.


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